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  • cl. A/C/D are cancel-able.
  • cl. A is a small elbow attack. It comes out pretty fast, and does allow it to link with cl. A, cr. A and st. A, but nothing is really guaranteed with the move.
  • cl. B is a low clip attack with the foot. It does not knockdown, and does not provide a link to combo with. The only known benefit it has is that the move hits low.
  • cl. C is a standing gut punch. It can be canceled with any special or super. If can also be linked with f + C which will also cancel into any special or super. If cl. C is canceled into qcb + A/C, Yuki does an air dash. This can be used for applied pressure if desired.
  • cl. D is a punt kick that can be canceled into a special or super. If this move connects, dp + A/C can combo, allowing the opponent to fly in the air for a quick cr. D or if the opponent is in the corner (or you’re feeling lucky while at mid screen) a charged dp + A/C will connect also.


  • st. C/D are cancel-able.
  • st. A is a standing jab. It’s a simple poke, but Yuki has other moves that prove as better pokes.
  • st. B is a high kick. It can sometimes be used as a poke, but more than likely it won’t be used too often.
  • st. C is a wild hook punch with an energy trail. This move can be canceled into another special or super. When attempting to combo with st. C, use cl. C to an AC Tactical Step (A+B during normal attack), and then do st. C to qcb + A for the best combo. If full meter is available, qcb x2 + A + B + C will combo into it, and if there’s an A/C charge, use a charge dp + A/C to get that extra hit in.
  • st. D is a falling kick that starts off in a twisting motion. There’s no real good use for this move, so its recommended to avoid this move. If a hard kick is desired, use cl. D and be sure that Yuki is in range so the right move is executed. Moves can be canceled out of st. D up until the point where Yuki throws his foot in the air and begins to fall.


  • cr. A/B/D are cancel-able. Nothing is guaranteed from cr. A and cr. B other than qcf + E.
  • cr. A is a low punch that looks like Johnny Cage’s split punch from Mortal Kombat. The range is rather short for a low poke.
  • cr. B is a low kick that stretches out a bit further than cr. A.
  • cr. A/B come out rather slower than most characters cr. A/B attacks; cr. A does not chain or allow for 2-in-1 links. Out of the two moves available, cr. A isn’t too good for a poke—or at least a constant poke. If Yuki has to pushback with a move, cr. B hits the furthest and comes out faster than cr. A. Plus cr. B chains up to 2 hits.
  • cr. C is a strange flip attack. Nothing is guaranteed from this move whatsoever. No regular attacks, supers, nor D-Assaults are guaranteed from landing this move either on normal or counter hit.
  • cr. D is a really great trip attack. If there’s an A/C charge and Yuki trips the opponent, he can quickly move in and buffer a charged dp + A/C, for a few extra hits, and possibly some okizeme. If qcb + A/C is done after the trip, Yuki air dashes, allow him to use a charged air qcb + B/D to combo and possibly follow up with a charged dp + A/C in the corner.


  • j. A is a waste of time. It looks like a pose more than an actual move. It's a jumping headbutt attack that has a very high hitbox.
  • j. B is a somewhat normal looking jump kick, except the hitbox is smaller than it should be. The foot that's extended outward doesn't hit the opponent at all, whether jumping, or just standing. The hitbox starts right before the other foot that points towards the actual tv screen. It has some cross up potential, but just like Yuki's j. D, it requires too much effort to properly use it as a cross up attack.
  • j. C is an upward punch that has a rather large energy trail. This move has a very strange hitbox because it's from Yuki's fist to about half of the energy trail, and has very few uses. At the most, jumping back and doing j. C as an anti-air might work at times, but because of the strange hitbox it can produce strange results. Some players tend to use it after an IAD with air qcb + A/C, as it can hit often since Yuki will be air dashing at a low altitude.
  • j. D makes Yuki really small, but can still be used as somewhat of a cross up move. His positioning makes it hard to land because it needs to be a very deep cross up. It’s a very difficult move to really use.

Guard Cancel Tag Attack Pressing the E button while blocking will allow Yuki to do counter with a punch similar to the qcb + A/C, and he will then tag out.


Fire Suplex: b/f + CD

  • Can be broken. Regular knockdown. This throw looks similar to Yuki’s command throw (Memory Card Slash [d, d, + start] ~ hcb, f + A/C), without the extra damage, or mashing animation above his head. Yuki does a flying German Suplex, which travels a good distance. Use this to set up for corner traps, or to get out of the corner, since there are no “evasive rolls” in the game.

Command Moves

Mutation Combination: f + A, df + C, b + B, f + D

  • Yuki does a combination of attacks, starting with a punch to uppercut, a high kick, and then another kick attack. This attack string can be stopped at any point in the string. Normally, stopping at b + B keeps Yuki somewhat safe from most characters’ attacks. If an attempt is made, d + D can trip the opponent. If Yuki happens to have a A/C charge (d, d, + A/C) and gets f + A, df + C, b + B to hit, quickly dash in and use dp + A/C for a combo.

Dogou Sou Ken: (close) C, f + C

  • Yuki does a quick gut punch to a short uppercut. This combination can be canceled into a move, most common one being qcb + A.

Special Moves

Note: All of Yuki’s moves can be charged by pressing d, d and a punch (A/C) or kick (B/D) button of choice. The charge can change the damage output and/or the properties of the move inputted. Doing charge moves cost no meter whatsoever.

Memory Card Slash: d,d + A/B/C/D/Taunt

  • Yuki points to the sky and touches the ground, charging energy into his armband. The button determines what types of moves get charged. Using d,d, + A/C charges moves that require either A or C, and d, d + B/D charge kick type moves. The taunt only charges his Fire Suplex Hold, and his Special Dual Assault attack done with Ai. Depending on the type of move, it may receive a damage boost, or a brand new move with better properties. This is the basis of Yuki’s game.

Beast Buster: qcf + A/C

  • This is Yuki’s strange projectile. Yuki thrusts his arm forward, while his armband does a quick bursting animation. The projectile then shoots across the screen, while somewhat invisible in appearance. This move can go across the screen. If Memory Card Slash (d, d, + A/C) is used before executing the move, the projectile does multiple hits and does more damage. The button strength determines the speed of the projectile.

Bakuretsuken: qcb + A/C

  • This move is one of the primary means to combo with. Yuki does a dashing punch with energy emanating from his armband. This move can be canceled into a super, primarily qcb x2 + A/C/A+B+C. This move can be done in the air, and can be buffered so that Yuki can do a pseudo instant air dash (IAD) – [i] see Riding Hero [/i]. The air dash version of this move and regular version are both whiff cancel-able with any special or super. This move does a pretty good amount of guard damage.

Submarine Screw: dp + A/C

  • Yuki does an upward version of qcf + A/C, but he does a spinning upward hook motion before the beam comes out. The energy shot out can be well seen unlike that of qcf + A/C. This move causes knockdown. If timed right, Yuki can follow up this move with a cr. D, a Double Assault (qcf + E – requires “D-Assault OK”), or an even trickier/flashier charged dp + A if timed right. This move is great in the corner, as Yuki can apply pressure without stopping. This move does a moderate amount of guard damage.

Lightning Fist: in the air, qcb + B/D

  • Yuki dives down to the ground and punches the ground, causing lightning to come out of the ground. This move can be done from a simple jump, or by using an air qcb + A/C and canceling it to qcb + B/D at any point in the air animation. If Memory Card Slash (d, d + B/D) is used before doing an air qcb + B/D, the lightning is bigger in size and launches. This allows Yuki to do things like charged qcb + B/D, charged dp + A/C. The button strength determines the side of the opponent that Yuki lands on. B lands in front of the opponent, and D lands behind the opponent.

Riding Hero: in the air, qcb + A/C

  • This is the name for the air version of Bakuresuken (qcb + A/C). Yuki does the dash minus the punch. Again this move can be used to execute an IAD.

Sengoku (Denshou): hcb + B/D

  • Yuki does a slow, but short hop with a little animation behind it. If the opponent attacks, Yuki quickly counters with a blade attack. This move launches the opponent in the air. The timing for getting this counter move to connect is rather strict, so it’s not recommended for use unless timing and execution skills are on point. The button strength determines the distance of the hop, and B counters mid/high attacks, whereas D counters low hits. Both counters do 2 hits, but if charged with Memory Card Slash (d, d + B/D) it does 4 hits. Either type of counter allows for a charged dp + A/C or qcb x2 + A+B+C to connect.`

Fire Suplex Hold: Memory Card Slash [d, d, + start] ~ hcb, f + A/C

  • Yuki does a command throw that’s similar to his regular Fire Suplex (b/f + CD), but he holds the opponent longer, doing more damage. As soon as the opponent gets slammed, a hand icon appears above the two, mashing a button. At that point, any attack button can be mashed to do extra damage. This portion lasts for about 1½ - 2 seconds.

Desperation Moves

Chodokyu Mega Beam 100: qcb x2 + A/C

  • Yuki jumps in the air and shoots a quick but massive beam across the screen. This move can fly the opponent across the screen.

Chodokyu MAX 330 Mega Beam: qcb x2 + A+B+C (when meter stock is at level 3)

  • Yuki does a powered version of qcb x2 + A/C. This beam is different in color, and does a huge amount of damage. This move can be used in combos where qcb x2 + A/C won’t work.

Chodokyu Neo Geo: qcf, hcb + A/C (when meter stock is at level 2)

  • This is Yuki’s “ranbu” super. He dashes towards the opponent, and does a series of attacks to the opponent. It has its uses, but for the most part qcb x2 + A/C/A+B+C are the best supers to use.

Chodokyu Status Up: qcf x2 + B/D

  • This super gives Yuki a super charged boost. Most Yuki players will tell you that this is a waste of a super, as there aren’t any real “benefits” in using it versus the other supers available to him.

A/D Assault

Change Atomic-Guy "NEOS": qcf, hcb + AE (When partner is Ai and within 10 counts after Memory Card Slash [A, B, and taunt types])

  • Ai and Yuki perform a hit and transform into Atomic Guy from King of Monsters. All of his moves are unblockable. This transformation only lasts for about 5-7 seconds. Here's the movelist for this alternate form:
    • Atomic Punch: A/C
    • Atomic Sliding: B/D
    • Atomic Crush: in the air, A/B/C/D
    • Mega Spark: A+B+C
    • Cancel "Change": b,b

General Strategy

  • Yuki’s game as stated before evolves around him getting charges by using Memory Card Slash (d, d + A/B/C/D/Taunt). This will allow him to properly rushdown, do better combos, and build meter quicker. There aren’t many times that Yuki can get a charge in depending on the opponent, as they will be rushing down constantly. At most times, Yuki can get a charge in from knockdown moves that aren’t tech-able. Any time that the opponent forgets to tech roll should be a good time to take advantage of that time. Don’t play too much keep away with Yuki, however, as mixing up with charges can increase the chance of him getting damage off, especially against characters that tend to turtle (Washizuka, Marco, Asura, Mudman). It is always important to stay mobile. Just standing in one spot trying to charge can easily lead to a dead Yuki, and possibly a loss of a match. Constant (but varied) use of air qcb + A/C, and air qcb + B/D both charged and regular can provide a constant onslaught of attacks to build enough meter for a great combo.
  • If the opponent seems to be the type that can easily prevent Yuki from doing Memory Card Slash (d, d + A/B/C/D/Taunt), there’s always qcf + A/C to push back, as well as dp + A/C at times. Yuki doesn’t really have a great anti-air, so sometimes if the opponent jumps to high, a simple cr. D might allow him to slide under some attacks. Using j. C might work sometimes, but expect a trade off in favor of the opponent due to the strange hitbox.
  • Breaking the opponent's guard shouldn't be too bad at times. There's dp + A/C, qcb + A/C, cl. C/D, st. C, and f + A, df + C, b + B. The one that does the most is dp + A/C.
  • Block strings to use are:
    • f + A, df + C, b + B
    • cl. C, f + C, qcb +A
    • cr. B, st. C, qcb + A

Yuki NGBC Primer I(by Dark Geese/Stuart Hayden)

   * Yuki has to charge A LOT. This is done via down, down+p. He has to charge u at least three times to do
     his high powered stuff. This s a serious disadvantage because everytime he charges up hes wide the fuck open!!
   * Don’t bother with his counters because they are too wishy washy..not dependable in a match for the most part 
     unless they are mastered.
   * Master his Tiger knee Air Dash (aerial qcb+p). That’s right..tigerknee (Please don’t tell me you don’t know 
     what this is.. ) into aerial qcb+k which is his electricity. You can crossup with this and it has some good 
     priority. It’s a good noob killer but against experts puhlease…you may not get the chance to start this….
   * He has a Yuki Power up super (qcfx2+k)..its powers you up but theres better supers. Only use for 
     it is into his Guardcrush string.
   * Poke away with his qcf+p fireball from afar esp is you have charged up three times.
   * Also poke away with the Cable Blast super (qcbx2 p) to zone them..its used too little.
   * He sucks with Anti Airs and his pokes are horrible…Slide and Cr.b are about as good as it gets..
   * Nasty Corner GuardCrush String-…If they are blocking high only..[Cr.b to DP+C] repeat brackets…it’ll beak 
     their guard and do significant damage to their health at the same time!!! 


1-St.Cxxforward+C to qcb+A/DA or ranbu super (qcfhcb+P).

2- Chain combo in the moves list- St. A to df+c (2 hits) to back+B to Forward+D.

3- Crossover D to any of the above.

You can cancel his standing c(first hit only,not the follow up f.c. it will do his dash punch if you do so), standing d, cr.c, and his slide cancel into the IAD (instant air dash) geese mentioned in his primer.

When you do this though, think of it is kara-iad'ing in a sense because the aforementioned moves SHOULDN'T come out, you should see an instant IAD

note: this was the main that made me shit myself

1. cr.a and c.b both link into his D-Assault.

His 2-hit c>f.c chain links into his a dash punch. You can cancel the a-dash punch (on hit/whiff/block) into his level 3 neogeo beam for 50%damage (if hit obviously) plus it knocks down so you can get some charges in. but the good thing is, if you don't have the meter for the level 3 NGB (lol)you can just do his a-dash punch and it knocks them far away enough that even with quick recover you'd be able to get a charge in.

Also, both of Yuki's dash punches (qfb+a/c just to clarify) can be super canceled into any of his supers if it doesn't hit (block is okay) so you can do his Neogeo Beam for extra chip damage or do an a-dash punch to try and fake a throw or something and make your opponent flinch and get a neogeo beam in for some quick damage.

Also, Yuki's far C (probably inside of sweep distance for it to hit) links into his d-assault and his neogeo ranbu super.

And Yuki's cr.c pops them off for a potential (but small) mix up games.

QUICK EDITION(s): the Yuki corner combo I mentioned a few posts ago (close standing d into dp+c > slide or d-assault) can ALSO be ended with Chodokyu (sp?) Neo Geo Ranbu for fat damage.

Yuki's chain combo: (f.a > df.c > back b > f.d) if done mid near screen or if yuki is in the corner, even if they safe fall, you have enough time to get a charge in.


  • cl. C, f + C, qcb +A, qcb x2 + A+B+C
  • f + A, df + C, b + B, dash in, charged dp + A/C
  • f + A, df + C, b + B, f + D, qcb x2 + A+B+C
  • (corner) cl. D, dp + A, qcb + A, qcb x2 + A+B+C
  • (corner) f + A, df + C, b + B, j. charged qcb + D, charged dp + A

Color Palettes

  • Note: The "S" button is the start button.


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