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NeoGeo Battle Coliseum/Kyo Kusanagi

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Issetsu Seoi - / +

Command Normals

Ge Shiki Goufu You - +

Ge Shiki Naraku Otoshi - + (Midair Only)

88 Shiki - +

Special Moves

100 Shiki: Oniyaki - + /

427 Shiki: Hikigane - + /

75 Shiki: Kai - + /

┗Follow Up - /

114 Shiki: Aragami - +

┗128 Shiki: Konokizu - + /
┗127 Shiki: Yanosabi - /
┗125 Shiki: Nanase - /
┗127 Shiki: Yanosabi - + /
┗Geshiki: Migiri Ugachi - /
┗125 Shiki: Nanase /

115 Shiki: Dokugami - +

┗401 Shiki: Tsumi Yomi - + /
┗402 Shiki: Batsu Yomi - + /
┗100 Shiki: Oniyaki - + /
┗114 Shiki: Aragami - +
┗128 Shiki: Konokizu - +
┗125 Shiki: Nanase - + /
┗123 Shiki: Shaku En - +

R.E.D. Kick - + / (Air OK)

Desperation Moves

Ura 108 Shiki: Orochinagi - + / (Hold OK)

182 Shiki - + / (Hold OK)

Mu Shiki - + /

┗Chouhatsu - Press Repeatedly /



  • cl.A/B/C/D are cancelable.
  • cl.A/B are chainable both into each other and into themselves.
  • cl.B hits low.
  • cl.C is a great move to use at close range due to its 3 frame startup and as a great combo starter.
  • cl.D can still be used to start combos but it's a bit slower than his close C.


  • st.A is whiff cancelable.
  • st.B is a good move to use for poking due to its fast startup and long range.
  • st.C is special and super cancelable, but it can be whiff punished by crouching normals. Somewhat slow startup.
  • st.D is a good poking tool like st.B. Kyo moves forward slightly when using this move, allowing him to advance and poke at the same time in exchange for more startup than st.B.


  • cr.A/B are whiff cancelable.
  • cr.A is special cancelable.
  • cr.B hits low, comes out at the same speed at his cr.A. Not special cancelable, but can link into df+D.
  • cr.C makes for a good anti-air due to its vertical hitbox.
  • cr.D is a sweep that knocks the opponent down.


  • j.B/C/D all cross up.
  • j.B can be used as an instant overhead.
  • j.D can be used as an air-to-air to beat opponents that are jumping forward on you.

Command Moves

Ge Shiki Goufu You - (f+B)

  • Kyo lifts his leg then does a quick heel drop. On its own, it does a single hit and cannot be cancelled out of. When cancelled into, it does two hits and can be special and super cancelled. It has slightly more use as a combo tool off a cr.B > cr.A confirm or after an empty jump cl.B to combo into Dokugami chain or cancel into Orochinagi.
  • Overhead attack when used by itself.

Ge Shiki Naraku Otoshi - (j/sj/d+C)

  • Kyo brings his fists together and slams downward on the opponent. Fast, beats a lot of aerial normals, and will slam the opponent down onto the ground if it hits them while they're airborne. Due to the abscence of hopping in NGBC, j.d+C loses some of its utility as a quick hopping attack, and cannot be used while backdashing. Best used for crossup situations.
  • Hard knockdown on aerial opponents.

88 Shiki - (df+D)

  • Kyo kicks his opponent twice while low to the ground. Cannot be cancelled out of, can be cancelled into from cl.A, st.A, cr.A, cl.B, cl.C, and cr.C.
  • Hits low.


Issetsu Seoi - b/f+CD

  • Classic Kyo throw, Kyo slams the opponent onto the ground then does an elbow drop.
  • Same throw forward or back, only difference is direction.
  • Can be broken.
  • Due to the hard knockdown, Kyo can jump over and attempt a crossup j.B or j.d+C, or go for a high-low mixup with f+B and cl/cr.B.

Special Moves

100 Shiki: Oniyaki - (dp+A/C)

  • Kyo rises and spins upward, with flames spiraling around his body. Good to use on wakeup due to its 9 frame invulnerability, but can be easily punished if blocked or whiffed. The A version does one hit and is his Ultimate Juggle, while the C version is stronger, does two hits, and can be Super Cancelled on the first hit. The A version is used in many of his corner combos since it can be repeated twice before the opponent can no longer be juggled.
  • Anti-Air
  • A version is Ultimate Juggle
  • C version can be Super Cancelled on hit.

427 Shiki Hikigane - (hcb+B/D)

  • The B version has Kyo perform a small leap forward into a punch that launches the opponent, while the D version stays in place and does not launch. The B version has lower body invincibility while the D version has upper body invincibility. The B version is a staple in Kyo's BnBs after Shiki Kai (qcf+D), and the D version can be used in the corner after D Shiki Kai. The flame effect is just for show and does not actually extend the hitboxes, which end at Kyo's fist.
  • D version can be used as a reversal option, has Upper Body Invincibility
  • B version has some use in neutral in bypassing low pokes, has Lower Body Invincibility.

75 Shiki Kai - (qcf+B/D -> K)

  • Kyo does a leaping kick, and will do another kick that launches the opponent if any Kick button is pressed afterward. The B version does not launch very high and can only be followed up with a dp+A in the corner, but it can be comboed into from his light normals. The D version launches them higher, and can be comboed into from cl.C, cr.C, and cl.D. Unlike in early KOF games, Kyo does not have to be at point blank range into combo into this move and its follow up. As long as he can hit with cl.C, he will likely be able to combo into Shiki Kai.
  • Possesses Upper Body Invincibility, and then Lower Body Invincibility.

114 Shiki: Aragami - (qcf+A)

  • Kyo does a flaming hook. This is the start of Kyo's light rekka chains, which can branch of into a few different routes. This move possesses autoguard frames during its startup, meaning it can plow through pokes and some projectiles if timed properly. You can use Aragami as a poke, or as a relatively safe blockstring ender (it's unsafe on block, but has quite a bit of pushback, making you somewhat safe). Can only really be comboed into from his heavy normals.
128 Shiki: Konokizu - (qcf+A -> qcf+P)
  • Kyo uppercuts his opponent after Aragami. Launches the opponent slightly, and leads to a soft knockdown if done without the other two follow-ups. In the corner, Konokizu can be linked into a dp+A loop after hitting an airborne opponent. It's horribly unsafe on block, and can be reliably punished by the opponent. It can be used as a risky frame trap if delayed after a blocked Aragami.
  • Soft Knockdown
127 Shiki: Yanosabi - (qcf+A -> qcf+P -> P)
  • Kyo elbows the opponent after Konokizu, slamming them down onto the ground and ending the Aragami chain. It hits high, meaning it can be used as an overhead. Like Konokizu, this move is unsafe on block. It grants a hard knockdown, allowing for Kyo to perform okizeme.
  • Overhead
  • Hard Knockdown
125 Shiki: Nanase - (qcf+A -> qcf+P -> K)
  • Kyo performs a spinning roundhouse kick after Konokizu that sends the opponent flying to the edge of the screen and ends the Aragami chain. Can be used to give yourself some distance and breathing room after hitting with Konokizu, but requires you to be in close range since it does not move Kyo forward.
  • Soft Knockdown
127 Shiki: Yanosabi - (qcf+A -> hcb+P)
  • Kyo elbows the opponent after Aragami, smashing them into the ground. Same as the qcf+P -> P version, only this version has follow-ups and can be used after Aragami.
  • Overhead
  • Hard Knockdown
Geshiki: Migiri Ugachi - (qcf+A -> hcb+P -> P)
  • Kyo punches his opponent while they've been downed after Yanosabi, ending the Aragami chain. Is a low, meaning you can try this on opponents who block your Yanosabi high and aren't expecting a low afterward. Unsafe on block, and Kyo can actually be hit out of it since the opponent can recover and attack him after blocking Yanosabi. Best to condition them to block before trying this.
  • Hard Knockdown
  • Hits OTG
  • Hits low
125 Shiki: Nanase - (qcf+A -> hcb+P -> K)
  • Kyo performs a spinning roundhouse kick after Yanosabi that sends the opponent flying to the edge of the screen and ends the Aragami chain. Since Yanosabi knocks the opponent down, don't expect to be able to combo with this. It has more use as a safer alternative to Migiri Ugachi on block.
  • Soft Knockdown

115 Shiki: Dokugami - (qcf+C)

  • Kyo performs a wicked, fiery haymaker, starting his Dokugami chain. Covers a better distance than Aragami, but has slower startup. Like Aragami, it has autoguard frames, but not as many. Unsafe on block unless spaced properly. Aragami makes for a better poke in neutral, but Dokugami is more rewarding in midscreen combos.
401 Shiki: Tsumi Yomi - (qcf+C -> hcb+P)
  • Flaming backhand followup to Dokugami. Even more unsafe on block than Dokugami. Only use this move if Dokugami hits.
402 Shiki: Batsu Yomi - (qcf+C -> hcb+P -> f+P)
  • Kyo shoulder tackles his opponent into the air. Like Tsumi Yomi, unsafe on block. The opponent can tech roll after landing. May not connect from farther distances.
  • Soft Knockdown.
100 Shiki: Oniyaki - (qcf+C -> hcb+P -> f+P -> dp+P)
  • Kyo ends the Dokugami chain with an aerial Oniyaki. No reason not to use it after a landed Batsu Yomi.
  • Soft Knockdown
114 Shiki: Aragami - (qcf+C -> qcf+C)
  • Kyo has a second rekka route after Dokugami, and it starts with Aragami. It's done with qcf+C instead of qcf+A, which seems off-putting at first. Unlike standard Aragami, you cannot go the Yanosabi route with this version, only into Konokizu. Can serve as a safer option to end on when Dokugami gets blocked.
128 Shiki: Konokizu - (qcf+C -> qcf+C -> qcf+A)
  • Kyo performs his Konokizu uppercut after Aragami, launching the opponent into the air. Works similarly to the Aragami chain version of Konokizu.
  • Soft Knockdown
125 Shiki: Nanase - (qcf+C -> qcf+C -> qcf+A -> qcf+K)
  • Kyo does a spinning roundhouse kick that sends the opponent flying to the other end of the screen. The input requires a quarter circle motion, unlike the Aragami chain version of Nanase. Another difference is that this version of Nanase has a followup.
  • Soft Knockdown
123 Shiki: Shaku En - (qcf+C -> qcf+C -> qcf+A -> qcf+K -> hcb+C)
  • Kyo raises his arm up and clenches his fist, blowing up the opponent. This works even after they've been sent flying from Nanase, meaning this should always work after Nanase connects. In the corner, Kyo can follow this up with D Hikigane, and continue into A Oniyaki loop or D-Assault.
  • Soft Knockdown

R.E.D. Kick - (rdp+B/D)

  • Kyo jumps in an arc and brings his leg down on the opponent's head, granting a hard knockdown. Punishable on block, but can be made safe if spaced properly so that the tip of Kyo's foot is blocked. The B version has a smaller jump arc and covers less distance than the D version. The B version be done after D Shiki Kai for a quick and easy, but rewarding combo due to the hard knockdown allowing for okizeme.
  • Hard Knockdown

Air R.E.D. Kick - (j.qcb+B/D)

  • Kyo interrupts his jump with an an aerial version of R.E.D. Kick. Works well as a whiff punish if done from a backwards jump or super jump, and can be tiger kneed. Otherwise, it works similarly to grounded R.E.D. Kick, with the D version travelling farther than the B version.
  • Hard Knockdown

Desperation Moves

Ura 108 Shiki: Orochinagi - (qcf,hcb+P [can hold])

  • Kyo gathers a fire in his left hand before throwing out a wave of fire that travels halfscreen distance. Can be charged to increase the damage. Doesn't make for a very good reversal due to its invincibility being quite brief. Due to the lack of hopping in NGBC, the C version has more use as an anti-air than in KOF. The fiery attack portion of the move can destroy projectiles and cannot be negated. Orochinagi is faster here than in KOF, but like in KOF 2002 and KOF 2002 UM it is possible to hold the button until the super flash ends and then release for a faster attack. It's a great combo ender and can be Super Cancelled into from his dp+C, as well as after f+B (2) and hcb+B after a delayed qcf+D followup.
  • A version is immune to most low attacks, C version has Upper Body Invincibility.

182 Shiki - (qcfx2+P [can hold])

  • Becomes unblockable when fully charged. Possesses invincibility during the startup, making it good to use as a reversal option.

Mu Shiki - (qcfx2+K)

  • Kyo spawns a pillar of flame before rushing in with a barrage of punches. The fire pillar can negate projectiles (even DM projectiles), and the move has a hitbox behind Kyo, meaning opponents can be drawn in and hit even if they're behind Kyo.
Chouhatsu - (Mash K during the end of Mu Shiki)
Kyo performs a taunt after Mu Shiki ends, engulfing his body in fire and allowing him to enter a sort of "Max Mode" where he can cancel his specials into other specials. It can be activated even if Mu Shiki completely whiffs. It runs on a time limit of about five seconds. Kyo will not enter Chouhatsu Mode unless he completely finishes the taunt animation. He'll usually have enough time to complete the taunt while the opponent is getting up from Mu Shiki.

General Strategy

  • Block strings to use are:


0 Bar

  • cr.B > cr.A > df+D

Simple string into df+D.

  • cr.B > cr.A > f+B (2) > qcf+C > hcb+P

Doesn't seem like you can get the rest of the Dokugami chain if done with a cr.B > cr.A starter.

  • cl.B/cl.C > f+B (2) > qcf+C -> hcb+P -> f+P -> dp+P

Full Dokugami chain. Use cl.B starter for empty jump low or high/low mixup situations, or cl.C for faster startup and more damage.

  • (j.X) cl.C > qcf+C -> qcf+C -> qcf+A -> qcf+K -> hcb+C

Alternate Dokugami route that results in the opponent travelling to the other side of the screen. Great for corner carry.

  • cl.C > qcf+D -> K, hcb+B, qcf+A -> qcf+A
  • cl.C > qcf+D -> dl.K, hcb+B, sj.C ▷ dp+A

Slight delay when doing the second part of qcf+D. The second hit won't connect if you delay it for too long, and the window is somewhat tight. This delay will result in you having enough time to High Jump after hcb+B into j.C. Despite the air reset state the opponent is put into afterward, you can connect with a dp+A, since that move is Kyo's Ultimate Juggle and can juggle any airborne opponent.


  • cr.B > cr.A > qcf+B -> dl.K, dp+A, dp+A

Confirm off cr.B.

  • cl.C > qcf+D -> K, hcb+B, qcf+A -> hcb+P -> P
  • cl.B > f+B (2) > qcf+C -> qcf+C -> qcf+A -> qcf+K -> hcb+C, hcb+D, dp+A, dp+A, dp+A

Useful after an empty jump low.

  • (j.X) cl.C > qcf+C -> qcf+C -> qcf+A -> qcf+K -> hcb+C, hcb+D, dp+A, dp+A, dp+A

Higher damage version of the above.

  • cl.C > qcf+D -> K, hcb+B, qcf+A -> qcf+P, dl.dp+A, dp+A, dp+A

Requires a small delay after the qcf+P Aragami followup, else dp+A won't connect. Can juggle with dp+A three times before the opponent is low enough to the ground that Kyo can't get another one in before they land.

1 Bar

  • cr.B > cr.A > qcfx2+B

Mash K afterward to enter Chouhatsu mode.

  • cr.B > cr.A > f+B (2) > qcf,hcb+A

Comboing into Orochinagi after f+B works if cancelled into as soon as possible. Any delayed cancel will result in Orochinagi not comboing.

  • cl.C > qcf+D -> dl.K, hcb+B, qcf,hcb+A

Needs a slight delay on the second hit of qcf+D in order for Orochinagi to be able to combo after hcb+B.


  • (j.X) > cl.C > AB Tactical Step > cl.C > qcf+D -> K, hcb+B, qcf+A -> qcf+P, dl.dp+A, dp+A, dp+A
  • (j.X) cl.C > qcf+D -> K, hcb+B, dp+C (1) > SC qcfx2+A, dp+A, dp+A

You MIGHT be able to get a third dp+A in there if you delay qcf+D's followup and time your dp+C just right. Needs more testing.

2 Bar

  • cr.B > cr.A > qcfx2+D


  • (Chouhatsu Mode) (j.X) cl.C > AB Tactical Step > cl.C > AB Tactical Step > cl.C > (qcf+C > qcf+A)x7 > qcf+C -> qcf+C -> qcf+A -> qcf+K -> hcb+C, dp+A, dp+A, dp+A.

Requires Chouhatsu Mode. Technically a 4 bar combo, since all the rekka loops will build 2 bars of meter even after already having spent 2 bars for the two ABTS uses. With a j.C or j.D, this is a TOD against some characters (needs more testing).

Color Palettes

  • Note: The "S" button is the start button.

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