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The King of Fighters '98 UMFE

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The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Final Edition

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December 16, 2014

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The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Final Edition (KOF 98 UMFE) is the final patch for KOF 98 UM, the remake of KOF 98.

KOF 98 UMFE has a large roster of 64 characters with several new characters and EX variants, and features very drastic changes from the original 98, such as the addition of Ultimate Mode (on top of Advanced and Extra) which lets you pick and choose mechanics from either of the two modes, a buffed and reworked Extra Mode, the ability to shorten the recovery of moves and specials by activating into max mode during them, known as Quick Max (exclusive to Extra/charge power gauge), a rebalancing of the entire cast, and the removal of the mood system.

Despite it being a very different game, UMFE also includes the original 98 in its "NEOGEO Mode", making this package the culmination of classic-style KOF.



Team Japan

Fatal Fury Team

Art of Fighting Team

Team Ikari

Psycho Soldier Team

Womens Team

Kim Team

New Faces Team

Orochi Team

Team 97

Team 96

Masters Team

American Sports Team

96 Boss Team

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EX Characters

Image-Map version of the character roster, click on a character's icon to be taken to their page

Kyo KusanagiBenimaru NikaidoGoro DaimonTerry BogardAndy BogardJoe HigashiRyo SakazakiRobert GarciaYuri SakazakiLeona HeidernRalf JonesClark StillAthena AsamiyaSie KensouChin GentsaiChizuru KaguraKingMai ShiranuiKim KaphwanChang KoehanChoi BoungeYashiro_NanakaseShermieChrisOrochi YashiroOrochi ShermieOrochi ChrisRyuji YamazakiBlue MaryBilly KaneIori YagamiMatureViceHeidernTakuma SakazakiSaisyu KusanagiHeavy D!Lucky GlauberBrian BattlerEiji KisaragiKasumi TodohShingo YabukiRugal BernsteinGeese HowardWolfgang KrauserMr. BigEX KyoEX GeeseEX TerryEX AndyEX JoeEX Blue MaryEX RyoEX RobertEX YuriEX KingEX MaiEX BillyEX Yamazaki

The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Final Edition

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Andy BogardAthena AsamiyaBenimaru NikaidoBilly KaneBlue MaryBrian BattlerChang KoehanChin GentsaiChizuru KaguraChoi BoungeChrisClark StillEiji KisaragiGeese HowardGoro DaimonHeavy D!HeidernIori YagamiJoe HigashiKasumi TodohKim KaphwanKingKyo KusanagiLeona HeidernLucky GlauberMai ShiranuiMatureMr. BigRalf JonesRobert GarciaRugal BernsteinRyo SakazakiRyuji YamazakiSaisyu KusanagiShermieShingo YabukiSie KensouTakuma SakazakiTerry BogardViceWolfgang KrauserYashiro NanakaseYuri Sakazaki

EX Characters

EX AndyEX BillyEX Blue MaryEX GeeseEX JoeEX KingEX KyoEX MaiEX RobertEX RyoEX TerryEX YamazakiEX YuriOrochi ChrisOrochi ShermieOrochi Yashiro