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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Billy Kane

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Jigoku Otoshi - close, / +

Ippon Zuri Nage - close, / +

Command Moves

Dai Kaiten Geri - +

Boutaka Tobigeri - +

Special Moves

Kyoushuu Hishou Kon - + /

San Setsu Kon Chu Dan Uchi - + /

Kaen - Sansetsu Kon Chuudan Uchi - + /

Senpuu Kon - mash

Suzume Otoshi - +

Kumo Suzume Otoshi - +

Karyuu Tsuigeki Kon - +

Suiryuu Tsuigeki Kon - +

Desperation Moves

Chou Kaen Senpuu Kon - + /

Dai Senpuu - + /

Guren Ayame Kon - + /

Super Desperation Move

Dai Senpuu - +

Hidden Super Desperation Move

Liar's Element - +

Quick Starter Combo Reference


0 Bar



cr.Bx2~3, (st.A,) f+A = 15-22%
cr.Bx1~2, cl.B, dp+B, j.C = 25-30%

(jump-in), cl.C/D, hcf+A > qcf+P = 25%
(jump-in), cl.C/D, dp+B, j.C = 32%

1 Bar


cr.Bx1~2, cl.B, dp+B, qcf,hcb+P = 40-45%
(jump-in), cl.C/D, dp+B, qcf,hcb+P = 47%

3 Bar

Very close, Low


cr.B, cl.B, qcfx2+AC = 48%
• Note: Do it as cr.B, qcf+B, qcf+AC.

(jump-in), cl.C/D, qcfx2+AC = 52%
• Note: Do it as qcf+C/D, qcf+AC.

Gameplay Overview

Billy is close to a faster Dhalsim without a projectile. He has the longest normals in the game, which allows for safer jump-ins, pokes, and punishes at ranges others can't.

Jumping B, jumping C, crouching C and standing CD offer good priority and/or range, which is good to use against certain characters' normals. Crouching A almost goes 2/3 of the screen, difficult to punish at range and is able to rob your fireball spam/run-away opponent of that small amount of life needed to win. Midscreen, standing A and B are best to deal with hops and f+A is excellent for both punishing and harassing the opponent while being safe on block.
Despite being centered around poking at that range he's not lacking decent close-up conversions. Crouching B is fast and can be safely stringed and 2~3 hit confirmed into a dp+B and a followup move, usually j.C anywhere and qcf,hcb+P in the corner for solid 1 bar damage. He lacks impact for more meter and loves forcing his buttons on his opponent, making him most effective as point but know that while his long hitboxes help him, his even longer hurtboxes can hurt him. Characters with good priority can stuff Billy's long-range pokes so keep an eye out for that.

Billy has a fair amount of situational moves, like mash A that stops projectiles to give him a breather against spam but that you'd never use otherwise. Learning those uses and ranges and avoiding the very unsafe dp+B spam all play a big part in being a good Billy.



  • cl. A/B/C/D are cancel-able.
  • cl. B hits mid, but looks low. It can be blocked by blocking either high or low.
  • cl. C is a good punisher that can be used to cancel into f + A, or a Desperation Move.
  • cl. D is a high kick that can be canceled, but isn't always suggested over cl. C.


  • Stand A is cancel-able/whiff cancel-able.
  • Stand B is a standing reverse roundhouse that comes out pretty quick. It's good to use in block strings for pressure, as it keeps Billy relatively safe.
  • Stand C has tons of range, and is a good move to use for zoning at times. It can be used sometimes as an anti-air move depending on the distance of the opponent and the whether the attack can be beat with standing C. This move is one of many options to use after a counter wire hit f + B if unable to combo with anything else.
  • Stand D deceiving looks like his dp + B/D move, except Billy stays in place and doesn't shoot up to the air. If close enough, this move can hit twice.


  • cr. A/B/C are cancel-able/whiff cancel-able, but for cr. A the timing is not as fast as the other moves.
  • cr. A is a ridiculously long poke that extends almost fullscreen. It whiffs on standing Bao point blank. Useful tool that many opponents forget about; best used on its tip, where you can get very annoying with it by interrupting anything the opponent does from the other corner of the screen.
  • cr. B can be chained extremely fast, allowing Billy to connect 4-5 of them if you get the timing right. This is the backbone of Billy's play, as it allows him long and easy confirms into good damage. Also, this is one of his few buttons you have that is 0 on block (everything else is either worse or way worse), so it's essential for pressure, and makes a good poke too.
  • cr. C is an ok anti-air depending on the character you're facing. This move does a good amount of guard damage. Beware of ending with it on block though, you can cancel it into f+A for safety.
  • cr. D hits attacks twice, but will not combo. Both hits knock down, and will not allow for any further combo potential.


  • j. A has priority over a bunch of normal attacks. When facing characters with high priority normals, this move can help beat the competition at times.
  • j. B is an ok jump attack that beats out some moves, but not as well as j. C. This move does not cross over.
  • j. C is a great range tool to use when retreating, or just punishing with ranged attacks. This is the best option for safe jump ins also.
  • j. D can be used as a cross up, but to combo with it afterwards takes time to learn, as Billy attacks from a weird angle.
  • All jumping attacks allow for a safe jump(really hop) in, but the best one that has range is j. C.

Blowback Attack

  • Billy Kane swings his cane counter clock-wise. His j. CD attack is rather the same, except the angle of the cane is slightly lower, and he swings it the opposite direction. The use of this with a short hop can allow for good pressure, and can possibly lead to a corner trap, as the move sends the opponent flying.


Jigoku Otoshi - b/f + C

  • Can be broken, regular knockdown.

Ippon Zuri Nage - b/f + D

  • Can be broken. This throw should be considered a long range throw, as it puts the opponent far enough to safely poke.

Command Moves

Dai Kaiten Geri - f + A

  • Billy does a short jumping spinning pole attack to a reverse aerial roundhouse kick, hitting twice without knocking down. This is a good and notoriously safe tool for Billy often used to "harass" the opponent when in close range. The startup is very fast (will combo from light attacks), hits high enough to catch hops, but most importantly, the last kick is +1 on block, making it excellent for pressure. Alas, with his cr.C getting slower, Billy can't frametrap as effectively with it as he could in some older games, but it's still great for blockstrings and to bait button press after.

Combo Advice: While Billy has better options for any scenario, this move is very simple to combo/cancel into, and safe on block to boot, so you can get away with throwing it on block randomly, or canceling stuff like cr.C into it for safety.

Boutaka Tobigeri: f + B

  • Billy does a pole vault, shooting himself forward while doing a flying kick. Slow and not very safe unless used on tip, so not exactly used often. This move doesn't naturally combo, but if it is a counter hit, it will produce a counter wire, which will allow Billy to combo using several different moves. Does a good amount of guard damage.

Combo Advice: Only usable for some fun counterwire juggles, but if you have time to throw it, you might as well use easier options for same or more damage.

  • Hard knockdown
  • Counterwire

Special Moves

San Setsu Kon Chu Dan Uchi - hcf + A/C

  • Billy thrusts his cane straight towards the opponent, which stretches and hits once. Useful for poking, and the A version can be comboed into from his heavy normals. The C version does not combo from anything, in exchange for longer range, more damage, and slower startup. Terribly unsafe on block, can be made safer by using the follow-up.
> Kaen - Sansetsu Kon Chuudan Uchi (hcf + A/C) ~ qcf + A/C
  • An explosion happens from the end of Billy's staff, dealing an extra hit. Unsafe on block, but the frame disadvantage does not really matter if this move is done from a distance.

Kyoushuu Hishou Kon - dp + B/D

  • Billy does a pole vault that shoots him straight up in the air and off screen. He then comes landing down further than where he started. This is a good move to hitconfirm into and it can be followed up for extra damage. The button strength determines the distance traveled. This move also does a considerable amount of both guard and chip damage. Avoid spamming it as the opponent can simply block the ascent, run to the other side and then get an easy punish on the descent.

Combo advice: When it fully connects, you can follow-up dp+K by j.C for good damage and reset or even qcf,hcb+P for great damage in the corner.

Senpuu Kon - A repeatedly

  • Billy spins his cane around like the Color Guard at a football game. This move can combo depending on the conditions of the character, but its not recommended. Hitting the opponent from behind allows for more hits. It can stop both ground and air projectiles giving him time to think and a way to avoid getting chipped by spam . Billy can't nullify super projectiles with this move however.

Karyuu Tsuigeki Kon - qcb + B

  • Counter move. This counter can only counter jumping attacks and specials. After the guard point, Billy will automatically hit his opponent with a quick combo. Cannot be super cancelled.

Suiryuu Tsuigeki Kon - qcb + D

  • This version of Billy's counter will counter mid and low moves. After the guard point, Billy will automatically hit his opponent with a 5-hit combo. Any one of these hits can be super cancelled, making for a deadly counter. However, the short range of Billy's supers means that super cancelling from this counter can only really be done from close range.

Suzume Otoshi - qcb + A

  • Billy throws his cane in an diagonal up-forward direction. This move is vital, as it can not only be used as an anti-air, but after doing a dp + B/D, Billy can immediately follow up with this move instantly upon landing. This will not work in the corner, however.

Kumo Suzume Otoshi - qcb + C

  • Billy throws his stick just like his Suzume Otoshi move, but this time there's an explosion at the end. The hitbox is rather strange with this move, and it also has a slightly slow start up time. This cannot be used to follow up after doing dp + B/D.

Desperation Moves

Chou Kaen Senpuu Kon - qcf, hcb + A/C

  • Billy Kane spins his cane just like his Senpuu Kon (A rapidly), but it produces a ring of fire that spins for sveral hits. After those several hits, he then throws the ring forward. The ring disappears shortly after, as it doesn't travel that far (it stops at about sweeping distance). This move is great to use in both combos, and when baiting an opponent to tech roll forward.

Dai Senpuu: qcf x2 + A/C

  • Billy jumps in the air and slams his cane (which looks like it multiplied) several times to the ground. Somewhat good anti-air to use, but only if the opponent is too far to use anything else (which won't be the case), and there's more than one stock. This move also works as an overhead.

Guren Ayame Kon - qcf x 2 + B/D

  • Billy does a Shoryuken like move, while spinning his cane upward in the air. The cane has the ring of fire surrounding it as well. This is a great move to combo with in the corner.

Super Desperation Moves

Dai Senpuu: qcf x 2 + AC

  • This SDM is the same has the regular DM, but does more damage and more hits.

Hidden Super Desperation Move

Liar Elemental - qcb, hcf + BD

  • This is a counter super. Billy throws his cane away towards the opponent. If the opponent hits him at any point during this move, Billy then retaliates and does a ranbu combo. If Billy isn't hit, then he shakes his fist. Use this move sparingly.


You can use cl.B instead of the last cr.B of cr.Bx1~3 for an easier cancel but less range.

You can replace cr.Bx1~3 with cl.D that you can also replace with cl.C.
You can add a jump-in to every combo, though when there are it's best to remove a cr.B.
You can do 5 cr.B's before dp+B or st.A but it's very tight and not recommended.

0 Stock


 ★ cr.Bx1~4, st.A, f+A

Billy's main bnb, a safe meterless confirm and blockstring off of crouching B. It's best to stick to 3 cr.B's and you can omit st.A to make it a tad easier.

 ★ cr.Bx1~3, dp+B, j.C

Billy's second bnb, good damage and interesting reset. cr.B has more range but cl.B is easier to cancel. You can jump forward or away depending on the situation, just don't neutral jump C. You can add a jump-in in the corner.
  • cl.D, hcf+A > qcf+P
Decent conversion to score a knockdown though the previous route is preferred.
  • CH f+B, qcb+A / j.CD / st.CD / st.C
st.CD is the most reliable ender here. j.CD can be used for corner carry in exchange for having to adjust direction and timing depending on spacing. Hitting on the tip of f+B and away from the corner is best. Overall this is much too situational and risky to fish for.


 ★ cr.Bx1~3, dp+B, qcb+A

More damage than j.C on top of scoring a knockdown but qcb+A will whiff if done in the corner.


  • cr.Bx1~3, dp+B, j.A
Not much reason to ever use j.A over j.C.

1 Stock


  • cr.Bx1~3, qcfx2+A
Good light confirm into super. It's best to stick to 2 cr.B's or you risk missing the first hit of the super by not being fast enough, giving the opponent a chance to block and punish. Input it as cr.Bx1~2, qcf, cr.B, qcf+AC.


 ★ cr.Bx1~3, dp+B, qcf,hcb+P

An excellent 1 bar conversion in the corner. You can use qcfx2+K but qcf,hcb+P does more damage.

2 Stocks


  • cl.D, (BC run) cl.D, hcf+A(1) (SC) qcfx2+P


  • cl.D, (BC run), cl.D, hcf+A(1), (C) dp+D, qcf,hcb+A
Replacing dp+D by dp+B does 1% more but also makes the run tighter.

3 Stocks


  • cr.Bx1~3, qcfx2+AC
Good light confirm into super. It's best to stick to 2 cr.B's or you risk missing the first hit of the super by not being fast enough, giving the opponent a chance to block and punish. Input it as cr.Bx1~2, qcf, cr.B, qcf+AC.
  • cl.D, (BC run) cl.D, hcf+A(1) (SC) qcfx2+AC
  • cl.D, (BC run) cl.D, qcfx2+AC
With a tight run, the super does 5 hits instead of 4, leading to more damage than the previous combo.

Changes from OG2k2

  • Billy gains 2 moves from Real Bout Fatal Fury: qcb+A and qcb+C.
  • f + B doesn't naturally combo from anything anymore.


빌리 플레이 모음(Billy Best Rounds) -xyzzy (식칼)
Billy Master Class

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