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NeoGeo Battle Coliseum/Moriya Minakata

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Close Standing

  • 5A: Cancelable jab.
  • 5B: Low kick, one of his OTG's, cancelable.
  • 5C: A 2 hit upper slash. Both hits are cancelable, the second sends the opponent to the air, without knockdown.
  • 5D: A knee strike that serves as Moriya's go-to heavy tool for combos.

Far Standing

  • 5A: A fast upper slash, can be used as a reactionary anti-air.
  • 5B: Useful mid poke, good range, cancelable.
  • 5C: A far and pretty alright poke, not cancelable.
  • 5D: Same animation than 5B, not cancelable.


  • 2A: Surprisingly hits low and has range to boot, cancelable. Good substitute when out of cr.B range.
  • 2B: Your main combo starter, chainable into itself up to 3 times, hits low.
  • 2C: An arching anti-air button, a bit slow, cancelable.
  • 2D: Sweep with good reach, cancelable.


  • j.A: Has a good reach, a good tool to air-to-air.
  • j.B: Crossup, fast, instant overhead, may be Moriya's best air button.
  • j.C: Moriya swings down his katana, not-as-but-still-pretty fast j.B, good committal jump-in.
  • j.D: A horizontal jumping kick, can be used as an air-to-air with jump back.

Blowback Attack Pressing the E button while blocking will allow Moriya to do counter with far 5C, and he will then tag out.


Satsukiame: b/f+CD

  • Can be broken, Moriya Airlines™ sends the opponent to Australia. Hard knockdown.

Command Moves

Ittou: 3A | df+A

  • Free-cancelable overhead with some start-up that can go into literally. Anything. Not just specials and supers, but normals, another df+A, b/f dash, run, jumps, AB, Dual Assault (will not combo, please do not), and Special Dual Assault (actually does combo but you should do rekka into dp+C before that instead of an unnecessarily risky 50/50).
  • The "free-cancel" actually comes from this move's endlag being nonexistent. But that does mean you have to give a, if very slight delay, where you input what you want right AFTER df+A and not AS it hits.
  • Can be canceled into from a normal where it'll combo but loses overhead property. Gains the "regular" kind of cancel window, but still maintains zero endlag so you aren't forced to do specials or supers.

Pounce Attack: 3C | df+C when opponent is down

  • Another OTG that you'll only ever be able to use after a throw into, and while Moriya's close to the corner. Allows Moriya to use another OTG right after, meaning you can do another df+C for more damage, or cl.B into cancel to restart/continue his mix-up game. cl.B will only work if Moriya's right at the corner and not at a range where a 2nd df+C becomes your only option.

Tsukuyomi Kagen: 6+BD | f+BD | Tsukuyomi Chougen: 4+BD | b+BD

  • High/mid and low Last Blade deflects. See General Strategy, Some Moriya Stuff for elaboration.

Hana Zan Oisaki: BD after successful REPEL.

  • Default follow-up to a deflect. Soft knockdown.

Special Moves

Ittou Tsukikage: qcf+A/C | 236+A/C (A up to 3 times; C up to 4 times)

  • Moriya's rekka, where the enders of both lead to hard knockdown.
  • A version is a 3 hit combo that can combo from lights. 3rd hit is a hop attack that hits overhead.
    • Moriya does a parkour roll after this overhead. A double-edged sword in that he's very open for punishment on block (and you should stop at the 1st/2nd hit anyway before allowing that), but gives him the ability to OTG and cancel with cl.B anywhere on screen if it lands.
    • Can kara cancel the 2nd hit to do the overhead right after the first (see combos section).
    • The first and second hits can be SC'd, or cancel into dp+A/C or dp+A.dp+C.
  • C version starts slower, only comboing from cl.C (1), but travels further ahead and hits one extra time for a total of 4 hits (all hit mid).
    • Gives a lot of pushback on block in part to the last rekka input hitting twice instead of once and thus semi-safer than finished A rekka, but GCs from the opponent still make it a risk.
    • The first, second and third hits can be SC'd, or cancel into dp+A/C or dp+A.dp+C.

Ittou Shingetsu: dp+A | 623+A

  • Moriya does an upward slash ending with him facing the background, grounded anti-air.
  • Can be canceled into after any hit of either rekka except the last. Only applicable at or near corner.

Ittou Sogetsu: During New Moon, dp+C | 623+C

  • A faster version of regular dp+C that can be inputted as a follow up to Ittou Shingetsu on connect or whiff. Not to be confused with inputting dp+C to end Moriya's rekkas.
  • This "dp rekka" isn't actually the best way to end Moriya's rekka in the corner. Doing qcf+Ax2 or qcf+Cx3 and then regular dp+C after leads to more damage and a juggle on top of that.
  • Not SC-able and not worth trying to use his Ultimate Juggle after even if you launch with a penultimate rekka input to dp+A beforehand. You'll very likely whiff and the 2 or 3 hits of damage out of 16 if you don't isn't worth it.
  • This follow-up can be used to further commit to and improve his anti-air; guarding the air longer with this move as well as having less endlag on whiff or on block.

Ittou Shingetsu Ura: dp+C | 623+C

  • Moriya does an upward slash ending in him facing the foreground. Also a grounded anti-air, but has more start-up and is safer on block than dp+A.
  • Gives a juggle opportunity on hit where Moriya can reset with cl.A in the corner.
    • If he hits with qcf+Ax2/qcf+Cx3 beforehand, he can combo into his regular D. Assault, or Special D. Assault w/ Kaede.
  • Can be used as a tricky crossup after a knockdown or a deep tactical step at point-blank.

Ittou Oboro: qcb+A/B/C | 214+A/B/C

  • An extended quickdraw slash similar to Yamazaki's snakearm in FF/KOF. A version is an anti-air, B version hits mid and C version hits low (and does not OTG). All don't knockdown on grounded opponents and SKD if they hit someone airborne.
  • This move can nullify projectiles.
  • By tapping or holding (if you wish to charge) A/B/C during the first hit -- pretty much right as Moriya draws his sword -- you can do another quickdraw strike. There are a few knick-knacks about this mechanic:
    • Repeating Ittou Oboro will work on connect or on whiff. What matters is that you tap/hold the button on the 1st of the 2 hits.
    • The high (A) and mid (B) strikes can be repeated into themselves or alternately as long as you want. They also can be charged (see Ittou Getsuei below).
    • Once you choose the low (C) strike, the ability to cancel into another quickdraw is lost, both into itself or A/B. It also cannot be charged; a fixed start-up longer than "initial" qcb+C before Moriya does his low. Can still cancel the stance with D.

Ittou Getsuei: Hold respective button during Ittou Oboro.

  • Extend stance with the button you initially hit. You can press D to cancel holding this stance.
  • Charging for almost 2 whole seconds will cause Moriya to flash white and add 2 more stabs to his quickdraw for 4 hits, and doing about as much damage as a DM. Has the same non-/air-only knockdown properties of Ittou Oboro.
  • Charging, rather than cover all 3 available angles, has Moriya concentrate on striking the area the button already points at. But there is still some hitbox extension.
  • Despite the perceptible gap between the flash and Moriya's charged quickdraw, you can't release the button "earlier". You have to hold it until it rips on its own. Consider it a knowledge check.

Taitou Hogetsu: rdp+A/B/C | 421+A/B/C

  • Teleportation A version feints Moriya warping forward, ending up in the same place.
  • B version positions Moriya roughly 2 characters away from the opponent, meaning he could travel forward or back depending on where he and the opponent are prior to inputting rdp+B.
    • This can lead to some strange interactions where the opponent walks/runs into Moriya as he teleports back.
  • C version puts Moriya behind the opponent, lest they're in the corner where he'll be right at their front.
  • Pressing A, B, or C during the teleport puts Moriya into the Ittou Oboro stance for a long distance strike, the angles being the same as the qcb special.
  • Ittou Oboro stance after teleport has the same properties as Ittou Getsuei's attacks, meaning you cannot charge the low (C) blow, and must wait on it or cancel before releasing itself.
  • Will enable Moriya's f,hcf+CE with Kaede. Mind that only the teleport is needed; using a quickdraw attack out of teleport is not necessary.

Desperation Moves

Kassatsu Izayoi Gekka: qcbx2+A/C | 214x2+A/C

  • Moriya does multiple Ittou Oboro slashes, costs 1 bar. A version keeps Moriya still unless he's blocked. C has him slowly advance.
  • Must be blocked low to avoid being hit by the low slashes and subsequently all following strikes.
  • Also his assigned Ultimate Juggle, but the property is very difficult to take advantage of with how the hits play out. And comboing into it that way in the first place is a chore compared to SC-ing his rekka (1st only of A, 1st or 2nd of C).
    • Despite the above point, it's ill-advised to use this super as your one-bar combo ender. There's more damage to be gained without meter, and Tactical Step after cl.D would be how you'd have Moriya utilize one bar anyhow.
    • In the scenario you are blocked during rekka, you can use this to try and push Moriya far away under the cover of a blade-wall. If the opponent sees this though and has a stock, they can GC tag and Moriya will get hit even from afar.
  • This thing is still a blender even if the damage is lacking. An anti-aired opponent will be juggled directly up instead of away (at least until the end where Moriya by then is safe). The range and height is huge, and projectiles are nullified.

Kassatsu Midare Setsu Gekka: qcf,hcb+A/C | 236,63214+A/C

  • Ranbu super, costs 2 bar. Very solid super combo ender after qcf+Ax2 or qcf+Cx3.
  • C is practically better than A in every way. Same damage, same reliability as a combo ender, same disadvantage on block, travels full screen (an extra 1/4 if Moriya whiffs) vs 3/4, runs faster, and fullbody invuln at the start of the run.

Special Dual Assault (w/ Kaede)

f,hcf+CE | 641236+CE

  • Moriya, after a downward slash, begins to cut down the opponent in a few swings. After an upward attack, Kaede runs up after him without a break in the rhythm as Moriya warps behind the opponent. Kaede ends his own combo with an Ittou Shingetsu, Moriya performing another right after. There's a lot more intentional synergy here than in Kaede's Special D. Assault where he attempts to take down Moriya.
  • Condition: Use Taitou Hogetsu (rdp+A/B/C) teleport.
  • Once on-hand, you can confirm into Special D. Assault after qcf+Ax2/qcf+Cx3 > dp+C in or nearing the corner.

General Strategy

Moriya is a solid rushdown/mixup character. He has good pressure with his decent pokes (5B, 5D, 2D, far 5B/5D), his rekkas and some tricks with his DP+C, quickdraw strikes, and teleports.

Moriya's low cr. B is a very good tool for combos and faster not-sword-length pokes. So usually, Moriya's goal in combos is finding short confirm into A rekka.

OTGs: Close 5B and 3C

  • 3C strikes the ground and can be done two times. It can only be done after a throw in the corner. Out of the corner always use st.b as his OTG.

Some Moriya stuff:

  • After a knock down, Moriya can do DP + C for a unexpected crossup.
  • After cr.C as AA, cancel and quickly execute A Rekka while avoiding a DP. The last hit (Overhead) will connect. It's the best meterless option for a AA Combo. With meter, you can use 2C x 214214 A/B, which is okay if you want to check for cr.C connecting.
  • The Last Blade characters have parries. Moriya has a high (f+BD) and low (f+BD) but not an aerial (air f+BD) parry. Tap BD after a successful deflect or cancel the animation with a super or regular/Special D. Assault.
    • You would think that the opponent being deflected on the ground would give qcbx2+p a time to shine. But for some reason the opponent gets popped into the air after the 1st hit, losing a ton of damage and doing about half as much as just doing the BD follow-up. If you want to use super, use ranbu. That will actually award you double the damage compared to BD, connecting even if you did an anti-air deflect.


Usually, Moriya's combos start the same way with cr.Bx2/3 with or w/o a jump-in. A jump-in can be added to just about every combo while still fitting 1 or 2 cr.B's or a cl.D. 3A/df+A can be used as a starter to for some combos that don't involve Tactical Step. For combos into all hits of A rekka, overhead slash must go right into A rekka or you will miss the 2nd hit.

0 bar

  • (j.X) > 2Bx3 > 236+Ax3

Your main BnB. Can also start with 3A, but you'll miss the 3rd hit if midscreen unless point-blank.

  • (j.X) > 2A > 236+Ax3

At range where 2B will not reach, use 2A and do 236A fast to bypass the rekka's second hit into overhead.

  • 3A > 2A > 236+Ax3

Command Overhead starter with a low right after. Like the combo above, involves kara canceling the 2nd rekka hit to combo into overhead.

  • (j.X) > cl.C(1)/cl.D > 236+Ax3

Close BnB, mad damage, usually your main GCFS punisher.

  • [Combo into 3rd hit of A rekka] > cl.B > 421+A/B/C

Takes advantage of hard knockdown and leads right into a teleport mix-up. Also a safe way to guarantee enabling of Special Dual Assault if you have Kaede.

(Near) Corner Only

  • [Combo into 1st 2 hits of A rekka] > 623+C

This will net you more damage than 236+Ax3 and an opportunity to reset. Wait for after the 2nd part of rekka hits before 623+C to avoid getting the 3rd instead.

  • [Combo Above] > 236+E OR 641236+CE

The only things that will combo after 236+Ax2, 623+C. Good route for taking down red health.

1 Bar

  • (j.X) > cl.D > AB > 2Bx2 > 236Ax3

The sheer unreliability of 214+px2 as a combo tool gives Tactical Step a better use of a single bar for more comfortable confirming and better damage.

2 Bars

  • (j.X) > cl.D > AB > cl.D > AB > 2Bx2 > 236+Ax3

Just to style with Tactical Step. Could end up carrying from midscreen to corner, and even if you don't make it you're still given a cl.B into teleport either way.

  • (j.X) > 2Bx2/3 > 236+Ax2 > 236,63214 A/C

BnB into SDM. It's simple and powerful.

3 Bars

  • cl.D > AB > 2Bx2 > 236+Ax2 > 236,63214 A/C

Tags on a good extra chunk of damage to SDM BnB at the cost of an extra bar.

  • [cl.D > AB]x3 > 2Bx2 > 236+Ax2 > 623+C > 236+E OR 641236+E

Assuming the opponent has lost little to no health, this is a combo that takes out about as much red health as is left behind before normal Dual Assault nearly deletes it by carrying from midscreen to the corner. If you have Kaede and Special Dual Assault at the ready, this is one way to burn your meter and cripple the opponent's ability to recover any red health they already have and you just gave at the same time. Can save a bar by only doing [cl.D > AB] twice rather than thrice, and is recommended if you're between midscreen and the corner rather than AT midscreen.

Color Palettes

  • Note: The "S" button is the start button.

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