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Rera's stance who also has Nakoruru's stance. Befitting of a teal wolf, Shikuru also has proper Beast Cannons.

Shikuru and Mamahaha both permitted vastly different playstyles to their owners, so it follows that their alliance results in versatility. Shikuru can either go on the offense with wolf headbutts and Beast Cannons or he can use Mamahaha for keepaway and tricky movement. Be ready to switch between these modes on the fly because, like the other animals, Shikuru can't block.


  • Dash type: Run
  • Damage taken: 112%
  • Rage retention: 128
  • Rage duration: 14 seconds


Shikuru is dependent on Mamahaha for a fullscreen threat, being able to contest space in front of him with Amube Yatoro (63214S) or Shichikapu Ai (b236S) if he is flying on Mamahaha (214D). Mamahaha flight not only gives Shikuru extra air mobility but also the ability to angle these air fireballs. Up close this also gives him an overhead and punish tool in Kamui Shikite (bBC) and a safe crossup tool in Yatoro Shikite (b214S). At these ranges Shikuru can rush forward and punish with 5C, 66C, wolf headbutts (412S) and his WFT, or anti-air with 2C and 623S. When jumping in Shikuru may crossup with jC or punish with divekick (j236S). If he is left unsafe after any of his three wolf specials he has access to Beast Cannons (1/3/4/6/7/9D) which he can input up to three times to either help him run away back to fullscreen, add on extra damage after a successful hit or go for very gimmicky crossups. Beast Cannons are mandatory if you had performed a wolf headbutt too close, which is a viable option as it is fully invincible on startup, as it is unsafe on hit when not spaced properly. Additionally these allow you to go back to fullscreen and start zoning with Mamahaha again. Unless you are really good at predicting when to Mikiri dodge, Shikuru is left fully exposed at close range due to his inability to block. Shikuru only wants to stay close if there is a mixup or punish opportunity at hand or if he can safely run away back to fullscreen.

Normal Moves

Far Slashes

  • 5A - A forward bark.
  • 5B - Shikuru charges with his back. This also hits a bit above him.
  • 5C - A forward lunge. Causes a soft knockdown on hit.
  • 2A - A lower bark.
  • 2B - A lower bark but slower and it deals more damage.
  • 2C - Shikuru leaps upward nuzzle-first for an anti-air attack.

Near Slashes

  • n5A - Same as far version.
  • n5B - Same as far version.
  • n5C - 5B but it does more damage and causes a soft knockdown.
  • n2A - Same as far version.
  • n2B - Same as far version.
  • n2C - Same as far version.


  • 5D - A forward bark. Identical to 5A.
  • 6D - Shikuru kicks with his hind legs then slides back a good distance. Similar to Mina's 6B.
  • 2D - Shikuru turns around and slides forward a bit. It's supposed to look like he's hitting you with his tail but the devs got lazy. Hits low.
  • 3D - A forward lunge then a low-hitting slide on the ground. This is active for a while but also unsafe.

Dash Normals

  • 66A - A running bark.
  • 66B - A small leap as Shikuru spins. This is an overhead.
  • 66C - Spin attack for three hits.
  • 66D - Instead of attacking Shikuru dashes past the opponent. This will not cross through if the opponent is in the corner.

Air Normals

  • jA - An aerial bark.
  • jB - Two aerial barks, each doing less than jA. You will only hit both of them against a tall opponent, but on the plus side it is more active than jA.
  • jC - Shikuru spins in place. This can crossup but if the opponent is tall enough then Shikuru's low jump might not permit him to.
  • jD - A downward headbutt. Not a crossup but as a jump-in it does its job.

Command Moves


  • A leaping overhead. Shikuru dives headfirst then bounces forward a bit, regardless of whether or not it hits.

Special Moves

Myu Shikite - 412S

  • A forward-advancing wolf headbutt which will traverse about half of the stage. The startup is fully invincible, but because it doesn't knock down it is unsafe on hit unless you hop off the wolf in some way afterwards. If spaced from over halfscreen, however, it becomes way safer. This is a move with two completely different utilities depending how far you are away from the opponent.

Kanto Shikite - 623S

  • Shikuru launches diagonally upward. This is invincible to strikes on startup, then to throws once Shikuru leaves the ground. Shikuru can go into Beast Cannons from this for some tricks. Soft knockdown.

Imel Shikite - j236S

  • A divekick which can be used as an air-to-air or to augment your air trajectory in some way. Be careful about using this, as it is punishable on block with a throw or something similarly fast if spaced poorly and you may have to gamble on a dismount followup to avoid punishment. Upback divekick is predictable so don't do that unless your opponent is slow on the uptake or the upback has successfully baited something you can punish with j236S. Soft knockdown.
  • Reuke Shikte - 1/3/4/6/7/9D after 412S, 623S or j236S (air OK)
    • These are Beast Cannon-type specials where Shikuru dives nuzzle-first in any direction you choose. These are all overheads. This is mainly used to make DPs and divekicks potentially safer, but there is still a brief-but-punishable landing animation which will force you to think about which way you want to fly. These can additionally be used to add some extra damage.
    • You can perform three of these in a row, but your ability to do so will automatically end after using 1D or 3D.

Amube Yatoro - 63214S

  • Shikuru calls Mamahaha to strike from behind him to a specific area of the screen, effectively drawing a diagonal line. Strength determines the angle Mamahaha flies at, with 63214C travelling up to fullscreen. Shikuru leaps back a little during this move, which is neat for keepaway purposes.

Mamahaha Flight - 214D

  • Shikuru leaps back and grabs onto Mamahaha's talons. This backward leap makes this move useful as a dodge of sorts. Once you're on you can move around in all eight directions but you will get off immediately after about a second. Shikuru can not perform any normal attacks as he is curled up.
  • Kamui Shikite - bBC
    • Instant dive attack from Mamahaha. Hits as an overhead. Shikuru may only dive downward at a 45° angle.
  • Yatoro Shikite - b214S
    • Shikuru hops off while spinning, constantly dealing a small amount of damage per hit. Strength determines how far and high he leaps, with b214A leaping high, b214C leaping far and b214B being somewhere in the middle. This can crossup but the damage is pitiful and it's a bit hard to space for. Has a fairly brief landing recovery meaning you probably won't be punished by anything big if they block it. Overall a pretty safe way of making your way in if you need to. This can switch sides in the corner.
  • Shichikapu Ai - b236S
    • This is a flying version of 214S where Shikuru drops to the ground while Mamahaha flies at the opponent. Strength determines the angle, in which these are identical to the grounded version's angles, but there is no delay before Mamahaha takes off. This is worse for fullscreen pestering than just using the grounded version but it can be used as a much safer air-to-air than bBC, or at least one which may give you a preferred spacing.
  • Get off from Mamahaha - bD with any direction
    • Unlisted. Shikuru can either fall or leap off the talons in three different directions each. You can perform an attack as you fall.



Kanto Koro Kamui Risse - 236AB

  • Similar to Nakoruru's WFT, but instead of whipping with a cape Shikuru mauls the opponent, then he and Mamahaha lunge together to draw an X on the screen. Pretty corny, but it's still a good WFT considering its distance, speed and Shikuru's lengthy Rage duration.


S.C.S Samurai Combination System (VII)

  • 66C (2) 5A 5D 2D 2B n5C - Basic combo from 66C, which can deal one or two hits but will cause a knockdown if the opponent gets hit by the third.



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