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Art of Fighting 2

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Art of Fighting 2





WW: 3 February 1994

Neo Geo AES and Neo Geo CD
PC (Fightcade)
Online Play

Rollback via Fightcade

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Art of Fighting trilogy community Discord server


Art of Fighting 2 (龍虎りゅうこの拳けん 2ツー) was released in 1994 and is the second installment in the Art of Fighting series. AOF2 includes a roster of 12 playable characters both old and new and new moves for every fighter. AOF2 is notorious for its difficulty with it being referred to by many as having some of the toughest A.I. in fighting game history.


After saving Yuri at the end of Art Of Fighting 1, she reveals that the defeated Mr. Karate is actually her and Ryo's father, Takuma Sakazaki. Takuma repents to them and Robert that he was forced to go into hiding ten years ago and left them behind in order to keep them safe from Mr. Big and his crime syndicate, but after Ryo's first encounter with Big before the events of AOF1 and his refusal to work with him, Big targeted the Sakazaki family once more, kidnapping Ryo's sister Yuri, and forcing Takuma to work with him. Now that Yuri is saved and Big is defeated, the Sakazaki family and Robert Garcia return to a normal life where they continue to train to improve their skills, now reunited once more.

One year later, many of the characters from the first game have moved away from their life of crime, but Geese Howard, the true leader of South Town's crime syndicate, returns to South Town after a trip, and is dissapointed in the outcome of the events one year ago. Mr. Big is Geese's right-hand man, and was left in charge during the events of AOF1 while Geese was gone. After learning all the events that took place during AOF1, Geese decides he needs more powerful men in his crime syndicate, and decides to host the first King Of Fighters tournament in South Town to find powerful fighters to work for him. He invites every person involved in the events of the first game, except from Ryuhaku Todoh, who was so ashamed after his loss against Ryo that he went into hiding to train in hope of a rematch against Ryo one day. On top of all the old fighters, Geese also invites Yuri Sakazaki, who has been training heavily after the events of the first game under her father's guidance, as well as Eiji Kisaragi, a ninja who wishes to defeat the Sakazaki family to restore his family's honor after the Sakazakis defeated them in battle years ago, and finally Temjin, a Mongolian wrestler working at South Town's ports.

Competitive Scene

Art Of Fighting 2 is primarily played competitively on Fightcade 2. In the fightcade lobby for the game, you will find many people who enjoy this game at various skill levels, and many different resources to connect with those who play the game as well.


Art of Fighting 2



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