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NeoGeo Battle Coliseum/Hotaru Futaba

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  • cl.A/B/C/D are all cancelable.
  • cl.A is an elbow strike, and as the first button on the list, is practically the mother of all of Hotaru's strings. Chains into itself, cr.A, and cr.B.
  • cl.B is a knee strike that is simply outshined by cl.A in versatility, its only negligible upside being more damage.
  • cl.C is a very run-of-the-mill, center-hitting cl.C. Like cl.B, it's not bad at what it does at all, just Hotaru's light confirm game is that strong.
  • cl.D makes for the only grounded anti-air Hotaru gets, but the speed and its hitbox capable of catching opponents who barely pass her over make it quite a good one.


  • st.A/B/C are cancelable and whiff-cancelable. st.A/C can cancel into command normals while B can't, though both command normals whiff.
  • st.A's range matches up with st.C, giving Hotaru a very fast and workable poke. Chains into itself (though your 2nd st.A will whiff) and st.B.
  • st.B's that look like low kicks often actually hit mid. This is an example of one that does actually hit low, and combined with its cancelability, it's a pretty nasty blockstring ender.
  • st.C strikes a balance between A and D; though it has a bit of start-up, st.A's practically chip-level damage is replaced with much beefier damage while having its range and cancelable property. It also has st.D's trait of being able to low profile high jabs as Hotaru leans forward.
  • st.D is Hotaru's furthest reaching poke, and is pretty fast for its range. Mentioned under st.C, the way Hotaru kicks lets her low profile some higher hitting normals.


  • cr.A/B/C/D are all cancelable and whiff-cancelable.
  • cr.A chains into all other A normals, including itself.
  • cr.B chains into cr.A.
  • cr.C looks identical to df+C, but does have the pushback of a regular normal. It also has about the same range as st.A/C, which makes it a nice cancelable poke with additional low profile benefit while also being faster than st.C.
  • cr.D having the aforementioned cancel properties make an otherwise average sweep that matches st.B's range that much better.


  • j.A is an alright jump-in with a good number of active frames.
  • j.B's horizontal hitbox has a generous number of active frames, making a good air-to-air or by a lesser extent, to-ground.
  • j.C can chain from j.A or j.B, but will often whiff on crouchers due to j.C itself having such a high hitbox. Otherwise a more damaging, less active air-to-air to contrast j.B.
  • j.D is the go-to jump-in button, capable of crossing up consistently and fast and steep enough to be used as an instant overhead.

Blowback Attack Pressing the E button while blocking will have Hotaru counter with her otherwise unseen low profile (d+AB) from Garou before tagging out.


Ten Rankutou: b/f+CD

  • Hotaru tosses the opponent over her shoulder and front flips off of them, switching sides opposite to the direction held during the throw. Hard knockdown. Can be broken.

Hantentou: in air, b/f+CD

  • This unbreakable air throw switches sides opposite to where Hotaru was initially facing regardless if you hold forward or back during the throw input, sending the opponent 2/3rds of the screen away. Hard knockdown.
  • Pressing CD in the air and whiffing the throw will switch the direction Hotaru faces as she completes her jump arc. This is only a tell that the throw whiffed as Hotaru can't do any jump normals or j.qcb+B/D as she was able to with her air turnaround in Garou.

Command Moves

Sengeki Shuu: f+B

  • A thrust kick that when done raw, puts Hotaru into her d+AC stance. Despite looking like a sliding hard knockdown, it can be teched like an SKD.
    • This trend of "SKD that looks like an HKD" is a trend for a good few of Hotaru's moves.
  • Has autoguard while Hotaru prepares her kicking leg and counter wire properties.
  • Canceled version cancels from lights and replaces stance activation with cancelability. Will whiff from jump-in-heavy, excepting j.D cross-up. Deals about half the damage of raw f+B.

Sengeki Shu: df+C

  • A back turn into a low chop. Combos from lights and automatically puts Hotaru into b+BD stance, both raw and canceled versions of the move.
  • Both the raw and canceled versions have no pushback, not just on grounded but also aerial opponents, however catching jumps with this move is very niche and doesn't net much reward; better to confirm a launch to get it, since Hotaru's only anywhere juggle is a 2 bar DM where the property isn't active until halfway into the super.
  • Putting Hotaru into b+BD stance even for the canceled version makes this move the critical filler of Hotaru's combos.

Koushuu Da: in air, d+B

  • An idle downward step kick that hits mid. Though it can be timed to hit further on the back of an opponent, it isn't a cross-up. SKD against an aerial opponent.
  • On hit, Hotaru hops forward and off the opponent. Her only available action during her fall is j.qcb+k, and it does combo from Koushuu Da.
  • Can be canceled into from j.A/B/D, partially negating the issue of Koushuu Da being a mid. Reasons for the word partial being used below.
    • This cancel doesn't exist at any point of either version of a back jump, or a hyper neutral or forward jump. Only during a regular neutral or forward jump is this cancel accessible for all of Hotaru's air time.
    • Comboing a jump normal into Koushuu Da is only truly consistent with forward jump D. j.B is understandable to see why it doesn't work as the hitbox is purposefully horizontal, but j.A's hitbox doesn't go as deep as j.D, meaning against crouchers, Hotaru will be so close to the ground Koushuu Da won't even come out if you try to use it, possibly leaving her open due to an empty button press.
    • With a neutral jump, pushback will cause Koushuu Da to whiff unless the opponent is moving underneath Hotaru.

Special Moves

Hakki Shou: qcf+A/C

  • Traditional fireball that can zone and be used in strings. Damage and recovery is the same between both versions, and neither knockdown (SKD on air contact).
  • A version moves quite slow to a point it can be followed after to make ground. From the opposite side of the screen Hotaru can even run to start a combo.
  • C version has less start-up and the fireball is much faster.

Soushou Shin: qcb+A/C (AB breakable)

  • In two hops, Hotaru does a 180 spin attack, then a stretched out palm strike. Both versions SKD, and the final hit has counter wire property.
  • Next to Hakki Shou, this is Hotaru's only other "normal stance" special that can be used as a consistent combo ender.
  • A does 5 hits, goes about half the screen, can combo from lights though requires being very point blank, and is slightly plus on block.
  • C does 6 hits, moves 4/5ths of the screen, combos only from heavies and canceled f+B, and is negative enough where you either need a fast far normal or use a GC dash to punish it.
  • Breaking Soushou Shin just after executing the move has Hotaru perform only the first hop. There are no hitboxes when breaking the move, and Hotaru is automatically put into b+BD stance.
    • Breaking the A version moves Hotaru about 1/6th of the screen.
    • Breaking the C version puts Hotaru about one character further than breaking A.

Kobi Kyaku: qcb+B/D (AB breakable)

  • A ki-infused, high, backward roundhouse that also acts a reflector. Both versions HKD.
  • Both versions have the same recovery, though as anyone who knows even the smallest iota of Hotaru, there is absolutely no downside to breaking this move every time it's used to cancel that recovery, either to be safer on block or whiff, or follow it up.
  • B has the shorter start-up, and can combo after a canceled f+B.
  • D has more start-up than B, but the hitbox reaches further horizontally. Aside from being more generous in defensive situations, this combination can give Hotaru a frame trap from cancelable heavy, qcb+D.

Tenshin Shou: dp+A/C

  • Hotaru's DP. Both versions only have invuln up to the first hit and do SKD.
  • Hotaru's DP has a noticeably finnicky input leniency compared to other DP motions in the game, and it's recommended to hold both df and A/C to ensure it comes out.
  • A version does 2 hits, combos from one point blank light, and with qcb+A doing the same damage but a lot safer, isn't suggested. Better as a less risky anti-air to dp+C.
  • C version does 6 hits, and is Hotaru's most damaging special move on its own, nearly as much as her kick super. This is invalidated in Kobi/Enbu Kyaku break combos by raw f+B doing more damage and not being restricted to the corner.

Shinjou Tai: [close] hcf+B/D

  • Hotaru's command grab that can't be combo'd into, and a reminder not all her pressure can be blocked.
  • Whiff animation is identical to normal throw.
  • Combos into j.qcb+D anywhere on screen.
  • Choosing to do nothing after Shinjou Tai connects is strangely safe for Hotaru, as the amount of hitstun on the opponent and the distance between are large enough for Hotaru to defend against an approach. This shouldn't be done in the first place as confirming from the 3-hit Shinjou Tai into Rengeki Shou grants more damage and oki and is easy to react to, simply an odd trait.

Rengeki Shou: in air, qcb+B/D

  • Hotaru's 2-hit divekick. Deals HKD and hits mid. There is little to no landing lag on a whiffed divekick.
  • B version moves in a very small angle, almost completely vertical.
  • D version goes down at about a 45-degree angle, and consistently follows after Shinjou Tai.
  • Both aren't minus enough for Hotaru to be punished on block, needing a GC dash to do so.
  • If spaced, the first hit of divekick will hit low enough that Hotaru will hit the ground after, and a cr.B can be linked to a further combo.

Stance: En Un Juurokushu

Stance moves that keep or change Hotaru's stance will be explicitly pointed out. When they aren't, it means the move reverts Hotaru to her normal stance.

Entered by pressing d+AC or raw f+B

  • Hotaru takes a position that lowers her further than her crouch, letting her low profile to the point even crouch jabs if they're high enough will whiff.
  • Doesn't automatically cancel.
  • Hotaru will automatically turn around still in stance if an opponent switches sides with her.
  • Movement options are limited to walking forward and back, both of which are slow to a crawl, as well as forward dash. This has a bit of low-invuln.
  • Can do Tenshou Ranki (qcfx2+B/D).

Tanshou Shin: A

  • A 3-hit version of the 2nd, hop-to-palm-strike half of qcb+p. Deals SKD, slightly plus on block. Moves about 1/3rd of the screen and can hop over lows.

En Un Kasou: B

  • A low that hits at a range between cr.B and cr.D. Technically has a supercancel property only into qcfx2+B/D.
  • Keeps stance.
  • Can (whiff) cancel into Engan Soushou Da (C.A), Senkai En (u+B/D), Ryuu Ensen Kyaku (D), Tenshou Ranki (qcfx2+B/D) and Ri En no Kamae (b+BD stance).

Ryuu Ensen Kyaku: D

  • Universal overhead from Garou. Goes up at half the normal jump height. Has roughly the same start-up as most OHs found in other command normals, and is advantageous on hit and block.
  • Instant HKD on counter hit.
  • Can be linked out of in the corner with either qcfx2+B/D or cr.B into further combo; midscreen, far A into a safe special.
    • df+C can also be linked into both in and out of the corner, but requires hitting deep with Ryuu Ensen Kyaku, and the link itself is much stricter to time.

Engan Soushou Da: C.A

  • Advancing two-part palm combo. 2nd hit deals HKD and is variably minus on hit depending on if it's spaced.
  • Pressing A can be delayed by a considerable amount, available all the way through the C attack's recovery animation, and mess with if or when an opponent would want to press a button.
  • While not a true combo after En Un Kasou (B, the low kick), it is a true blockstring.

Senkai En: u+B/D

  • The somersault kick from Hotaru's qcfx2+B/D, without the ki soup-up. Deals SKD.
  • B deals a single hit and moves forward staying just above the ground, comboing more consistently after En Un Kasou. Does not possess any invulnerability.
  • D has invincibility throughout and beyond the start-up, making up her best meterless anti-air. Does a slight more damage than B.
  • Both versions can be canceled into j.qcb+B/D at any point Hotaru's in the air from the start-up, during the hits, and during the recovery as Hotaru falls. In the corner, confirming the D version and then waiting for the opponent to line up with divekick is a good combo to keep in mind. Outside, it'll simply get Hotaru back to the ground faster than normal.

Zensou Enbu: d+D.f+B

  • A combination of Hotaru's sweep and f+B command normal. Both hits SKD.
  • Sweep spaced out may cause f+B to whiff.
  • d+D is slightly minus and does no pushback on block while f+B is more negative, but the pushback keeps Hotaru safe.

Ri En no Kamae: b+BD

  • Hotaru changes stance.

Kamae Kaijo: b,b

  • Cancels stance.

Stance: Ri En no Kamae

Stance moves that keep or change Hotaru's stance will be explicitly pointed out. When they aren't, it means the move reverts Hotaru to her normal stance.

Entered by pressing b+BD when in d+AC stance, raw or canceled-into df+C, or by breaking qcb+p

  • Hotaru turns her torso around, back facing the opponent.
  • Automatically cancels if idle for around 2.5 seconds.
  • The opponent switching sides with Hotaru will cancel this stance.
  • Hotaru cannot walk, but her one horizontal movement option in forward dash has both longer low-invuln and less start-up than the one in d+AC stance.
  • Can do Soushou Tenrenge (qcfx2+A/C).

Enryuu Banda: A (AB breakable)

  • The first half of qcb+p. Doesn't knockdown and puts Hotaru into her d+AC stance.
  • Does the same damage as the first 3 hits of qcb+C.
  • Break function is identical to qcb+p; no hits during the spin, puts Hotaru in b+BD stance again.

Enjin Kyaku: B

  • A slightly slower version of st.B. Hits low and lets Hotaru special, but not super-, cancel into her regular specials, only fireball being able to combo.

Haigeki Shu: C

  • Functionally the same as cr.C, including the fact it does push back.
  • Cancelable into Enbi Kyaku (D).

Enbi Kyaku: D (AB breakable)

  • Kobi Kyaku without ki, meaning no funny ideas of kicking a projectile. HKD and breakable.
  • An important BnB tool for combos from df+C due to its identical launch property to Kobi Kyaku.
  • If this attack hits more at Hotaru's foot than her whole leg, the opponent will be knocked back to the other side of the screen instead of being launched upward. This hit is an SKD.

Ri En Ryuubu: f,f+BD

  • Another jumping overhead, this one reaching full jump height, and capable of crossing up, which gives a link into a full combo.
  • The high arc also gives it some air-to-air application, and an SKD occurs on hit.

Haishin Tenrakutou: CD

  • Hotaru's normal throw. Cannot change the direction, meaning Hotaru will always sideswitch.
  • It's possible to still break the throw, but this version of it has no visual or audible indicator, which may make it harder to time your own CD press if you do see it coming.

En Un Juurokushu: d+AC

  • Changes stance.

Kamae Kaijo: b,b

  • Cancels stance.

Desperation Moves

Tenshou Ranki: qcfx2+B/D

  • After a 3-hit somersault kick, Hotaru dives knee-first onto the opponent before releasing a burst of ki. HKD.
  • The black background during the end of the super causes a reset to midscreen.
  • B version is a reliable ender to most of Hotaru's combos for 1 bar.
  • D version has slightly slower start-up, making barely enough difference to actually not work in combos, with invuln suited for reversal and anti-air uses.

Soushou Tenrenge: qcfx2+A/C (consumes 2 bar)

  • Hotaru does a melody of two repetitions of Soushou Shin, then a rising Tenshin Shou, ending with a ki-infused knee dive. SKD.
  • Hotaru's assigned Ultimate Juggle. However, the property isn't active until the 2nd Soushou Shin in the super, requiring some specific but easily obtainable launch heights to combo into.
  • Like with Tenshou Ranki, A version is more consistent in combos while C has invuln to use it as a reversal.
    • While it may seem strange to use qcfx2+C raw as it does the same damage as qcfx2+B/D when used this way, it has both significant corner carry and doesn't have a cinematic background change, meaning Hotaru will keep the corner.

General Strategy

  • Block strings to use are:


Meterless BnBs:

  • cr.B, cr.A, 3C > Ri En stance, st.C, st.D xx AB break, 3C > Ri En stance, (st.C,) D xx AB break
Go-to default light confirm. Break the last D to have Hotaru recover faster so she can run up to the opponent and get okizeme off of the hard knockdown. Technically possible to combo the second st.C but inconsistent.
  • cr.B, cr.A, 3C > Ri En stance, st.D xx AB break, j.CD throw
Won't work if you use st.C before st.D break in stance. Might not work on some characters.
  • (corner) 41236D xx AB break, 3C > Ri En stance, st.D xx AB break, 3C > Ri En stance, st.D xx AB break
Very difficult to time AB break properly. Has to be the D version as B version will not break.
  • (corner) 41236D xx AB break, 3C > Ri En stance, st.D xx AB break, j.CD throw
Keeps opponent cornered.
  • (corner) cr.B, cr.A, 3C > Ri En stance, st.D xx AB break, 22AC > En Un stance, 8D xx j.214D
  • CH 6B > En Un stance, 8K xx j.214K
  • (corner) [cr.A, 3C xx empty jump cancel > j.214B(1), land, dash up] xN
Unrealistic corner infinite in real matches against crouching characters and mostly just a showcase combo, ignoring the steep execution barrier behind doing the infinite. Even if you can do it, the damage is too low to warrant using. Demonstration can be found here.
  • (corner) [En Un stance 8K(1) xx j.214B] xN
Blockstring infinite. More practical than the one above but still shouldn't be relied on. Demonstration can be found here.

Tag Combos:

  • cr,B, cr.A, 3C > Ri En stance, st.C, st.D xx AB break, 236E
  • 41236K, j.214B, 3C > Ri En stance, st.D xx AB break, 236E
  • (corner) 41236D xx AB break, 3C > Ri En stance, st.D xx AB break, 236E
  • CH 6B > En Un stance, 44 > Normal stance, 236E
  • (corner) CH 6B > En Un stance, 8K(1) xx j.214B, 236E

Super Combos:

  • cr.B, cr.A, 3C > Ri En stance, st.C, st.D xx AB break, 236236K
  • cr.B, cr.A, 6B xx 214B xx AB break, 236236K
  • (corner) 41236D xx AB break, 3C > Ri En stance, st.D xx AB break, 236236K
  • cr.B, cr.A, 3C > Ri En stance, st.C, st.D xx AB break, 3C xx 236236P
First few hits will whiff but the rest of the super will connect if timed right.
  • 41236K, j.214B, 3C > Ri En stance, st.D xx AB break, 3C xx 236236P
  • (corner) 41236D xx AB break, 3C > Ri En stance, st.D xx AB break, 3C xx 236236P
  • (corner) cr.B, cr.A, 3C > Ri En stance, st.D xx AB break, 22AC > En Un stance, 8D xx j.214B, 236236K
  • CH 6B > En Un stance, 236236K
  • CH 6B > En Un stance, 3C xx 236236P
  • CH 6B > En Un stance, 8K(1) xx j.214B, 236236K

(maybe more to be updated)

Color Palettes

  • Note: The "S" button is the start button.

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