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Samurai Shodown VI




Rera's gotten some tweaks and rounding out both on and off the wolf, but in many ways she's still the same nature-loving killer pixie as ever. In addition to retaining her slippery rushdown, poking and mixup game she can now reflect fireballs, regain weapon gauge while on the wolf, go for (unreliable) combos when off the wolf, and command Shikuru to attack the opponent while she's down. On the other hand, her beast cannon w412S special is no longer safe on block, w2C dash cancels are gone, and she can no longer set up instant dash through crossups with Shikuru. Her movement off wolf is more evasive than ever and Shikuru is still quick on his feet, so make no mistake - no matter how hard or how badly you want to hit her, the challenge is first in hitting Rera at all. If you mess up, she'll have her knife at your throat in a heartbeat.


  • Dash type: Run
  • Damage taken: 115% (4th Frailest)
  • Rage retention: 98
  • Rage duration: 10 seconds
  • Rera's specials have higher input priority than her WFT while riding Shikuru.
  • Rera recovers from crouching blockstun three frames faster than usual while riding Shikuru. This also applies to Nakoruru and Sankuro.
  • Rera's Continuous Slash is throw invulnerable during startup. This also applies to Kazuki, Nakoruru, and Ukyo.


Rera is an agile stance character who relies on fast, tricky movement and visual cues to frustrate the opponent into making a mistake. Outside of wolf stance she has access to an amazing air normal in jC and fast pokes on the ground. In wolf stance she loses access to throws and Spirit-specific tools, but gains better normals and specials as well as the ability to dash cancel normals and to run through the opponent for a grounded crossup.

Outside of her stance, Rera's lights and kicks are fairly good and can be used to set up tick throws, deflects or baiting someone into eating a 6D frame trap. 5C has a decent startup, making it a nice tool for stopping careless approaches. In the air, her infamous jC pretty much makes her the boss. jD is also a reliable air to air and can be used to set up tick throws on jump-in due to the lack of hitstop. j2D backdashes give her insane mobility if used properly. Rera now has access to Nakoruru's Kamui Risse (421S), which not only reflects fireballs but can also segue into hopping on the wolf with its alternate followup. Additionally, by pressing AC during a soft knockdown she can command Shikuru to headbutt the opponent while she rolls back safely, which not only shuts down certain okizeme routes but will also catch an opponent trying to meaty her short roll's recovery. While this is fully invincible to strikes, Rera is vulnerable to throws during this move, so an opponent can simply jump over the wolf then throw her as a punish if they haven't committed to catching a short roll. How useful Rera is out of stance is largely situational, but her main goal should be to create an opportunity to safely get on the wolf.

When riding Shikuru, the pace of the match should easily shift in Rera's favour. w412S can punish dash-ins on reaction and whiff punish from a great distance away. Just be wary that it is unsafe even on hit so it must be followed up with something else. wjC and w623S are great for controlling the air. The latter can still lose to a well-placed air normal, but on the plus side she can cancel out of it with w1D/w214S to make it somewhat safe on whiff depending on the matchup. w5A is still a good poke and w5C is still good for stuffing approaches, even more so now that they can be dash cancelled. w3B, her overhead, is a very solid anti-approach tool as well, additionally moving her forward which can create a dangerous wall of attacks when mixed with other normals, specials, and dash cancels. w66S is also good for punishing attacks with a long recovery that Rera's stubby normals are too short to reach, as well having good start up and priority for stuffing anything that might hamper her approach, but it is very unsafe on block so use with care.

On the ground, wolf stance Rera can mix her opponent up with crossover dashes. Dismounting with w7D immediately after crossing over should put her at the perfect range to mixup with jump-in jC or an empty landing into throw. Specials and jumps will reset her position on crossover which allows for a great deal of shenanigans. The most basic grounded mixup is whiffing w3B just outside of the opponent's hurtbox and immediately following up with w3B/w2C. There are a ton of options to keep the opponent guessing. An important thing to note is that the 66~8 trick no longer works for immediate turnarounds, as Rera will now simply jump. If you want something similar you will have to commit to w412S or w623S if you are close enough. Furthermore Shikuru's runstop has been standardised in that Rera is no longer able to block during wolf runstop, meaning you will have to play neutral a bit more carefully.

In the air she has access to jw236S which can be canceled from air normals and cancelled into w214S. The best shot at making this work is to go for w412S at "safe" range then upback out. If the opponent mashes something out here Rera will be able to punish with jw236S on reaction. Mixing air normals in with this special is also an okay option, but be careful not to use either of these too often as it is easy to punish once the opponent wises up. When jumping in with wjC she can frame trap with w5S to keep her opponent honest, then mix things up with w3B/w2C.


Rera's use of system mechanics is unusual. She loses access to all Spirit-related inputs while riding Shikuru, but her supers require that she is mounted. She can WFT while dismounted, but this simply has her hop on Shikuru first and greatly increases her WFT's effective startup. Her average Rage time and limited ability to use WFT means Rage time can easily go to waste.

  • I greatly increases damage output during Rage, but removes access to WFT entirely and lacks any defensive system options. Hyper Slash offers an additional, high risk recoil and counterattack option while dismounted, but her Hyper Slash damage is below average and the range is very poor.
  • II offers similar mobility and defensive options to V minus 6E's forward hop, but puts more focus on Rage with invincible Rage activation, full Rage duration, and weapon break on successful WFT. No need to meditate gives her more opportunity to press offense or find opportunities to enter wolf stance, and landing a WFT in Rage greatly enhances Rera's momentum for the round. II also offers a once-per-game Secret Move followup for wolf stance punishes, and toy transformation has niche value as a defensive option.
  • III lets Rera build Rage manually, but subpar Rage retention makes this a slow process. Infinite Rage at low HP has limited value given her poor defense and situational WFT. Air parry is highly situational, and Rera is mobile enough to maneuver around most attacks where it might come up anyway.
  • IV Spirit gives Rera slightly better punishes when off the wolf with Continuous Slash IV, primarily for the modest Rage bonus, but unlike most characters she doesn't gain any additional ways to confirm into WFT. Rage Explosion offers a last ditch defensive option when she's on the ropes and dismounted.
  • V emphasizes Rera's mobility and effectively trades her supers for State of Nothingness. She has ample knockdowns and mobility to find opportunities to meditate, becomes even more mobile while dismounted, supers are of little concern when meditating all your Rage away, and she has good damage output during State of Nothingness. V also has access to Rage Explosion as an emergency defensive mechanic. The emphasis on meditation favors more patient, evasive play and may require Rera to spend additional time dismounted.
  • VI's unique meter mechanics reward Rera for aggression. Infinite Rage duration ensures Rera has access to WFT on big punish opportunities or wolf hit confirms once she builds full meter, or she can spend it on Hyper Guard to escape defensive situations while dismounted. Her Secret Move offers an additional confirm from wolf normals at low HP, and the simplified input makes it more useful for whiff punishing.

Normal Moves

Far Slashes

  • 5A - Rera leans forward into a horizontal knife slash. Special cancelable. On the slow side for a 5A, but good range and recovery. Whiffs against low crouching hurtboxes.
  • 5B - Rera steps forward into a vertical slash. Unlike Nakoruru's 5B this is not special cancelable. One frame slower than 5C, but better reach and much better recovery/frame advantage on block. Good poking and defensive normal.
  • 5C - One big swipe downward. Solid punish tool and recoil starter. Will beat hops if the opponent is running them.
  • 2A - Short knife swipe. Hits mid now. Fast startup, good for abare and tick throws.
  • 2B - Rera somehow performs a forward rolling attack while spinning in the opposite direction. Slow startup and limited range. Your low-hitting kick attacks are much faster, but 2B is relatively safe and damaging as a low compliment to 3B/kara j2D for mixups. Rera can special cancel the first hit.
  • 2C - Two hit upwards swing. Very slow, hits mid, can't cancel on recoil, and does less damage than 5C or n5C. Has some utility as a very preemptive antiair. Good frame advantage on hit, but also has a lot of pushback. Can confirm into State of Nothingness combos.

Near Slashes

  • n5A - Quick knife slash, similar to 2A.
  • n5B - Standard combo starter when off the wolf, but all you really have is 421S which isn't that good. Can also segue into wolf mount via either 214D or 421S~D, as well as after knockdown from 421S~S on hit. Whiffs against short crouching hurtboxes.
  • n5C - Two hit slash that's only 1f slower than n5B and deals comparable damage to a 421B~S confirm, but doesn't knock down. Slightly plus on hit and good advantage on recoil.
  • n2A - Same as far version.
  • n2B - Same as far version.
  • n2C - Same as far version.


  • 5D - Roundhouse kick. Slow startup but good recovery. Whiffs against small crouching hurtboxes and low profile attacks. Special cancelable, but only combos into 421A.
  • 6D - Rera kicks up to the opponent's torso and somersaults back, even if she didn't actually hit them. One of the fastest normals in the game, though the initial hitbox is very short. Hits frame 8 when spaced. Very minus on block, but low recovery on landing and the somersault will sometimes evade hasty punishes. Guarantees a knockdown on hit, but it doesn't do much damage.
  • 2D - Low kick. Can be used for tick throws.
  • 3D - Low-hitting sweep.

Dash Normals

  • 66A - Running 5A. This is a safe pressure tool which can help you to get in.
  • 66B - Rera spins her dagger for a bit before striking downward for an overhead hit, causing a soft knockdown. This move is kara cancellable, but the only applicable use for this is as a fakeout into 214D.
  • 66C - Rera launches into a four hit rising thrust. Fast, deals good damage, and causes soft knockdown with good frame advantage. Must start very close to the opponent for all hits to connect. Her primary followup on deep hit jump-ins, one of her best dismounted punish options, useful as a crossunder anti-air, and launches the opponent for unburstable followups during State of Nothingness. Drains a massive amount of Weapon Gauge (144%) on whiff.
    • 66C has a special cancel window late in her falling animation that extends to her first landing frame. Rera can thus cancel 66C into j2D, eliminating all landing recovery. Alternatively, she can cancel into buffered ground specials, deflect, or WFT.
  • 66D - Running 2D. Very fast startup. Hits low for a soft knockdown.

Air Normals

  • jA - Aerial n5A. Her fastest air normal, but otherwise outclassed.
  • jB - Aerial n5B. Strong air-to-air option directly in front of you which can beat normals such as Amakusa's jC.
  • jC - Trademark Ainu normal. Great jump-in, very active, and good upward reach in the later active frames.
  • jD - Jump-in kick that hits down and forward. Active until landing. Sets up an instant tick throw if it hits as high as possible. When unarmed this will cover angles you can't reach with j2D or juS.

Unarmed Normals

  • u5S - Standing swat.
  • u2S - Crouching swat.
  • u66S - Running swat. Knocks down.
  • juS - Aerial swat.

Hyper Slash (I)

  • A+B - Essentially her 5C.

Continuous Slash (IV)

  • A+B - Short forward slash. Range midway between 5A and 2A. Rera's CS2 chain (BBC) does not combo into anything, so she always wants to follow up with CS4 (AABBCCC). CS3 is punishable on hit if the opponent short rolls on the knockdown to avoid the automatic pursuit followup.

Command Moves

Triangle Jump - j9 near wall

  • This exists as an option to not only escape the corner but to get more height for your jC if you really need it. You can't perform this while riding Shikuru, but you can after leaping off.

Triangle Get Off - j3 near wall

  • Additional mobility option near the corner if you'd rather get to ground quickly. Can get a jC out before landing, or jA for a faster overhead. Doesn't set up any crossups for Rera since her air normals don't hit behind her. You can't perform this while riding Shikuru, but you can after leaping off.

Rera Shimateku - j(4/6)D near opponent, can be done unarmed

  • Proximity air throw. Carries the momentum of your jump as Rera drops the opponent to the ground. This deals a fixed amount of damage and causes a hard knockdown. Connects frame 1, making it an excellent option against jump-ins.


  • Universal overhead from V Special. Causes a soft knockdown on hit. This is kara cancellable into j2D.

Wolf Pounce Attack

Rera's wolf stance has its own set of normals. None of these are able to recoil cancel, but most can be cancelled into special moves. Shikuru's forward and backward dashes count as special moves in this case.


  • w5A/B - A quick forward slash. Special cancellable.
  • w5C - An upward swing. This is slower than w5A/B, but better at catching upbacks and leads into more damaging punishes. Special cancellable.
  • w2A/B - w5A/B but lower and less range. Primarily used to catch short crouching hurtboxes that go under w5A/B. Will not hit ducking opponents. Special cancellable.
  • w2C - A low-hitting sweep, leads to soft knockdown. Her only low in wolf stance. Not dash or special cancelable and very punishable on block.

Dash Normals

  • w66A/B - The only wolf normals which can not be dash cancelled, but they do cause a soft knockdown on hit and are fast enough combo from dash cancelled wolf normals.
  • w66C - Literally the same normal as 66A/B but it does more damage. Always use this instead.

Jump Normals

  • jwA/B - Air-to-air slash. Very fast and good horizontal reach. Very effective as a quick reactive air-to-air.
  • jwC - Rera's jC but it's on the wolf. Good for the same reasons, but given the nature of Rera's wolf jumps this has more of an offensive use than jC.

Unarmed Normals

  • wu5S - Standing uppercut. Special cancellable.
  • wu2S - Crouching uppercut. Special cancellable.
  • wu66S - Running uppercut. As fast as the armed versions and also causes a soft knockdown, but nowhere near as damaging.
  • jwu5S - Aerial uppercut. Only useful as an air-to-air as it won't hit most grounded opponents.

Command Moves


  • Rera can also perform a leaping overhead while riding Shikuru. Causes soft knockdown. Relatively safe on block and only the last recovery frame is grounded, so even throw punishes are unreliable despite w3B leaving her point blank.

Special Moves

Kamui Risse - 421S, can be done unarmed

  • Rera whips her cape in front of her. Startup and number of cape hits increases with button strength - one for light, two for medium and three for heavy. All cape swings can reflect fireballs, with successful reflects resetting the fireball's trajectory. Unreliable as a combo tool except at very close range, but the varying number of hits and potential followups give it some value as a recoil cancel. Later hits on 421B and C may fail to combo from the previous hit depending on spacing. 421A has longer recovery than B or C, but all are very punishable on block.
  • Return Kamui Risse - S, can be done unarmed
    • A flick away with the cape which launches the opponent a great distance back and knocks down. This will not reflect fireballs. Requires close spacing to combo from 421S, and only combos from 421A on counterhit or backhit. Much safer on block than 421S, though the situation afterwards is far less ambiguous.
  • Kamui Risse - Wolf Pounce - D, can be done unarmed
    • A fakeout version of 421S~S. Rera whips the cape forward, but it won't have a hitbox. Instead, Rera will hop on Shikuru while the loose cape drifts in the air for a bit. Can evade some counterattack options after 421S. The cape can also obscure Rera's attacks on oki to make wolf mixups more ambiguous.

Kamui Fumukesupe - j2D, can be done unarmed

  • A moonsault with some delay. Knocks down on hit. Your best bet for hitting below you when unarmed.
  • j2D can be used during backdash to recover more quickly on landing, as well as during 3B for a less damaging but plus on block overhead.

Epenkine Shikite - AC during a soft knockdown, can be done unarmed

  • This requires tech roll timing. Rera will roll back a bit while Shikuru delivers a wolf headbutt forward. While this won't cost you anything resource-wise, this only covers the area immediately in front of you. If your opponent expects you to short roll then this is a viable check to meaty attacks like Sieger's Vulcan Weinen as it is strike invulnerable throughout its entire duration. Throw punishable similar to long roll, but with extended duration and recovery for the attack. Anti-roll option selects will throw punish tech AC as they would long roll, and opponents who block Shikuru have time to run up and throw punish after.

Wolf Pounce - 214D, can be done unarmed

  • Rera hops on Shikuru's back if he is close enough. As Shikuru stays behind Rera, this will always cause Rera to jump back onto it, making this particular manuever usable as a dodge.
  • While mounted on the wolf, Rera's walkspeeds are faster, her dash is faster and can pass through opponents and her jumps are lower to the ground and travel farther, notably her forward jump. However, you can not throw the opponent.
  • You can no longer hold up after passing through an opponent to turn around, as that will make you jump instantly. You'll have to settle for one of her special moves after running through if you want grounded crossups.
  • You can no longer block during Shikuru's runstop.
  • The Weapon Gauge will now regenerate while you are on the wolf and not attacking. This is a buff from previous entries.
  • You can not activate Rage Explosion or State Of Nothingness while you are on the wolf, nor can you perform unique E or A+B button actions for any Spirit.
  • Myu Shikite - w412S, can be done unarmed (Samurai Drive)
    • A forward-advancing wolf headbutt which will traverse about half of the stage. The startup is fully invincible, but because it doesn't knock down it's unsafe on hit unless you hop off the wolf in some way afterwards. Significantly worse on block in VI than VSP, this is now very punishable at any spacing. Schism Attack followups can catch or evade higher reward punishes, but are themselves very punishable.
  • Kanto Shikite - w623S, can be done unarmed
    • Rera launches diagonally upward on the wolf. This is invincible to strikes on startup, then to throws once Shikuru leaves the ground. You're usually better off checking jumps 5C or jC while on Shikuru, but this travels rather high up and Rera can also dismount from this for some tricks. Soft knockdown.
  • Imel Shikite - jw236S, can be done unarmed
    • Overhead dive. Can be be TK'd as a fast but unsafe alternative to 3B or used as a double overhead after a blocked jump-in. Also has invulnerability during startup that can beat or force trades with anti-air attacks and opponents trying to force their turn. Very punishable on block. Soft knockdown.
  • Horokeu Pokku - w214S (air OK)
    • Rera leaps forward off Shikuru for a spinning dagger attack that crosses up and hits mid. Soft knockdown on hit. Doesn't hit in front of her unless started while airborne.
    • Schism Attack - w(1/3/4/6/7/9)D after w412S, w623S or jw236S (air OK)
      • You know how in Super Mario World you can sacrifice Yoshi just to make a jump? Same deal here, only Shikuru doesn't usually fall to his violent death. These are Beast Cannon-type specials where Rera dives dagger-first in any direction you choose. Hits mid. This is mainly used to follow Shikite on hit for extra damage and especially to secure knockdown on Myu Shikite hits, but on block it can add some extra layers with different directions and potentially frame trap or evade punishes. Has significant landing recovery and leaves Rera very vulnerable on block.
    • Horokeu Pokku Schism Attack - w214S after w412S, w623S or jw236S (air OK)
      • Same as Horokeu Pokku, but as a followup to her Shikite specials. Deals a bit less damage than Schism Attack, but may catch opponents off guard or counter a punish attempt. Slightly safer than Schism Attack but still very punishable on block.
  • Get Off Wolf - wD, can be done unarmed (air OK)
    • Rera can jump off of Shikuru in three different directions. Rera can then use any aerial normal or interact with the wall in some way. When coupled with a jump beforehand this effectively has the same utility as Iroha's double jumps in its ability to bait anti-airs. Additionally, because this is more of a hop now, this is very useful for crossups and other mixup opportunities.

Toy Transformation - 321421E (II)



Nubuke Kamui Shikite - 236AB, can be done during 214D

  • Full screen rush super. One of the most damaging WFTs in the game, matching Haohmaru's WFT damage. Very fast startup while riding Shikuru, making it an excellent punish and combo tool. If dismounted she will first hop on Shikuru, significantly increasing startup time. Primarily useful as a punish against extremely minus attacks (WFTs, Hyper Slashes, some specials) and after deflects when dismounted. Deals a decent amount of chip damage on block, but leaves Rera point blank for an easy punish after. Has a slight high profile effect that beats some lows and ground projectiles.
  • Unlike most (all?) other characters, Rera's special inputs have priority over WFT while in wolf stance. Take care to not input as 41236AB or 6236AB.

Kimun Kamui Shikite - w4123623BC (II), w236BC (VI), can be done unarmed (Samurai Drive)

  • Enhanced 412S for twelve hits, but only the last hit deals damage. Less damaging than your WFT, but just as fast, invulnerable during startup, and very disjointed. If they're blocking then they take twelve hits of chip damage, but up close it can be punished just the same. The armed and unarmed versions have slightly different enders but are the exact same damage-wise.

Combos and Setups

Standard Combos

  • ch 5A/n5A/2A/2D 421B~S - Light counterhit combo. Doesn't connect from spaced hits.
  • n5B/2B(1) 421S~S - Bread-and-butter combo when dismounted. 421B is most reliable but still inconsistent, often dropping midscreen and even if spaced too far in the corner. Consider using 66C or n5C instead as situation permits.
  • jC 236AB - Crouching/counterhit only. This is the only way Rera can combo into WFT dismounted.

Wolf Stance Combos

  • wu5S wu66S/w623S - Rera's best unarmed punish. Must be very close to combo into w623S, especially against smaller characters.
  • w5S w66C - Mounted poke confirm.
  • w5A/B w623S (w3D) - Light punish if close enough for w623S to connect. Can follow with Schism Attack for damage in exchange for dismounting.
  • w5S w412S w6D - Wolf punish combo. Good damage and carry, but requires dismounting to secure knockdown.
  • w5C 66 w623S (w3D/w6D) - w5C has too much pushback to confirm into w623S... except when in the corner/point blank and willing to microdash w623S. Adding Schism Attack does a little more damage than w412S combos, while omitting it leaves Rera on Shikuru.
  • w5C 66 w5A w412S/w623S w6D - w5C optimization. Wait out the dash before hitting w5A or you'll get w66S for knockdown. You can also do wjC w5C into this route from crouching hit or counterhit. Can also start this with wjC w5C on counterhit/crouching hit starters. w623S may require a microdash, especially against crouching opponents.
  • w5A/B/w5C/w2A/B w236AB - Combos into WFT.

State of Nothingness Combos

Fill additional time with jB 5B as needed. Delay jB where possible to recover Weapon Gauge, then delay again before the final n5B ABC to maximize Weapon Gauge for Issen. n5B before Issen is optional but adds some damage, omit as required by remaining time.

  • 2C DE 66A 5C... (n5B) ABC - Tight link into State of Nothingness. Add filler as meter allows.
  • DE... 5C... (n5B) ABC - Core State of Nothingness routing. Start with whatever secures the initial hit, fill after 5C as needed.
  • DE 66C ABC/jC jC jC... - Rera can combo after 66C during State of Nothingness for unburstable damage. Issen followup is quick and easy for decent damage, or she can juggle with jCs for slightly more damage.

The combos below are minor optimizations for squeezing out damage at minimum State of Nothingness time. More time makes confirming into 5C easier.

  • n5B/5B 6~8jC n5B ABC - You can also forward jump for jC at max 5B range.
  • n5C 8jB 6~n5B ABC - Slightly more damage than the n5B starter above. The final n5B is a bit tight at minimum time.

Tech Trap Setups

  • 66C 214D 6D jC 66C/throw - Utilizes the late cancel window on 66C to buffer 214D on landing. May require adjusting 214D input/wolf dismount direction depending on screen position and how 66C hits. Rera still has time for meaty kara j2D/2B mix on no tech.
  • Throw 3B~j2D throw - Corner throw tech trap with kara j2D. Delay the 3B til just after the opponent lands. You can hide the throw in j2D hitstop so it only comes out on whiff. Also gives plenty of time for a mixup on no tech. Midscreen you have to chase with a dash, requiring good reactions to punish with 66A/66D/66C/throw.

Frame Data - Provided by Tekitogate


Attack Startup On Hit On Standing Block On Crouching Block Notes
n5A 5 +0 -2 +3
n2A 5 -1 -2 +3
5A 10 +0 -2 +3
2A 5 -1 -2 +3
66A 5 -3 -7 -2
jA 7 N/A N/A N/A
n5B 9 +0 -8 -3
n2B 15 +1 N/A -3
5B 15 -2 -8 -3
2B 15 +1 N/A -3
66B 21 KD -16 N/A
jB 8 N/A N/A N/A
n5C 10 +2 -20 -15
n2C 17 +6~+7 -20 -15
5C 14 -1~+0 -20 -15
2C 17 +6~+7 -20 -15
66C 6 KD -52 -47
jC 12 N/A N/A N/A
5D 13 -1 -5 +0
6D 4 KD -32 -27
2D 6 -1 N/A +0
3D 14 KD N/A -12
66D 4 KD N/A -16
jD 10 N/A N/A N/A
Hyper Slash 24 KD -54 -44
Continuous Slash 8 KD -20 -15


Attack Startup On Hit On Standing Block On Crouching Block Notes
w5A 9 -2 -14 -9
w2A 9 -2 -14 -9
w66A 6 -2 -20 -15
wjA 4 N/A N/A N/A
w5B 9 -2 -14 -9
w2B 9 -2 -14 -9
w66B 6 -2 -20 -15
wjB 4 N/A N/A N/A
w3B 22 KD -5 N/A
w5C 15 +4 -28 -23
w2C 12 KD N/A -19
w66C 6 KD -20 -15
wjC 14 N/A N/A N/A



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