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NeoGeo Battle Coliseum/Mars People

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  • close A/B/C are cancel-able.
  • close C does two hits.
  • close A/B are chain-able.


  • standing A/B are cancel-able/whiff cancel-able.
  • standing C/D are good long range pokes.
  • standing D can sometimes act as a good anti-air.
  • standing A/B are chain-able.


  • crouching A/B/C/D are cancel-able/whiff cancel-able.
  • crouching A/B are chain-able, but crouching A is his best ground poke (crouching B is slower so its harder to chain).
  • crouching C can sometimes be used as an anti-air, but most times its used in air juggles that lead to mixups.
  • crouching D does a substantial amount of guard damage. It has been known to take up to 50% guard damage. This move has changed from his SvC Chaos version (;df ;d ), as he only moves forward about halfway before retreating, instead of moving forward about a full sweep distance.


  • jumping C is a good way to counter a jump attack if you want to get in close for a command grab or mixups.
  • jumping D can be used to pressure the opponent from above, or punish a whiff move while in the air. Jumping back and using ;ub ;d can be used to punish and also allows for keep-away depending on the range.

Guard Cancel Tag Attack Pressing the E button while blocking will allow Mars People to do counter with a headbutt attack, and he will then tag out.


Million Leg Lariat: b/f + CD

  • Can be broken. Normal knockdown.

Command Moves

Mars Snap: df + C

  • Mars People uses his tentacles to trip the opponent with a long swipe motion. It is a good ender to his frequently used combo (crouching A [x2~3], df + D).

Special Moves

Mars Shot: qcf + A/C

  • Mars shoots a projectile. The A version is a purple ball that moves straight and increases speed overtime. The C version is a yellow ball that travels in a wave motion. If the C projectile does not hit the opponent, it continues to travel for a bit and then disappears. This is a really good move to use for setups and rushdowns. The most common setup one will see is qcf + C and if the opponent jumps, Mars can counter with a far standing D.

Roswell Vanish: rdp + A/C

  • Mars does a medium explosion and teleports. The A version keeps him in the same spot, while the C version makes Mars travel behind the opponent. It's not always a good move to use, as he can easily get hit out of it. If the opponent is close enough, they can take damage if not blocked or countered. Its not recommended for use in getting out of the corner.

Plasma Abduction: hcb + A/C

  • Mars People grabs the opponent and shoots a bolt of lightning from the sky. It is not known if the button strength changes anything, but it will be tested. This is what makes Mars People dangerous in close. The throw range is smaller than in SvC Chaos, and you can't combo this from any normal; however, you can buffer this move from a standing A and grab, but it won't count as a combo.

Area 801: qcf + B/D

  • Mars People does a jump attack in an arc motion. Button strength determines the distance jumped and the number of hits. B does 1 hit, while D does 2 hits. If Area 801 is done while a Mars Shot is out, they can all connect to make a 3 hit combo. This setup also keeps Mars People safe if timed right.

Plasma Spin: dp + B/D

  • Mars People does a jumping spin attack going upward off screen, and falls downward doing a different spinning attack. Anyone who is familiar with Billy Kane's dp + B/D move will know how this works. There is a slight difference in that both versions have a slight delay to them, with D having the most delay. If the upward attack hits, the followup most likely won't connect. However, if the followup is the move that connects, Mars People can followup with a move to continue the juggle. Most times, this move can be used to cross up the opponent, and followup with a combo or setup of choice. This move can be super-canceled into.

Desperation Moves

Independence Day My Bleem!: ;hcf ;hcf ;a / ;c

  • Mars People summons a flying saucer that shoots 3 rings down to the ground as it moves forward or backward. The button strength determines which direction the flying saucer travels. This move has a long recovery time.

MP12: hcb ;hcb ;a / ;c

  • Mars People summons 3 sets of little mini versions of him that travel in a certain pattern. They have been known to appear off-screen at times, and all of the aliens don't always combo if they hit. It provides a good amount of block damage, however, just like the previous super, this too has a long recovery time.

Bronze After: ;qcb ;qcb + ;b / ;d

  • This is Mars People's best super!!! He does a quick hop over the opponent, and shoots an energy ring right above the opponent, thus making it a good cross up tool. If the move hits, the opponent is launched towards Mars People, and he can then combo the opponent. This allows Mars People to do all kinds of mixups against the opponent and make up for his rather lack of strong combos.

Flatwoods March: ;dn ;dn ;b ;d (when stock is at level 2)

  • Mars People opens his mouth and lets out about 10-12 eggs. If Mars is hit at any point of this super, the eggs stop dropping, and the remaining eggs will continue to hatch. Once the eggs hatch, little Mars People babies run towards the opponent. Upon impact, they do damage to the opponent. These babies are unblockable, and do a considerable amount of damage. Not only that, they can extend any character's combo (there are videos on YouTube showcasing this). Be careful though- if Mars let the eggs drop and he jumps off screen, whatever eggs go off screen don't hatch at all!!!

Tungus Incident: ;dn ;dn ;a ;c (when stock is at level 3)

  • Mars People summons a flying saucer to drop directly above the opponent. SvC Chaos players will remember this as his Exceed. The block damage and regular damage is pretty decent. If desired, this super can be used in a combo. There's slight recovery time with this move, but if done far enough, Mars should be safe (with some exceptions).

[i]Note: Mars People does not have an A/D Assault.[/i]

General Strategy

  • Mars People is a very interesting character in that he is capable to do both zone and rush and has the right tools to do just that. He's primarily built to zone characters out however. Players familiar with Billy Kane's play style can easily translate over to playing Mars People with several bonuses. His backdash is pretty fast, and allows him just enough room to throw out a projectile of choice (qcf + A/C). Both versions have their purpose so neither one should be overlooked. Most times qcf + C will be used as a buffer to ensure that the opponent doesn't easily rush in, and can quickly be followed by a standing D to push the opponent back just enough. Standing D is a pretty good zoning tool that can allow for some combos like anti-air qcf + A/C, standing D. Standing C has some uses but because its slower, you have to ensure that its primarily done after a projectile to keep Mars People relatively safe. If the opponent predicts this setup, the timing of standing C can be varied to keep from getting predictable. If zoning space is needed, a simple ub + D can assist in getting space.
  • When the heat is on, and Mars People is cornered, there are a few things he can do to get out of a sticky situation. The best option is to use Bronze After (qcb qcb + B/D). This move allows him to not only get out of the corner, but to keep the opponent in block stun from the ring, assuming they're not standing under the ring. If that seems to be the case, ub + D or standing D can push back just enough to either zone, or attempt mixups. Crouching A, standing A, and standing B make good pokes to push back, and if hit confirmed, Mars People can link that with a df + D, and if desired, After Bronze can be done to start a mixup or just to ensure that Mars is out of the corner. A super jump can be done also, but its slightly slower than After Bronze. If there is a gap to do a Plasma Abduction (hcb + A/C), do it. The throw window/range isn't as big as it is in SvC Chaos, but its still a good move to use for extra damage. You kinda want to get the opponent to fear that command grab so that Mars can be put in a position to easily zone.
  • If rushing down is desired, remember the close range pokes (crouching A, standing A, and standing B) and that they all can link to df + D. Mars People can train the opponent to fear the df + D so that the command grab can be done. Be wary of characters with high priority dp moves (Ryo, Kyo, Iori, Yuki w/ C charge, etc.) as not only can they stop Mars People from constant close range pokes, but can even trade hits with the long range pokes (standing C, standing D). Using qcf + A/C in conjunction with qcf + B/D can add to the crazy mixup game that Mars People has, and help him close in to continue rushing down. Eventually, there will be at least 1 normal (df + D), 3 specials (hcb + A/C, qcf + A/C, qcf + B/D), and a super (qcb qcb + B/D) that the opponent will learn to fear. The command throw can be substituted with a regular throw if desired, as it can still send the opponent flying closer to the corner.
  • Flatwoods March can sometimes be used as a good tool to get free damage. Depending on the character, massive combos can be performed on the opponent. The timing between knocking the opponent down and doing the super is strict. Here's an example of a combo done with Neo Dio as the partner:
    • knockdown~ Flatwoods March, tag, (Neo Dio) standing D(1 hit) qcf + A, dash, crouching b, crouching b, qcf + C, [crouching b, qcf + C] x3
      • There are other combos that can be done with Neo-Dio and the other characters with this Flatwoods March setup.
  • Block strings to use are:
    • crouching A, crouching A, standing B
    • qcf + A/C, standing D or qcf + B/D


  • crouching a, crouching a, df + D
  • crouching b, standing b, standing b, df + D
  • qcf + C, qcb qcb + D, [dp + D (1 hit), qcb qcb + B] x 2

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