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Pros: She has counters, wave goes through other fireballs, she has a command grab, the best overhead I have ever seen, nice variety of normals and specials, um.... she's a chick? Cons: Unbalanced, poor mobility, bad air control, slow movements, limited combo options.

Not a great character overall. Her moves feel clunky (not smooth on execution), she feels a bit slow even though she isn't. She is all about the ground, but once she or the opponent is in the air she is at an automatic disadvantage. She moves forward almost unexpectedly, however, giving her something positive.


Command Moves

Moves Hiji Ate****(f + A) It's just an overhead right? True, but its really fast and almost undetectable and hits twice. I have yet to combo it like in the old days, but there's still some time to learn.

Special Moves

Kasane Ate: **** (qcf + A also in air). Just a short ranged wavelike fireball move. The move itself cannot be canceled by other fireballs but it goes straight through all moves. Good move but not combo worthy.

Ougi Mizo Nagashi: ****(qcb + P up to 4 times). Her combo, pure and simple. Can be cancelled into any of her DM's. Vary it for your viewing pleasure but recovery on any of the 4 repeat motions is the same except for the last which knocks down and makes longer stun on block.

->Ougi Mizo Takayori Mukuru*** (after 3rd one, qcb + K) Instead of knocking down the last hit, she feints a kick and stops dead. Performed quickly it can set up for a nice command grab without wasting a cancel.

Tenchi Shuuten: * (qcb + K) Stupid move for the risk involved. It grabs falling (like if cancelled after a trip), jumping or standing opponents (I think). Does HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE damage and destroys any chance for a trap or wakeup game. Should have kept the auto-guard move.

Tatsumaki Souda: *** close, hcb,f + P. 3 hit command grab. Good for what it is, but cannot be comboed into as far a I know. At least it launches... I guess.

Messhin Mutoh: **** (hcf + B.) Jump-in/ special counter we all know how these work.

Sassho Inshuu: ** (hcf + D) Mid/overhead counter

Hanshin Morute Fukushimashi: ** (hcf + E) Low counter.

Super Moves

Chou Kasane Ate: **** (qcfx2 + P) Super wave projectile. Stops jump ins pretty well. Continues even if she is hit. Oddly fast. Damage is pretty poor even for a super projective.

Shiranei: *** (close, hcbx2 + P) Another low priority, VERY short ranged, uncomboable command throw, you do the math.

Leader Moves

Shingan Kuzu Otoshi: *** qcf,hcb + E Just her super counter. Covers everywhere but her back and stops non projectile D.M.'s I would rather have an attack, frankly. But good at what it does.

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