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The King of Fighters '98 UMFE/Geese Howard

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Geese is primarily a mid-range poking character. This is due to the fact that he has one of the best special moves in the game in his grounded projectile, which is huge and safe on block while also being kinda tricky to jump over. He also has a short-ranged air fireball that he can use to control a bit of the aerial space. Up close, Geese has access to a command grab that lets him mix up a bit, an invincible reversal and anti-air in his Raging Storm DM, and some counters that he can use to call out predictable offense or obvious jump-in attempts. His dominance of the close and mid-range makes him a very effective character.

Changes from Previous Versions

98UM to 98UMFE


  • 6B has less recovery, is now +2 on block
  • cl.C no longer whiffs on short characters


  • 623A's descending attack is easier to connect against crouching opponents, has less recovery on landing

Normal Moves


  • cl.A: Can be used to anti-air hops if you're too close for 5A to come out. Whiffs on regular crouchers. Chainable and cancelable.
  • cl.B: His fastest normal, at 2f startup. Good to use in point-blank situations where the speed is important. Chainable and cancelable.
  • cl.C: Your go-to heavy button for combos. Cancelable.
  • cl.D: A two-hitting normal. Comes out fairly fast, but is not cancelable, so its use is limited.


  • 5A: Good for stopping hops. Whiffs on regular crouchers. Cancelable.
  • 5B: A mid-range poke. It doesn't have very good priority.
  • 5C: A fast, slightly longer-range poke than 5B. Hits higher, but is not cancelable either. It does have decent priority.
  • 5D: Geese's longest-range normal. Has nice priority and range, but also quite a lot of recovery.


  • 2A: A standard 2A. Good for combos and blockstrings. Chainable and cancelable.
  • 2B: Hits low. Good for low combos and for blockstrings. Chainable.
  • 2C: An okay anti-air normal for full jumps or predictable hops. It has 3 separate stages, but only the third one is great for anti-airs, making it a bit inconsistent. Cancelable.
  • 2D: A nice cancelable sweep.


  • j.A: Good jump-in for when you want to have more consistency than j.C. Can crossup, but not as well as j.B.
  • j.B: Nice crossup jump-in normal. Also his fastest jumping normal, so good for fast air-to-airs.
  • j.C: A two-hitting jump-in, making it good for pressure and mixups.
  • nj.C: A straight downwards punch with a lot of active frames.
  • j.D: Air-to-air normal.

CD Normals

  • 5CD: Has fairly long startup, but has a nice hitbox in front of Geese. Cancelable on hit, block, and whiff.
  • j.CD: Good for blockstun pressure or anti-airs. You can land it on short crouchers, but it's tricky.


Tate Katate Nage: 4/6C/D

  • Regular throw, techable. Geese's one normal throw. D version switches sides, C version does not, both leave the opponent facing you.

Command Moves

Raikou Mawashi Geri: 6B

  • Doesn't combo from anything, not cancelable, plus on block.

Raimei Gouha Nage: 3C (during opponent knockdown)

  • OTG throw, only guaranteed off 63214K but can be used after a number of moves if the opponent doesn't recovery roll (does not work after throw or Raging Storm). Switches sides, terrible recovery.

Special Moves

Reppuken: 236A

  • Geese does a single energy wave close to him. Standard non-traveling projectile.
  • It's considered a projectile so it will destroy other projectiles.
  • Combos from lights and heavies.
  • Disadvantage on block.
  • There isn't much use for this move, since the C version is mostly just better.

Double Reppuken: 236C

  • Geese does two big energy waves in front of him. Two-hit non-traveling projectile.
  • Combos from lights and heavies.
  • Will destroy other projectiles.
  • Moves Geese forwards during the startup, and the hitbox of it is big so it makes for a good neutral poke.
  • Almost neutral on block (-1 or -2) with no pushback in the corner.
  • Susceptible to being guard cancel roll punished.
  • There is a gap between the two hits. While it tends to lead to lesser reward than doing a guard cancel roll, many reversals can often hit Geese out of it, good to keep in mind when you have no meter.
  • Extremely good space-control tool.
  • This move tends to catch a lot of players unfamiliar in how to deal with it. Aside from guard cancel roll the first hit, and throwing Geese when he is cornered, here's character specific stuff characters can use to punish him.
Character's unique punishes
Character Move
Heroes Team Kyo Midscreen: 623C, both supers

EX Kyo: Midscreen: 623C, 2141236P

Benimaru: Midscreen: 623D. Corner: 632146P, 6321463214P

Daimon: Midscreen: 214B Corner: 632146P, 6321463214P

Team Fatal Fury Terry: Midscreen:623P, both supers

EX Terry: Midscreen: [2]8P

Andy and Ex Andy: Midscreen: 623C, 2141236K

Joe: Midscreen: 623D, 2363214AC

EX Joe: Midscreen: 623D

Team Art of Fighting Ryo and EX Ryo: Midscreen: 623C

Robert: Midscreen: 623C, 236236K

EX Robert: Midscreen: 623C

Yuri and EX Yuri: Midscreen: 236236P

Team Ikari Leona: Midscreen: 236236AC

Ralf: Midscreen: 2363214P, 2141236K Corner: 41236K

Clark: Midscreen: 4123641236K Corner: 41236K, 6321463214P

Team Psycho Soldier Athena: Midscreen: All ground supers

Kensou: Midscreen: 421D Corner: 236236P

Chin: Midscreen: 22K, 236236P, 2141236P

Team Woman Fighters Chizuru: Midscreen: 623C, 236236K

Mai: Midscreen: 2141236BD

EX Mai: Midscreen: All supers

King: Midscreen: 214214K

EX King: Midscreen: 236236AC

Team Kim Kim Midscreen: 21416K

Chang: Midscreen: 2363214P (Reppuken needs to be spaced) Corner: 632146P

Choi: Midscreen: 6321463214P

Team Orochi Yashiro: 214B, 623C

O.Yashiro: Midscreen: 236236K (Reppuken needs to be spaced) Corner: 632146P, 6321463214P

Shermie: Corner: 41236P, 6321463214P

O.Shermie: Midscreen: All supers

Chris: Midscreen: 623D, 214214K

O.Chris: Midscreen: 623A

Team '97 Special Yamazaki: Midscreen: 236236P

Corner: 632146P, 6321463214P

EX Yamazaki: Midscreen: 236236P Corner: 6321463214P

Mary: Midscreen: 623D, 2363214P, 236236K Corner: 632146P, 6321463214P

EX Mary: Midscreen: 623D Corner: 6321463214P

Billy: Midscreen: 623D, 236236P

EX Billy: Midscreen: 236236K, 236236AC

Team Yagami Iori: Midscreen: 623C, 2363214AC

Mature: Midscreen: 2141236K

Vice: Midscreen: 236236P (Reppuken needs to be spaced) Corner: 632146P, 6321463214P

Team Masters Heidern: Midscreen: [2]8C

Takuma: Midscreen: 2363214P

Saisyu: Midscreen: 623C, 236236P

Team American Sports Heavy D!: Midscreen:2141236P

Lucky: No unique punish

Brian: Midscreen: 623D, 2141236P

Edit Team Eiji: No unique punish

Kasumi Corner: 632146P

Shingo: Corner: 623K

Boss Team Rugal: Midscreen: 623D
'96 Boss Team Geese: Midscreen: 1632143P

EX Geese: Midscreen: 1632143P Corner: 6321463214P

Krauser: Midscreen: 2363214P Corner: 63214K, 632146321463214P

Mr.Big: Midscreen: 623C Corner: 632146P

Shippuken: 214A/C (in air)

  • Short-range air projectile.
  • Can't be done from a hop or step dash.
  • Gives enough frame advantage to combo afterwards if done late (there is a minimum height for it to come out though).
  • Only cancelable into from neutral j.C.
  • Can be used to control some air space.

Jaei Ken: 63214A/C

  • Geese does a forwards lunging strike with 3 hits.
  • A version combos from heavy attacks.
  • C version has slower startup but better recovery.
  • Both versions are punishable on block.

Hishou Nichiringan: 623A/C

  • A version combos from lights, C version combos from heavy attacks.
  • Very punishable on block.
  • Extra good when using Extra mode meter, as Geese gets a strong Quick MAX combo with it in the corner.

Joudan Atemi Nage: 63214B

  • Counters jumping attacks and physical specials/DMs.
  • Afterwards, you can OTG with a 3C when in range.
  • Frame one active, so it can be used to counter jump-ins and safejump attempts very well.

Chuudan Atemi Nage: 63214D

  • Counters mid-level normals.
  • Afterwards, you can OTG with a 3C when in range.
  • Frame one active, so it can be used as a reversal against mid meaty strikes.
  • Also good for catching people trying to poke you in neutral on a read.
  • Can be used to beat CD counters if you know they're coming.

Gedan Atemi Nage: 41236B

  • Counters low attacks and sets up a juggle.
  • Can be Quick MAXed.
  • Frame two active, so it will lose to low meaties.
  • Good to catch predictable sweep patterns with.

Shinkuu Nage: 632146A/C

  • Geese tosses the opponent behind him.
  • Fast (but importantly not 1-frame) command throw with long recovery after it connects. Switches sides.
  • If you use this when your back is close to the corner, you'll be minus afterwards as the opponent will recover before you do, but you won't get punished as Geese is fully invincible until the end of the animation.
  • Helps with his otherwise pretty lacking mixup game.

Desperation Moves

Raging Storm: 1632143A/C

  • Combos from lights and heavies.
  • Full invincibility at startup.
  • The hitbox absorbs normal and some DM projectiles.
  • Can juggle after if it hits really late.
  • Punishable on block.

Deadly Rave: 2363214A/C

  • Combos from lights and heavies.
  • C version travels fullscreen.
  • Does slightly less damage than Raging Storm.


General Notes



2B, 2A, 2A, 5B
2B, 2A, (2A), 236C
Can add another 2A, but the second slash will whiff unless in the corner.
2B, 2A, 632146P


(j.B/j.C), cl.C, 623C/63214A
623C does more damage and creates better oki, but it will whiff if the previous part pushed back too far (e.g. MAX mode, poor jump angle).


41236B, j.CD


41236B, 623P
63214C, cl.C/2C/cl.B/cl.D
5CD, cl.C
Counterhit conversion from 5CD.

With Meter


2B, 2A, (2A/5A), 1632143P/2363214P


(j.B/j.C), cl.C/2C, 1632143P/2363214P


41236B, 2363214P
6B, AB, A/B/C/D, 2363214P
Requires Extra mode dodge.
cl.D [1 hit], AB, 632146P
Requires Advanced mode roll.


41236B, 1632143P
5CD, 2363214P
Counterhit conversion from 5CD.
j.CD, 2363214P
Counterhit conversion from j.CD.

With Quick MAX


2B, (2A), ABC, cl.C/2C, 63214A/2363214P
Requires a microwalk if the 2A is included.
2B, 2A, 2A/5A, ABC, 5C/2D


(j.B/j.C), cl.C, 623C, ABC, 623A/1632143P/2363214P
cr.B, cr.A, dp+A, ABC, 1632143P/2363214P
63214C, ABC, 623A/1632143P/2363214P
41236B, 623C, ABC, 1632143P/2363214P

Dodge Cancel

2B, ABC, cl.D(1), AB, A/B/C/D, 2363214P
Quick dodge combo starting from a low. Quick max activation must be done very soon after the cr.B hits.
(j.X), ABC, cl.D(1), AB, A/B/C/D, 2363214P
Quick dodge combo from quick max jump-in.

Strategy & Tips


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