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  • cl. A/B/C are cancel-able.
  • cl. A/B are whiff cancel-able.
  • cl. A/B can chain into itself.
  • cl. D can only be canceled with an AC Tactical Step, and does 2 hits. The benefit to this move is that the first hit stuns the opponent just enough to AC Tactical Step into any normal of choice, thus making moves that normally don't combo work (i.e. - cl. D, AC Tactical Step, b + C).


  • st. A is cancel-able.
  • st. B/C/D are only cancel-able with an AC Tactical Step.


  • cr. A/C/D are cancel-able.
  • cr. A/B are whiff cancel-able.


  • j. B has a lowest hitbox than any of his other jumping attacks. This move can also be used to cross up the opponent.

Guard Cancel Tag Attack

  • Pressing the E button while blocking will allow Robert to do counter with a kick similar to his air qcf + B/D finisher, and he will then tag out.


Decapitating Drop: b/f + CD

  • Can be broken. Reverse knockdown. Leaves opponent at a moderate distance. No forward/back charge can be held, however, an up/down charge can be held.

Command Moves

Dragon Felling Kick: b + A

  • Robert does a reverse jumping roundhouse kick. This move counts as an overhead, and can only be canceled into a special if b + A is canceled into from a normal (i.e. - st. C, b + A, air qcb + B).

Soaring Dragon Kick: b + B

  • Robert does a high mule kick towards the opponent. This move can only be canceled into a special if b + B is canceled into from a normal (i.e. - st. C, b + B, qcf + E). This hitbox is rather low for a kick, so it can hit crouching opponents.

Back Knuckle: b + C

  • Robert does a standing backhand. If this move connects, the opponent will get launched for a combo follow up. This move can be ducked under.

Mach Kick: f + B

  • Robert does a standing overhead kick. This move has some delay to it, so it will not combo with anything.

Mach Feint: f + B (hold B)

  • If B is held, Robert will do a "fake" version of the kick. The animation time is rather lengthy, so its only good to use sparingly.

Rotating Kick: f + D

  • This move looks similar to Robert's standing D, except there's a slight pause before the kick starts. If the move connects, it will cause knockdown. In the corner, a light Flying Dragon Slice (charge d~u + B) or Kuzuryu Sen (charge db, df, db, uf + B/D) will connect for the combo.

Special Moves

Upper Dragon Blast Slash: charge b~f + A/C

  • Robert throws out a high spinning projectile. The button strength determines the speed. Both versions can be super canceled.

Lower Dragon Blast Slash: charge b~f + B/D

  • For cool points, Robert throws out a low spinning projectile with his foot. The button strength determines the speed. Both versions can be super canceled.

Flying Dragon Kick: while in the air, qcb + B/D

  • Robert does a flying kick at an angle. The button strength determines the angle at which the kick is done. This move can be used in corner combos. This move can be executed with the "Tiger Knee" method, however the timing is somewhat strict.

Great Spirit Kick: f, b, f + B/D

  • Robert does a kick that glows. If this kick connects, Robert will continue with a flurry of kicks and a finisher kick. This move is great to use in combos, and if the move is blocked, it will leave Robert at quite a distance with the pushback this move creates.

Flying Dragon Slice: charge d~u + B/D

  • Robert does a flash kick. The button strength determines the height that Robert goes.

Lightning Legs Knockout Kick: qcb + B/D (can be entered up to 4 times)

  • Robert does a jump kick that can continue into a few more air kicks. This move has great combo potential.

Lightning Legs Knockout Kick Finisher: during qcb + B/D (x4), qcf + B/D

  • At any point in the Lightning Legs Knockout Kick attack, Robert can end the attack with this special. He does a jump kick similar to a dropkick. This animation is the same as his Guard Cancel Tag Attack.

Desperation Moves

Haoh Sho Koh Ken: f, hcf + A/C (can be charged by holding button down)

  • Robert does a super fireball. This move has some mixup capabilities in that the move can be charged.

Ryuko Ranbu: qcf, hcb + A/C

  • This is Robert's "rabnu" super. It works best canceling it from his low projectiles (charge b~f + B/D).

Kuzuryu Sen: charge db, df, db, uf + B/D (requires 2 stocks of meter)

  • This super is an equivalent to Guile's flash kick super. It has the same properties as his Flying Dragon Slice moves.

General Strategy

  • Block strings to use are:
    • cr.A, b + B, f,b,f + B


  • cr. A, b + B, f,b,f + B
  • (in the corner) st.C, b + A, air qcb + B, charge d~u + B (or charge db, df, db, uf + B)
  • cr. D, charge d~u + B (or charge db, df, db, uf + B - the last kick will whiff)
  • cl. D (1 hit), AC Tactical Step, b + C, qcb + B~ qcb + B~ qcf + B

(more to be updated)

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