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Kim is mainly a rushdown character. In neutral, Kim has access to some solid pokes to defend his space and a divekick to help him get in. He also has a flash kick that works as a nice anti-air and invincible reversal. Once Kim is in, he has access to a overhead, some nice lows, a good crossup, and his stomp cancel. The stomp cancel is a glitch that allows him to do strong pressure on block and highly damaging combos on hit. Kim is preferably played in Extra mode, because it makes his stomp cancel combos easier. Kim's main weakness is that he doesn't have any long-range tools.

Changes from Previous Versions

98 to 98UM


  • cl.C's recovery is 8 frames shorter
  • st.B's hitbox has been moved so it actually hits at the end of his foot instead of around his crotch
  • st.C's startup has been reduced by 4 frames, active frames have been reduced by 3, and recovery frames have been reduced by 5 frames
  • cr.D is now whiff cancelable
  • j.D active frames have been reduced
  • The first hitbox of f+B has been removed, and the startup is 4 frames faster


  • qcb+K now knocks down; B version now hits 3 times and got a damage increase
  • d~u+B now has full startup invincibility, and recovery is 2f longer; it now consistently deals 2 hits when hitting an airborne opponent
  • The recovery of qcb+P's first hit has been reduced by 12f, and the window to cancel into the second hit has been increased
  • The second hit of qcb+P is 1f faster, and the third hit has 4 frames longer recovery
  • d,d+K damage reduced, and D version can OTG

98UM to 98UMFE


  • f+B now has a bigger hitbox, such that it'll hit at point-blank range


  • d~u+D is now invincible on the first active frame
  • b~f+K charge time is now shorter, standardized with the rest of the cast


  • qcf,hcb+K is now invincible until just before the hitbox appears

Normal Moves


  • cl.A: Can stop hops if you're too close for st.A/B. Whiffs on short crouchers. Cancelable.
  • cl.B: Mainly light combo filler. Cancelable.
  • cl.C: Kim's main heavy combo normal. Has two hits, but only the first one is cancelable.
  • cl.D: Can stop close-range jump-outs. Whiffs on short crouchers.


  • st.A: Good mid-range poke and hop anti-air. Great range and nice priority.
  • st.B: Great anti-hop button. Whiffs on short crouchers.
  • st.C: Good amount of active frames. Safe on block.
  • st.D: Good anti-air for full jumps. Whiffs on short crouchers.


  • cr.A: A standard cr.A. Good for blockstrings and combos. Chainable and cancelable.
  • cr.B: Useful for low combos and blockstrings. Chainable.
  • cr.C: Has long startup but a good anti-air hitbox. Cancelable on hit, block, and whiff.
  • cr.D: A sweep with good range. Cancelable on hit, block, and whiff.


  • j.A: Good jump-in normal for crossups.
  • j.B: An air-to-air normal with nice upwards priority.
  • j.C: A jump-in and air-to-air normal. Generally outshined by his other jump-in buttons.
  • nj.C: Large amount of active frames, good hitbox around his crotch.
  • j.D: A jump-in normal.
  • nj.D: Nice air-to-air normal.

CD Normals

  • st.CD: Good amount of active frames with an okay hitbox. Cancelable on hit, block, and whiff.
  • j.CD: An okay air-to-air normal. Doesn't have a lot of priority.


Neck Grab Slam: b/f+C (close)

  • Regular throw, techable. Kim grabs the opponent with his legs and slams them down to the ground with a backturned hard knockdown.

Deadly Leg Toss: b/f+D (close)

  • Regular throw, techable. Kim tosses the opponent full screen behind him with a soft knockdown.

Command Moves

Tiger Yop Chagi: f+A

  • A flying kick that puts Kim in the air.
  • Good for combos, as you can combo qcb,db,f+K after it for good damage. qcf+K and qcf,hcb+K can't combo from it, though.
  • Will go over lows.
  • Cancelable when done raw and when canceled into.

Nerichagi: f+B

  • An overhead move.
  • Not cancelable raw or when canceled into.

Special Moves

Crescent Moon Slash: qcb+B/D

  • Kim does a forwards flip kick.
  • The B version goes just in front of Kim, and the D version goes about halfscreen.
  • Both versions only combo from heavies.
  • The D version can be used in combos when you don't have a down charge.
  • The B version is fairly safe if every hit connects, but if one of them whiffs it becomes easier to punish it.
  • The D version is punishable by any fast, long-reaching move.

Flying Slice: d~u+B/D

  • Kim does a backwards flip kick.
  • The B version has full startup invincibility but none on the active frames. The D version has startup up until the first active frame, making it a real reversal.
  • B version is a good anti-air, as it has nice anti-air hitboxes and is fast.
  • D version can also work as an anti-air, but it's less reliable.
  • Both versions combo from lights and heavies.
  • Both versions are punishable on block.
  • D version is the preferred one to use for combos due to its followup.
Additional Attack: d+D (during d~u+D)
  • An extra hit at the end of the d~u+D.
  • Causes a hard knockdown, so it's always worth doing.
  • The followup can miss if the d~u+D hit pretty far out, or if it hits weird in the air.

Blowing Sandblaster: d~u+A/C

  • Kim launches himself up into the air and delivers a series of kicks.
  • The A version does fewer hits and doesn't fly as high as the C version.
  • Will combo from lights and heavies.
  • Mainly used for combos, as it's a worse anti-air than d~u+K.
  • Compared to using d~u+D for combos, d~u+C does more damage and can combo from 3 lights instead of 2, but it doesn't give you the hard knockdown that you get with d~u+D > d+D.
  • Punishable on block.

Comet Cruncher: b~f+B/D

  • Kim does a forwards sliding kick and then follows up with an arching kick in the air.
  • The first part hits low, and the second one hits mid.
  • The slide makes his hurtbox shrink, making it possible to low-profile some higher-hitting moves with it.
  • The second hitbox is large and covers a lot, so it can hit both grounded and airborne opponents.
  • The second hit causes a hard knockdown on hit.
  • Punishable on block.

Flying Kick: qcf+B/D (in air)

  • Kim flies diagonally downwards with a divekick. The divekick does multiple hits.
  • Good for changing your aerial trajectory to make it harder to anti-air Kim.
  • Also good as a pressure tool, as the divekick is pretty safe on block.
  • Kim has a very specific corner infinite with it.

Spirit of Conquest Kick: d,d+B/D

  • Kim stomps the ground in front of him.
  • The stomp's most important feature is the stomp cancel glitch. This glitch allows for the stomp to be super-cancelable into his qcb,db,f+K DM when you have meter. When you don't have meter but still do the input, however, it does something completely different, cutting down the recovery of the stomp letting Kim move instantly. This makes the move massively plus on both hit and block, allowing Kim to combo from it or to use the plus frames for pressure on block. The stomp glitch combo gives Kim some very damaging meterless combos and some very strong pressure on block.
  • The input for the stomp cancel glitch is: d,d+K, b,f+K.
  • The stomp can destroy ground-travelling projectiles.
  • The D version can OTG.

Triple Attacks: qcb+A/C (x3)

  • Kim delivers a series of kicks in a rekka sequence.
  • The first two hits of both the A and the C versions are almost the same, but the third hit differs a lot.
  • The only difference for the first two hits is that they're more unsafe on block for the C version than the A version.
  • The first hit hits mid and is safe on block for easy confirms.
  • The second hit also hits mid but is worse on block than the first hit.
  • The third hit for the A version does a two-hitting arching kick. The first hits mid and the second hit is an overhead that causes a hard knockdown on hit.
  • The C version does a two-hitting kick that kicks the opponent and Kim into the air.
  • Aside from being safer, the A version has more reward on the third hit than the C version.
  • However, the A version won't combo properly if there is too much pushback, and will only consistently combo fully from cl.C.
  • As a result, the C version is better to combo with from his other cancelable attacks.

Desperation Moves

Heavenly Phoenix Kick: qcf,hcb+B/D (in air)

  • A DM version of Kim's air qcf+K.
  • Has invincible startup, but no invinciblility on the active frames.
  • Punishable on block.
  • MAX version does more damage.

Phoenix Flattener: qcb,db,f+B/D (can be performed in the air)

  • Kim flies forwards and delivers a series of strikes. If it gets blocked he will still deliver the hits. The air version teleports Kim and the opponent to the ground when it hits to do the full series of strikes.
  • Combos from lights and heavies
  • Good as a long-range punish.
  • Has invincible startup, but no invincibility on the active frames.
  • This move is air unblockable.
  • Punishable on block, especially if the opponent GCRs out.
  • MAX version does more damage.


General Notes

  • In any metered combo, you can replace qcb,db,f+K with qcb,db,f+BD for more damage if you have the resources.



cr.B, cr.A, qcb+Cx3
cr.Bx1-2, cr.A, d~u+C
Less damage than qcb+Cx3, but can work from slightly further range; at close range you can add a second cr.B.


(j.X), cl.C(1), qcb+Cx3
(j.X), cr.A, d,u+C
Useful combo for when you're too far away for cl.C to hit after your jump-in, but you need to charge down during your jump for d,u+C.

Very Close

(j.X), cl.C(1), qcb+Ax3, d,d+D

Stomp Cancel

(j.X), cl.C(1), d,d+B, qcb,db,f+K, cr.D
Stomp cancel can be input as d,d+B, b,f+K.
(j.X), cl.C(1), d,d+B, qcb,db,f+K, cl.C(1), qcb+D
Stomp cancel can be input as d,d+B, b,f+K. Requires a short walk before the cl.C.
(j.X), cl.C(1), d,d+B, qcb,db,f+K, cl.C(1), qcb+Ax3, d,d+D
Stomp cancel can be input as d,d+B, b,f+K. Requires a short walk before the cl.C. Requires Kim to be very close to the opponent.
(j.X), cl.C(1), d,d+B, qcb,db,f+K, cl.C(1), dd+B, qcb,db,f+K, cr.D
Stomp cancel can be input as d,d+B, b,f+K. Requires a short walk before the cl.C. Requires Kim to be very close to the opponent.
(j.X), cl.C(1), d,d+B, qcb,db,f+K, cl.C(1), dd+B, qcb,db,f+K, cl.C(1), qcb+D
Stomp cancel can be input as d,d+B, b,f+K. Requires a short walk before the cl.C. Requires Kim to be very close to the opponent.

With Meter


cr.B, cl.C(1), f+A, qcb,db,f+K
cr.B, cl.C is a 1-frame link, very difficult timing.


(j.X), cl.C(1), f+A, qcb,db,f+K

With Quick Max


cr.Bx2, ABC, cl.C, f+A, qcb,db,f+K

Strategy & Tips


King of Fighters 98 UM FE: Kim Guide by Mash It Out

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