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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Bao

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Phantom Head Attack - close, / +

Critical Throw - close, / +

Command Moves

Kawasaki - +

Senheki Shu - +

Sensyou Shu - +

Rikatsu Shu - +

Sousho - in air, +

Banda - in air, +

Special Moves

Psycho Ball Attack: Raise - +

Psycho Ball Attack: Bound - +

Psycho Ball Attack: Front - +

Psycho Ball Attack: Reflect - +

Psycho Ball Attack: Aerial Front - in air, +

Psycho Ball Attack: Aerial Bound - in air, +

Psycho Ball Crush: Raise - +

Psycho Ball Crush: Bound - +

Psycho Ball Crush: Front - +

Psycho Ball Crush: Aerial Front - in air, +

Psycho Ball Crush: Aerial Bound - in air, +

Desperation Moves

Psycho Ball Attack MAX - + /

Psycho Ball Crush Special - + /

Super Desperation Moves

Psycho Ball Attack MAX - +

Psycho Ball Attack IIDX - +

Hidden Super Desperation Move

Psycho Ball Gravity - +

Quick Starter Combo Reference


0 Bar




cr.Bx2, st.B = 10%

(jump-in), cl.C, f+A, qcb+C = 26%
(jump-in), cr.C, df+D = 27%

(jump-in), cr.C, df+D, df+D = 36%

1 Bar



cr.B, st.A/cr.A, qcbx2+K = 31-33%
• Note: You can do this as cr.B, qcb+A, qcb+K

(jump-in), cl.C, f+A, qcbx2+A = 36%

2 Bar



(jump-in), cl.C, f+A, qcb+C (SC) qcbx2+K = 51%
(jump-in), cl.D(2), f+BC, hold forward briefly to walk, cl.D(2), (C) qcb+C, (C) qcb+D, (SC) qcbx2+K = 53%
• Note: Done midscreen, you'll sideswitch after qcb+D, in which case input the super as qcfx2+K instead.

(jump-in), cl.D(2), f+BC, hold forward briefly to walk, cl.D(2), [(C) qcb+C, (C) qcb+D]x2, (SC) qcbx2+K = 65%

3 Bar



(jump-in), cl.D(2), f+BC, hold forward briefly to walk, cl.D(2), (C) qcb+C, (C) qcb+D, (SC) qcbx2+AC = 62%
• Note: Done midscreen, you'll sideswitch after qcb+D, in which case input the super as qcfx2+AC instead.

(jump-in), cl.D(2), f+BC, hold forward briefly to walk, cl.D(2), [(C) qcb+C, (C) qcb+D]x2, (SC) qcbx2+K = 74%

Gameplay Overview

Bao is a skunk. This is the very first info you need, his entire gameplay revolves around annoying the opponent with his many tools. In a game with 5 different jumps, Bao has 6 fireballs / blanka balls and one of the best (if not the best) zoning potentials in the game. On top of all of this, he has a tiny hurtbox that can be made even smaller during some moves. The opponent is FORCED to change his gameplay against him because a lot of their tools will whiff, and bao can punish HARD with not much meter required (and not so much execution). He lacks a meterless anti air move, but he makes up for it with his hurtbox disappearing when he uses crouching C.



  • cl. A/B/C are cancel-able and hit mid
  • cl. A and B aren't chain-able
  • cl. C has very fast start-up, cancel-able and is good for a close combo starter.
  • cl. D hits twice and isn't cancel-able. It is a very good and easy confirm into Max Mode, and is only special cancel-able in Max Mode. It is also very hard to punish on block because Bao gets pushed back.


  • st. A/B/C/D all hit mid and are not cancel-able or chain-able.
  • st. A is a short ranged jab which can stop incoming hops at a very close range.
  • st. B hits mid despite its animation.
  • st. C is a shoulder thrust which can stop incoming hops as well but has bad whiff recovery
  • st. D has lower body invincibility which can evade most slides and ground skimming projectiles except for Kusanagi's qcf+P and Iori's qcf+P


  • cr. A/C are cancel-able and hit mid.
  • cr. B is chain-able into itself as well as cr.A, st. A, cl. A and st. B.
  • cr. B can link into close D.
  • cr. C has a great distance, lowers Bao's hurtbox, and is hit and whiff cancel-able into his ground command normals and specials.
  • cr. D is a sweep that is not cancel-able and has bad whiff recovery.


  • j. B/C/D can cross-up a majority of standing and crouching characters
  • j. A is cancel-able into his d+B air command normal. It can also be used as an instant overhead on crouching opponents.
  • Neutral j. A is a downward fist swing which is cancel-able into his d+B air command normal, and has fast start-up like j.A.
  • j. B is a jumping knee attack which is good for air-to-ground offense.
  • Neutral j. B is a jumping side-kick which is good for stopping full jumps in an air-to-air position.
  • j. C is good for jump-in attacks and is a bit harder to cross-up opponents than j.B and j.D
  • Neutral j. C hits standing opponents twice and hits jumping opponents once.
  • j. D can be used as an air-to-ground attack, and as a jump away ground-to-air against hops and jump-in attacks. It also has a easy cross-up hitbox as well.
  • Neutral j. D is similar to neutral j. C that it hits standing opponents deep twice and jumping opponents once. Use j. A or j. B instead as a neutral jump anti-air to avoid it getting beaten out by the opponents jump attack.

Blowback Attack

  • Stand CD is a very good grounded anti-air, Bao's hurtbox shrinks down momentarily (there is no invincibility) then releases a massive head butt. Be careful of the slow start-up. Stand CD is not cancel-able either.
  • Jump CD is one of Bao's best air-to-air attacks, just mindful that it can whiff on crouching opponents if performed too early in the hop or jump.


Phantom Head Attack - (f/b + C) close

  • Grabs the opponent, headbutts them, then jumps away
  • Can be broken and counter mashed
  • Hard knockdown

Advice: Bao recovers before the opponent stands up and lands in a favorable position for a cross up j.D or j.2A on the opponent's wake up. The opponent can choose to counter mash against the headbutts to lower the damage (full damage is 10%) or they can choose not to mash as a defensive tactic to run the clock timer or Bao's Max Mode timer if it's activated.

Critical Throw - (f/b + D) close

  • Grabs and tosses the opponent to the other end of the screen
  • Can be broken
  • Hard knockdown

Command Moves

Kawasaki - (f + A)

  • Bao strikes downward with his hand which can be used after a close heavy punch (C) or his crouching heavy punch. It is only special and super cancel-able, even when used alone. Bao is at negative frames when this attack is blocked, so it can be punished by some characters. Be sure to cancel it safely into his qcb+A fireball but stay aware of possible Guard Cancel Rolls if the opponent has meter. This attack will be used frequently in many of Bao's simpler combos as well as a way to activate into Max Mode smoothly.
  • Hits Mid
  • Special cancel-able by itself

Senheki Shu - (f + B)

  • This move looks somewhat like a hands-free cartwheel flip. It hits overhead and it is not cancel-able into any other moves. Also, Bao's normals cannot combo into this move. Regardless of it's lack of cancel-ability it is a very useful to move to use in close range because of its overhead properties. It can also be used during the end of a blockstring with close or crouching C then substituted with Bao's df+D command normal which is a low attack providing a high/low mixup. Be careful though, because the cl. C or cr. C to f+B leaves a small gap in the middle which can interrupted by many characters invincible reversal attacks or supers. On block it's a bit hard to punish because Bao is granted a small amount of push-back during its recovery. One interesting feature this overhead attack has is that it causes a hard knockdown when hit against a jumping opponent...but the hitbox this move has is quite small which may cause it to miss the opponent or stuff it out cleanly if they are using an angled jumping attack.
  • Hits overhead
  • Causes a hard knockdown on airborne opponents

Sensyou Shu - (df + B)

  • This is a much higher and slower version of his cartwheel kick (f+B), but does not hit overhead. You can't combo into this flip, but you can actually combo after the move hits into whatever fast starting normal or even his DM's. This move is also safe on block, which can throw some opponents off, and can help you set-up some nasty frame traps, or as a way to start offensive pressure The start-up is very slow, which can leave it open to dragon punches and other anti-airing moves before the active hit frame start. The flip can actually slowly cross up standing and crouching opponents if you stand directly next to them but can be easy countered by any special or DM that can anti-air fairly well. Overall, it's a fairly good move to use sometimes, but keep in mind of it's rather slow start-up which is it's biggest disadvantage.
  • Hits Mid

Rikatsu Shu - (df + D)

  • One of Bao's best ground command normals. It's fast, hits low, has a decent amount of push-back on block which makes it difficult to punish, causes a hard knockdown, can cause a counter wire wall bounce, and deals a fair amount of damage. On impact, it causes the opponent to fly close the ground and land 3/4 of the screen away from the opponent as a hard knockdown. Bao is able to quick recover from the kick, which is useful for some nasty okizeme set-up during the opponent's wake-up, if your spacing and timing is on point. It is cancel-able from his standing hard punch (C), crouching hard punch (cr.C), and his sweep (cr.D). A fairly easy combo using this kick that most Bao players use is cr.C/st.C, df+D which causes two hits mid-screen...but in the corner, you can place a 2nd df+D after the first one which causes around 25% life from the opponent.
  • Hits Low
  • Wire damage
  • Hard knockdown

Sousho - in air, (d + A)

  • This normal is the close equivalent to Kyo's j.2C, or Mai's j.2A command normals. It has a cross-up hitbox (which is fairly small), easy to combo into (high hitstun), and causes a hard knockdown on jumping opponents. It's slow start-up makes it difficult to use as an air-to-air normal, so its best used for jump-in attacks or for okizeme on knocked down opponents.
  • Hits Mid (Not an overhead)
  • Hard knockdown on jumping opponents

Banda - in air, (d + B)

  • Bao dives down head first diagonally towards the opponent to the ground. This command normal has a very large cross-up hitbox which can cause some very ambiguous cross-ups on the opponents hard knockdown during their wake-up. During the start-up, Bao pauses for a brief moment, then hurls toward the ground during its active frames, which gives this move the categorization of a dive kick for Bao. During the dive, Bao can be hit with reversal type moves (dragon punches) if the opponent is ready for it...sometimes it might trade against certain reversals (ground-to-air), and might even stuff some crouching uppercuts (crouching heavy punch) if they don't attack before Bao pauses in the air. When blocked, Bao has somewhat slow recovery, so he's open to punishment from normals, specials and desperation moves with fast start-up. Overall, this is a pretty useful normal to use mostly on the opponents wake up or after an instant overhead neutral j.A.
  • Hits Mid (Not an overhead)
  • Hard knockdown

Special Moves

Psycho Ball Attack: Raise - (qcf + A)

  • Bao smacks a Psycho Ball in-front of him which travels down to straight up (vertically). For some reason, this fireball works as a very good anti-air because of the projectile's hitbox and its speed travelling upward. Try not to use it too closely to the opponent because Bao is vulnerable while the projectile is in the air.
  • Fireball direction: |

Psycho Ball Attack: Bound - (qcf + B)

  • Bao smackes the fireball down which bounces at a downward diagonal angle, then travels upward which shapes the whole projectile route as a check mark. Pretty good as a pre-emptive anti-air which may throw some opponents off guard, especially if they are expecting the fireball to go a different direction.
  • Fireball direction: ✓
Psycho Ball Attack: Aerial Bound - in air, (qcf + A)
  • A combination of the Psycho Ball Bound and Raise attack. Instead of a check mark route for the projectile, the first angle is a 50 degree downward diagonal, then bounces up straight vertically, similar to the Psycho Ball Raise attack (qcf+A). Really good to dominate space with the angle of this projectile, and can catch those trying to jump in toward you. Again, be aware of the space betweeen you and your opponent, which they may simply try to roll around the fireball and attack you during your landing if you are too close to each other.
  • Fireball direction: \ |

Psycho Ball Attack: Front - (qcb + A)

  • This Psycho Ball travels horizontally at a low height and moderate speed. The low height enables opponents to easily hyper hop over it, but the air version can give the opponent some variety of different ways to evade the projectile. Great for zoning but be sure to understand angles of the other Psycho Ball versions to throw your opponent off.
  • Fireball direction: ---
Psycho Ball Attack: Aerial Front - in air, (qcb + A)
  • This is a good projectile to use next to the ground version which can be easily hyper hopped. If you use it in a back dash, its harder to jump over, but it can be crouched or slid under. If you use it during a jump or super jump, it can be used stop jumping opponents either air-to-air or planning to jump toward you. You can use this in conjunction with his qcf+B Psycho Ball Bound attack to keep the screen filled with your projectile zoning. Just be careful with your jump heights and the area your opponent is on the screen (and their tools) because Bao is vulnerable while he's landing from releasing the fireball.

Psycho Ball Attack: Reflect - (qcb+B)

  • This is Bao's version of Athena's Psycho Reflector. The start-up frames aren't fast enough for you to react to incoming jump attacks (perhaps preemptively or against cornered opponents that would like to jump out of the corner), but fast enough for you to properly react to incoming projectiles for you can reflect them. The hitbox when active is fairly large, and stays around for a good amount of time which may catch some players off guard when they want to punish him but has slow recovery when whiffed. When blocked, Bao is at negative frames, but he gets pushed back a great deal, making him difficult to punish, unless you have a character that has something very quick and can reach him in time.
  • You can not combo into this move because Bao normals push him back too far to connect fully into the reflector, but alternatively, you can use this move by placing it over a character's body on their un-techable (hard knockdown) wake up. The active frames are pretty long which is good for maintaining offensive pressure if they block it, but be extremely careful; if the opponent wakes up with any move that has invincibility frames during the start-up, you'll get hit.
Psycho Ball Crush: Reflect - (qcb+D)
  • Bao travels with the Psycho Reflector towards the opponent at the same height as his Psycho Ball Attack: Front. If a projectile is in front of Bao, this attack will reflect it as well as attack the opponent if they are close enough. The downside to this move is that the start-up is quite slow, the recovery is bad if whiffed and its unsafe on block. On top of that, you can not combo into it from any of Bao's normal attacks. This attack is used quite often in Bao's Max Mode/BC combos.

Psycho Ball Crush: Raise - (qcf + C)

  • Bao takes a small step, then travels inside the Psycho Ball vertically. It's pretty much similar to the Psycho Ball Attack Raise, but as an anti-air, dragon punch type form. It's best to stick with the regular Psycho Ball version because Bao stays ground, plus the recovery is a bit better. Very, very unsafe on block and especially if whiffed because Bao just falls towards the ground from a high height. You can't use this as a reversal either because there is not any invincibility during the start-up. If you do manage to hit someone superjumping in towards you with this move, place a super cancel during the first hit to maximize damage and to give them a reason to not want to super jump towards you.
  • Super cancel-able

Psycho Ball Crush: Bound - (qcf + D)

  • Similar to the Psycho Ball Attack Bound, Bao is inside the fireball, traveling at the same angle as the projectile version. This move travels a pretty good distance, which can make it tough to punish if whiffed. One disadvantage to this move is that Bao can get hit with anti-air special moves if timed correctly and punished while he's landing if you're quick enough to chase him down. Overall, it's a pretty good move if you want to travel a far distance away and behind the opponent (mid-screen only, you'll end up in front of the opponent if they are in the corner) but keep in mind that you may get hit while in mid-air or when landing.
Psycho Ball Crush: Aerial Bound - in air, (qcf + D)
  • This version is a bit more fun and useful than the ground version. Reason why, is because you can start it at different jump heights which gives it more an ambiguous angle, even though its more compacted and narrow than the wide ground version. After the first hit, Bao bounces again, either close to the opponent or far depending on how close or far you activated the move. If blocked, Bao will still bounce again to the other side of the opponent, which can be dangerous for him because he can be hit with any normal or special move.
  • Sometimes at certain distances if the opponent is holding back while this move is active, it can cause them be placed in block stun for a short amount of time. This can cause some rather random cross-ups to happen especially if the opponent doesn't try to hit Bao during the recovery. You can also try to cross-up hard knocked down opponents, especially after using his j. down+B attack (called Banda). Overall, this is a good move to use but in moderation only; be aware of your opponent's character moves (including specials, and DM's) which may be able to punish Bao during this move if they properly evade it, or if it's blocked.

Psycho Ball Crush: Front - qcb + C

  • Bao travels inside the Psycho Ball towards the opponent at the same height as the light punch version (Psycho Ball Attack: Front) but stops almost 3/4ths of the distance. The start-up isn't too bad, and you can actually combo after Bao's crouching or standing C (heavy punch), or his F+A command normal (by itself), both mid-screen and against a cornered opponent. Be sure to hit confirm properly into attack because it is quite unsafe if blocked, and there is no push back to save you.

Combo Advice: A standard and easy combo to use this attack: cl.C/cr.C, f+A, qcb+D (anywhere) or if you have meter, cl.C/cr.C, f+A, qcb+D, SC qcb,qcb+K which does 50% damage.

  • Super cancel-able
Psycho Ball Crush: Aerial Front - In air, (qcb + C)
  • This aerial version is used more to close distance between you and the opponent, and is actually more safer on block than the ground version. You can even execute it during a back dash which you can perform it as qcb, back+C. Be very careful using this move at high altitudes because Bao will recover and land towards the ground which will make him extremely vulnerable.

Desperation Moves

Psycho Ball Attack: MAX - (qcbx2+A/C)

  • Bao unleashes a huge Psycho Ball toward the opponent. Performs around 20% damage, and give the opponent a hard knockdown. No big differences between the light and heavy punch buttons except that the light version has faster start-up. Can be used to negate and counter against a projectile already on screen or to use as a last minute anti-air. It cannot combo after any of Bao's normal attacks (only light punch version in the corner), and will actually missed if placed as a super cancel at the end of his qcb+C. As mentioned before, its 20% damage, and its hard knockdown property are the shining features of this Desperation Move.

Combo Advice: cl.C/cr.C, f+A, qcbx2+A works only in the corner.

Psycho Ball Crush: Special - (qcbx2+B/D)

  • Bao releases the Psycho Ball energy around him as a flash explosion. Can be used as an anti-air, reversal (thanks to it's start-up invincibility) and placed at the end of his Max Mode combos. If whiffed and blocked, Bao recovers for a LONG time which opens him up to be punished easily. You can't combo this move from any of Bao's normal attacks, so it's best used alone, or as a Max Mode combo finisher as mentioned.

Super Desperation Moves

Psycho Ball Attack MAX - (qcbx2+AC)

  • This is a far superior version to his normal, single super meter DM. Much faster start-up, travels at an extremely fast speed, same hard knockdown property on hit and much more damage (35% roughly). You can combo this after his cl.C/cr.C, f+A string, or even after his df+B command normal for fun. You can also place this SDM at the end of his Max Mode combos for more damage as well.

Psycho Ball Attack IIDX - (f, hcf + BD)

  • Bao tosses a very small Psycho Ball which travels full screen at a slow speed which turns into a dangerous firecracker that delivers 15 hits at around 18% damage and locks the opponent in hitstun. The opponent can be hit while they are stuck briefly in hitstun which slows down the speed of the game considerably. This move can be easily avoided by just rolling or jumping over the projectile but it's slow speed may catch players off-guard. On block it deals almost 10% percent of chip damage but doesn't deal any guard damage. Overall, this DM is best used for deal chip damage alone because it is so easy to avoid and its too obvious, unless the player is ignorant to it's properties.

Hidden Super Desperation Move

Psycho Ball Gravity - (qcfx2+AC)

  • Instead of a Psycho Reflector, Bao releases a weird looking Psycho Ball that rotates around in place that pulls the opponent, inflicts around 35% damage on the opponent and locks them in hitstun for a bit. Similar to his Psycho Ball Attack IIDX SDM, this HSDM is very obvious and should be used (if you have meters to waste) for chip damage (while it does less than the Psycho Ball Attack IIDX).


cr.C has more range than cl.C and a lower hurtbox for tripping. You can use cr.C instead in every combo but remember that the extra range can make the next move miss from too far.
You can link every combo from a jump-in or a df+B (except df+B and CD combos)
The CD(CH) combos can be done on GCCD counter hit at the cost of an extra bar and a bit of damage.

0 Stock


  • cl.C, f+A, qcb+C
Your meterless 2 hit confirm bnb for knockdown and nice damage. If you haven't reached the corner by f+A, qcb+C can fail to combo on Robert, Shermie, and these inconsistent characters. You can cancel f+A into qcb+A instead on block.

 ★ cl.C, df+D

Less damage but more consistent, hard knockdown, great carry and safe on block so no great need to hit confirm. Default to this.
  • df+B [link], cl.C, f+A, qcb+C
Same combo off df+B which is very useful on the opponent's wake-up as it's likely to beat or make their reversal options whiff. It won't link on regular Yashiro/Maxima/Daimon/Chang/Yamazaki/Heidern unless it's meaty or they're crouching.

 ★ j.A, j.down+B

Instant overhead into hard knockdown air command normal that's safe on block. This is very, very good to abuse.
  • j.A, j.down+B, df+D OTG
You can link df+D only against Bao (3f link if standing, 4f if crouching), Kasumi (2f link, only standing) and Kula (1f link, only standing).


 ★ cl.C, df+D, df+D OTG

You need to be near the corner to add the second df+D as an OTG.

1 Stock


  • (cr.B, cr.A/cl.A) or cl.C, qcbx2+A/K


  • cl.C, f+A, qcbx2+A
Just save your meter unless you need the damage.

2 Stocks

Starter = [(cr.B,) cl.D] / [cl.C,f+A]

cl.D is easy to use and safe on block but less damage and ends your turn if you don't use max.
cr.B, cl.D is a 1f link but your only low starter, is safe on block and plenty of time to hitconfirm.
cl.C, f+A is more damaging and adds carry for the corner loop but the max run is a bit harder.

Max = Starter, BC, cl.D / (cl.C, f+A)

cl.C, f+A does the most damage but also requires you to BC run. Aside from Robert, Shermie, and these inconsistent characters when you're midscreen, default to this.
cl.D is less damage but very easy to use and is perfectly consistent so the all around best option if you can't be bothered remembering the problem characters.

Long story short, If you're worried about anything, default to cl.D, BC walk, cl.D


  • cl.C, f+A, qcb+C (SC) qcbx2+K/C
If you haven't reached the corner by f+A, qcb+C can fail to combo on Robert, Shermie, and these inconsistent characters.

 ★ Max, qcb+C, (C)qcb+D (SC) qcbx2+K

Unless you reach the corner first, you switch sides after qcb+D so you have to input qcbx2+K as qcfx2+K from the original side's perspective.
  • st.CD(CH), qcb+BC, (C)qcb+D (SC) qcbx2+K
qcb+D whiffs if too close to the opponent and not near corner, in which case SC qcb+BC into qcbx2+C. Sideswitch midscreen like above.


 ★ Max, [qcb+C, (C)qcb+D]x2 (SC) qcbx2+K

  • st.CD(CH), qcb+BC, (C)qcb+D, (C)qcb+C, (C)qcb+D (SC) qcbx2+K

3 Stocks


  • cl.C, f+A, qcbx2+AC
  • cl.C, f+A, qcfx2+AC, run, 0 stock combo

 ★ Max, qcb+C, (C)qcb+D (SC) qcbx2+AC

Unless you reach the corner first, you switch sides after qcb+D so you have to input qcbx2+K as qcfx2+K from the original side's perspective.

 ★ Starter, BC, cl.C, f+A, qcfx2+AC, run, 0 stock combo

An easier and more damaging midscreen max conversion.
  • st.CD(CH), qcb+BC, (C)qcb+D (SC) qcbx2+AC
qcb+D whiffs if too close to the opponent and not near corner, in which case SC qcb+BC into qcbx2+C. Sideswitch midscreen like above.


 ★ Max, [qcb+C, (C)qcb+D]x2 (SC) qcbx2+AC

  • st.CD(CH), qcb+BC, (C)qcb+D, (C)qcb+C, (C)qcb+D (SC) qcbx2+AC

4 Stocks


  • cl.C, f+A, qcb+C (SC), qcbx2+AC
If you haven't reached the corner by f+A, qcb+C can fail to combo on Robert, Shermie, and these inconsistent characters.
  • cl.C, f+A, qcfx2+AC, run, 1 stock combo

 ★Starter, BC, cl.C, f+A, qcfx2+AC, run, 1 stock combo


 ★ Max, qcb+C, (C)qcb+D, (C)qcb+C (SC) f,hcf+BD(4), raw BC, qcb+D, [(C)qcb+C, (C)qcb+D]x2 (SC) qcbx2+K

ToD, 100%.
  • Max, qcb+C, (C)qcb+D, (C)qcb+C (SC) f,hcf+BD(4), raw BC, [qcb+C, (C)qcb+D]x2 (SC) qcbx2+K
ToD, 100%.
  • st.CD(CH), qcb+BC, (C)qcb+D, (C)qcb+C (SC) f,hcf+BD(4), raw BC, qcb+D, [(C)qcb+C, (C)qcb+D]x2 (SC) qcbx2+K
ToD, 100%.

5 stocks


  • cl.C, f+A, qcfx2+AC, run, 2 stocks combo

 ★ Starter, BC, cl.C, f+A, qcfx2+AC, run, 2 stocks combo


{{#ev:youtube|hlUpQ0z1dCc|||Bao Combo Tutorial by Grey_FGC|frame}} {{#ev:youtube|5jPRcPAVVc8|||Bao -Max- combos by Franck Frost|frame}} {{#ev:youtube|hp-J6pKwUOk|||台灣-阿澤.Aze (Bao Best Rounds)|frame}} {{#ev:youtube|CEoABjA8OSI|||바오 플레이 모음(Bao Best Rounds) - 컵라몬 (CupRamon)|frame}} {{#ev:youtube|lFSl29JeBUo|||Bao Master Class Part 1|frame}} {{#ev:youtube|7q4vXxMGw4I|||Bao Master Class Part 2|frame}}

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