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NeoGeo Battle Coliseum/Geese Howard

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  • cl. A/C/D are cancel-able.
  • cl. B has a rather large hitbox.
  • cl. D does two hits making it very easy to hit-confirm into command moves or special attacks only after the first hit.


  • st. A/B/D is cancel-able/whiff cancel-able.
  • st. C is a good normal that can sometimes be used as an anti-air, depending on the distance of the opponent.
  • st. D is a advancing reverse roundhouse kick that can be canceled into a move almost instantly.


  • cr. A/B/C/D are cancel-able/whiff cancel-able.
  • cr. A is chain-able and his best ground poke.
  • cr. C is a moderately good anti-air if used early enough, it can canceled but only before her arm extends into the air
  • cr. D is a great trip primarily because it can be canceled into his qcf + A/C move, so even if the opponent blocks the trip, Geese can go straight into a Reppuken, or a reversal move.


  • j. C hits twice, and can be used to start a combo if done deep enough in the jump.
  • j. D is a great crossup tool.

(more to be updated)

Guard Cancel Tag Attack

  • Pressing the E button while blocking will allow Geese to do counter with a standing f + C, and he will then tag out.


Katate Nage - b/f + CD

  • Can be broken. Regular knockdown. This throw tosses the opponent quite some distance, allowing for zoning tactics to get put back into play. This move is great for throwing opponents in the corner from the center of the screen.

Command Moves

Kourin Hazaki - f + C

  • Geese does an arm smash attack. This move can be linked from a close standing attack, and will also knock down.

Special Moves

Reppuken: qcf + A

  • Geese throws a projectile that rides the ground. It's rather slow, but can be used to put pressure on the opponent.

Double Reppuken: qcf + C

  • Geese throws two reppukens together to form a bigger projectile that rides the ground. This projectile moves fast. Also note that if the opponent is close to Geese, this move hits twice.

Shippuken: qcb + A/C in air

  • This is Geese's air projectile. The button strength determines the angle of the projectile, and the speed. There is a slight delay when Geese does this move.

Atemi Nage (Gedan): hcb + A

  • Geese's high counter.

Atemi Nage (Joudan): hcb + B

  • Geese's mid counter.

Atemi Nage (Chuudan): hcb + C

  • Geese's low counter.

Jaei Ken: charge b, f + B/D

  • Geese dashes towards the opponent and does a series of attacks that ends in a palm strike. The button strength determines the distance, and the delay. Using D instead of B leaves Geese rather safe. This move cannot be used directly in a combo.

Raimei Gouha Nage: df + C on downed opponent

  • This is Geese's down attack. It only works on a few moves, as most attacks that land either do not knockdown, or if they do knockdown, the opponent can tech roll. Use this move if the opponent forgets to tech roll. Be careful, however, as the recovery for this move is not fast. Here are the moves that can "guarantee" a df + C if the opponent does not tech:
    • f + C
    • charge b, f + B/D (the timing is strict)

Shinkuu Nage: 360 + A/C

  • Geese's command throw. This move tosses the opponent behind Geese and across the screen. This move is good for corner trapping.

Desperation Moves

Raging Storm: db, hcb, df + A/C/AC

  • This is Geese's classic super. He crouches down and throws both hands to the ground, causing a geyser of energy to shoot up and around him. This super stops projectiles, but is not recommended to use for that purpose. It is possible to cancel a strong attack with this move, but doing so pushes Geese back just enough for this super to whiff sometimes. Pressing AC together does a stronger version, but costs 2 stocks instead of 1. This super can be done after his hcb + B.

Rashoumon: 720 + C

  • This is the super version of Geese's command throw. This move can be done with an empty jump, or from doing a GCFS/JDFS, but the timing is rather strict.

Deadly Rave: hcb, f + A, A, A, B, B, C, C, D, D, qcb + C

  • Geese's "ranbu" super costs 3 stocks, and does take time to learn. This super can be used in a combo, and can also be used to extend a combo. In order to extend the combo, this super has to be stopped at the 1st D attack. There are other points in which this move can be stopped at to extend a combo and will be added soon.

General Strategy

  • Geese has great zoning tactics, but his strength also lies in his ability to corner trap. Using multiple reppukens in the corner with attack strings help increase his corner trapping abilities. If the opponent attempts to GCFS, simply throw them back in the corner, or use the super command throw. Using air qcb + A/C can help avoid any potential projectile setups, but should not be used as an air fireball spam tactic, as the moves have a certain amount of lag that can be taken advantage of. Far standing C can be used as a good block string ender, or a good poke at a distance since it pushes far enough, but is not recommended to be used as the single poke, as the move recovers at a normal speed, but still leaves room for a counter if not careful. Geese should take any opportunity he has to do his 360 + A move, since it does a good amount of damage, and throws the opponent quite far-- far enough to go straight back into zoning, or in some cases, corner trapping.
  • Far standing D is good for buffering particular moves, especially his 360 + A and db, hcb, df + A/C moves. The moves can be done during the initial frames of standing D.
  • Far standing B has a pretty moderate hitbox that Geese can take advantage of at times depending on the character. It's one of the quickest options to use at the end of a block string, which will allow him to use far standing C as a follow up if the opponent attempts to attack. In this case, certain moves like Ryo's dp + A can stop this small setup. Far standing B actually hits farther than far standing C does.


  • crouching B, qcf + C
  • (in the corner) crouching B, qcf + C, crouching A, qcf + A
  • (in the corner) close standing D, qcf + C, standing A, qcf + C, crouching B, hcb, f + A ~ A, A, B, B, C, C, D, D, qcb + C

Color Palettes

  • Note: The "S" button is the start button.

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