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Real Bout Fatal Fury 2

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Real Bout Fatal Fury 2




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Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 is the final entry in the Real Bout Fatal Fury series, a sub-series of Fatal Fury. It introduces two newcomers, Li Xiangfei and Rick Strowd, and further refines the various interactions and concepts that make Real Bout what it is. It is a game that thrives on dynamic neutral play as well as creative applications of its unique mechanics, such as moving into the background (aka the Oversway Plane).


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Li XiangfeiTerry BogardJoe HigashiKim KaphwanBlue MaryRyuji YamazakiSokaku MochizukiHon FuJin ChonshuBilly KaneGeese HowardWolfgang KrauserLaurence BloodBob WilsonCheng SinzanTung Fu RueJin ChonreiRick StrowdAndy BogardMai ShiranuiDuck KingFranco Bash
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2



Andy BogardBilly KaneBlue MaryBob WilsonCheng SinzanDuck KingFranco BashGeese HowardHon FuJin ChonreiJin ChonshuJoe HigashiKim KaphwanLaurence BloodLi XiangfeiMai ShiranuiRick StrowdRyuji YamazakiSokaku MochizukiTerry BogardTung Fu RueWolfgang Krauser