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Command Normals

1. Geshiki: Yumebiki - f+A, A

  • swipes forward with his hand, which looks identical to his far C
  • can be followed up by A, which does decent damage but will only connect from close range
  • the A followup is cancellable into specials and DMs, f+A by itself is only cancellable to DMs

2. Geshiki: Goufu In "Shinigame" - f+B

  • Iori does a very slow ax kick
  • since it comes out so slow, it isn't of practical use. It can be punished on hit by a few moves unless cancelled out of
  • overhead
  • cancellable if cancelled into

3. Geshiki: Yuri Ori - b+B(air)

  • Iori kicks behind himself
  • Jumping behind is pretty much the only way to hit with this move, although some characters have large enough hitboxes that this move can hit from the front
  • stuns longer than normal jump attacks, so it's very easy to combo into
  • can be crouched under by most characters

Special Moves

1. 108 Shiki: Yami Barai - qcf+P

  • Iori throws a ground projectile
  • qcf+C travels alot faster than qcf+A, although both don't have good recovery

2. 127 Shiki: Aoihana - qcb+Px3

  • Iori will do a punch, moving him forward. This can be done three times. For the third hit, Iori will jump into the air and hit them from above
  • the followups can be delayed to confuse the opponent
  • qcb+A comes out faster than qcb+C, although qcb+C covers more horizontal range
  • the third hit is very punishable on block
  • third hit is an overhead and hard knockdown
  • free cancellable into
  • free cancellable out of on the first and second hits

3. 212 Shiki: Kototsuki In - hcb+K

  • Iori runs forward, faster than his running speed. If he connects, he will grab the opponent and blast them in the face
  • hcb+B runs slightly more than half screen, while hcb+D will make him run full screen
  • he recovers quickly if he whiffs but has horrible recovery time if the opponent blocks the attack
  • hard knockdown
  • does alot of guardcrush damage on the first hit
  • free cancellable into
  • free cancellable out of on the first hit

4. 100 Shiki: Oniyaki - dp+P

  • a decent fast, vertical anti-air but lacks much invincibility
  • free cancellable into
  • dp+A free cancellable out of, dp+C free cancellable out of on the first and second hit
  • dp+A is supercancellable, dp+C is supercancellable on the first and second hit while Iori is on the ground

5. Kuzukaze - hcb f+P

  • a delayed command throw with some startup invincibility
  • can be followed up by any combo, although running up to combo them before they recover requires some practice


1. Kin 1211 Shiki: Ya Otome - qcf hcb+P

  • Iori dashes across the screen. If he connects, he does a combo on the opponent. Otherwise, he will do nothing and is very open to attack
  • hard knockdown
  • can be followed up by qcfx4+AC, which should be done the moment the explosion from the end of his qcf hcb+P begins

1a. Ura 316 Shiki: Saika - qcfx4+AC (after Ya Otome DM version only)

  • the opponent is lifted into the air, where Iori hits them with an attack
  • it is possible for this move to whiff if it was cancelled into a bit too late
  • in the corner, it can hit opponents off the ground and still not whiff even if cancelled late
  • hard knockdown


1. Kin 1211 Shiki: Ya Otome - qcf hcb+AC

  • Iori dashes forward full screen length. If he connects, he will do a series of attacks doing 50% damage to the opponent. Otherwise, he does nothing and is very open to attack
  • hard knockdown


1. Ura 1219 Shiki: En'ou - qcb hcf b f+AC

  • Iori jumps very quickly across the screen, grabbing the opponent
  • unblockable
  • Iori is invincible during the leap, and when he is recovering


  • cancellable normals are close A, crouch A, close B, close C, far C, crouch C
  • whiff cancellable normals are close A, crouch A, close B, far C, crouch C
  • CD is cancellable into command moves, specials and DMs
  • close B is a low attack
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