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02UM Mary Profile.png
02UM Mary 0.gif



Victory Nage - close, Bk.gif / Fd.gif + C.gif

Head Throw - close, Bk.gif / Fd.gif + D.gif

Command Moves

Hammer Punch - Bk.gif / Fd.gif+ A.gif

Double Rolling - Bk.gif / Fd.gif+ B.gif

Special Moves

Spin Fall - Qcf.gif + A.gif / C.gif

M. Spider - Qcf.gif + A.gif / C.gif

Straight Slicer - charge Bk.gif ~ Fd.gif + B.gif / D.gif

Crab Clutch - Qcf.gif + B.gif / D.gif
Stun Fang - Qcf.gif + A.gif / C.gif
Spin Heel Attack - Up.gif + D.gif

Vertical Arrow - Dp.gif + B.gif / D.gif

M. Snatcher - Dp.gif + B.gif / D.gif

M. Reverse Facelock - Qcb.gif + B.gif

M. Head Buster - Qcb.gif + D.gif

Real Counter - Qcb.gif + A.gif / C.gif

Real Backdrop - Hcf.gif + A.gif / C.gif

Desperation Moves

M. Dynamite Swing - A.gif, A.gif, Fd.gif, B.gif, C.gif

M. Splash Rose - Qcf.gifDf.gifQcb.gif + A.gif / C.gif

M. Typhoon - Hcb.gifHcb.gif + B.gif / D.gif

Super Desperation Move

M. Dynamite Swing - A.gif, A.gif, Bk.gif, B.gif, C.gif

Hidden Super Desperation Move

M. Infinity Rose - charge Bk.gif ~ Fd.gifBk.gifFd.gif + B.gifD.gif

Quick Starter Combo Reference


0 Bar



cr.Bx1~3, st.B = 10%

(jump-in), cl.C(1), b+A, b~f+K > (qcf+K / qcf+P>u+D) = 26% / 28%
• Note: qcf+K has better oki and qcf+P>u+D does more damage and carry.

1 Bar


(jump-in), cl.C(1), b/f+A, hcbx2+K / qcf,hcb+P = 37% / 34%

2 Bar


(jump-in), cl.C(1), f+A, BC walk, cl.C(1), f+A , b~f+D > qcf+P, (C) dp+B(1), (SC) qcf,hcb+C = 46%
• Note: You can do b~f+D as b,f+D, no charge, and the SC as dp+B(1), (SC) hcb+C or f,qcf+B(1), (SC) qcb+C.

3 Bar



(jump-in), cl.C(1), f+A, A,b,B,C = 45%
(jump-in), cl.C(1), f+A, BC walk, cl.C(1), f+A, b~f,b,f+BD = 56%
• Note: You can only use b~f,b,f+BD when under 30% HP and you can do it as b,f,b,f+BD. Don't have to charge it.

(jump-in), cl.C(1), f+A, BC walk, cl.C(1), f+A , b~f+D > qcf+P, (C) dp+B(1), (SC) A,A,b,B,C = 57%
• Note: You can shortcut the end as b~f+D > qcf+A, A, b, (C) dp+B(1), C.

Gameplay Overview

Mary is a rushdown character with an element of risk/reward to her. She has solid air normals to chase with, mainly j.D but also j.C and j.CD for when the opponent is too high for the former to connect. She also has Straight Slicer to low profile through and hit low but it can be very unsafe, the light version is recommended for being very safe when spaced properly. Most of her special moves have hard knockdown followups, making it very easy for her to stick to her opponent. She has two meterless reversals: a standard DP and a dodge which features an instant grab followup (essential to her mixup game), but is vulnerable to throws itself. Her weaknesses include some of her ground pokes being laggy and her special moves being easily punishable for the most part, requiring her to commit heavily to her decisions.

Mary's Maxmode combos are relatively easy to perform and to convert into, but she is also quite good at building meter herself. Mary can do well in any team position, but given her risky nature you might want to use a more dependable character as your anchor.



  • cl.A is chainable to all A and B ground normals, plus on block.
  • cl.B hits low and can chain to all A and B ground normals. Can link into cl.C when done as a meaty.
  • cl.C is a two-hit normal which hits above her head. Both hits are special and super cancellable but only the first hit can be cancelled into command normals. Ideal combo starter.
  • cl.D is a slow axe kick. Hitbox starts above her head, making it good for stopping jumps when used as a frame trap. First hit can cancel into M. Dynamite Swing. Second hit is cancellable.


  • st.A is a quick jab which is effective for checking hops.
  • st.B is a great poking normal for its speed and range. Great for safe pressure and sometimes for mashing out. Cancellable but doesn’t combo into anything.
  • st.C is a spinning back fist. Good range but very slow. Both hits are cancellable.
  • st.D is a slow sobat with lower body invincibility. It's possible to combo into M. Dynamite Swing if the opponent is cornered.


  • cr.A/B/C are cancellable.
  • cr.A/B are fast and have decent range. Two of her best normals. Chainable into themselves and other light normals.
  • cr.C is a fast shoulder tackle that has great range, is good combo starter and lowers her crouching hurtbox.
  • cr.D is a standard sweep, hits low and can whiff cancel into AAfBC super and is good for low profiling people hopping towards you.


  • j.A is a quick punch, hits pretty low but not as low as j.D.
  • j.B is a jumping knee that hits in front of her, notably active and fast.
  • j.C is an effective jump-in and a solid air-to-air.
  • j.D is great for jump-ins and rushdown due to its reach and is Mary's only crossup.
  • nj.C/D are decent air-to-airs. nj.C hits higher and has a way better hitbox.


  • st.CD is an elbow attack. Faster than st.C but has slightly shorter range.
  • j.CD is a stubby air-to-air with decent priority, but a high hitbox. Outranged by j.C but higher reward on airborne opponents and better blockstun.


Victory Nage - b/f + C (close)

  • Mary slams the opponent to the ground, then elbows them. The opponent lands half a screen's length behind Mary and takes a while to recover, making it ideal for okizeme.
  • Hard, back-turned knockdown.
  • Can be teched.

Head Throw - b/f + D (close)

  • Mary throws the opponent towards the corner of the screen. Both throws leave the opponent behind her, and given the soft knockdown property of this throw it is decisively inferior.
  • Soft knockdown.
  • Can be teched.

Command Moves

Hammer Punch - (b/f + A)

  • Very nice range for an overhead and also for extending combos, but its spacing is predictable and Mary doesn't have any real low threat if she has just ran in.
  • Super cancellable when done raw.
  • Cancellable into specials as well when combo'd into.
  • High profiles a bit before it hits.

Double Rolling - (b/f + B)

  • Second hit is low.
  • Combo filler which nets higher damage than Hammer Punch and gives you plenty of time to charge Straight Slicer as a combo ender, but has much worse range.
  • Cancellable.

Special Moves

Spin Fall - (qcf + A/C)

  • Mary flips towards the opponent, hitting them with her heel. Can be used to evade some low height projectiles. Ideally used to continue pressure, but can be mashed out of quite easily.
  • A version is an overhead which is somewhat safe on block.
  • C version is a mid which is unsafe on block, but its range is ideal for calling out back rolls.
M. Spider - (qcf + A/C)
  • If the Spin Fall hits, this followup will make Mary clutch the opponent for a hard knockdown

Straight Slicer - Charge (b~f + B/D)

  • Mary slides towards the opponent. Can evade high projectiles with its low profile, but be mindful of how Mary leaps up a bit before sliding. Comes out fast and is active for a while, but very punishable unless spaced perfectly. Both versions can be combo'd into from her command normals provided you have the charge.
  • B version travels half the screen, is super cancellable and always hits low.
  • D version reaches just short of fullscreen and only hits low near the end.
Crab Clutch - (qcf + B/D)
  • Mary grabs and snaps the opponent's leg
  • Hard knockdown. Gives better frame advantage than the alternate followup.
Stun Fang - (qcf + A/C)
  • Mary shocks the opponent. The opponent lands a half screen distance away. This is better at catching opponents at the tip of Straight Slicer's reach than Crab Clutch and provides better corner carry, but isn't as good at catching opponents falling from a jump.
  • Hard knockdown.
Spin Heel Attack - (u + D)
  • Mary pursuits with a heel attack.
  • Soft knockdown but plenty of corner carry afterwards.

Vertical Arrow - (dp + B/D)

  • Mary rises up diagonally off the ground. Can be used as an anti-air and a reversal, but is quite sluggish and easily safejumped. The light kick version has a shorter height than the heavy kick version. Punishable if whiffed or blocked.
  • Super cancellable.
M. Snatcher - (dp + B/D)
  • This followup makes Mary perform a head scissors leg throw and causes them to land half the screen away.
  • Hard, back-turned knockdown.

M. Reverse Facelock - (qcb + B)

  • Counters airborne attacks and special moves.
  • Hard, back-turned knockdown

M. Head Buster - (qcb + D)

  • Counters normals aimed at Mary's mid-section, either highs or lows.

Real Counter - (qcb + A/C)

  • Mary is instantly invincible to strikes during this stance. However, she has a brief recovery period when the invincibility is over, and she can be thrown throughout.
Backdrop Real - (hcf + A/C) close
  • This is the 1f command throw follow up during the counter stance. You can use the Real Counter as an anti-air, reversal or as a counter move, then use this command throw to punish the opponent. This will not autocorrect to catch opponents behind her.
  • Even at inhuman speed, Real Counter > Backdrop Real would be a 3f grab at best, which means just doing it fast is enough to combo into it. However, inputting it as just b,qcb,f,P, qcb,hcf,P or qcbx2,f+P makes Real Counter and its followup come out instantly, giving Mary an actual 1f grab to use in neutral as well. f,P means you need a standalone P at the end but while b,qcb,f+P,P works qcb,hcf+P,P doesn't since Spin Fall is in the way. b,qcb,f,P seems to be the most reliable way of doing it, and since it still counts as an actual special you can hold P to both use the button hold trick and make sure you get the standalone P.
  • Possible explanation by Franck Frost: The only motion out of b,qcb,f,P that makes sense for Mary as far as the game knows is qcb+P (Real counter) so it does that but as it's doing so it also sees b,d,db,b,f,P -> b,d,f,P -> hcf,P (Backdrop Real) and I assume that's how you can trick the game into doing the follow-up instantly. A similar explanation works for the other two inputs.

Desperation Moves

M. Dynamite Swing - (A, A, f, B, C)

  • Can be used as an anti-air or reversal because of its fast startup and enormous invincibility window. You can hide the inputs during the recovery of many of her normals and special moves as it will cancel freely from otherwise uncancellable normals. Can be also done as A,f+A,B,C and A,A,f+B,C.

M. Splash Rose - (qcf hcb + A/C)

  • This is a ranbu that can be combo after her command normals and heavy normals. It has a small amount of invincibility when it starts.

M. Typhoon - (hcb x 2 + B/D) close

  • This is a 1-frame command throw that can combo from her command normals and heavy normals.

Super Desperation Move

M. Dynamite Swing - (A, A, b + B, C)

  • A much more damaging version of her regular DM, M. Dynamite Swing. Can be also done as A,b+A,B,C and A,A,b+B,C.

Hidden Super Desperation Move

M. Infinity Rose - Charge (b~f, b, f + BD)

  • Mary slides a short distance, even shorter than B Straight Slicer. If it hits, the opponent is treated to an assortment of her clutches.
  • Has a small amount of invincibility before she slides towards the opponent.
  • Hits low.
  • Can easily be combo'd into if you have the charge.
  • Ideally one should only use this if it will kill, as Mary taking a moment to shrug and her placement after the HSDM is over deprives her of any mixup potential afterwards.


  • You can add a jump-in to every combo that doesn't start with a low but you need a very deep jump-in or a cross-up to combo into b/f+B.
  • You can do A,A,f,B,C as A,f+A,B,C or A,A,f+B,C. Same deal with A,A,b,B,C.
  • Doing real counter and its follow-up as just b,qcb,f,P makes it an actual 1f grab you can use in neutral and combos. You need a standalone P, whether you do f+P,P or clean f,P. Just hold P to make sure.
  • Rapidly doing qcb+P,qcf+P or qcb+P,hcf+P is enough for combos if you don't feel comfortable with b,qcb,f,P. More on it in #Special Moves
  • Whichever way you're doing it, if the input is correct but you get real counter, your timing is off.
  • It'll be written as 1f grab down below.

0 stock


  • cr.B, cr.B/cl.B, dp+B > dp+K
Getting the second light and still combo is fairly tight.
  • cr.Bx1~2, 1f grab
A bit more comfortable, your best low confirm into plenty of oki.

 ★ cr.Bx1~4, st.B

No knockdown but your easiest and safest route from low.

 ★ cl.C(1), b/f+A/B, b~f+K > (qcf+K / qcf+P>u+D)

qcf+K is hard knockdown and give better oki while qcf+P>u+D is soft knockdown so worse oki but better damage. Use b+A to start charging b~f+K early. Default to this combo when meterless.
  • cl.C(1), b/f+A/B, 1f grab
1f grab gives slightly better oki and the same damage as b~f+K > qcf+K.
  • cl.C(1), b/f+A, dp+D > dp+K
Only use this if you can't do the previous two. dp+D will whiff on crouching Bao and if you don't do it fast enough can also whiff on crouching Vice and Mature.

1 stock


  • cr.B, cl.A/cr.A, A,A,f,B,C / hcbx2+K
hcbx2+K does more damage but is harder to land. Shortcut the cancel into hcbx2+K as cr.B, hcb, cl.A/cr.A, hcb+K. Using cr.A is preferred.

 ★ cl.C(1), b/f+A/B, hcbx2+K / qcf,hcb+P

hcbx2+K does more.

2 stocks

Starter =

┗ cl.C(1), b/f+A/B, BC run, cl.C(1), b/f+A/B
  • If you're doing cl.C(1), b/f+A, BC, cl.C(1), b/f+A, you can just BC walk, no need to run.
  • After a jump-in the run to get cl.C(1), b/f+B, BC run, cl.C(1), b/f+B is very tight.
  • You can replace cl.C(1) by cr.C for a bit more damage and range.
┗ cr.Bx1~2, BC, cr.C, b/f+A


  • cr.B, dp+B(1), (SC) qcf hcb+P
More awkward than it looks. You can do the SC as f,qcf+B(1), qcb+P
  • cl.C(1), b/f+A/B, b~f+B, (SC) any DM

 ★Starter , b~f+D > qcf+P, (C) dp+B(1), (SC) qcf,hcb+C

Nice and easy max conversion for okay damage. Default to it midscreen. Do the SC as dp+B(1), (SC) hcb+C or f,qcf+B(1), (SC) qcb+C.


 ★ Starter, b~f+D > qcf+P, (C) dp+B(1), (SC) A,A,f,B,C

You can shortcut the end as b~f+D > qcf+A, A, (C)dp+B(1), C. Not much more damage than the anywhere route so you can stick to that one if you have issues with this.

3 stocks


  • cr.B, cl.A/cr.A, A,A,b,B,C
  • cl.C(1), b/f+A/B, (A,A,b,B,C / b~f,b,f+BD)
You need the corner if you use b/f+B into A,A,b,B,C. f+A can count as the first A for the sdm.

 ★ Starter, (A,A,b,B,C / b~f,b,f+BD)

Don't use this unless it kills and you're scared of missing the 2 bars max.


 ★ Starter, b~f+D > qcf+P, (C) dp+B(1), (SC) A,A,b,B,C

You can shortcut the end as b~f+D > qcf+A, A, (C)dp+B(1), b,B,C or b~f+D > qcf+A, A, b, (C) dp+B(1), C


Mary -Max- combos by Franck Frost
마리 플레이 모음(Blue Mary Best Rounds) -[TW]Guantou (관두)
Zer0-Cool Blue Mary Best Rounds

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