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Uma delícia

Whether or not this is actually Cham Cham's pet chimp or if Tam Tam is still being punished by the Gods, Pak Pak nonetheless plays like a poor man's version of the latter. That is, until he finds a moment to summon four spirits, giving him unprecedented space control. With up to four big fireballs on the screen travelling in many possible trajectories and combined with both a regular fireball, himself and Triple Geysers when in Rage, Pak Pak can not only keep the opponent out but easily buy space for a safe approach. Like the other animals, Pak Pak can't block, meaning you better play one hell of a zoning game with what you've got.


  • Dash type: Run
  • Damage taken: 108%
  • Rage retention: 300
  • Rage duration: 7 seconds


Pak Pak needs to buy space for himself so he can safely summon spirits (63214D), which involves a lengthy startup animation. Luckily, he has a relatively damaging combo which ends in 6B, an overhead which results in a soft knockdown. Pak Pak also has 6D as another overhead which leaps higher, and to complement this his low-hitting sweeps and spin kick (421S). Additionally he has a Crack Shoot (214S) which reaches high for an anti-air. All knock down. Once that has been taken care of, Pak Pak can retreat if he hasn't already done so, where he can zone with either fire breath (623S), his WFT or a skull toss (236S). The skull is of most importance, as although it's not particularly threatening it will stop most opponents from running at you, allowing you to perform 63214D without interruption. From there Pak Pak can cover straight lines, diagonal lines, rainbow arcs, areas below him, areas around him and so on with his various normals. These can be supported by his zoning specials, which will cover other angles without costing you a spirit and at any rate will be made safer because there's a spirit around you to stop the opponent's approach. Make sure to stay at fullscreen when you are low on spirits and back yourself up with a skull toss so you can refuel easily. If the opponent has managed to close the gap, Pak Pak can only rely on Mikiri dodges and his quick backdash to escape.

Normal Moves


  • 5A - A punch.
  • 5B - A slower punch which does more damage.
  • 5C - A heavy punch. Pak Pak really puts his all into it. Has plenty of hitstun.
  • 2A - A low swipes.
  • 2B - Two low swipes.
  • 2C - A big claw swipe. Has a similar startup to 5C and does a tiny bit more damage. Does not hit low or knock down despite appearances.


  • 5D - A kick.
  • 6D - A flip which hits overhead. Causes a soft knockdown.
  • 2D - Identical to 5D.
  • 3D - A low-hitting sweep where Pak Pak swings his whole body forward.

Dash Normals

  • 66A - Running punch.
  • 66B - Running punch with a claw effect.
  • 66C - Running punch but his fist is on fire. Recovers too slow and pushes you too far back to combo.
  • 66D - Running 3D.

Air Normals

  • jA - Aerial punch.
  • jB - Identical to jA.
  • jC - To be or not to be. Pak Pak swings a skull in front of him. This move is fairly delayed but has the best reach out of his air normals.
  • jD - Aerial kick.

Command Moves

Triangle Jump - j9 near wall

  • Cham Cham has this move so Pak Pak has it too. An extra boost to your mobility is always nice.

Triangle Get Off - j3 near wall

  • Cham Cham has this move as well so Pak Pak also has it too.


  • Chample leaps up and dunks a skull in the opponent's face. Deals more damage than 6D, comes out quicker and also causes a soft knockdown but Pak Pak doesn't jump as height, making it worse for evasion. Ideal combo ender.

Ahaooh-Paku Paku Moves


  • a5A - One spirit will travel forward at a slow speed.
  • a5B - One spirit will travel forward at a medium speed.
  • a5C - One spirit will travel forward at a high speed.
  • a2A - One spirit will bounce slowly at a rainbow arc, reaching halfscreen.
  • a2B - One spirit will bounce slowly at a rainbow arc, reaching three quarters of the screen.
  • a2C - One spirit will bounce quickly at a rainbow arc, reaching halfscreen.


  • a5D - One spirit will travel diagonally upward at a slow speed.
  • a6D - One spirit will travel quickly at a 30° angle upward before falling down, reaching halfscreen.
  • a2D - One spirit will travel diagonally upward at a medium speed.
  • a3D - One spirit will travel moderately at a 30° angle upward.

Dash Normals

  • a66A - One spirit will travel quickly at a 30° angle upward.
  • a66B - One spirit will launch itself forward quickly, flying slightly upward.
  • a66C - One spirit will launch itself forward quickly, flying slightly downward.
  • a66D - One spirit will launch itself forward quickly, flying at a 30° angle upward.

Air Normals

  • ajA - One spirit will slowly fall down a short distance from Pak Pak.
  • ajB - One spirit will swoop forward, then hook backward as it flies off stage.
  • ajC - One spirit will quickly fall down a far distance from Pak Pak.
  • ajD - One spirit will travel quickly at a 30° angle downward.

Command Moves

  • a6B - One spirit will bounce high, but land a short distance in front of Pak Pak.

Special Moves

Paku Paku-Gabool - 623S

  • Pak Pak leaps up and breathes fire diagonally downward. Once it hit the floor it rises up. Strength determines how far Pak Pak leaps up before firing, and by extension the startup and the space this attack covers. 623C, your longest-reaching fire breath, only reaches up to halfscreen.

Paku Paku-Dios - 421S

  • Pak Pak spins around on his fingers, kicking around him while moving forward. Strength determines how far he travels before stopping. This is a low.

Mula-Paku Paku - 236S

  • Pak Pak throws a skull straight forward. Strength determines how fast it travels.

Ksrukusu-Paku Paku - 214S

  • Pak Pak leaps forward to deliver a spike punch. Strength determines how far and high he travels. This deals three hits, with the last hit causing a soft knockdown, but despite appearances this is not an overhead. It may be best to think of this like Terry's Crack Shoot, which covers a decent area above and in front of him while he makes his way in.

Paku Paku-Paguna - 22A/B/C/D

  • Pak Pak eats a banana, then throws a peel on the floor. Strength determines how far. This counts as a mid. If your opponent hits this they will not take any damage but they will stagger a bit, leaving them open for a free hit.

Ahaooh-Paku Paku - 63214D

  • Pak Pak chants in place to summon four spirits, which will then circle around him. They will not go away even if Pak Pak gets hit or knocked down. Instead, they will only release when Pak Pak performs a normal move, with one spirit pattern corresponding to each of them. The first spirit to release will be the one which spawns in front of Pak Pak. The next spirit to release will be the next-in-line counter-clockwise. No spirit will be released if Pak Pak performs a special move. These are useful not only for advanced space control but to cover Pak Pak's approach. These can potentially be used to extend combos but they are finicky for this purpose given Pak Pak's short reach and their dynamic starting positions. In practice, they are useful in these situations merely for the damage boost.
  • If there is even a single spirit on the screen, even if Pak Pak has released it, when performing this move Pak Pak will perform a different taunt while not conjuring up any more spirits.



Paku Paku-Dios Zahl - 236AB

  • Triple Geyser version of Tam Tam's WFT, with each pillar spawning successively further forward. All three pillars will juggle into each other, but only the third pillar is capable of disarming the opponent. That means if the first pillar hit an opponent way too far past you then they will be air reset away from the next pillar, leaving Pak Pak vulnerable to a punish.
  • Pak Pak must be performing his animation for the pillars to summon, but hitting him will not make the pillars go away or remove their hitbox. If Pak Pak is hit out of one pillar then the next pillar(s) will not spawn.


S.C.S Samurai Combination System (VII)

  • 66B 2C 6B - Most consistent combo you have and it leads to a knockdown. You can fit in some more light attacks before 2C in the corner.



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