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The final boss of Samurai Shodown VI. He is unplayable without cheats.

In the arcade version he is the only character who has access to 0 Spirit, which makes his already-cheap WFT quite the horror to deal with. Furthermore he is immune to disarms.


  • Dash type: Step
  • Damage taken: 100%
  • Rage retention: 180
  • Rage duration: 12 seconds


Block everything if you can't make it all whiff, don't let him get in command grab range but if you're there then think before jumping out, don't jump around fire wave range, punish what you can get for him to miss. If he's got full Rage then be patient until he inevitably performs his WFT, which you should then block and punish unless your character has something better. Find ways to exploit the AI with gimmicks and abuse them until they stop working.

Normal Moves

Far Slashes

  • 5A - Unchanged.
  • 5B - Unchanged.
  • 5C - 5B but a bit slower. Deals the exact same amount of damage and also counts as a medium hit.
  • 2A - Unchanged.
  • 2B - Now special cancellable.
  • 2C - Unchanged.

Near Slashes

  • n5A - Unchanged.
  • n5B - Unchanged.
  • n5C - Faster and also special cancellable. Can be performed anywhere with 5D or 6D.
  • n2A - Same as far version.
  • n2B - Same as far version.
  • n2C - Same as far version.


  • 5D - Same as n5C.
  • 6D - Same as n5C.
  • 2D - Same as 2A.
  • 3D - Same as 2A.

Air Normals

  • jA - Same as jB.
  • jB - Unchanged.
  • jC - Unchanged.
  • jD - A quick stab directly below Makai Gaoh's feet. This may crossup and can be used as an instant overhead if jumping forward.

Hyper Slash (I)

  • A+B - A Hyper Slash that was never meant to see the light of day. This functions very differently to other Hyper Slashes, as it deals two hits of damage but will only cause a knockdown with very specific spacing.

Command Moves


  • Makai Gaoh flinches for a bit instead of disarming himself.

Roll E (II, III, IV, V, 0)

  • Makai Gaoh does not have normal E-button movement. Instead, he will always perform a short, quick back roll. This is special cancellable.

Air Defense - jE (III)

  • Makai Gaoh glows green and flinches for a bit. Despite appearances, this air parry actually works.

Rage Increase - [A+B] (III)

  • Makai Gaoh disappears in two consecutive puffs of smoke then reappears to build Rage. One puff of smoke will also double as Makai Gaoh's invincible pose in II Spirit.

Continuous Slash - A+B (IV)

  • Makai Gaoh does not have Continuous Slashes. Instead, his spear glows as if he were to perform a Hyper Slash and then he does nothing. He is only stuck for one frame before he can move again.

Rage Explosion - ABC (IV, V)

  • When Makai Gaoh performs Rage Explosion there is no burst. He cannot even use it to break combos. Instead, he will stop time while he freezes in place, allowing the opponent to get a free hit. Time resumes the second he is hit.

State Of Nothingness - D+E (V)

  • Makai Gaoh doesn't just slow time - he stops it completely. This is essentially the startup of State Of Nothingness if it didn't proceed into the slowed time portion, as Makai Gaoh does not have a super flash with which to initiate it. The opponent is still able to act, but outside of cinematic movements like super flashes and Rage Explosion nothing they do will progress beyond the first frame. Unlike with every other character, this State Of Nothingness does not have a time limit. If you knock the opponent down in any way they will never hit the ground, meaning doing so will softlock the match. Work around this limitation and you get a free infinite.
  • Makai Gaoh does not have a Fatal Flash. Attempting to perform one will simply cause him to meditate (A+B), which actually is functional.
  • Makai Gaoh does not have any low attacks besides his sweep and he needs to avoid knocking the opponent down, so either crossing up with jD or spamming 6SSS or 63214D is best. You just might discover that the game stops spawning hit effects if there are too many on the screen, or that the damage in Samurai Shodown VI caps at 999 pixels, or that the combo counter goes extremely far for a game which, according to fake OGs, isn't supposed to have combos.

Hyper Dodge/Mikiri - E (VI, VII)

  • Makai Gaoh lies down for one frame. This cannot be used as a Mikiri dodge as there is no after-image to attack.


  • Instead of a regular dash, Makai Gaoh has a fully invincible teleport which travels a screen's length. Don't bother trying to zone him out with fireballs when he can just teleport right through them.

Special Moves


  • Gaoh's charge specials, specifically how they functioned in V Special. Causes a wall bounce and a soft knockdown. Makai Gaoh often goes for the heavy version which is a bit easier to see coming.


  • Gaoh's mash special. It's safe on block and chips a ton, but if you can get behind him while he's doing this it's a free punish.


  • Makai Gaoh summons a wave of fire in front of him. This attack is invincible, covers a great amount of range, chips a ton, pushes back, anti-airs and can juggle into itself once. Stay out of this move's range if you can, but if you are in range (which you probably will be) then the best thing you can do is to just block. Only attempt to jump over this when you're very close to him.


  • Gaoh's command grab. Deals very good damage and results in a hard knockdown.

Toy Transformation - 412146E (II)




  • Sugoroku's WFT on steroids. There is no hitting Makai Gaoh off of his demon horse, and he covers an amazing vertical area while also traversing the whole screen. This deals multiple hits, so it can also do a good job at chipping you to death. Makai Gaoh is likely to land this after spamming a few fire waves and other specials, so space yourself if you can and sit tight ready to block. At the end, Makai Gaoh leaps from the screen and recovers a bit on the ground. You can either attempt to punish his fall with a strike or, more safely, punish his landing with a throw. Don't even think about jumping when he has meter unless you have both a double jump and some way to stall your air momentum, and even then you should think twice.


Standard Combos

  • n5B/2B/n5C 236A/63214D/236AB - Standard combos. 236AB is dependent on how far Makai Gaoh is from the wall behind him but n5C will combo into it every time.
  • 63214D, 63214D/236AB - Juggles from fire wave. 63214D only works once.
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