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SS6 Controls.png


  • A = Light Slash
  • B = Medium Slash
  • C = Heavy Slash
  • D = Kick
  • E = Special
  • Start = Taunt

In line with existing wikis for III, V Special and 2019, motions will be represented in numpad notation.

Run/Step - 66

  • Speed varies between characters. Some characters have step dashes instead of runs, and in turn these characters do not have a set of running normals. Running attacks will autocorrect to face the opponent.

Backdash - 44

  • Distance and speed varies between characters. Every backdash can be cancelled into an air special, but not all characters have these.

Break Defense - (4/6)BC

  • A standard throw this time around with no extra nuance. You no longer have to tap a slash button to follow up with an attack, nor can you move freely after throwing while unarmed. New to VI is the ability to tech throws, using the same motion.
  • You may not input throws while crouching.

Pursuit - 3C

  • There is only one type of pursuit in this game. Given how the roll system of previous games has been replaced with the new Ukemi system, pursuit followups are less guaranteed. Can be performed both armed and unarmed.

Short Ukemi - E during soft knockdown

  • E must be timed near-perfectly as you hit the ground. This will result in your character tech rolling a short distance backwards. There is a brief period of recovery where your character is vulnerable to strikes, but they are fully immune to throws.

Long Ukemi - 4E during soft knockdown

  • Your character will tech roll over halfscreen away. There is no period of strike vulnerability and you are generally in a much safer position (though whether or not this is beneficial mainly depends on your character), but you are susceptible to throws.

Deflect/Weapon Catch - 236E

  • Fast startup but not instant. Upon activation your character will attempt to deflect a weapon-based attack from your opponent. Deflects will not catch overheads or lows, but can catch many weapon-based specials. Unlike other entries, deflecting a slash of any strength will grant the same amount of time for a punish. Deflecting a heavy slash also does not disarm the opponent but deflecting a hyper slash will. The size of this move's hit detection varies between characters.
  • When performed unarmed your character will recover much quicker from their pose if whiffed. If any slash is successfully caught then the opponent will be disarmed and left in a hard knockdown state for an extended period of time, allowing you to retrieve your weapon.

Taunt - 4Start

  • Makes its return from II. Your character will perform a different taunt that doesn't involve disarming themselves. Can be performed unarmed.

Taunt Disarm - 6Start

  • Standard taunt where your character will disarm themselves.

Weapon Pickup - A near weapon

  • Your character will retrieve their weapon. This animation takes some time depending on the character, so you might want to make sure your opponent doesn't have an opportunity to punish you while trying to pick it up.

Throw Item - A+D

  • If you have items turned on, Hikyaku will sometimes run past to throw an item onto the stage. Your character will either toss or consume the item depending on its properties. The item toss itself can be cancelled into as if it were a special move. Attack items thrown at the player can be deflected back with 236E (armed only) or a fireball-reflecting move.
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