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This template defines the table "MoveData_KOFXIII". View table.

Template DocumentationEdit This Documentation
{{MoveData-KOFXIII | character =  | moveId = 
| name		= 
| header	= 
| version	= 
| input		= 
| images	= 
| hitboxes	= 
| damage	= 
| guard		= 
| cancel	= 
| startup	= 
| active	= 
| recovery	= 
| hitadv	= 
| blockadv	= 
| invul		= 


Stores values, in this case moves' data, in the MoveData_KOFXIII Cargo Table. Also has the side effect of acting as a tooltip.

Multiple image/hitbox files are to be separated by commas.
All the data should be declared in the character's data subpage. (Add /Data at the end of the page's link)

This data is primarily meant to be queried by Template:AttackDataCargo-KOFXIII/Query to make data tables.


Terry's st.A data you can find here.

Terry Bogard
standing A
KOFXIII Terry Bogard 5A.png
DamageGuardStartupActiveRecoveryHit AdvantageBlock AdvantageInvulnerability
{{MoveData-KOFXIII | character = Terry Bogard | moveId = tb_sta
|name=standing A
|images=KOFXIII Terry Bogard 5A.png

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