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System Changes

  • Recovery after charging in Extra mode has been standardized across the cast
  • Can no longer recovery roll after being guard crushed in mid-air

Wakeup Speed

After a knockdown, characters have variable wake up timings. The differences are listed here:

(-F) Faster wakeup
  • (-10F) - Yuri, Geese
  • (-7F) - Yamazaki
  • (-6F) - Joe, Robert
  • (-5F) - Ryo, Ralf, Clark, Athena, Mai, Kim, Mary, Mature, Rugal, Krauser
  • (-3F) - Takuma
  • (-2F) - Yashiro
  • (-1F) - Daimon, Terry, Kensou, Saisyu, Brian
  • (0F) - Kyo, Benimaru, King, Choi, Vice, Eiji, Kasumi, Shingo, Orochi, Goenitz, Mr. Big
  • (1F) - Leona
  • (+2F) - Iori
  • (+3F) - Chin, Chizuru, Chris, Heidern
  • (+4F) - Andy, Heavy D!
  • (+5F) - Chang, Shermie, Billy, Lucky
(+F) Slower wakeup

Kyo (both)

  • close A - 2 frames less recovery
  • crouching A - 1 frame less recovery

Kyo (regular)

  • QCF+A - damage increased from 10 to 13, guard point lengthened by 2 frames
  • QCB+P - more moves will trigger the counter during the startup frames

Kyo ('95 version)

  • QCF+P - 3 frames less recovery, but builds less power meter


  • far B - damage increased from 4 to 7
  • QCF+C - floats the opponent up for followup attacks, but contributes less to the stun meter
  • QCBx2+K - startup quickened by 3 frames
  • MAX QCFx2+P - 9 frames less recovery


  • df+C - hurtbox reduced in size, anti-air capability improved
  • HCB,f+K - Throw hitbox comes out faster
  • HCFx2+ K - Super flash activates after the counter move connects, more recovery on whiff, Damage adjusted so that the third hit does the most damage

Terry (both)

  • far B - damage increased from 5 to 6
  • QCB+D - Hitbox made taller so it hits crouching opponents as well. Less recovery on landing, and as a result it has frame advantage on block

Terry (normal)

  • HCF+K - B version damage increased from 4 to 8, D version damage increased from 9 to 12
  • dp+D - Invincible until the hitbox comes out, and trading on the first hit results in the opponent being floated up with followup attacks being possible
  • QCFx2+D - Invincible until the hitbox comes out

Terry (EX)

  • HCF+K - First hit can be cancelled into any attack other than HCF+K on hit/block
  • QCF+C - Builds less meter
  • QCB,db,f+ P - All versions have their startup quickened by 8 frames, but have no invincibility after the super flash

Andy (both)

  • close C - hitbox changed so that it doesn't whiff against short characters
  • db,f + C - Slower startup, but less recovery

Andy (EX)

  • QCB+P - 5 frames less recovery

Joe (both)

  • df+B - less recovery

Joe (EX)

  • HCF+P - Projectile has a bigger hitbox
  • Mash P repeatedly - Hitbox of the first hit has been enlarged so that it doesn't whiff against short characters, follow up recovery reduced by 2 frames


  • QCF+C - Faster startup, more recovery
  • HCB,f+P - C and MAX versions have faster startup

Ryo (EX)

  • f+A - if not cancelled into, results in a hard knockdown
  • HCB+B - landing recovery reduced by 8 frames
  • air QCF+A - Projectile flies at a slightly shallower angle
  • HCB,f+P - faster startup. A and MAX versions will connect from light attacks

Robert (both)

  • Standing CD - longer reach
  • f+A - Hitbox has been lengthened
  • air QCB+K - recovery after landing has been reduced by 4 frames for the B version and by 3 frames for the D version
  • HCB,f+P - C and MAX versions have faster startup

Robert (EX)

  • HCB+B - Can juggle after it connects
  • MAX QCF,HCB+P - Invincibility is 10 frames longer

Yuri (both)

  • jump A - special cancel-able
  • jump CD - special cancel-able


  • QCF+K - Less recovery on landing, frame advantage on block (doesn't specify whether it's the air or ground version)
  • QCB+D - Less damage, but also less recovery. Can connect a stand A or crouch A on hit

Yuri (EX)

  • QCB+C - less recovery, +3 on block


  • down B - Timing for comboing into itself is easier
  • air QCB+P - While jumping backwards after blocked, you can do a jump attack, air throw or a V-slasher
  • QCFx2+P - longer invincibility


  • crouch A - can be comboed into itself
  • far D - hurtbox has been shrunk towards his back
  • vertical jump A - faster startup
  • charge b, f + P - Shorter charge time, standardized with other charge moves
  • charge d,u + P - enemy can't recovery roll on hit
  • MAX QCF,HCB+K - completely invincible until just after the hitbox comes out


  • close B - less recovery
  • crouch D - recovery reduced by 4 frames


  • far A - startup faster by 3 frames, bigger hurtbox
  • far D - faster startup by 4 frames, gains lower body invincibility sooner
  • f+B - second hit has its hitbox extended upwards
  • QCB+P - 1 frame less recovery, C version travels faster
  • HCF+P - the opponent takes 10 damage if they hit the ground without being juggled
  • HCB+K - less recovery


  • close/far A - doesn't whiff against crouching short characters anymore
  • down B - easier to combo into itself
  • far B - damage increased from 4 to 6
  • f+A - less recovery
  • air QCB+P - Can be cancelled into other special attacks if the final hit connects


  • HCF+K - B version is +3 on block, D version is +1 on block
  • QCB+C - First hit doesn't push the opponent back anymore
  • dp+A - faster startup


  • f+A - lower body invincibility until just before the hitbox appears
  • d,d+P/K - Now hits overhead, knockdown on hit
  • QCF+C - travels less distance, 15 frames of invincibility from the start of the move


  • dp+P - less recovery, A version is -1 on block, C version is -10 on block
  • QCFx2+P - faster startup, A version has slightly slower projectile speed, C and MAX versions have slightly faster projectile speed
  • QCBx2+P - less recovery

Mai (EX)

  • charge d,u + K - invincible startup, but less damage and longer recovery as a result

King (both)

  • QCF+D - less recovery

King (EX)

  • QCFx2+P - opponent can't recovery roll on hit


  • f+B - Bigger hitbox, such that it'll hit even if right next to the opponent
  • Charge d, u + D - Invincible on the frame that the hitbox appears
  • Charge b, f+ K - Charge time is shorter, standardized with the rest of the cast
  • air QCF HCB+K - Invincible until just before the hitbox appears


  • jump C - hurtbox on the steel ball is smaller
  • jump CD - hurtbox on the steel ball is smaller


  • Charge times are shorter, standardized with the rest of the cast

Yashiro (both)

  • close D - hits low
  • jump C - easier to cross up


  • HCF+A - 2f less recovery
  • QCF+A followup after HCF+A - 3 frames less recovery
  • QCB+K - greatly increased the amount it contributes to the stun meter

Shermie (both)

  • crouch B - easier to combo into itself
  • close C - no longer whiffs on short characters
  • jump D - faster startup


  • f+B - first hit hits overhead
  • HCF+K - Travels further, does more damage
  • QCB+P - Bigger collision box

Orochi Shermie

  • f+B - first hit hits overhead
  • QCB+K - more damage
  • HCF+P/K - B, C and D versions have the same recovery as the A version (shorter)
  • MAX QCFx2+K - Invincibility lasts until after the hitbox comes out


  • QCF+D - less recovery

Orochi Chris

  • QCB+P - less recovery
  • QCFx2+P - faster startup

Yamazaki (both)

  • far C - can cancel into special/super moves when it connects
  • QCB+C - C version has less recovery, is now -2 if guard cancel rolled
  • HCF+K - damage increased from 13 to 21
  • QCFx2+P - Made it easier for the downward attack to hit if a grounded opponent is hit by the rising punch


  • HCB,f+P - damage increased from 22 to 27

Yamazaki (EX)

  • f+A - if not cancelled into, second hit does a hard knockdown

Blue Mary

  • QCF+K - less recovery

Billy (both)

  • close C - no longer whiffs on short characters
  • crouch D - cancels into special and super moves
  • f+A - second hit should no longer whiff on short characters
  • HCF+P - B version has 6 frames less recovery, D version has 10 frames less recovery
  • A repeatedly/C repeatedly - can cancel the animation by pressing ABCD together


  • QCB+K - counter hitbox comes out sooner
  • QCFx2+P - If the second hit connects in mid-air, the third hit should connect easier, and Billy's hurtbox has been shrunk downwards


  • f,f step (Extra mode) - distance moved is longer
  • HCB,f+P - morerecovery after the throw so it's harder to connect attacks afterwards


  • QCB+D - slower startup but less recovery
  • dp+P - more damage


  • jump C - active frames lengthened from 4 to 8
  • jump D - active frames lengthened from 5 to 8
  • QCFx2+K - invincibility until just after the throw hitbox appears


  • charge d,u+C - longer invincibility, but longer recovery


  • far B - longer active frames
  • close C - no longer whiffs against short characters
  • QCB+P - less recovery
  • QCF,HCB+A - invincible until just after the hitbox appears


  • dp+B - second hit has a larger hitbox so it shouldn't whiff if the first connects
  • HCB+K - less recovery, second hit should be easier to connect if the first connects
  • QCB+P - First hit has a bigger hitbox and less recovery
  • QCFx2+P - A version and MAX version have faster startup

Heavy D!

  • close C - less recovery, no longer whiffs on short characters
  • d,d+P - after powering up, as long as you don't do any powered up specials you won't lose the effect upon being hit
  • QCF+A - while powered up, startup is faster and will connect from light attacks
  • QCFx2+K - animation completes during the super flash so you can move as soon as it ends
  • MAX QCFx2+K - effect lasts until the end of the round


  • close C - no longer whiffs on short characters
  • crouch C - no longer whiffs on short characters, special/super cancellable on contact
  • dp+B - invincible until just after the hitbox appears
  • dp+D - made it easier to connect in full if used as a followup in a combo


  • close C - first hit no longer whiffs on short characters
  • jump C - can be cancelled into aerial special attacks
  • QCFx2+B - faster startup

Geese (both)

  • close C - no longer whiffs on short characters
  • f+B - less recovery, +2 on block


  • dp+A - descending attack is easier to connect against crouching opponents, less recovery on landing

Geese (EX)

  • db, HCB, df+ P - hitbox extended to the interior of the move


  • close C - less damage
  • far C - less damage
  • far D - less damage
  • stand CD - less damage, smaller hitbox
  • rdp+K - less damage, D version no longer has invincibility, more recovery
  • QCF+K - less damage
  • QCF+P/K - less damage, heavy version has faster startup but more recovery
  • f,HCF+P - less damage
  • QCF,HCB+P - more recovery on whiff, characteristics don't change if both buttons are pressed


  • crouch A - cancel-able into command moves
  • crouch B - easier to connect to crouch A
  • crouch C - cancel-able into command moves
  • f+A - cancel-able if cancelled into
  • tap P repeatedly - harder to get pushed out of range on hit, easier to get multiple hits, first hit does less damage
  • HCB+K - reflects grounded projectiles


  • QCF+B - less recovery
  • MAX QCF,HCB+P -slower startup, no invincibility after super flash


  • air QCF+P - 5 frames less recovery on landing
  • dp+K - no hitback, damage reduced from 14 to 5
  • HCF+D - damage increased from 20 to 26


  • jump D - easier to crossup
  • f+B - will combo after heavy attacks
  • QCF+A - no longer whiffs on short characters
  • QCF+C - startup faster by 1 frames


  • far B - startup faster by 1 frame
  • close D - startup faster by 3 frames, recovery reduced by 5 frames
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