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The King of Fighters '98 UMFE/Vice/Combos

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The King of Fighters '98 UMFE



General Notes:

  • In any metered combo, you can replace 6321463214K with 6321463214BD for more damage if you have the resources.



2B, 2B/2A, (2B/2A), 214A > 236P
2B, cl.B, 632146P


(j.X), cl.D, 632146P
cl.D, 6A, 41236K
Standing combo into Deicide, switches sides.
cl.D, 6A, 214C > 236P

With Meter


2B, cl.B, 6321463214K
You can do this as 2B, 632146B, 63214K for an easier cancel.


(j.X), cl.D, 6321463214K

Quick Dodge

6A, AB, A/B/C/D, 41236B
6A, AB, A/B/C/D, 214C > 236P
Quick dodge combos from overhead.

With Quick MAX


2B, 2A, ABC, cl.D, 6321463214K
For cl.D to connect, you need to do a microwalk after the Quick MAX activation. Easy to hit-confirm thanks to cl.D being two hits.

Low, Corner

2B, 2B/2A, 214A, ABC, forward j.214B, 214A > 236P
Corner TK Ravenous confirm without Outrage loops - an easier combo if you can't do the infinite. 214A will only connect if Ravenous does 5 or more hits.
2B, 2B/2A, 214A, ABC, forward j.214B, 214B (1) ABCD, [214B (2) ABCD]xN, 214A > 236P
Low infinite confirm. You can only perform Outrage loops if Ravenous does 5 or more hits. Perform the loop until the opponent is dead, or until you want to stop with 214A > 236P.

Quick Dodge

2B, 2A, ABC, cl.D(1), AB, A/B/C/D, 6321463214K
  • Similar to previous combo, you need a microwalk after quick max. Does more damage
  • To make the dodge attack -> super cancel easier, after AB you can do 63214A/B/C/D for the dodge attack then do 63214K to cancel into the super.


(j.X), cl.D, 214A, ABC, forward j.214B, 214A > 236P
Same as the no-loops low confirm, this time from a heavy starter. Follow the guidelines from the low confirm.
(j.X), cl.D, 214A, ABC, forward j.214B, 214B (1) ABCD, [214B (2) ABCD]xN, 214A > 236P
Same as the low confirm. Follow the guidelines from that low confirm.

Vice's Infinite

One of Vice's main appeals in '98 UMFE is her infinite combo, involving 3 of her special moves: Mayhem (214P), Ravenous (j.214K) and Outrage (214K). Using Quick MAX and these three moves, Vice can infinitely juggle the opponent until they are dead. This is possibly the most difficult combo in the game, requiring you to use some extremely tricky techniques to stabilise it. As a reward for this execution, you get access to a touch of death combo when near the corner. Due to the infinite's modularity, you can actually adapt it, so that it might not be a touch of death, but there's still damage, and hopefully remaining MAX Mode time so that you can make the most of what you have actually done.

The infinite can be broken into three parts, or four if you don't have the execution for a ToD: Mayhem starter, TK Ravenous and Outrage loops, with the 4th optional part being the Mayhem ender. Breaking down the infinite like this makes it much easier to understand conceptually, as three or four separate blocks.

The first part is definitely the easy part, and that's your starter - the Mayhem confirm. You need to be somewhat close to the corner (approximately a quarter of the stage away), and have an Extra meter ready. Simply hitconfirm Mayhem (214P) and Quick MAX the charge as soon as possible. The earlier you Quick MAX, the easier the next part becomes. This is also much easier to do with the light version, which can be confirmed from any light string, cl.C and the 2nd hit of cl.D when you are not in MAX Mode. Take note that this does work with a jump-in, as long as you don't use 6A as part of your string. If you've used 6A in your string, you will have to use the heavy version, which makes the next part considerably more difficult.

Now onto the hardest part of the combo - TK Ravenous. This is difficult because you want to perform an instant Ravenous, which is input using 214, from a forward jump. Both the input itself and the timing of your B press are key here in order to pick up your opponent in the correct way, so that you can follow up with the rest of your combo. Firstly, buffer the 214 input just as Mayhem recovers, then full jump with 9, then release your inputs for 5, and press B. You have to figure out the timing, as pressing too early will give you Outrage on the ground and pressing too late will give you j.B. This is a 214~95B input - the timing is strict and most likely the hardest part. You need to get as much hits as possible to launch the opponent high enough. Two or three hits of Ravenous will not be enough at all - you need at least 5 or 6 hits from Ravenous, preferably more, in order to get a pickup.

Now that you have successfully started off the combo, this is where the optional part comes in. From any point in this combo now, you can route into Mayhem and Misanthrope after popping the opponent up to get an ender that either secures a kill, or gives you a hard knockdown. Simply do this inbetween a part and you will get that knockdown.

The final part is Outrage loops - cancelling Outrage after one, two or three hits. Due to timing, this is arguably just as difficult as TK Ravenous. Simply press Outrage as soon as possible (Button hold trick here works wonders) and cancel it with ABCD after one, two or three hits. Be wary that if you continually do one hit Outrages, the combo will drop eventually. The first of the Outrages should be one hit, but after that, aim to loop 2 or 3 hits on an Outrage to make sure your combo won't drop.

To conclude, this combo is very, very, very difficult. Make sure that if you aren't confident with the Outrage loops, you can easily go and end your combo with Mayhem and Misanthrope.

You will need a significant amount of practice. The '98 UMFE Discord server, and the channel #vice, are here to help.

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