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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/K'

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Spot Pile - close, / +

Knee Strike - close, / +

Command Moves

One Inch - +

Knee Assault - +

Special Moves

Eins Trigger - + /

Second Shoot - +
Second Shell - +
Blackout - + /
Second Spike - + /

Crow Bites - + /

Secondary Bites - + /

Minutes Spike - on ground or in air, + /

Narrow Spike - After + on the ground, + /

Desperation Moves

Heat Drive - + /

Chain Drive - + /

Super Desperation Move

Chain Drive - +

Hidden Super Desperation Move

Crimson Star Road - +

Quick Starter Combo Reference


0 Bar



Corner Only

cr.Bx1~3, qcf+A > qcb+D = 22%
cr.Bx1~3, qcf+C > f+B = 19%

(jump-in), cr.Bx2/(cl.C(1), f+A), qcf+A > qcb+D = 19/29%

(jump-in), cr.Bx2/cl.C(2), qcf+A > f+D, qcf+A > f+B, dp+C > f+K = 38/42%

1 Bar



Corner Only

cr.B, qcf+A > f+D, qcfx2+P = 34%

(jump-in), cl.C(1), f+A, qcf+A > f+D, qcfx2+P = 47%

(jump-in), cr.Bx2/cl.C(2), qcf+A > f+D, qcf+A > f+B, qcf hcb+P = 48/52%
• Note: Doesn't work on Angel.

2 Bar


(jump-in), cl.C(1), f+A, dp+C(1), (SC) qcf hcb+P = 48%

3 Bar


(jump-in), cl.C(1), f+A, qcf hcb+AC = 52%

K' is a top tier rushdown / space control character with high damage and all-round strong moveset.
Pros Cons
  • Strong Zoning: K's Ein Trigger is one tool that gives him great control over the screen in neutral. It can be both a projectile and an anti-air launcher that leads to big damage. It also doubles as a great poke.
  • Combos & Damage: Most zoners will have compromised combos to balance out their strength in the neutral. K' doesn't suffer from this at all. He has easily some of the highest damage in the entire game, even better in the corner.
  • Exceptionally Well-Rounded: K' really has it good in this game. He has a DP, a great safe confirm from 2-3 cr.Bs into a safe-ish move, great juggles, great buttons, fastest overhead in the game, and more. There's hardly any real weakness he suffers from.
  • Great in Point Position: K' builds meter very well and can also easily combo into his DMs to stack on extra damage in his combos.
  • Pretty Hard Max Mode: K's Max Mode combos can get inconsistent midscreen, so you may not see them very often.
  • Lacking Crossups: Unlike many strong characters, K's crossup is quite mediocre, and he doesn't get a chance to set it up often either.
  • Focus on Corner: In virtually every single game he's in, K' always wants to get the opponent into the corner. His best damage combos will only work there, although he's alright midscreen.

Gameplay Overview

K' is a character with an enormous amount of space control due to his Eins Trigger (qcf+P) fireball move that can be followed up with an anti air move (f+D) that can also link into his qcfx2+P super from anywhere on the screen, a travelling fireball (f+B), a forward-moving kick for reliable damage and good corner carry (qcb+K), or used just by itself with no follow-up as a threat. K' also excels at close range pressure and some of his normals can be really oppressive (his j.D and cr.B are extremely good). He also has an an overhead-hitting commmand normal (f+B) for a mix-up that is extremely difficult to react to (although it is quite punishable on block) which he can cancel into air qcb+K for a knockdown. K' overall has very good damage and corner carry.



  • Close A, C, and D are whiff cancel-able into special moves.
  • All of K's close normals are cancel-able on block or hit.
  • Close A and B are chain-able.
  • Close A is standard, but gives very good advantage on block (+3). Often used as a good blockstring ender for pressure. However, it will whiff on low crouchers, like many other cl.As.
  • Close B hits low, but is pretty bad on block. Can be used instead of other light normals in chains (although there isn't much point).
  • Close C is very fast and hits twice. First hit does not push back, which is very useful for certain damaging combos. The 2nd hit isn't very good on block, so more often than not cr.B will be used instead for hit confirms, whereas cl.C will be reserved for punishes.
  • Close D hits low, but is slower than cl.C and does more pushback. Usually overshadowed cr.B (since K' can easily combo it into qcf+A) and cl.C.


  • Standing A and C are cancel-able into specials on whiff, block, or hit
  • Standing A is a very good light poke. Very fast, good range, 0 on block. Good vs short hops.
  • Standing B is a mid-range poke with pretty slow recovery. Can be used as a poke, but has better alternatives.
  • Far standing C can be cancelled into f+A, but will usually push K' back too far for the f+A to connect.
  • Far standing D is an awkward normal to use because of the space it covers and its laggy recovery, but it can be used as an anti-air at around max range.


  • All of K's crouching normals can be cancelled into specials on hit, block, or whiff.
  • Crouching B is K's main combo starter from lows. Good range, chains into itself up to 3 times, 0 on block. Easily comboes into qcf+A. Also will hit opponent on roll recovery. Excellent button that makes the foundation of K's gameplay.
  • Crouching C may be used for punishes outside of cr.C/cr.B range, but is very bad on block. A bit too slow to anti-air with. Somewhat situational button.
  • Crouching D is a good sweep with longer range than most. Cancelable into qcf+A for safety / blockstrings. Also useful for punishes outside of qcf+P range.


  • Jumping A is a punch aimed downward. Stays out for very long time. Can be used as a deep hop in during hop pressure.
  • Jumping B is a knee attack that covers the area slightly in front of K', and slightly below him. Decent close range air to air, and it's active for a good second or so. Neutral jump B has a different animation with K' sticking his leg out horizontally, and slightly downward (looks similar to his jumping CD).
  • Jumping C is a standard jump-in attack. A bit more reliable than j.D for this purpose, although you may still prefer the latter for other reasons. Hits almost straight down. This K's most reliable cross-up tool, but the spacing is still kind of tricky to get down.
  • Jumping D has a "wheeling hitbox" that covers a very large space, but may be a bit slower than his other buttons. The 1st part hits more like an air-to-air, the 2nd part has more of an air-to-ground downward angle. Because of this double purpose, this is a very useful move for controlling the air, as well as getting in on the opponent to start pressure. It's a difficult move to anti-air when spaced for the tip of K's foot to hit a grounded opponent. However, timing it wrong as a jump-in may result in it coming out too early/late to combo from, so j.C may be more reliable for this purpose.

Blowback Attack

  • K's standing CD starts up rather fast for a CD, and covers a big chunk of space in front of him. Useful for some blockstrings as well as a finisher for some combos.
  • K's jumping CD is a good long attack with a 30 degree downward angle. Frequently used as a meterless combo ender in midscreen juggles.


Spot Pile - b/f + C

  • Can be broken
  • Hard knockdown

Knee Strike - b/f+D

  • Can be broken
  • Soft knockdown, but opponent faces reverse

Command Moves

One Inch - f + A

  • K' does a 1 inch punch which connects at about the same range as his far standing C. Done raw, it causes hard knockdown / counterwire, however it's rather low damage and very slow on startup and recovery, making it rather useless for this purpose. The main use for this move is as a combo filler after cl.C. It's not very good a a blockstring ender on its own, but it doesn't cause any pushback if canceled fast, which makes it very useful to get some damaging combos for punishes. A weird part about this move is that you need to cancel it very quickly on hit or else it won't work. This makes it pretty tricky to cancel it with BC for Max Mode, too.
  • Combo Advice: If you start a combo from cl.C (1), f+A, you get no pushback whatsoever, and can create combos that are otherwise only possible from point blank distance. For example, you may combo into qcf+A, f+D midscreen, and then follow it up with j.CD or a DM. However, you may opt to get 2 hits on cl.C to get better spacing in the corner. Otherwise, it's a fairly standard combo filler.
  • Hard Knockdown
  • Counterwire

Knee Assault - f + B

  • Fastest overhead in the game, cancelable into air Minute Spike (qcf+B preferred). One of the most important tools for K', however, it's very punishable on block after qcb+B. Still, it's very hard to react to and very annoying, very useful for K's high/low game. If you're willing to take the risk, can be a very strong option. Sadly, because the hit counts as an airborne, it can't be canceled into Max Mode.
  • Combo Advice: Not really all that useful for combos, technically you can cancel into it from cl.C, but there's very little point when K' has so many other better options.
  • Overhead
  • Cancelable (only into air moves)

Special Moves

Eins Trigger - qcf + A/C

  • K' summons a ball of fire in front of him, which can be followed up by a number different of options (see below). This is probably one of the best special moves in the game. It functions like a Swiss army knife of specials: the 1st hit works as a wall of damage/combo move that easily connects from anything, and the followups give K' everything from a projectile and a big launcher anti-air to a long range combo ender. It starts up very fast, and is very safe both on whiff and block, which gives K' an excellent control of the neutral and a preemptive defense tool / poke. The A version is more useful for starting juggle combos, as it launches the opponent on hit, but the hitbox is actually a bit low. The C version keeps the opponent grounded and is a bit slower, but hits higher, so it works better VS hops (although still not ideal for it, only works when the opponent isn't very high). Also nullifies most 1 hit projectiles.
  • Combo Advice: This move is the backbone of virtually all of K's combos. Qcf+A is usually preferred as it launches the opponent. Both heavy and light versions will combo from cr.Bx2-3, making it an amazing combo starter with lots of combo potential (see combo section).
Second Shoot - f + B
  • K' kicks his Eins Trigger horizontally to form a projectile that travels all the way across the screen. The speed of the projectile is determined by whether the A version or the C version of Eins Trigger was used. The C version moves very quickly while the A version moves noticeably slower. This is a good long range zoning tool, and can be used to counter an opponent's projectiles by using it after nullifying a projectile with Eins Trigger. Over using this follow-up is generally a bad idea though, because if an opponent jumps over it or guard cancel rolls through Eins Trigger, you're most likely going to eat a combo. The A version is also used in corner juggles.
Second Shell - f + D
  • K' kicks his Eins Trigger vertically to cover the area above his head and slightly in front of him. This is a key juggle starter when K' is in close or has the opponent cornered. Also works well as an anti-air against normal jumps, which he can almost always follow-up with a jumping normal, Minutes Spike, or DM on hit. It's also deceptively safe on block, even at point blank range, so it's useful for corner pressure.
  • Combo Advice: K's best combo starter, but be aware that you need to be close to combo into it when not in the corner. Midscreen, you can either start with 1 cr.B, or cl.C (1), f+A, otherwise it will whiff.
Blackout - b + B/D
  • K' turns into a shadow and does a very fast command dash. The distance traveled is determined by whether the B or D version is used. The B version travels about half screen, while the D version travels almost full screen. This follow-up has various uses. It can be used to get out of the corner, to get in on a defensive opponent, or for left/right mixups up close. Remember that this is a command dash, not a true teleport. This means that K' can be hit out of this move at any time during its animation, so don't get too predictabo with it.
Second Spike - qcb + B/D
  • K' does a kick move which sort of resembles his Minutes Spike, and it's active for a long time. A staple midscreen combo ender. Outside of that, there's not much use for this move. It's very frame disadvantageous on block at any range, so it's best to stick to using this as a combo ender.
  • Combo Advice: This is what you use for hitconfirms midscreen. D version is preferred. Closer to corner this gets overshadowed by other followups though.

Crow Bites - dp + A/C

  • K' does a dragon punch-like uppercut. Both versions have full body invincibility on startup and the 1st hit, but lasts a little longer for the C version. The hitbox on the 1st hit is a little low, so when using dp+A, it's better to time it when the opponent isn't very high in the air. The C version travels almost full screen, but will only anti-air opponents that are slightly less than half screen away or closer. The A version is almost stationary while slightly leaving the ground. The A version starts up a little faster so it's a little easier to anti-air short hops with; C version is somewhat slow, so better reserved for full jumps, good reads and combos. This move can be used as an anti-air, reversal, and a corner combo ender. As with almost any DP move, this is risky to use as a reversal because it gives your opponent a guaranteed punish on block or whiff.
  • Combo Advice: Can be used as an ender to corner combos, although the range isn't perfect for it. Can also be supercanceled into DM for more damage, if you're willing to spend an extra bar for it. dp+A forms the bulk of K's max mode combos.
Secondary Bites - f + B/D
  • Follow-up to the C version of Crow Bites. Causes a hard knockdown. Doesn't really make dp+C much safer.

Minutes Spike - qcb + B/D

  • K' does an aerial kick that moves him forward pretty fast. Can be used on the ground or in the air. The B version travels about half screen, while the D version travels about 3/4 of the way across the screen. B version has a short window of autoguard right after the startup, which can be useful to go through projectiles. The air versions travels slightly farther. The main uses for this move are cancelling into it from K's f+B command normal, and to tack on extra damage after landing an Eins Trigger-Second Shell. Occasionally may be used as a reasonably fast long range punish move. The ground D version can be cancelled into Narrow Spike almost instantly. Highly unsafe on block.
  • Combo Advice: Not all that useful for regular combos because of its relatively low damage, but can help when you need to combo into a fast long range attack. Doing the instant Narrow Spike is used in Max Mode combos.
Narrow Spike - qcb + B/D
  • Follow-up to Minutes Spike. K' drops back to the ground and slides a short distance. Can only be used after the D version of Minutes Spike on the ground. Not much damage, but a very fast low-hitting attack that often catches people off guard. Can also be used after a ground Minutes Spike connects to shorten recovery and close the distance to the opponent better. It's also fairly safe to use in the neutral game if cancelled into early and spaced to hit at about max range. But if this move is spaced improperly and is blocked, your opponent gets a guaranteed punish of their choice. Can be supercanceled.

Blackout - qcf + B/D

  • Functions exactly the same as the Eins Trigger follow-up.

Desperation Moves

Heat Drive - qcf x 2 + A/C

  • K' does a flaming dash punch nearly all the way across the screen. If it gets blocked, he goes all the way to a different side of the stage, which can make it difficult to punish. This move pairs very well with his qcf+P > f+D launcher, and is most often used after it, making K's anti-airs quite scary. You can also supercancel into this DM from DP, which not only adds damage / hard knockdown, but can make the DP safer on block (although it costs 2 bars so you may prefer to save meter for other things). Can be delayed by holding down the button used to activate the super. Becomes unblockable if the button is held down as long as possible, but the opponent can just roll through it and sometimes punish you.
  • Combo Advice: Almost any time you land qcf+P > f+D midscreen, you can land Heat Drive afterwards. A good way to spend 1 bar for more damage than j.CD.

Chain Drive - qcf hcb + A/C

  • K' throws his flame imbued sunglasses at the opponent, then dashes forward quickly into a typical KOF ranbu-like combo. The main use for this move is as a combo ender. It's very slow and unsafe to use in the neutral, especially because on whiff K' will take very long to recover. The sunglasses will cut through regular projectiles, but the speed of the move makes reacting with this very risky and unreliable. One problem with this move is that juggling with it is pretty tricky: the glasses may whiff after a poorly timed supercancel, or you may get a situation where the glasses will hit but the ranbu will whiff. For this reason, Heat Drive will often be preferred for combos for consistency.
  • Combo Advice: Most consistent and popular way to land this move is in the corner juggles after a qcf+A, f+D launcher (see combo section). The latter is also possible midscreen, but you need to be point blank for it to work, and Heat Drive will be more consistent after it for just a couple percent less damage. You can supercancel into it from DP in juggles, which is useful as Max Mode combo ender, but alas the timing is pretty strict and the move is prone to whiffing, like was mentioned above.

Super Desperation Move

Chain Drive - qcf hcb + AC

  • More damaging version of K's Chain Drive. This version comes out slower, and is even harder to use in combos than the normal version. Mostly used as a corner maxmode combo ender, or cancelled into directly from standing D or close C, f+A.

Hidden Super Desperation Move

Crimson Star Road - qcb + C A

  • K' goes into a state resembling his Blackout special move, and slowly glides toward the opponent. After grabbing the opponent, he gives them thumbs down, and a large explosion sends them flying off of the screen. This HSDM is an unblockable move that hits instantly if activated at about Crouch B range, but can be jumped away from after the super flash if used any further away than that. Unfortunately, it does pretty mediocre damage for 3 bars (about 30%). The input is also sort of tricky at first. After the qcb motion, you have to piano from C to A very quickly. Can be used as a corner combo ender, but K's Chain Drive DM does almost the same damage.


For every (dp+A(1), (SC) qcfx2+P/qcf hcb+P) or (dp+A(1),(SC) qcf hcb+AC) :

If you're in dead corner, qcfx2+P is very finnicky to land so qcf,hc+P is preferred.
Outside of the corner, you can cancel dp+A on its second hit if you use qcfx2+P.
To land qcf hcb+P/AC midscreen you have to delay the last two qcb+D > qcb+D making the combo unnecessarily harder. Keep it for corner.

Stopping at qcf+A/C is always your safest option on block. You want to be able to confirm from there at least.

0 Stock


  • cr.B×1~2 or (cl.C(1), f+A), qcf+A > f+B = 16%/26% dmg
Combo from a confirm, pushes back too far so not ideal to maintain pressure but is safe on block unless the opponent GCRolls. If done closer to corner, you may be able to add qcb+K at the end of the combo but it depends on spacing.

 ★ (jump-in), cr.B×1~3 or (cl.C, f+A), qcf+A > qcb+D = 16~22% dmg

Main midscreen confirm BnB. Good carry. If starting with a jump-in, can do 2 cr.Bs at most. Like with all of his strings, stopping at qcf+A is the safest option on block.

 ★ cr.B×1~3 or (cl.C, f+A), qcf+C > f+B = 19% dmg

Good option when you don't have the leeway to hitconfirm. qcf+C's faster projectile follow-up will combo from further while staying pretty safe on block.
  • cr.B, qcf+A > f+D, hh.CD/qcb+D = 22%/20% dmg
Possible combo with worse confirm. Can't add jump-in or f+D will whiff.

 ★ (jump-in), cl.C(1), f+A, qcf+A > f+D, sj.CD/qcb+D = 38%/32% dmg

Best damage midscreen, but hard to confirm. Great for punishes. Qcb+D deals less damage, but gives more carry.

 ★ f+B, qcb+B = 16% dmg

Combo from a very fast overhead with a knockdown. Great for mix-up.


 ★ (jump-in), cr.B×2~3 or (cl.C(2), f+A), qcf+A > f+D, qcf+A > f+B, st.X / st.CD / dp+C > f+K = 28%~51% dmg

Best damage corner combo. If starting with a jump-in, use do cr.Bx2 or cl.C(2), you won't get the dp+C ender with more than that. st.CD finisher gives a bit more range than dp and less damage but can also be canceled into qcb+D > qcb+K for a bit more meter build.

1 Stock


  • cl.C, f+A, qcfx2+P/qcf hcb+P
  • cr.B, qcf+A > f+D, qcfx2+P/qcf hcb+P

 ★ (jump-in), cl.C(1), f+A, qcf+A > f+D, qcfx2+P/qcf hcb+P = 47%/51% dmg

Version of a similar route for 1 bar. If adding jump-in, qcf hcb+P will whiff, so qcfx2+P should be used in that case.


 ★ (jump-in), cr.B×2~3 or (cl.C(2), f+A), qcf+A > f+D, qcf+A > f+B, qcf hcb+P = 50%/60% dmg

An easy corner combo for excellent damage. Omit one cr.B or f+A if you add a jump-in. Doesn't work on Angel.
  • cr.B×1~2 or (cl.C(1), f+A), qcf+A > f+D, BC, [dp+A(2), (C)qcb+D > qcb+D]×3, dp+A(1),(SC) qcfx2+P/qcf hcb+P

2 Stocks

When noted, you can do cr.Bx1~2, cr.BC, qcf+C > f+D as cr.Bx2~3, qcf+BC > f+D instead. The latter is safer and the former more consistent.


  • cl.C(1), f+A, (dp+C(1), (SC) qcf hcb+P) / (dp+A, qcfx2+P)
  • cl.C(1), f+A, qcb+D > qcb+D,(SC) qcfx2+P/qcf hcb+P
  • cl.C(1), f+A, BC run, cl.C(1), f+A, (dp+C(1),(SC) qcf hcb+P) / (dp+P,(SC) qcfx2+P)
An alternative if you have a hard time with the loop but underwhelming as it does less damage than his best 1 bar combo.
  • cl.C(1), f+A, BC run, cl.C(1), f+A, [dp+A(2),(C) qcb+D > qcb+D]×3, dp+A(1), (SC) qcfx2+P/qcf hcb+P
Side switch midscreen. You can use dp+C for the first dp to make the spacing for dp into DM a little bit better.
  • cl.C(1), f+A, BC run, cl.C(1), f+A, dp+C(1),(C) qcb+D > qcb+D,(C) [dp+A(2),(C) qcb+D > qcb+D]×2, dp+A(1),(SC) qcfx2+P/qcf hcb+P
No side switch midscreen. You don't need to cancel the first qcb+D~qcb+D in corner.


  • cr.B×2~3 or (cl.C(2), f+A), qcf+A > f+D, qcf+A > f+B, dp+A(1), (SC) qcf hcb+P
  • cl.C(1), f+A, BC run, cl.C(2), f+A, qcf+A > f+D, qcf+A > f+B, dp+A(1), (SC) qcf hcb+P
  • cl.C(1), f+A, BC run, cl.C(1), f+A, qcb+D > qcb+D, [dp+A(2),(C) qcb+D > qcb+D]×3, dp+A(1), (SC) qcfx2+P/qcf hcb+P
  • cr.B×1~2, cr.BC, qcf+C > f+D, [dp+A(2), (C)qcb+D > qcb+D]×3, dp+A(1), (SC) qcfx2+P/qcf hcb+P
Remember to walk/delay the first dp+A to get the 2 grounded hits.
  • cr.B×1~2, cr.BC, qcf+C > f+D, dp+C(1), (C)qcb+D > qcb+D, [dp+A(2), (C)qcb+D > qcb+D]×2, dp+A(1), (SC) qcfx2+P/qcf hcb+P
Easier and a bit less damaging version of the previous combo.
  • cr.B×1~2 or (cl.C(1), f+A), qcf+A > f+D, BC, [dp+A(2), (C)qcb+D > qcb+D]×3, (qcb+C • A) / (dp+A(1), (SC) qcf hcb+AC)

3 Stocks

Replace (dp+A(1), (SC) qcfx2+P/qcf hcb+P) by (qcb+C • A) / (dp+A(1),(SC) qcf hcb+AC) in any 2 stocks max combo


  • cl.C, f+A, qcb+C • A / qcf hcb+AC
  • cl.C(1), f+A, BC run, cl.C(1), f+A, (qcb+C • A) / (dp+C(1), (SC) qcf hcb+AC)


  • cr.B×2~3 or (cl.C(2), f+A), qcf+A > f+D, qcf+A > f+B, qcb+C • A


K' Combo Tutorial by Grey_FGC
Nikolai-保力達 (K' Best Rounds)
Nikolai-保力達 (K' Best Rounds 2)

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