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The King of Fighters XI/Gato

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Pros: Superior mobility, excellent damage, unpredictability and speed.

Cons: Only anti air is a super. Tricky cancels.


The Vergil of KOF makes his second appearance in KOF XI. That being said, Gato only joined the tournament because his teammate, B.Jenet, said she has information regarding the whereabouts of his father. See, he really is Vergil from Devil May Cry. Only less motivated.

Command Moves

Sai Ago:****( f + A). Fast, and unpredictable overhead. Use it a lot cause it's damn good and seems to have really high priority far away.

Muran Geri:**** ( f + B). Good for long ranged anti air or to move in really fast. Just adds to his unpredictability . Use it.

Special Moves

Shin Kiba:*** ( qcf + p) Slams his open palm forward. Comboes from close C or D and cr+ A or C and sets up for follow up. His ONLY cancelable move as far as I'm concerned and sets up for nice dream cancel.

->Totsu Kiba: *** (f,f + P). Perform it after shin kiba. Not much, but its free damage and it's same on block. Just do it if you can.

Fuu Kiba:***** (qcb + K). This is where it all happens. Slams the ground around him then pops up into the air. Combos from close C or D only and follows up to

->Ana Kiba:**** (A) Safe, fast as hell, builds meter like crazy, comboable, knocksdown (NOW).

->Sen Kiba:**** ( B) Mediocre as anti air, sets up for funky juggles. Also comboes and if timed right and if close enough, you can get a free super that the opponent can't switch out of for massive, massive damage if done properly.

->Kyuu Kiba: ***(C). Slower than 2k3, basically am overhead. Good for mixups and thats it.

->Katsu Kiba:** (D). A slow, laggy slide kick on the ground meaning if performed early, Gato is compelety vulnerable while in the air. Goes far, and can be cancelled or used to switch out.

Ura Fuu Kiba: **** (qcb + P) Similar to the previous, but different follow ups. Combos just like the previous.

->Shun Kiba: ****(A). Now that he can attack when he does it, this move is ungodly. Flies forward almost the entire distance of the screen. Basically a superfast, super short jump.

->Ou Kiba: *** (B) Counter, but in the air. Requires a lot of skill to use properly, but not an aweful move.

->Mu Kiba: close,** or *** (C). Kind of an overhead throw. Im not sure if it can hit jumping opponents. Good for mixups, and that's about it.

->Rou Kiba: * (D). Another completely useless move. Like Katsu Kiba, but he teleports back 1/3 of the distance of the slide but can still be hit. Can be super cancelle at any time, even during the teleport, but WHY!

Super Moves

Rei Kiba: *****(qcfx2 + P). Thrusts his palm forward super fast and, if it hits cleanly, he jumps up and grabs the opponent ALWAYS. The first hit can be Dream cancelled. Super fast and high priority. Who could ask for anything more?

Tatsu Kiba: ****(qcfx2 + K). Fast jump kick type more. Looks like he's riding a cloud right into the sky. Does good damage, but very close ranged. His best anti air by far. If you don't use it as an anti air, use it ONLY cancelled after Katsu Kiba or just juggle with it in the corner.

Leader Moves

Tenryuu Retsu Kiba: *** (dp + E up to 3 times). One of the best LDMs in the game. Huge damage on hit, guarangeed guardcrush on block (with setups to guardcrush on the 2nd hit so that the third hit is guaranteed to hit), combos fairly easily and Dream Cancels well off his supers if done properly.

The King of Fighters XI

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