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  • cl.A/B/D are visually and mechanically identical to their standing variations.
  • cl. & st.A/B/C/D are all cancelable.
  • cl.A can chain into itself. Whiffs on crouchers.
  • cl.C has a faster start-up than cl.D, making it more effective for punishes, but still difficult to use from jump-ins, i.e. need to be very deep.


  • st.A having the same functions as its close variant means a very short range, and even in height, st.D and f+D make for good and only slightly less speedy anti-airs.
  • st.B/D hit twice, and either hit is of both are cancelable.
  • st.B is the best and most reliable combo starter Shermie has for both its range and speed. Advances Shermie forward minutely. 2nd hit whiffs on crouch block, but will connect against a croucher if the first hit does.
  • st.C has a slow start-up, but moves further than st.B, making up Shermie's longest reaching poke.
  • st.D's hitbox only starts once Shermie's foot is higher than her head, which may cause it to whiff on crouchers or smaller characters. An effective reactionary anti-air. Moves Shermie back a bit.


  • cr.A/B/C/D are cancel-able.
  • cr.A chains into itself, but the 2nd cr.A will whiff.
  • cr.B has a bit of start-up, and moves Shermie forward further than st.B, less than st.C. Sets up a tick throw with hcf+k if spaced.
  • cr.C moves Shermie backwards as she raises her hands in a lift. Hitbox starts low to the center of an opponent, then an anti-air hitbox is present later in the move, isn't cancelable, and goes further back than Shermie's hands suggest.
  • cr.D beats out cr.B in range slightly. Not SC-able, which is a bit of a spit in the face of qcfx2+k being her Ultimate Juggle.
    • An extra bar can be spent on AB Tactical Step after sweep, and the damage is fair enough for 2 bar, but confirming off a stray sweep into a high-recovery super is high risk.


  • j.A is a less active and overall less effective air-to-air compared to j.B.
  • j.B/C/D all have cross up hits along Shermie's back leg, her bottom, and her bent back knee respectively. j.D is the most consistent to connect along with it being her go-to jump-in button in general.
  • neutral j.D has a tiny bit more range than j.D, and is fast and active enough to defend air space with.

Blowback Attack Pressing the E button while blocking will have Shermie counter with her f+D, and she will then tag out.


Front Suplex: b/f+CD

  • Exactly what it says it is unless you hold back to change direction. HKD.

Command Moves

Shermie Stand: f+B

  • A walking 2-hit front flip that hits overhead raw.
  • Canceled version replaces overhead with cancelability only on the 2nd hit, and combos from all cancelable normals except sweep.
  • 1st hit of the raw and canceled versions whiff on some crouchers, whether they block or not.

Baku New Suplex: f+C

  • A command throw (that does not connect with aerial opponents) with vulnerable start-up that starts with Shermie throwing her chest forward and leads to a suplex on hit. HKD.
  • Cannot be combo'd into, and needs to be delayed if wishing to use it as a tick throw or otherwise whiff.

Shermie Kick: f+D

  • Shermie's CD from the KOF series. Puts the opponent in the air, but doesn't knockdown.
  • Combos only from cl.D's first hit as cl.C's pushback and f+D's start-up causes a whiff.
  • Can frame trap from cr.A/B.
  • Exclusively super cancelable into Thunder Leg Lariat (qcfx2+B/D); a real combo due to the super's Ultimate Juggle property.

Special Moves

Shermie Spiral: [close] hcf+A/C

  • Very fast but not frame 1 command grab that causes a huge distance gap between players and switches sides. SKD.
  • Combos from lights and heavies, but not canceled f+B.

Diamond Bust: hcf+B/D

  • Shermie dashes toward the opponent and throws them forward when in range. SKD.
  • Cannot be combo'd into but has plenty of application as a tick throw.
  • B dashes roughly 1/3rd of the screen.
  • D dashes just over half the screen.
  • The dash can be SC'd, which has no synergy with CG super, and only makes normal/f+B cancels into qcfx2+k slightly easier. Because the dash stops in proximity with the opponent, it's impossible to use a cancelable anti-air and check with hcf+k as Shermie will immediately whiff the throw animation instead.

Shermie Clutch: dp+B/D

  • Shermie jumps into the air to grab the opponent with her legs. Connects only on aerial opponents. HKD.
  • B version's distance is nearly half the screen. and the height peaks at roughly 2/3rds of the normal jump height.
  • D version travels about half a screen and goes up as high as a normal jump.
  • Grab box is active for the duration of Shermie's initial pose.

Axle Spin Kick: qcb+B/D

  • Shermie does a twirl towards the opponent. Upon landing, she does a sidekick that hits mid. SKD.
  • B version travels 1/3rd of the screen and is even on block
  • D version travels half the screen and is slightly negative. Goes high enough to hop over characters but the kick will not correct itself.
  • Can hold B or D to prevent the kick from coming out, which can grant strike-or-throw mix or simply make Shermie as lagless as possible is she goes over the opponent with qcb+D, but has to be the same button as what qcb+k was done with.

Air Spin Kick: in air, qcb+B/D

  • Orochi Shermie's divekick. Boosts Shermie upward midair as she flips forward to stomp with her heels.
  • Both versions hit overhead, deal HKD on both grounded and air hits, and are able to cross-up.
  • B's arc is smaller but completes faster. Hitbox is not active for the entirety of Shermie's fall.
  • D's arc is larger and is active throughout all of Shermie's fall.

Shermie Whip: qcb+A/C (input qcb+A/C again for additional attack)

  • A leg grapple into a suplex. Both parts HKD.
  • Combos only from the first hit of cl.B/D.
  • Can be used as a reversal against grounded attacks.
  • To consistently execute the follow-up, either input qcb+p again immediately after the first, or qcf+p right after Shermie and the opponent switch sides

F-Captured: hcb,f+p

  • Counter that functions against a variety of physical attacks including specials and supers as long as they don't hit low.

Shermie Cute: after Shermie Spiral, Clutch, F-Captured, or Whip, qcf+B/D

  • A run-up follow-up knee OTG for additional damage and better oki than the above moves on their own. There is no upside to not executing this whenever possible.
  • Timings:
    • Spiral: Input about half a second after landing.
    • Clutch: Landing is visually the same as Spiral, but can input Cute the moment it occurs instead of needing to briefly wait.
    • F-Captured: On a successful counter, input right as Shermie suplexes the opponent. Cute may whiff if not immediately buffered.
    • Whip: After the 2nd Whip input, input qcf+B/D right as Shermie tosses the opponent.

Shermie Catch: dp+A/C

  • Taking a page from Chris' dp+p and more accurately to O. Yashiro's qcb+p, Shermie leaps forward with a stretched out hand to grab with.
  • Only works on standing opponents, as it whiffs on crouchers.
  • Unlike both Chris and O. Yashiro, while it does the same "no damage and puts opponent in a neutral state" on connection, there are no moves including supers fast enough to combo off it. You have to use the two additional moves in a rekka series.
Tsuika Nage: after Shermie Catch, hcf+A/C
  • 2nd step to Catch; a suplex. Choosing to end the combo here does the exact same oki without the additional damage of Hold.
  • Needs to be inputted in the same direction as the initial dp, opposite to where Shermie faces after switching sides.
Hold: (After Tsuika Nage), Tap A/C rapidly
  • Ending to the Catch string. Shermie holds the suplex position for up to 3 additional counts. HKD.
  • Unlike the super version of this suplex-to-hold in a few KOF titles, the opponent can't mash out against Shermie, so obtaining additional damage is entirely on her.

Desperation Moves

Thunder Leg Lariat: qcfx2+B/D

  • Flying lightning knee attack. SKD.
  • Combos from lights and a generally reliable 1 bar ender to most of Shermie's combos.
  • Shermie's assigned Ultimate Juggle, allowing it to combo from f+D.
  • Has a sliding animation as Shermie lands that can't be skipped, making it deathly unsafe even when spaced out.

Shermie Carnival: [close] hcfx2+A/C

  • Triple suplex ending in a high toss. SKD.
  • Invincible during the instant start-up, giving reversal application.
  • Combos consistently from cl.B(1), f+B. Heavies will also work as starters as long as there's no jump-in beforehand.
Shermie Clutch: after Shermie Carnival, dp+B/D
  • Must be inputted in the direction Shermie initially faced -- opposite to the direction of her last throw -- and timed just as Shermie performs that final throw.
Shermie Cute: after Shermie Clutch, qcf+B/D
  • Input in the direction the opponent is going to fall after Clutch. Timing is the same as the Clutch special.
  • Both of these follow-ups require no additional meter and will also grant HKD that Shermie Carnival on its own lacks.

General Strategy

  • Shermie NGBC Primer Part I(by Dark Geese):
    • Shermie has two Orochi moves and the rest regular. -Her Ultimate Juggle is her qcfx2 k super. -Best to start combos off a cr.b or close st. b (2 hits) Both of these link into f+b -Decent anti airs for Shermie are Cr.C, f+d, qcb+p,dp+k. -She has a crossup tactic..in the air mix up qcb+d to time it where that it will be an ambiguous crossup…if it hits they cannot tech. Master this in the air! This can stop Tungs Muscleman! -Her qcb+p move has three parts..qcb+p to start, then qcf+p, then another qcf+k to finish the move. If at all possible always connect the three parts. - Her dp+p move actually does have a followup..its hcf+p, and after you hit them with the followup tap back and forward as fast as you can to increase hits. -Abuse her hcf+b move, it does not combo but that’s the beauty of it…it’s a fast running command grab. -Even st.ax2 can link into f+b into super. -About her hcfx2 p super..after it finish you gotta do a dp+k in the opposite direction Shermie is facing after the last part.and Shermie will jump up to grab and slam the opponent. After this finish it with a qcf+k running stomp move. -This is enough to get you started.
  • Block strings to use are:


(more to be updated)

Color Palettes

  • Note: The 'S' is the start button.
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