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The King of Fighters 2002/Clark Still

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Command Normals

1. Stomping - f+B

  • Clark does a high priority kick forward, which does good damage
  • cancellable

Special Moves

1. Napalm Stretch - dp+P

  • Clark jumps into the air, attempting to throw his opponent
  • not very useful, unless it is done very early in the opponent's jump and even then, there are more reliable anti-airs for Clark
  • can be followed up with the qcf+P elbow, if it hits
  • free cancellable into

2. Frankensteiner - dp+K

  • Clark performs a delayed throw that has startup invincibility
  • can be followed up by the qcf+P elbow, if it hits
  • has alot of recovery time if it misses
  • the delay and invincibility allows this to be useful as an anti-air
  • hard knockdown
  • free cancellable into

3. Super Argentine Backbreaker - hcf+K

  • instant command throw which does good damage
  • can be followed up with the qcf+P elbow, if it hits
  • hard knockdown

4. Shining Wizard - hcb+P

  • Clark runs forward. If the opponent is crouching and not blocking, then he will grab them, otherwise he will stop running in front of the opponent and do nothing
  • free cancellable out of on both hits if it hits a crouching opponent. The only move that will actually combo after hcb+P is hcf+P, on the first hit

5. Mount Tackle - hcf+P

  • Clark runs very quickly, tackling the opponent
  • hcf+A will make Clark stop about 3/4 of the screen if he doesn't connect with the opponent, hcf+C goes full screen
  • the tackle itself does no damage, but can be followedup by dd+A/B/C/D
  • the opponent can break out of the followup if he manages to press the same button used for the followup
  • free cancellable into

5a. Clark Lift - dd+A (after hcf+P)

  • hard knockdown

5b. Sleeper Lift - dd+C (after hcf+P)

  • hard knockdown
  • can be followed up by qcf+P

5c. Rolling Cradle - dd+K (after hcf+P)

  • hard knockdown

6. Flashing Elbow - qcf+P (after dp+P, dp+K, hcf+K or hcf+P dd+C)

  • runs up and elbows the opponent who is already knocked down on the ground
  • free cancellable out of
  • hard knockdown


1. Running Three - hcfx2+K

  • Clark runs up to throw the opponent
  • has startup invincibility
  • it's very easy to avoid this move, so it isn't worth attempting it ever in a match

2. Ultra Argentine Backbreaker - hcbx2+P

  • instant throw with good range and damage
  • hard knockdown


1. Ultra Argentine Backbreaker - hcbx2+AC

  • same properties as the DM version, but more damage (about 50%)
  • hard knockdown


1. Running Pirates - hcfx2+BD

  • same properties as the hcfx2+K, but the damage is only slightly higher. Not worth attempting this move either


  • cancellable normals are crouch A, close B, close C(1)
  • CD is cancellable into specials and DMs



1. [Jump Attack] Close C(1), hcf+K, qcf+P - 33% (0 stocks)

This is Clark's bread and butter combo. It's easy to perform and does good damage, though the close C is hard to hit confirm. Some characters can punish Clark if he whiffs an hcf+K after a blocked close C but in many cases you don't have to worry.

2. Close B, Crouch A, hcf+K, qcf+P - 30% (0 stocks)

The purpose of doing this combo over the above is that it's easier to hit confirm. The downside is that it can't really be done starting from a jump attack.

3. Close C(1), f+B, hcf+P, d d+P/K, qcf+P - 50% (0 stocks)

This is Clark's most damaging 0 stock combo, but there is a 25% chance that the opponent will break out of the hcf+P (assuming their button choice to escape is completely random). Also keep in mind it is very difficult to combo the hcf+P if this combo is started from a jump attack, and if this move gets blocked, you can be punished with any combo.

4. Close B/Crouch A, dp+K, qcf+P - 25% (0 stocks)

A fairly unpractical and unrecommended combo, though it's the only way to combo into his dp+K. Since dp+K forces the opponent to wakeup with his back turned, it can set up more damage opportunities if the opponent is taken to the corner. However...this combo is not practical since it's difficult to hit confirm and requires Clark to be at point-blank range to land it.

5. f+B, hcbx2+P - 45% (1 stock)

This combo should only be attempted if the opponent whiffs something with long recovery (such as dp+C), giving you enough time to land f+B. This combo does more damage than if close C is used.

6. [Jump Attack] Close C(1), hcbx2+P - 45% (1 stock)

This is a difficult combo because the cancel time for the first hit of Clark's close C is very short, as well as the fact that he has an hcb+P move which makes it harder to use shortcuts. To do this you can hold the jump attack button, perform hcb+C, then release the jump attack button and perform hcb+P, as holding a button will impede you from doing any special attacks. Generally I wouldn't use this combo outside of a jump attack as it gets much harder/

7. [Jump Attack] Close C, BC, hcbx2+P/AC - 47%/57% (2 stocks/3 stocks)

This combo allows you to go from an uncancellable normal (second hit of close C) into DM or SDM. It will require additional stock compared to the combo above but is easier to hit confirm (if you're not starting from a jump attack). The shortcut for this combo is Close C, hcbx2+BC and Close C, hcb+BC, hcb+AC.

7. (Opponent standing) Close C, BC, run up Close A, hcbx2+P/AC - 50%/60% (2 stocks/3 stocks)

This is an easier combo than the one above doing negiligibly more damage but only working on standing opponents because close A whiffs against crouchers. Note that close A into hcbx2+P/AC is a link and not a cancel.

8. Close C, BC, run up Close C(1), hcbx2+P/AC - 60%/70% (2 stocks/3 stocks)

This is a difficult combo but the most damaging one that he has. A good shortcut would be to input run hcb f+C(1), hcbx2+P/AC after the BC cancel. I would recommend putting in a lot of practice for this combo, though for newer players I wouldn't recommend attempting it.

9. Jump CD(CH), dp+A, qcf+P - 35% (0 stocks)

If your counterhit Jump CD connects such that Clark is close to the opponent after he lands, he can combo it into dp+A which does more damage than just doing another jump attack.

10. (Opponent crouching) Close C, BC, run Close C(1), (C)hcb+P(1), (C)hcf+P, d d+P/K, qcf+P, (C)dp+P(whiff) - 35-40% (2 stocks)

There's no reason to do this combo except to show off, as it does less damage than other combos for more meter. The opponent must be crouching, otherwise the hcb+P will not connect. Cancelling out of the qcf+P (if you chose to go with the d d+C followup) is fairly pointless.

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