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  • Near opponent, press back or forward + C or D
    • Elisabeth grabs her opponent and strikes them with her horse whip. C version knocks them forward. When done with D, Elisabeth steps behind the opponent and hits them the opposite direction. This good to use to get yourself out of corners. In addition, her throws puts some good space between her and the opponent. Use this to your disposal since she lacks any real reversal attacks.

Command Moves

Liz Feiderite.jpg


  • Press forward + A
    • Elisabeth steps forward and slaps her opponent. This move has some decent and can be comboed into. Also, she can cancel the Feiderite into specials or supers. On another note, she can link a standing A after it. This move is completley safe if blocked and works great as poke. However, it will whiff over low attacks. Can combo from light and strong attacks.



  • Press forward + B
    • The Fierra is Elisabeth's command over-head. She lunges forward hitting her opponent with her elbow, while attempting to draw her horse whip. The damage is good, however it provides no benefit unless cancelled into. When cancelled into she can cancel the Fierra into a Feiderite, special or super. Unfortunatley, when you cancel into it, it will lose its over-head properties. Good to use in her poke strings, but only when cancelled into. Can combo from light and strong attacks. Use the over-head sparingly for mix-ups or to start a QS combo.

Special Moves

Liz etancher.jpg


  • qcf + A or C (SC)
    • Elisabeth tosses forward what appear to look like white crystals. This move is basically a short range fireball similiar to Ryo's. Elisabeth will move forward slightly with this move. A version comes out fastest, recovers faster and hits 3 times. Can combo from both light & strong attacks. While the C version can only combo from strong attacks. The C version hits 5 times, move her forward more and has slightly more range. It's also possible to juggle with Grand Rafale after you connect a Etancher (C) on a cornered opponent. When you attempt a Coup De Veine (A) combo but is blocked, replace the Coup De Veine (A) with a Etancher. With this said, Etancher (A) works well as a poke. Due to the overall slowness of Etancher (C), you should stay clear away from it unless used in combos. Strangely enough, this move can only be super cancelled into her LDM.

Liz coup de veine.jpg

Coup De Veine

  • dp + A or C (SC)
    • Elisabeth charges forward low to the ground and launches the opponent with an uppercut. You can only combo into the A version. In addition, the A version puts your opponent into a limited juggle state. In this case, you can juggle with a Grand Rafale. But due to poor positioning, the Coup De Veine (A) can whiff in a combo, since it's lacking in range. Since the opponent is in the air for such a long time, you can use this opprotunity to build some bar by whiffing the Etancher or set-up a cross-up when your opponent lands and wakes up. The C version travels much further than the A version and puts your opponent into a full juggle state. The Coup De Veine (A) should be your combo ender of choice, since the opponent cannot quick recover from it. Since Elisabeth is in a crouching animation when she moves forward, you can use this to sneak under and punish any of your opponents standing pokes.

Liz platinum mirage.jpg

Platinum Mirage

  • qcb + B or D
    • Elisabeth waves her hand backward with traces of white stars trailing her movement. This is Elisabeth's counter move. She may only counter high or mid-level attacks. Plus, it's not very consitent compared to counters like Kasumi's. Best used as an anti-air or a Save-Shift counter. When the Platinum Mirage connects, Elisabeth vanishes and re-appears behind her opponent, while the opponent is left open for your attack. Unfortunatley, this counter does no damage and postions you outside of point-blank range.

Super Desperation Moves

Liz shell tware.jpg

Shell Tware

  • Near opponent, hcbx2 + A or C (DC)
    • Elisabeth reaches forward, grabbing her opponent and placing them a pillar of white light. Basically, this is a command throw. The only real way to verify this is from her standing close (C). Of course you can always use the old tick throw set-ups or as a slight reversal. On another note, this move has good range but an opponent can easily avoid it by ducking. Upon this move whiffing, Elisabeth is left widely open for punishment. Also, this super has little to no invincibility frames. Though most of the hits can be dream cancelled, in order for the Noble Brass to succesfully connect, she must dream cancel the super right after she grabs the opponent.

Liz grand rafale.jpg

Grand Rafale

  • qcf, hcb + A or C (DC)
    • Elisabeth charges forward with a uppercut that launches the opponent up in a white light. Elisabeth jumps up and strikes her opponent with her horse whip. This is a super version of her Coup De Veine. Unlike the Shell Tware, she can combo this from her unique moves and her Coup De Veine juggles. The 1st hit can be dream cancelled. This move is very punishable if blocked. In this case, a quick shift will come in handy.

Leader Desperation Move

Liz noble brass.jpg

Noble Brass

  • qcfx2 + E
    • Elisabeth steps back then emits a huge blast of white light. A slight super version of her Etancher. This LDM has a huge hit-box, anti-air capabilites, invincibility frames and does great chip damage. Even though the Noble Brass has a large start-up period, she is invulnerable the whole time. In addition, you cannot quick recover from it unless it hits airborne opponent too early. In this case, you only get off a few hits, resulting in little damage and possible quick recover. Due to it's huge hit-box and anti-air capabilites, this LDM can be used as an unblockable against tagging in opponents.

One point to note: If your opponent saving shifts before the Noble Brass hits, there is a good chance for the LDM to hit only once.


All combos ending with the Grand Rafale can be extended by DCing into the Noble Brass.

Corner combos involving Shell Tware can also be extended in the same way.

  • Standing close C (2 hits), Fierra, Feiderite, Coup De Veine (A)
  • Crouching B, link crouching A, Fierra, Feiderite, Coup De Veine (A)
  • Coup De Veine (C), juggle with Coup De Veine (A)
  • Coup De Veine (C), jumping D, juggle with Grand Rafale
  • Coup De Veine (A), juggle with Grand Rafale


  • Jumping deep B, standing close C (2 hits), Fierra, Feiderite, Grand Rafale
  • Jumping deep B, crouching B, link crouching A, Fierra, Feiderite, Grand Rafale
  • Jumping deep B, standing close C (2 hits), Shell Tware
  • Jumping deep B, standing close C (2 hits), Shell Tware, DC, Noble Brass

Corner combos

  • Jumping deep B, standing close C (2 hits), Fierra, Feiderite, Etancher (C), juggle with Grand Rafale
  • Jumping deep B, crouching B, link crouching A, Fierra, Feiderite, Etancher (C), juggle with Grand Rafale
  • Jumping deep B, standing close C (2 hits), Fierra, Feiderite, Etancher (C), SC, Noble Brass
  • Jumping deep B, crouching B, link crouching A, Fierra, Feiderite, Etancher (C), SC, Noble Brass
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