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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Andy Bogard

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Original Iron Press - close, / +

Wrap-around Slam - close, / +

Command Moves

Chin Raiser - +

Facelift Smash - +

Special Moves

Zan Ei Ken - + /

Shippu Oh Ken - + /

Hisho Ken - +

Geki Hisho Ken - +

Syo Ryu Dan - + /

Sonic Split - + /

Dam Breaker Punch - close, + /

Shiranui Shadow - in air, + /

Shiranui Shadow Downward Jab - /
Shiranui Shadow Uppercut Crush - /

Darkness Kick - + /

Kunai Bullet - near downed opponent, + /

Desperation Moves

Super Sonic Swirl - + /

Zan Ei Comet Punch - + /

Super Desperation Move

Super Sonic Swirl - +

Hidden Super Desperation Move

Zan Ei Super Sonic Swirl - +

Additional attack -

Quick Starter Combo Reference

With a deep jump-in, you can use both hits of cl.C on every combo.

0 Bar



Corner Only

cr.B, cl.B / df+A(1), hcf+C, f+B, d,d+P = 32%
cr.B, cl.B / df+A(1), hcf+C, run, df+A(2), j.C = 36%

(jump-in), cl.C(1), hcf+C, f+B, d,d+P = 29%
(jump-in), cl.C(1), hcf+C, run, df+A(2), j.C = 33%

cr.B, cl.B / df+A(1), hcf+C, df+A(2), cl.D = 40%
(jump-in), cl.C(1), hcf+C, df+A(2), cl.D = 37%

1 Bar


Corner Only

(jump-in), cl.C(2), qcb,hcf+P = 27%

(jump-in), cl.C(1), hcf+C, qcb,db,f+B = 35%

3 Bar



cr.B, cl.B / df+A(1), hcf+C, qcb,db,f+BD = 53%

(jump-in), cl.C(1), hcf+C, qcb,db,f+BD = 50%

Gameplay Overview




  • cl. A, B, C are cancel-able.
  • cl. A, B are chain-able.
  • cl. A is neutral frames on block
  • cl. C hits twice and can be canceled on the first or second hit.
  • cl. C the first hit can be canceled into his df+A or df+B command normals.
  • cl. D can be used to stop hops and opponents from trying to jump over you at a very close range. It can also stop opponents from trying to jump out of the corner.


  • Far A and Far B is good for stopping mid to close range incoming hops.
  • Far A and Far B whiffs on all crouching opponents except for Goro, Maxima and Chang
  • Far A, B, C, and D are not cancel-able.
  • Far C is a good mid-range poke.
  • Far D sometimes activates as cl. D at a medium to close range.


  • cr. A, B, C are whiff cancel-able and cancel-able on hit or block.
  • cr. A & B are chain-able.
  • cr. B is ideal for starting low hit confirming combos, and is a decent ranged poke as well.
  • cr. D is a very far ranged sweep but is not whiff cancel-able or cancel-able on hit or on block.
  • cr. D has a very low profile as well and can be used to anti-air jumps and superjumps.


  • j. A and D can cross-up opponents. j. D is more easier to cross-up than j. A.
  • j. A and C are cancel-able into his qcf+K in the air
  • Neutral j. A, B, C and D are good for stopping incoming jumps and superjumps.
  • j. A, C, D are good for air-to-ground attacks.
  • j.B is great for air-to-air attacks but whiffs completely on crouching opponents except for Goro, Maxima and Chang.

Blowback Attack

  • st. CD can be whiff and cancelled on hit or on block.
  • st. CD can be used to preemptively stop jumps or superjumps if timed properly.
  • j.CD is good for air-to-air attacks or air-to-ground attacks.


Original Iron Press: - (f/b + C) close

  • Andy grabs the opponent, lifts then slams them to the ground then soccer ball kicks them away.
  • Can be broken
  • Hard knockdown

Advice: This throw provides Andy with a great amount of time for proper okizeme. He can run, jump them cross them up with j.D or run up and empty hop into a crouching B (for a low attack) or empty hop into his command throw (hcf+P).

Wrap-around Slam: - (f/b + D) close

  • Andy grabs the opponent then toss them almost a full screen away
  • Can be broken
  • Tech-able/Soft knockdown

Command Moves

Chin Raiser: - f + B

  • A slow overhead
  • Can be canceled out of if canceled into
  • Hard knockdown on hit by itself.
  • Can go under lows when active but not during the start-up.
  • Can be followed up with down, down + A/C, OTG

Facelift Smash: - df + A

  • A two hit mid attack that thrust diagonally
  • First hit cancel-able into into supers and specials
  • Can be used as an anti-air preemptively

Special Moves

Zan Ei Ken - (db, f + A/C)

  • Andy performs a fast, sliding elbow attack aimed at the opponent's midsection which doesn't knock them down. The light punch (A) version has rather quick start-up and ends almost three character spaces away from his starting point. The heavy punch (B) version has slower start-up and ends almost a full screen away. Both versions are unsafe on block by themselves but the light punch version has very fast whiff recovery and can be used as a makeshift dash which builds meter too. The motion of db~f + A/C can be shortcutted into a hcf+P from afar, but in close range a command throw might activate.
  • A version is super cancellable
  • A version has fast recovery if whiffed but bad recovery on block
  • A version travels less than half screen while C version travels full screen
  • Can be canceled into qcf + A/C on block

Combo Advice: The light punch (A) version move cancels from the first hit of his df+A, crouching C and both hits of his cl. D. To avoid his hcf+P to overlap, perform the db~f + A as db~uf + A. The heavy punch (C) version combos from the first hit of his cl. C and his crouching C.

Shippu Oh Ken - during Zan Ei Ken, (qcf + A/C)
This is his follow up after a blocked or hit db~f + P. It's best used in combos since it's unsafe on block (it does provide a bit of pushback but not much). There isn't any visible difference between using the light or heavy punch versions. On hit it gives the opponent a tech-able knockdown from almost a full screen away.
  • Super cancellable

Hisho Ken - (qcb + A)

  • A short range fast blast of energy that whips from Andy's hand. Even though the blast looks fairly short, it has a very decent range and can be used for mid-range zoning. Try not to use this up-close by itself because it's recovery on block is not good at all. This is also a good move to end a lot of his short combos with as it knocks the opponent back almost full screen away with a tech-able knockdown to create more space for yourself. A very cool feature to this move is that the opponent can be free juggled afterward which is especially useful if the opponent cornered to inflict a small amount of extra damage.

Combo Advice: Can be canceled from the first hit of his df+A, any and both of his hits of the cl.C and his crouching C.

Geki Hisho Ken - (qcb + C)

  • An energy ball which stays out for around 5 hits. It's good for chipping when enemy has zero stocks but outside of that situation, it is very unsafe to use. If the ball hits the opponent, it doesn't knock them down at all, and the opponent and Andy seems to recover at the same time. It grants Andy with a good amount of pushback on block but it can be easily guard cancel rolled to punish him. Also, the opponent can simply jump over the energy ball and punish Andy if it doesn't hit anything completely.

Combo Advice: It seems to combo only from the first hit of his cl.C and his crouching C.

Syo Ryu Dan - (dp + A/C)

  • Andy's dragon punch which has a small amount of invincibility at it's start-up and has VERY fast start-up frames which can beat out most okizeme attempts and counter most mashing attempts from the opponent easily. If whiffed, Andy is highly vulnerable and open for punishment, so be sure to exercise good judgement when performing this move. It is super cancel-able on the first hit, but it's hard to input a super that fast and the opponent is knocked in the air which will make the super whiff and not connect properly. One of the shining features of this move is that both of the punch versions give the opponent a hard knockdown which gives Andy great oki and wake-up options. You can also follow with his down, down + P OTG finisher for extra damage but you will sacrificing a bit of time for oki because the opponent will recover faster.
  • Super cancellable
  • A version hits 4 times, while the C version hits 5
  • Hard knockdown on both versions, able to follow up with down, down + P

Combo Advice: This dp can connect from his crouching and close A, B, and first hit of his cl. C. Midscreen, the down, down + P follow up will whiff if you play an extra normal in from of the canceled one (example, cr. B, st.B, dp+A/C) or if it is spaced too far (crouching C into dp+A/C).

Sonic Split - (hcf + B/D)

  • Andy's patented corkscrew arch kick that is hard to punish up close (but can be rolled thru) but sometimes punishable if performed far. It has good priority and range through its animation, can be used as a preemptive anti air. It does not host any kind of invincibility during its start-up or active frames, so is possible to stop it up-close before it starts. The light kick (B) version has a more closer arc than the heavy kick version (D) and it is harder to punish. Andy can be punished if the opponent rolls thru him early once the move takes off into the air, then swept when he lands.

Combo Advice: The light kick (B) version seems to only combo in the corner from a 2-hit cl. C or a cr. B, df+A combo.

Dam Breaker Punch - close, (hcf + A/C)

  • Andy hits the opponent with 4 stylish punches to launch the opponent in the air, ready to be juggled. This is Andy's command proximity throw which greatly strengthens his close range game. The range for this throw is quite far which can make it rather annoying to deal with from the opponent's side, and very easy to combo into as well. The opponent is launched in a juggle-able state which you can either perform a reset upon them to mix them up further, or continue damage with special move, DM or his HSDM that will catch the opponent before they hit the ground. Overall this throw makes Andy's pressure extremely scary in close range, and especially on an opponent's wake up from a hard knockdown.
  • Unblock-able proximity command throw

Combo Advice: You can combo this throw after his close A, B, and both hits of cl.C. Also, it can connect from his df+A, and crouching C. The special moves you can hit the opponent in mid-air is his db~f+C (the qcf+C follow whiffs), a brief dash then dp+A or C (all hits must connect or the hard knockdown wont activate) and a few hits from his hcf+D (one hit from hcf+B). Command moves he can juggle with are his df+A and f+B.

Shiranui Shadow: - in air, qcf + B/D

  • From the air, Andy dives down with his elbow which looks like an aerial version of his db~f + P move. This move doesn't knock down on hit, and it is unsafe on block too. The speed he travels is a bit similar to a regular jump but he pauses in mid-air briefly which makes it look very obvious.
Shiranui Shadow Downward Jab - During Shiranui Shadow, A/C
  • Andy lands after the elbow attack to perform a spinning sweep attack which hits low and causes a tech-able knockdown. The recovery his horrible and it is unsafe on block. To avoid this follow-up after blocking the elbow, simply roll backward.
  • Super cancel-able
  • Hits low
Shiranui Shadow Uppercut Crush - During Shiranui Shadow, B/D
  • From his elbow, Andy lands then throws out an overhead spin kick that has bad recovery on block, but knocks down on hit. Similar to the Downward Jab follow-up, roll after blocking the elbow.
  • The low and overhead follow-ups can be a bit hard to block after the elbow attack, so rolling backward is the easiest solution. Overall, using the Shiranui Shadow and it's follow-ups as a standalone attack is very risky against players who know how to properly avoid and punish it. You can also delay the follow-ups slightly after when Andy lands. It can be used after resetting an opponent in the air after a j.A or j.C (the elbow will whiff but it will be hard to see which follow-up comes out), or during a certain corner combo.

Combo Advice: This move can only cancel after a canceled f+B in the corner.

Darkness Kick: - rdp + B/D

  • This is a rather cool looking kick which is best used for ending corner juggles and early anti-airs. Even though Andy is at negative frames on block, he gets pushed back REALLY far away from the opponent at a safe distance. Unfortunately, the start up for both kick versions are VERY slow but host a small amount of start-up invincibility. The kick when active doesn't negate projectiles, even though it may look like it would.
  • B version has a small bit of lower body invincibility at the start
  • D version has more invincibility at the start but not much, starts up slow and Andy flips back farther than B version
  • The blue flame has a high hitbox, so it can be used as a preemptive anti-air but not a good reversal

Kunai Bullet - close to downed opponent, d d + B/D

  • This is Andy's hard knockdown follow-up. Andy throws out his Kunai which does 2 hits and small amount of damage. It's good to use this follow up if you need some extra damage, but you will be sacrificing wake-up options (as mentioned earlier) because the opponent stands up when Andy recovers. Also, you cannot perform this move after a normal throw from heavy punch.
  • Enemy must be hard knockdown
  • Can whiff if knocked down too far

Desperation Moves

Super Sonic Swirl: - (qcb, db, f + B/D / can be input as d, b, f + B/D)

  • A super version of Sonic Swirl (obviously) that is not safe on block
  • Has some invincibility frames at the start
  • Can be rolled to evade after the super flash then punished

Zan Ei Comet Punch: - (qcb hcf + A/C)

  • Hits activate after the initial one connects, so if blocked he does a fast version of his db, f + A/C
  • Can be jabbed out of his dash animation if timed right
  • On block, not safe but he gets pushed back a fair distance...at which he can be swept
  • Damage output is really low, but has a quick start up, and can be comboed into

Super Desperation Move

Super Sonic Swirl: - (qcb, db, f + BD / can be input as d, b, f + BD)

  • A much better and faster version of his normal DM that does a great deal of damage (around 40%).
  • Easier to juggle with after his hcf + A/C
  • Still unsafe on block, so you better hit them with this

Hidden Super Desperation Move

Zan Ei Super Sonic Swirl: - qcf x 2 + AC

Additional attack, B+C+D
  • His dash which looks like a db, f + P has very fast start up but can be interrupted at full screen range by a few special moves which have autoguard or invincibility frames at start, like Ryo's dp + P or K' dp + C, or Kyo's dp + P
  • Once blocked, Andy will keep dashing and he will be open to punishment until his B+C+D is activated
  • B+C+D will juggle, and do a couple of hits after the super connects
  • If the follow up has poor recovery if misses
  • If the qcf x 2 + A+C is used to juggled after a hcf + P, the B+C+D follow might miss if mistimed
  • Damage depends sometimes on how many hits the B+C+D followup receives. If it's followed up too soon, it may only release a single hit with poor damage. If it is follow up with the opponent in the air as a juggle, then it may hit up to 6 to 7 hits and output a high amount of damage.


You can add a jump-in to every combo. It needs to be fairly deep if you'll go for a low chain.
You can replace cr.B, df+A(1) by cl.C or cr.B, cl.B in every combo.
You can add a cr.B before every cl.C, not cl.C(1), for a 3f link low starter, though you'd then only have one hit of cl.C to cancel.
cl.C's 2nd hit whiffs on crouching (Benimaru, Yuri, Ralf, Clark, Vice, Mature, Bao).

0 Stock


  • cr.Bx1~3, st.B
Nice light string to mash out of pressure and score some chip. 10~18%.
  • cr.B, cl.B, dp+P
Very limited and fairly rising conversion compared to his other options. With dp+A, preferred for safety, 18%.
  • cr.B, df+A(1), qcb+A
Somewhat okay on block so a decent option to default to if you can't hit confirm off cr.B, df+A(1).

 ★ cr.B, df+A(1), hcf+C, [(f+B / run dp+C), d,d+P] or [run df+A, j.C / cl.D]

Andy's very versatile meterless bnb offering knockdown or air reset routes. Stop at the first df+A on block. cl.D is a bit tight to land outside of the corner so j.C is preferred in the air reset route. With f+B, d,d+P ender, 32%; with run df+A, j.C, 36%.
  • cl.C, db,f+A > qcf+P
Don't do this. 23%.


 ★ cr.B, df+A(1), qcb+A, st.C

Good combo to check the opponent in the corner rather than going for damage. 30%.
  • cr.B, df+A(1), hcf+C, delay df+A(1), (rdp+D/dp+C) or (qcb+A, dp+C)
The delay for qcb+A to connect is very tight. Decent damage but lacking compared to the next route unless you want the knockdown. With rdp+D, 38%.

 ★ cr.B, df+A(1), hcf+C, delay df+A, nj.C/cl.D

Corner reset route, good damage and room for mix-up after cl.D. Stop at the first df+A on block. nj.C is easier to land but cl.D does more damage and better frame advantage. 37/40%.
  • cl.C(1), f+B, air qcf+K > P/K
Not interesting by itself but you can start delaying f+B to get the non-cancelable but overhead version for a mix-up. 29/31%.

1 Stock


  • cr.B, cr.A, df+A(1), qcb,hcf+P
Inconsistent and poor damage. Doing super off df+A is a bit awkward and you'd want to avoid it more often than not. 27%.


  • cl.C, hcf+C, qcb,db,f+B
Waste of meter. 24%.

2 Stocks

  • Starter = cl.C / cr.B,df+A / cl.C(1),df+A
cl.C, BC walk, cl.C(1) is enough, no need to run but it's better for 2 hits on the first cl.C.
You can always do 2 hits of df+A at the cost of making the run tighter.
You can't get cl.C(2), hcf+C(3) on a BC run off cl.C(1),df+A.
Damages values given for cl.C, same damage as cr.B, df+A(1), as the starter.


  • Starter, BC run, cl.C, hcf+C(3), (C)hcf+D(1), db,f+P(1) (SC) qcb,hcf+P / qcb,db,f+D
Somewhat underwhelming 2 bar conversion midscreen. The only case where qcb,db,f+D does more than qcb,hcf+P outside of corner is if you use db,f+A and super cancel as soon as possible. Doing that gives 43% and slightly more if you reach the corner before the end of the super.


  • Starter, BC run, cl.C, hcf+C(3), (C)hcf+D(5), air qcf+K > P (SC) qcb,db,f+B
Decent corner conversion but only against standing characters since hcf+D doesn't fully connect and combo on crouching opponents. 44%.
  • Starter, BC run, cl.C(1), hcf+C(3), (C)hcf+D(1), (C)db,f+C(1), (C)hcf+B(4), (C)air qcf+K > P (SC) qcb,db,f+B
Optimized version of the previous with a bit less restriction. hcf+B won't fully connect on crouchers except for crouchng (Daimon, Seth, Maxima, Whip, Xiangfei, Chang). 49%.

3 Stocks


  • cr.B, df+A(1), hcf+C, qcb,db,f+BD
Good way to dump meter on easy damage. Does a bit more if you slightly delay the super. 52~55%.
  • cr.B, df+A(1), hcf+C, run df+A(1), qcb,db,f+BD
Optimized but fairly hard version of the previous. You need to land df+A low for full damage. 60%.
  • Starter, BC run, cl.C, hcf+C(3), (C)hcf+D(1), db,f+C(1) (SC) qcb,db,f+BD
Pretty good damage on a fairly easy conversion. 61%.


  • Starter, BC run, cl.C, hcf+C(3), (C)hcf+D(5), air qcf+K > P (SC) qcb,db,f+BD
Great corner conversion but only against standing characters since hcf+D doesn't fully connect and combo on crouching opponents. 70%.

 ★ Starter, BC run, cl.C(1), hcf+C(3), (C)hcf+D(1), (C)db,f+C(1), (C)hcf+B(4), (C)air qcf+K > P (SC) qcb,db,f+BD

Optimized version of the previous with a bit less restriction. hcf+B won't fully connect on crouchers except for crouchng (Daimon, Seth, Maxima, Whip, Xiangfei, Chang). 75%.

4 Stocks


  • cl.C, f+B, air qcf+K > P (SC) qcb,db,f+BD
Very expensive but good damage to show for it if you need to kill. 69%.


Andy Combos by Franck Frost
Nikolai-保力達 (Andy Best Rounds)
Baozi 包子 (Andy Best Rounds)
Baozi(包子) - [Best of Andy]
앤디 플레이 모음(Andy Best Rounds) - ひろと(hiroto)
Andy Master Class

Match Videos

vs K' (#1)

vs Yuri (#1)

vs Whip (#1)

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