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The King of Fighters 2002/Shermie

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1. Shermie Flash Original - b/f+C

2. Front Flash - b/f+D

Command Normals

1. Baku New Suplex - f+A

  • Shermie performs a slow attack with what seems to be ber chest. If the opponent doesn't block it, she grabs them and supplexes them behind her. The opponent gets up right beside her, and at approximately the same time
  • if blocked, she does not perform the supplex portion and takes a long time to recover
  • free cancellable out of only on block
  • this move has no practical application

2. Shermie Stand - f+B

3. Yoke Dousa - ABC

Special Moves

1. Shermie Spiral - hcf+P

  • Shermie does a one frame instant throw on the opponent, causing them to switch sides afterwards
  • can be followed up by qcf+K, but not following up gives Shermie more time to run forward and set up a mixup on their wakeup
  • hard knockdown and opponent gets up with their back turned
  • free cancellable into

2. Diamond Bust - hcf+K

  • Shermie runs/glides forward. If she is in range, she performs an unblockable throw
  • hcf+B travels about a quarter screen length while hcf+D goes half screen
  • has some recovery time if whiffed
  • free cancellable into

3. Shermie Whip - qcb+P

4. Axle Spin Kick - qcb+K

5. F-Captured - hcb f+P

6. Shermie Clutch - dp+K

7. Shermie Cute - qcf+K (after qcb+P, hcf+P or dp+K)

  • while the opponent is knocked down from the previous attack, Shermie runs forward and performs a knee drop doing low damage
  • after doing this move, she usually doesn't have enough time to run forward and be in position to do a mixup before they wakeup. Because of that, sometimes this followup move is not used in favor of the better positioning
  • hard knockdown
  • free cancellable out of, though the only reason to cancel it is to reduce the recovery time


1. Shermie Flash - hcbx2+P

2. Shermie Carnival - hcfx2+P


1. Shermie Flash - hcbx2+AC

2. Shermie Carnival - hcfx2+AC


1. Inazuma Leg Lariat - qcfx2+BD


  • cancellable normals are close A, far A, crouch A, close B, far B, crouch B, close C, crouch C
  • CD is cancellable into specials and DMs
The King of Fighters 2002

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