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A more general version of Template:HoverImage where both items displayed are anything at all rather than strictly images. On top of further restrictions compared to images it was also decided not to display the effect if the hovering object is empty. This template is mostly meant to switch between numpad and qcf notations and satisfy both needs.


Kula's {{Hover|dp+C|623C}} is trash. results in Kula's dp+C 623C is trash.


The template will break if it's on the same line as most wikitext formatting markups. For example the ''...'' for italics :

''Kula's {{Hover|dp+C|623C}} is trash. Her {{Hover|dp+A|623A}} is alright though'' results in Kula's dp+C 623C is trash. Her dp+A 623A is alright though

The first hover broke and interrupted the italics markup, resulting in the second hover working.

Instead of markups, use the compatible HTML tags instead :

For italics, use <i>...</i> instead of ''...''
For bold, use <b>...</b> instead of '''...'''
To indent one line, add <span class="tab"> for each : indentation. <span class="tab"><span class="tab">Kula's {{Hover|dp+C|623C}} is trash. will indent twice :

Kula's dp+C 623C is trash.

To indent an entire paragraph, envelop it in <ul>...</ul> for each : indentation.
      Kula's dp+C 623C is trash. Her dp+A 623A is alright though, and at least it's not Shingo's dp+C 623C. I swear to god if his cl.C 5C isn't 2f anymore, I'll be sad. Oh and make qcf+C 236C faster so it can combo from lows again too, thanks.
To create a bullet list, do the same as above and add <li>...</li> around each bullet point instead of *. <ul><li>Kula's {{Hover|dp+C|623C}} is trash.</li></ul> gives a single bullet point :
  • Kula's dp+C 623C is trash.
To create a numbered list, do the same as above with ol instead of ul.

A bigger limitation of this template is being incompatible with div/class levels. Hover/Alt was made for that purpose, used in tables and such. Ideally this template would be updated in the future to at least be compatible with wikitext markups.