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  • All of Ai's attacks are the same whether close or standing. All of the properties listed for those moves are the same as well.


  • A/B/C are cancel-able and whiff cancel-able.
  • st. A is a high attack in which Ai shoves her badge in the air. There is a small burst of energy surrounding it. It can chain up to 2 hits and can be canceled with df + C, a special or super. It can cancel into df + A, but no combo is guaranteed.
  • st. B is a low kick. It can be canceled with df + C, a special or super. It can cancel into df + A, but no combo is guaranteed.
  • st. C is Ai's regular spinning lariat. It can be canceled into df + A, df + C, a special or super. This move will hit twice, but in order to combo, the move must be canceled after the first hit.
  • st. D is a hop spin kick that has good range but should be used at a distance. This causes knockdown, but a tech roll is possible.


  • cr. A is a low jab. This can chain to itself for 2 hits.
  • cr. B is a low kick that can link to d + A. This move has range and hits low.
  • cr. C is a weird move in which Ai falls on her butt while a huge explosion flashes in front of her. Nothing is guaranteed from this move.
  • cr. D is her Hyper Tackle (see command moves)


  • j. A is a silly jumping punch that looks a striking pose.
  • j. B is a "butt attack" that's similar in looks to cr. C. The hitbox is small.
  • j. C is a move similar to Kyo's j. d + C move in terms of animation. Ai does a double fist attack in the air that has an energy blast to it. This move is good for applying pressure.
  • j. D is a strange animated kick. The hitbox is rather large and is around the big foot.

Guard Cancel Tag Attack Pressing the E button while blocking will allow Ai to do counter with Hyper Tackle (df + C), and she will then tag out.


Top Hunting Throw: b/f + CD

  • Can be broken. Normal knockdown.

Command Moves

Robo Arm: df + A

  • Ai crouches and drops a robotic arm in front of her. This move can be canceled into a special, and is apart of her standard bread-n-butter combo (cr. B, df + A, df + D, qcb + C).

Whirlwind Fist: b/f + C

  • Ai does a spinning lariat that can be controlled by holding back or forward. This move can help in terms of getting space to bait a move, or to simply stay at a safe distance to avoid a possible GCFS.

Hyper Tackle: db/d/df + D

  • Ai does a running tackle. This move can be canceled into a special or super move. It's not a safe move to use on its own, as most times the move is canceled with qcb + C, or qcf + B/D.

Special Moves

Joy Joy Block: qcf + A/C/AC (Hold d to increase the speed)

  • Ai calls for a Tetris piece to fall from the sky. Using A calls for square shaped pieces at a close range. C will call for "z", "s", and "L" shaped Tetris pieces at midscreen. Using both A and C together will call for "L", "I", and "t" shaped Tetris pieces at long range. While holding the button, press down to increase the speed. This move causes knockdown.

Baseball Stars: qcb + A

  • Ai swings with a baseball bat. This does one hit, and can be canceled into a super. This causes knockdown.

Baseball Stars Professional: qcb + C

  • Ai does her baseball bat swing, but instead it hits for 2 hits instead of one. All of the properties for this move are the same as in qcb + A. Both moves can deflect projectiles.

Baseball Stars 2: qcb + AC

  • Ai calls for a square shaped Tetris piece, then swings her bat to hit it towards her opponent. The block will go across the whole screen towards the opponent.

Joy Joy Balloon: A+B+C (possible in the air)

  • Ai jumps in the air into a balloon that materializes as she jumps. Her movement is minimized, but she gains a few different moves also.

Joy Joy Treasure: A+B+C ~ A/C

  • While Ai is in the balloon, she will throw out projectiles. The button strength determines the type of projectiles. A shoots out small ones, and C shoots out big projectiles.

Joy Joy Kick: A+B+C ~ B

  • While Ai is in the balloon, she will do a kick. There's nothing really special about this move.

Joy Joy Block: A+B+C ~ qcf + A/C

  • While Ai is in the balloon, she will call out a square shaped Tetris piece that stays in the air for a few seconds. This is one of her only real defensive move while in Joy Joy Balloon mode.

Lightning Ball: A+B+C ~ A+B+C

  • While Ai is in the balloon, her character will turn black while energy emits from behind the balloon, causing a huge ball of energy to do damage.

Cancel Balloon: A+B+C ~ D

  • While Ai is in the balloon, she will jump out, and the balloon will disappear. She can do 2 moves after this jump.

Fire Spinning Top: A+B+C ~ D ~ A/C

  • While Ai jumps out of the balloon, she attacks with a jump attack that does fire damage. This move knocks down.

Moon-Sault: A+B+C ~ D ~ B/D

  • Ai does the same move as Fire Spinning Top, except it doesn't do fire damage, and does not knock down.

Alter Ego: qcf + B/D

  • Ai does a pose while a doppelganger image dashes in front of her. Using B keeps Ai in place, while the image moves. She can still attack while the image moves. Using D teleports Ai forward, and/or to the other side of the opponent.

2020 Super Catch: hcb + B/D

  • Ai uses a robotic glove to catch projectiles. This move does not counter anything, it just absorbs the projectile into her meter. Using B catches high projectiles, and using D catches low projectiles.

Desperation Moves

Joy Joy Party: qcf x2 + A/C

  • Ai shoots out lightning from her handheld while a massive amount of Tetris blocks fall from the sky. The lightning does no damage whatsoever. All of the damage comes from the blocks.

Last Resort: hcb x2 + A/C

  • Ai summons a robotic sphere (think of the Phantasm) that shoots out pea-like projectiles. This move is considered an ultimate juggle, and can be used to setup very strong combos.

Charge Power! Shoot the Unit!: During Last Resort, qcb + A/C

  • Ai shoots that robotic sphere in a massive projectile. This move can be done with the tiger knee method to shoot from a low area without being on the ground.

A/D Assault

ASO2 Last Guardian: qcb x2 + CE (When partner is Yuki and within 10 counts after Lightning Ball)

  • Ai summons a massive gun and shoots the opponent into the air towards a ship that appears in the sky. While Ai hides behind a shield, a target scope appears shooting tons of lighting towards the opponent.

General Strategy

  • Keeping opponents confused is something that Ai excels at. Using both qcb + A/C and hcb + B/D can keep opponents guessing as to whether or not she wants to absorb or deflect projectiles. While rushing down, canceling a move into qcf + B/D can add to the confusion, unless the opponent is smart and is looking at what Ai is doing during the teleport. Her qcf + A/C/AC moves at a distance can constantly keep opponents from wanting to dash or jump in at times, and using the AC version might throw them for a loop at times (use sparingly). If possible, Ai can call out a far Tetris block, and throw the opponent towards it, so that on wake up Ai's safe to apply pressure without fear of getting hit.
  • With the lack of a sweep, her only really good knockdown move is st. D and at times b/f + C. Her best poke is cr. B, which should be hit confirmed into a cr. A to df + D and qcb + A. Cr. A is too short to be reliable, and cr. C is a joke in all honesty. Ai can't really do a cr. D, because its her Hyper Tackle, which hits mid/high.
  • Like some lower tier characters, she shines in the corner as well. Her Last Resort super can really do a massive amount of damage if there's enough meter to keep the combo going. Ai's j. C and j. D are her only really good air attacks, but its important to make sure that the big foot in j. D hits because the hitbox seems to be only in that area.
  • Block strings to use are:
    • cr. B, cr. A, st. D
    • anything behind a Tetris block can prevent a GCFS attempt
    • (more to be updated)

Ai Primer Version I(by Dark Geese)

- Before you go on trying to tackle her infinite..you need to know the basics of Ai first.

- Her bnb combo is Cr.b, cr.a, df+D to qcb+p Bat..this can link into the qcbx2 p super.

- Another variation of her bnb is st.b to Df+C to bat to ourobouros.

- -Ai doesn’t have a really good Sweep..so be careful.

- The bat reflects projectiles..builds good battery by itself and is a good thing to use.

- Her teleport is good and its qcf+k..one button makes her actually teleport while the other is a fake..

- Her OuroBouros Super is good for rush down and can be released I believe by doing another qcbx2+p to release it.

- Her Joy Joy Balloon is mid-air ABC in the air..D dismounts and can dismount via a crossup..this is key for mastering the infinite. If you Press D again after the first D she will do a dive kick that will crossup.

- Pressing ABC again while on the Joy Joy Balloon will make it explode.

- Forward+ C is a good normal to use as well.

- Far St. D is a good poke to use sparingly with Ai also.


  • cr. B, cr. A, df + C, qcb + A, hcb x2 + A, [insert juggle here]
  • st. C, df + A, qcb + A
  • (more to be updated)

Color Palettes

  • Note: The "S" button is the start button.

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