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NeoGeo Battle Coliseum/Genjyuro Kibagami

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  • cl.A/B/C(First hit only)/D(First hit only)are cancel-able
  • cl.A comes out fast, can combo into itself due to its speed
  • cl.B is a standard close normal
  • cl.C is a twin attack and deal good damage
  • cl.D is also a dual-edged normal but deals less damage in contrast to his cl.C


  • st.A is a standard normal
  • st.B comes out fast, has good range,pushes away on hit or block making it a safe poking tool, and is cancel-able
  • st.C has very long reach but comes out a little slow and can deplete foe's guard meter quickly
  • st.D is also Genjyuro's cl.D and it shares the same properties


  • cr.A comes out fast, can also combo into itself because of its speed, and is cancel-able
  • cr.B comes out at good speed, has good reach, and is cancel-able
  • cr.C has great reach, strong damage, and is cancel-able
  • cr.D is a standard sweep


  • nj.C is has a large hitbox making it perfect in an air-to-air situation
  • j.A has low hitstun, short reach, and does very low damage
  • j.B has very far reach
  • j.C standard air attack
  • j.D standard air attack

Blowback Attack Pressing the E button while blocking will allow (name) to do counter with (description), and he will then tag out.


Swallow Swipe: b/f + CD

  • Can be broken.
  • Swallow Swipe is NOT a knockdown like most throws in the game. After genjyuro slice his opponent they are left staggering leaving him a small but open window for rushdown and mix-ups.

Command Moves

Headwind: df+C

  • Headwind is a very restricted command move. Although it does pretty decent damage it has some flaws as well as positives. Headwind has a very small horizontal hitbox but its vertical shape allows it to have strong anti-air potential, it can cancel into all special/super moves, and is safe on block.

Knee Struck: f+D

  • Knee Struck comes out slow, low hit detection, and is cancel-able.

Special Moves

Cherry Blossom Slice: qcb+A/C

  • Genjyuro performs an upward slash and a giant card appears flying towards the opponent. Cherry Blossom Slice is a unique projectile. It comes out at decent speed (depending on which ver.A or C) but will disappear midscreen, it can cancel into a super, and has a larger hitbox then most.

Lightning Wings: dp+A/C

  • Genjyuro does an uppercut attack with his sword. The button strength determines the height at which Genjyuro jumps. The light version has higher priority than the heavy attack.

Triple Death Hack: qcf+A/C (can input 3 times)

  • Genjyuro dashes forward performing a torso slice then proceeds with an upward slash and finally ending the rekka with a downward hack. This is Genjyuro's main tool when applying pressure. The C ver. passes through the opponent allowing an instant cross-up when spaced correctly.

Moon Blossom Slice: Near foe dp+B

  • Genjyuro performs various slashes then ending it with an uppercut attack with his sword. Moon Blossom Slice is a command grab. It is best utilized when doing mix-ups to keep the opponent guessing.

Godly Fang Charge: qcb+B (Hold down to charge)

  • Genjyuro bends down and shift his sword backwards in a thrusting motion and then thrust forward. Godly Fang is VERY slow, it takes up 2/4 of the screen, has great damage. NOTE: when held down to the maximum point the damage will only increase by a small amount.

Slash Of a Hundred Demons: hcbf+A/C

  • Genjyuro randomly and fiecely cuts through the air (ver. dictates the amount of slashes he performs) and if a single attack hits the opponent genjyuro automatically grabs and impale them twice then kicks them off of his sword. A ver. does less slashes and has higher priority then his C ver and this is a blockable command grab

Desperation Moves

Reverse Five Flash (1 power stock): qcf+A

  • Genjyuro cuts the opponent and a card appears holding the opponent in place then he proceeds to cut the card and the foe as he gradually gain altitude and finally performs a downward slash that knocks the opponent to the ground(Hard Knockdown). Reverse Five Slash is a very limited DM. It has very poor reach but has good damage and comes out swiftly.

Five Flash Rip: (1 power Stock): qcf+C

  • Genjyuro performs an uppercut slash which launches the opponent in the air then a card holds them in place and genjyuro jumps to the foe then cutting through the card and the opponent in mid air then ends by a final downwards slash(Hard Knockdown). Five Flash Rip has the same properties as his similar DM "Reverse Five Flash".

Cherry Blossom Slice Iris: (2 power Stock) qcb+A/C

  • Genjyuro's blade throws a card toward the opponent and bounces off them then briefly falling on top of their heads(If card never connects it will disappear). This is a Genjyuro's most reliable DM. It can hit the opponent twice but will not combo but if you are close use st.A to link them together for the A ver., if you use C ver. of the DM use genjyuro's qcf+A to link them. This is also a pressure tool, can be used for unblockable set-ups, fast projectile, and is extremly good to trap a foe in the corner.

Rage Blast: (3 power Stock) A+B+C

  • Genjyuro performs a uppercut with his sword but his body is turned red. This DM amplifies genjyuro's attack, can be used as an anti-air, and is best utilized when he is called in while "Hyper Charged" for maximum damage output.

General Strategy

  • Block strings to use are:

(Soon to be updated)


  • st.B, qcf+A x3
  • cr.B, qcf+A x3
  • cr.A x2, df+C, qcf+A x3
  • cl.C(1x), df+C, qcf+A x3
  • (corner)cl.C(1x), df+C, hcbf+A
  • (Corner) cl.C, qcb+C,qcbx2+A, st.B, qcf+A x3

(more to be updated)

Color Palettes

  • Note: The "S" button is the start button.

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