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Genjuro here is a downgrade from his V Special iteration, notably losing his universal overhead in neutral and command grab special in mixups. You still have card setplay, which may at first appear ruined by short and long rolls but 646A grants him hard knockdown which guarantees his setplay. Genjuro may have received nerfs but he is one of the few characters in the game to not only bypass tech rolls but also have a great enough run speed alongside this tech immunity to chase tech (predicting a tech roll and punishing it) when needed.


  • Dash type: Run
  • Damage taken: 100% (5th Tankiest)
  • Rage retention: 210 (5th Highest)
  • Rage duration: 8 seconds (3rd Shortest)


Every combo Genjuro does must end in 646A to ensure his card setup remains supreme. If you do not then you forfeit all setplay he is capable of. His aggression and loops come from 646A being the move that it is.

Genjuro is typically played aggressively, finding opportunities to set up card bounces and rekka crossups in their face. However, he also has tools to play neutral reasonably well. His 5B has good priority, while his 2B is a low with the same range which can't be deflected. 5C has particularly long reach for punishes, can catch backdashes and has a kara cancel window at the start. All of these tools recoil cancel, which Genjuro has appropriate tools for - countering punish attempts with DP (623S) or a high-priority hitgrab (646S), going for a mixup (236S) or setting up card (214S) are all viable options. 623A may be used as an occasional poke for its high priority. Given the removal of universal overheads, Genjuro no longer has the option to hop over lows with one, so keep that in mind.

If you get your opponent to block 214S and you're holding down the button, the card will bounce then fall as an overhead. This is often combined with lows such as 66B for near unblockables. New to VI is 421S, a low with juggle potential, which you can use to make these situations more rewarding. An easy option for the opponent to escape this trap is to simply backdash away, which can be countered by poking with something far-reaching like 5C instead of going for a low. A flaw with Genjuro's card game in VI is that it is difficult to loop due to the changes made to wakeup rolls. While the opponent's short rolls have some strike vulnerability at the end which you can take advantage of, long rolls do not but leave them closer to the corner. The opponent escaping your trap in this way is something you'll have to worry about less if you have them cornered, where you also have access to a more-rewarding 421S which there can juggle into WFT. Another thing to keep in mind is the removal of your three-hit kick and command grab from earlier games.

Given Genjuro's aggressive playstyle, short Rage retention and even shorter Rage duration, VI is a viable Spirit choice so you have access to WFT more often. Given Genjuro's short rage time and limited usefulness for WFT you may choose V Spirit instead to meditate your rage away, and while it can be Rage Exploded on the first hit you still have a launcher in the form of 421S. Unfortunately, you don't get an extra visual effect after Issen anymore.

Normal Moves

Far Slashes

Attack Description
SSVI Genjuro 5A.png
Quick sword flick.
SSVI Genjuro 5B.png
Average medium slash length but with priority that beats spaced attacks.
SSVI Genjuro 5C.png
Long ranged punish which can catch backdashes. Useful for your card setplay. Kara cancellable.
SSVI Genjuro 2A.png
Crouching n5A.
SSVI Genjuro 2B.png
Low hit with 5B's range. Immune to 236E.
SSVI Genjuro 2C.png
Crouching 5C but you can't cancel the startup. Slightly faster though.

Near Slashes

Attack Description
SSVI Genjuro n5A.png
Short jab. You can still tick into your regular throw.
SSVI Genjuro n5B.png
Combo starters. You must buffer your special during startup or you won't be landing close combos. For example, do c6B 421A, 646A rather than 5B 646A etc etc
SSVI Genjuro n5C.png
Upward swing for punishes. Not an effective anti-air.
SSVI Genjuro n2A.png
Same as far version.
SSVI Genjuro n2B.png
Crouching n5B but more active.
SSVI Genjuro n2C.png
Powerful combo tool for his best punishes. At midscreen this links into 236A rekka sequence and in the corner it leads to 5B 421A, 646A/236AB. Practice this often for it is one of his best traits.


Attack Description
SSVI Genjuro 5D.png
No more three-hitter for you. This is just the ranged kick at the end. Special cancellable. Frame trap potential with 646A.
SSVI Genjuro 6D.png
Standing low. Genjuro stomps at the opponent's feet. Special cancelable, hits off the ground. Also useful for throw loops during the opponent's knockdown.
SSVI Genjuro 2D.png
Short low kick. Special cancellable.
SSVI Genjuro 3D.png
Basic sweep which sticks out for a while. Special cancels allowing you to perform frame traps and OS-like setups with rekka and card.

Dash Normals

Attack Description
SSVI Genjuro 66A.png
Stubby elbow with bad frame data. Punishable on hit.
SSVI Genjuro 66B.png
The first hit is a low slash, while the second hit knocks down. Often used in card setplay for its speed and the fact you want to get in anyway.
SSVI Genjuro 66C.png
Running 5C, with aided reach thanks to some of the momentum carrying over. Best used as a punish tool and for (crossunder) anti-airs.
SSVI Genjuro 66D.png
Running sweep, but it hits mid. Safe on block.

Air Normals

Attack Description
SSVI Genjuro jA.png
Downward punch.
SSVI Genjuro jB.png
Air-to-air. Reaches farther than jD.
SSVI Genjuro jC.png
Downward swing with noticeable delay to it.
SSVI Genjuro 9C.png
Short-ranged diagonal sword swing. Has plenty of hitstun so you can link into your close mediums easily without a deephit.
SSVI Genjuro jD.png
Air-to-air. Looks similar to 3D.

Unarmed Normals

Attack Description
SSVI Genjuro u5S.png
Short punch.
SSVI Genjuro u2S.png
Low hook.
SSVI Genjuro u66S.png
Running u2S which knocks down.
File:SSVI Genjuro u66D.png
It's two frames faster but two frames less safe.
SSVI Genjuro ujS.png
Same as jA.

Hyper Slash (I)

Attack Description
SSVI Genjuro Hyper Slash.png
Essentially his 5C. One of the hardest-hitting Hyper Slashes in the game, which is particularly scary when combined with 5C's range. Be quick on the draw during mistakes the opponent makes during card play.

Special Moves

Attack Description
Lightning Wings - 623S SSVI Genjuro 623S.png Genjuro's DP. Strength determines how high it travels, also the horizontal distance to a much smaller extent than in V Special. All versions will hit a grounded opponent and have decent upper body invincibility. The light version is worth exploiting for its priority. Do not reversal with heavy, there is no difference in strength and if they block you're open to a much bigger punish
Triple Death Hack - 236S,
can be repeated twice in either direction
(Samurai Drive) SSVI Genjuro 236S.png
Rekkas. Strength determines how far Genjuro travels before the hit, with the light version coming out immediately and the medium and heavy versions being able to crossover. The first and second hits will crossover, but the final hit will always be the same finisher but delayed depending on strength. Great for close range pressure. You shouldn't use this in neutral because the opponent can just jump instead of worrying about which way to block, but you'll do it anyway because you are a scrub.

If you are running II or V Spirit you can duck the second hit after blocking the first to avoid it. This is particularly effective if they go for the medium version, as if they follow up with the light version they can delay the final hit to punish you. If they don't follow up with anything then you will get punished. You can also just abare out if you expect the crossup but this is even riskier.
Despite the changes made to the corner you are still unable to crossover a cornered opponent with any part of the rekka.

Cherry Blossom Slice - 214S SSVI Genjuro 214S.png Genjuro's fireball. Strength determines startup and range. Advantageous enough on hit to follow up with a medium slash, 236A or something else quick, and pretty safe on block. Given the startup it's not something that will win you fireball wars.
Cherry Blossom Slice Splash Raising
- hold down S, will activate if guarded SSVI Genjuro 214SS.png
If the opponent blocked the card and you were holding the button down the whole time, the card will bounce up then fall down for an overhead hit. Strength of the card beforehand also determines how far forward the bounced card will fly, in which 214A/B are useful for setplay but 214C will catch a backdash. You're better off catching backdashes with 5C while going for 214A/B, however. It is harder to set up card setplay in VI given wakeup rolls act more like quick rises, and furthermore there are two distances of back rolls to worry about.

This game has unblockable prevention, so if 214[S] hits at the exact same time as a low attack (e.g. 66B) your opponent will be able to block both hits (at least if they are blocking high, from testing). It is better then to go for near-unblockables rather than to time the actual 'unblockable'.
For whatever reason, this won't activate if the screen is zoomed out even a little.
Hits the opponent during throws, enabling your offense and damage to rack up even faster.

Slash Of A Hundred Demons - 646S SSVI Genjuro 646S.png Hitgrab with a disjointed hitbox, chip damage, and hard knockdown. Strength determines the startup, activity and how far Genjuro moves forward, but only the light version is used in combos. You should perform the 6 and 4 motions a bit more upward so you don't get a DP when you're trying to chip with it. This beats armor, backdashes, and dodge. One of the best moves in the game despite initial appearances. You must master this move in order to be a strong Genjuro player
Rush Slash - 421S SSVI Genjuro 421S.png Instead, you'll get this. After a brief pause Genjuro runs, strikes the opponent's knees then launches them upward. This hits low and allows for juggle combos - you will always be able to land 646A and it should be your only combo ender, but in the corner you can juggle with your WFT. Strength determines how far Genjuro runs before the strike, with A version not running at all. The purpose of this move is to make Genjuro's near-unblockable card game more rewarding damage-wise, particularly in the corner.
Toy Transformation - 6321464E (II) Genjuro-6321464E.png


Attack Description
Five Flash Rip- 236AB

SSVI Genjuro Weapon Flip1.pngSSVI Genjuro Weapon Flip2.png

Fast WFT with upper body invincibility. Has decent priority and can be combo'd into by plenty of things. This move gives you a hard knockdown and maximum spacing for 214B, but you do not recover in time to land it meaty.

Lightning Wings Demon Slash
- 632146BC (II), 236BC (VI)
SSVI Genjuro 236BC.png

Similar to Genjuro's EX DP in other games and with similar applications. Either anti-air with it, use it as a reversal or combo into it for big damage.


Standard Combos

  • n5B, 421A, 646A - The only close combo you should be doing. It does the most damage and has hard knockdown, enforcing his card setplay. Any other combo and you will be forfeiting what makes Genjuro strong.
  • n2C, 5B, 421A, 646A/236AB - Corner combo. Biggest punish he has and one of the few ways to guarantee super with him. Sometimes you'll need to walk forward a little with him, don't be afraid because the stun lasts longer than you think.
  • njC, 5B xx 421A, 646A - Enormous throw whiff punish Genjuro can do. Rare combination of enough hitstun from a jumping heavy and hard knockdown grant him even more card setplay that's combined with jump cancel threats. When this combo is finished take a step back and setup 214A to continue your offense.

Continuous Slash (IV)

  • A+B BBC 623S - Standard BBC juggle.
  • A+B BBC 236AB - Corner only.

State Of Nothingness (V)

  • 421A, n2C ABC - Possible launcher combo with the bare minimum amount of time you can have. May drop n2C if time is short. With more time you can fit in repeated njC hits and Issen will still connect.

Frame Data - Provided by Tekitogate

Attack Startup On Hit On Standing Block On Crouching Block Notes
n5A 7 -4 -8 -3
5A 7 -5 -2 +3
2A 7 -4 -8 -3
66A 5 -13 -17 -10
j8A 16 N/A N/A N/A
j7A/j9A 9 N/A N/A N/A
n5B 8 +1 -8 =3
n2B 10 0 -8 =3
5B 12 -8 -8 =3
2B 11 -5 N/A -3
66B 13 KD -23 -18
j8B 17 N/A N/A N/A
j7B/j9B 11 N/A N/A N/A
n5C 17 -1~0 -20 -15
n2C 17 +14~+15 -20 -15
5C 20 -10~-9 -20 -15
2C 18 -10~-9 -20 -15
66C 13 KD -33 -28
j8C 19 N/A N/A N/A
j7C/j9C 13 N/A N/A N/A
5D 16 -10 -22 -17
6D 20 -10 N/A -17
2D 5 -1 N/A 0
3D 9 KD N/A -8
66D 9 KD -10 -5
jD 11 N/A N/A N/A
u5S 8 -3 -7 -2
u2S 8 -5 -9 -4
u66S 6 KD -5 0
u66D 7 KD -12 -7
ujS 8 N/A N/A N/A
Hyper Slash 31 KD -62 -52
Continuous Slash 11 N/A -20 -15



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