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The King of Fighters '98 UMFE/Ryo Sakazaki

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Ryo is "The Invincible Dragon", the Kyokugen master known for his powerful fists. Since '96, he has teamed up with old friend Robert Garcia and younger sister Yuri Sakazaki as part of the Art of Fighting Team.


- Light Punch

- Light Kick

- Heavy Punch

- Heavy Kick


Tani Otoshi - (close) / +

Tomoe Nage - (close) / +

Command Normals

Hyouchuu Wari - +

Special Moves

Ko-Ou Ken - + /

Kohou - + /

Mouko Raijin Setsu - + /

Mouko Raijin Gou - + /

Hien Shippuu Kyaku - + /

Kyokugenryu Renbu Ken - + /

Desperation Moves

Haoh Shoukou Ken - + /

Ryuuko Ranbu - + /

Tenchi Haoh Ken - + /


Ryo is a dangerous all-rounder who is scary at every range. On defense, he has great pokes and some of the best anti-air tools in the game, making him a real walking wall. On offense, he has a fairly basic mixup but can confirm into huge damage from any situation with or without meter, even having some relatively practical near-100% combos with Extra meter. He is playable at every spot in a team, and is also quite simple and easy to pick up for new players.

Changes from Previous Versions

98 to 98UM


  • Recovery of f.B is now 2 frames longer
  • Recovery of f.C is now 10 frames shorter
  • The startup of 5CD is now 2 frames slower, and there is now 1 fewer active frame
  • The startup of 6A is now 2 frames faster
  • GCCD's hitbox has been increased, and can no longer be low-profiled


  • 236A's recovery is now 2 frames shorter
  • The recovery of 623A is now 2 frames longer
  • The startup of 214C is now 3 frames longer, and you can no longer combo into it from heavy normals
  • You can now cancel 214C into 623P or 63214K on hit or block
  • 63214B now has 3 frames more recovery, and 63214D now has 5 frames more recovery


  • 2363214AC now starts up faster and has the same frame data as the light version
  • 236236P's damage has been increased
  • 236236AC's damage has been decreased

98UM to 98UMFE


  • 236C now has faster startup, more recovery


  • 641236P's C and MAX versions now have faster startup

Normal Moves


  • cl.A: Standard close jab, has a big hitbox so it will hit where fA might whiff on small characters. Use in confirms from 2B. Chainable and cancelable.
  • cl.B: Longer-range close light button, but generally less useful than cl.A or 2A. Cancelable.
  • cl.C: Slow and with less damage than 2C, but easier to use in combos. Cancelable.
  • cl.D: Same as cl.C, really. Same damage. Activates from further away but comes out a little slower. Cancelable.


  • f.A: Cancelable hop anti-air, also good for confirms from 2B. Chainable and cancelable.
  • f.B: Great poke to keep the opponent at bay and whiff-punish.
  • f.C: Pretty okay poke, not as hideously unsafe as it used to be. More damaging than Ryo's other normals.
  • f.D: Can anti-air in situations where 2C lacks horizontal range, but too slow to react with; you'd rather use f.A or 623P.


  • 2A: Not great, but use it after 2B instead of f.A/cl.A if the opponent is too short for those to hit. Chainable and cancelable.
  • 2B: Low combo starter. Links into 2C. Chainable.
  • 2C: Very reliable anti-air normal, one of the best in the game. Insanely fast, hits on the second frame. Also does more damage than Ryo's other cancelable buttons. Links from 2B for combos. Leaves you very open when whiffed, so use with care. Cancelable.
  • 2D: Fast sweep with okay range. Cancelable, cancel into 236B for low->high gimmick.


  • j.A: Decent air-to-air, but j.B works just as well.
  • j.B: Best horizontal range of his air normals. Use for air-to-airs, or to poke when too far away for j.C/j.D/j.CD.
  • j.C: Same damage as j.D and just as fast. Can crossup.
  • j.D: Same damage as j.C and just as fast. Can crossup. More horizontal range.

CD Normals

  • 5CD: Quite fast, recovers fast enough to link into 623A after a counterhit in the corner. Enough range to connect after a 2B 2B blockstring. Nice to fish for counterhits to combo. Cancelable on hit, block, and whiff.
  • j.CD: Good move. Easy to hit crouchers with. Great for pressure and ending juggles. Enough blockstun to run up or jump in an again after connecting. Also good air-to-air. Lets you combo on counterhit.


Tani Otoshi: 4/6C (close)

  • Throws forward. Causes a backturned hard knockdown, allowing for pressure.

Tomoe Nage: 4/6D (close)

  • Throws back. Causes a soft knockdown, making it only useful to throw the opponent into the corner.

Command Moves

Hyouchuu Wari: 6A

  • Overhead when done raw. Reaches surprisingly far. Pretty safe to throw out.
  • Loses its overhead property when canceled into. Not cancelable into other moves directly. When done REAL meaty on opponents wakeup you can link f.A or 2A to combo further.
  • When late-canceled into, it maintains its overhead property, allowing you to mix up opponents in pressure.
  • It is also possible to combo from this move using quick max or cancel into dodge and its follow-up attack.

Special Moves

Ko Ou Ken: 236A/C

  • Stationary projectile.
  • Both versions only combo from heavy attacks, but are not optimal for combos since other options are more damaging.
  • C version deals more damage and moves further. Both are safe on block if spaced properly and punishable when not, they make good pokes to throw out at the right distance.
  • Easily beaten by slide moves.

Kohou: 623A/C

  • Ryo's DP. Incredible anti-air.
  • Both versions will beat most jump-in attempts, but are punishable when missed. A is harder to punish, C equals a free combo of choice for your opponent.
  • Both versions have some invincibility, but the C version has it extending into the active frames, making it a true invincible reversal.

Mouko Raijin Satsu: 236B/D

  • Overhead that travels forward in an airborne arc.
  • B version travels about halfscreen, D version travels almost fullscreen and goes high up so it can be used to go over projectiles.
  • B version has invincibility from frames 4 to 11, D version only has invincibility from frames 5-8. You can cancel grounded attacks into 236B to beat Guard Cancel CD

Mouko Raijin Gou: 214A/C or 214AC

  • Forward-travelling move that has armor frames during startup and is cancelable into certain other special moves.
  • Unsafe on block.
  • A version is fast enough to combo from heavy normals and is cancelable into 623P. C version is too slow to combo from anything, but can be canceled into 623P or 63214K.
  • Pressing both buttons together combines the best parts of both versions into one, a move that can combo from heavy normals and cancel into 63214K for an extremely damaging combo ender.

Hien Shippuu Kyaku: 63214B/D

  • Ryo does a series of advancing flying kicks.
  • Both versions combo from light attacks. B version alone does more damage than 623A/C or 236A/C, D version does even more damage. This is the meterless combo ender to use for longer confirms.
  • Very, very, very unsafe on block. The B version is harder to punish if spaced, but your opponent gets their absolute best confirms if they block the D version in any situation.

Kyokugenryu Renbu Ken: 41236A/C (close)

  • Proximity unblockable that launches the opponent.
  • Use j.CD after launch for extra damage, this does more damage than 236D alone. Ender of choice for confirms from lights.
  • Mainly used within a combo or from an empty jump, as the move unfortunately has input overlap with Ryo's 641236P super, so dashing forward and trying to do 41236P will result in the super coming out instead.

Desperation Moves

Haoh Shou Kou Ken: 641236A/C

  • Standard Kyokugen projectile DM. Mainly useful as a punish for slower fireballs on reaction, and as part of Ryo's main low Quick MAX confirm.
  • A and C versions both combo from heavy normals and deal the same damage. C version moves much faster.
  • MAX version also combos from heavy normals. Moves about as fast as C version, but does more hits and damage, and has a bigger hitbox.

Ryuuko Ranbu: 2363214A/C

  • Ranbu type move, as name suggests.
  • Both versions combo from heavy normals and deal the same damage, but the A version has less startup and thus combos more reliably while the C version has some invinciblity.
  • MAX version combos the same way the A version does and deals more damage. Also has some invincibility.
  • Ryo's most damaging DM by itself, although 236236AC's followups put it ahead in total damage output.
  • Due to Ryo's very strong meterless damage and the total output that can come from SDM 236236P, it sees little use.

Tenchi Haoh Ken: 236236A/C

  • Ryo winds up and delivers a powerful punch. Both versions deal the same damage, with significantly more extra damage than normal on counterhit.
  • A version is fast enough to combo from light normals, while C version has some invincibility on startup.
  • MAX version also combos from lights; it does much less damage, but instantly stuns the opponent.
  • This makes it his most damaging metered combo ender, since it lets you do a free combo of your choice afterward and Ryo's meterless damage is enormous.


General Notes:

  • It is more reliable to use only one 2B in confirms. Using more than one 2B usually works, but often deals less damage or completely fails against crouching characters by making 214AC and 63214D not connect all hits. Multiple 2Bs also make it impossible to link a 2C afterward.
  • Most combos work after jumpins (j.C or j.D, same damage) with slight adjustments, just skip light normals for a heavy or do one less cr.B.
  • You can use any close heavy normal instead of 2C when not linking from 2B, like after jumping in. But 2C is still optimal since it deals more damage.
  • Use 2.A instead of f.A/cl.A for crouching Chin and Choi. 236236P also completely whiffs on them when crouching; however, the SDM version still works.



2B > cl.A > 41236P, j.CD
Basic confirm into proximity unblockable. You need to be close, only 1 2B possible. Remember j.CD does more damage than hop.CD.
2B > 2C > 214AC > 63214D
More damaging but much more difficult low confirm, as 2B > 2C is a 1-frame link. This can be made easier if the 2B was used as a meaty or a landing punish as you will have more plus frames.


(j.X) > cl.C/2C > 214AC, 63214D
Ryo's extremely damaging meterless BnB.

Proximity Unblockable

41236P > j.CD
Very basic. Unblockable launcher into juggle j.CD. Jumping CD deals more damage than hop CD.

With Meter


2Bx1~2 > f.A > 236236A
2Bx1~2 > f.A > 236236AC > j.C > 2C > 214AC > 63214D
Start the same as above, but use the MAX version for stun and follow up with his most damaging meterless combo.
2Bx1~2 > f.A > 236236AC > ABC > j.C > 2C > 2363214P
Great way for Ryo to spend a lot of meter with Advanced meter.
2B > 2C > 2363214A
Best 1-bar conversion for damage alone, but very hard to do as you need to link 2B to 2C.


(j.X) > cl.C/2C > 2363214A
Basic conversion with meter.
(j.X) > cl.C/2C > 236236AC > j.C > 2C > 214AC > 63214D
236236AC conversion. Does a lot of damage.
(j.X) > cl.C/2C > 236236AC > ABC > j.C > 2C > 2363214P
Great way for Ryo to spend a lot of meter with Advanced meter.

With Quick MAX

2Bx2~3 > ABC > cl.D > 641236C
  • Main low meter bnb.
  • You need to walk a tiny bit forward before doing cl.D, try to hold forward after doing ABC to make this easier.
  • If you do this from a jump-in, you can only do up to two 2Bs.
6A > ABC > 63214B
  • Easy overhead quick max combo. Doesn't do a lot of damage but it's easy to execute since you can buffer the 63214B, and it keeps you in max mode afterwards.
6A > ABC > microwalk 2C > 641236C
  • Difficult because you need a microwalk, but gives you the most damage off quick max 6A if you don't have red health,
  • Basically, try to quick max the 6A as soon as possible, microwalk forward, hit 3C, then do 41236C to cancel into the C fireball super.
  • This combo is easier if you use STEP compared to RUN, also easier if the opponent is backturned (for example, if you get a C throw at the corner)
(j.X) > cl.C/2C > 214AC > 63214D > ABC > 623C
  • Damaging corner combo for when Ryo is outside of red health.

Red Health Combos

6A > ABC > 236236AC > ABC > j.D > 2C > 2363214A
  • Overhead quick max combo with SDM 236236P
  • Note, 236236P is only fast enough to link after 6A ABC if you do the SDM version (AKA if you have red health!)
  • You can charge some meter after the 236236AC but you can't charge a full bar without giving the opponent enough time to mash out.
  • At midscreen, charge about 30-40% of your meter before continuing the combo. At the corner, charge about 60-70% of your meter.
  • Charging meter will also kill some time for your free red health super to recharge, allowing you to end the combo with 2363214A.
2B > 2A > 236236ABC > ABC > j.D > 2C > 2363214A
  • Max bypass combo to go into SDM stun punch from 2B. Requires red health.
  • You can input this as 2B > 236 > 2A > 236ABC
  • If you're close enough for cl.A to come out you can also do 2B > 236A > 236ABC
  • Follow the tips from the above combo regarding the ABC after 236236AC.
(j.X) > cl.C/2C > 214AC > 63214D > ABC > 236236AC > ABC > j.D > 2C > 2363214A
  • Ryo's most damaging combo that is only available in red health. Follow the tips from the above combo regarding the ABC after 236236AC.
  • Getting 63214D > ABC > 236236AC is difficult. Try to quick max the 63214D as soon as possible, then buffer the 236236AC and hold the button down to buffer it.

Strategy & Tips


King of Fighters 98 UM FE: Ryo Guide by Mash It Out

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