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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Li Xiangfei

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Kadoma - close, / +

Ryokuchi Kouen - close, / +

Command Moves

Sou Shouda - +

Kyuupo Gosentai - +

Fukupo Gosentai - +

Special Moves

Zen Chuoh Shin Saiha - +

Tenpohzan - + /

Nanpa - + /

Ei Sake (Tai Kuuchuu Kogeki) - During opponent's airborne attack,

Ei Sake (Tai Tachi Kougeki) - During opponent's standing attack,

Ei Sake (Tai Shagami Kougeki) - During opponent's crouching attack,

Zen Chuoh - +

Kanku: Zen Chuoh - +

Banhaku Ato Unage - + /

Ekisupo: Banhaku Ato Unage - + /

Desparation Moves

Hirotoshi Kami - + /

Maijinga - + /

Chou Pairon -


Super Desparation Moves

Hirotoshi Kami - +

Maijinga - +

Hidden Super Desparation Move

Tenshinzan Kuzure Kiba - + /

Quick Starter Combo Reference

Remove a cr.A when using jump-in.

0 Bar



(jump-in), cr.Ax1~2, st.A(1) f+A, qcf+A = 18%

cross-up j.B, cl.C/D, dp+k = 27%
• Note: dp+AB/AD does 5%~ more damage.

(optional jump-in), cl.C/D, qcf+A, st.D = 28%

1 Bar


Very Close

(optional jump-in), cr.Ax1~2, st.A(2), AC > b,df+C > b+C, dp+B/AB = 33%-39%

(optional cross-up j.B), cr.A, st.A(2), hcbx2+k = 34%

2 Bar

Very Close

(optional jump-in), cr.Ax1~2, st.A(2), AC > b,df+C > b+C, qcf,hcb+D = 45%

3 Bar

Very Close

(optional jump-in), cr.Ax1~2, st.A(1), f+A, hcbx2+BD = 50%

4 Bar

Very Close

(optional jump-in), cr.Ax1~2, st.A(2), AC > b,df+C > b+C, qcf,hcb+BD = 60%

Gameplay Overview




  • cl.A/B/C/D are cancellable
  • cl. B chains into itself once.
  • cl. A can come out when intending to get st.A instead and netting you unwanted pushback, try to avoid it.


  • st.A is a two hit chop that is special and whiff cancelable on either hit, as well as her greatest combo tool.
  • st.B and st.D are Xiangfei's best spacing pokes.
  • st.B is useful as a range finder for her qcf+k command throw as it seems any distance you can land a st .B then you are in range for a command throw.


  • cr.A chains into lights
  • cr.B can combo into st.A but it's a tricky link.
  • cr.A/C/D are special and whiff cancellable
  • cr.C has a vertical hitbox that makes it a situational anti-air


  • j.A/B/C/D are useful jump-ins
  • j.B is her best/only crossup tool with a great downward angled hitbox.
  • neutral j.B is horizontal which is useful for quickly controlling space.
  • neutral j.B/C and j.D are useful air-to-air moves
  • neutral j. D goes straight upward.


  • st.CD is whiff cancellable which can be used to keep pressure on with her qcf+p.
  • Moves Xiangfei forward.
  • Hitbox stays out for an incredible amount of time.
  • j.CD is a great jump-in and air-to-air.


Kadoma - (close b/f + C)

  • Xiangfei grabs then shoves her opponent away.
  • Soft knockdown

Ryokuchi Kouen -  (close b/f + D)

  • Xiangfei twirls both herself and the opponent to switch sides. With her back facing them, she thrusts with both of her elbows.
  • Soft and reverse knockdown

Command Moves

Sou Shouda - (f + A)

  • Xiangfei throws both fists at the opponent.
  • Raw overhead.
  • Special cancelable when canceled into. Overhead property lost.
  • Safe on block.
  • Used in Xiangfei's bread and butter starters and inside blockstrings.

Kyuupo Gosentai - (f + B)

  • starts up like f+A, but she twists and throws a kick that hits low.
  • Special cancelable when canceled into. Still hits low.
  • A good way to change up her pressure from a normal f+A blockstring that might catch opponents trying to stand or jump if you add a qcf+p.
  • Unlike other things in her arsenal, using this in a blockstring will push her out of command throw range.

Fukupo Gosentai - (df + D)

  • Cuts out the f+A fakeout and goes straight to the low kick of f+B.
  • Will combo from lights unlike f+B, but is not special cancelable.

Special Moves

Nanpa - (qcf + A/C)

  • Xiangfei creates a sphere of power in front of her, blasting the opponent into the air
  • Hits mid
  • Soft knockdown
  • Both versions can be made safe on block from the proper distances, but are slightly negative point blank. Less so for C version.
  • Causes an air juggle that differs in what moves can follow said juggle between the two versions. Only can be taken advantage of in the corner.
  • A version can be combo'd into.
  • In the corner, A version can be follow up in the juggle state by a st. B/D for a reset opportunity.
  • C version can't be combo'd into.
  • C version advances Xiangfei further toward the opponent.
  • In the corner, you can follow up with dp+B or a heavy move during the juggle state.

Zen Chuoh- (qcf + B)

  • Xiangfei rolls toward the opponent, bear hugs them, and does an elbow thrust.
  • Like most throws, opponents cannot be thrown from block or hit stun.
  • The range to land the throw after the roll is roughly four steps back from the opponent.

Kanku: Zen Chuoh -  (qcf + B)

  • As a follow up she kicks the opponent down in the air and causes a hard knockdown.
  • Can be done late after the throw, but there's no use for it. Always do it immediately after the grab.

Zen Chuoh Shin Saiha - (qcf + D)

  • Same as qcf+B except instead of an elbow, she tosses them backwards and does a mean jumping headbutt.
  • Soft reverse knockdown
  • Great for cornering opponents especially turning the tides if you yourself are cornered.

Tenpohzan - (dp + B/D)

  • Xiangfei throws her shoulder out and jumps into the air.
  • Two-hit dp move that hits mid.
  • Soft knockdown.
  • Only combos from close heavy normals.
  • Both versions are super cancellable on the first hit only.
  • Decent invulnerability as reversal.
  • D version protects more vertical space.
  • D version has more invulnerability on startup, but is a risky move to throw out given how negative Xiangfei is if it whiffs.
  • If you input it as dp+AB/AD instead of dp+B/D it does around ~5% more damage

Ei Sake / Esaka - (A u/f/d) during opponent's attack

  • A very unorthodox counter against any hitting moves but projectiles, both long and short-range. While it is not central to her game plan, it can definitely be a strong tool once mastered.
  • You must input A first, then u/f/d within a 10f window and the direction needs to be done/held while there's an active hitbox on the screen, no matter where on the screen.
  • While the counter can activate from anywhere, it'll obviously whiff if the opponent's hurtbox isn't in range.
  • Note that if you don't input u/f/d within a 4f window, you'll get st.A first, though it can then whiff cancel into counter.
  • If st.A does come out, you'd obviously need to not get hit during at least the 3f window necessary to reach st.A's whiff cancel window.
  • Additionally, the direction needs to match the state of the opponent during the attack as will be covered for each version.
  • When they come out, counters get some autoguard while being fully invincible until the hit is over, then entering a fairly long and vulnerable recovery.
  • They are special moves so button hold applies, meaning if you have the leeway, holding the direction helps.
  • This makes doing a counter after recovering, for example against a meaty on wake-up, especially easy as you can press A early then just hold the appropriate direction.
  • It doesn't come into play any often but it's good to note that the counters are unblockable so if the opponent's attack would recover in time, they'd just get hit trying to block it.

Ei Sake (Tai Kuuchuu Kougeki) - (A u) during opponent's airborne attack
  • Not only jump-ins but moves like Terry's qcb+P, K's qcb+K and Leona's f+B are all included.
  • When doing it raw, it's very important not to press the direction too early before a hitbox is out as you could get a j.A that would lose to just about anything you were trying to counter.
  • Soft knockdown
  • Combo advice: If you're in max mode beforehand, you can super cancel this counter into her AC DM that'd whiff to then delay the follow-ups and hit the falling opponent with b+C, landing you a juggle for more damage. This means potentially 28% for 1 bar every time you can counter an opponent's jump-in, it's pretty good if consistent.

Ei Sake (Tai Tachi Kougeki) - (A f) during opponent's standing attack
  • Beware of stuff like dps where only the first hit counts as standing.
  • When doing it raw, it's very important not to press the direction too early before a hitbox is out as you could get a f+A that would lose to just about anything you were trying to counter.
  • This move is one of the best counters in the game to Bao's backdash qcb+C, usually very hard to deal with. From a backdash qcb+C very quickly comes low enough to the ground to go from airborne to standing. This means that unless point-blank, Xiangfei just whiffing st.A's and holding forward behind them gives Bao very little room to backdash qcb+C without running headfirst into her counter, while not giving him the standard way out of baiting the counter to punish its recovery either.
  • Special cancelable
  • Does not knockdown but pushes back the opponent about half a screen distance.
  • This is a big downside because if you don't cancel it, you're not only negative on hit but depending on the distance you're still in range of fast moves like Kyo's qcf+A, Iori's qcb+C, or Ryo's hcb+B and qcfx2+AC. So make sure to always cancel this into qcf+C for additional damage and knockdown for better advantage.

Ei Sake (Tai Shagami Kougeki) - (A d) during opponent's crouching attack
  • They don't have to hit low (i.e. most cr.C)
  • Super-cancelable
  • Soft knockdown
  • Combo advice: Only qcf,hcb+D/BD will properly connect after and from almost full range.

Banhaku Ato Unage - (hcb,f + A/C)

  • Command throw that spins the opponent in the opposite direction giving you a follow up.
  • Incredibly small activation range where even being seemingly point blank isn't enough.
  • Can run or hyper hop to the opponent to start a combo.

Ekisupo: Banhaku Ato Unage - (qcb + A/C)

  • Xiangfei follows the throw with a shoulder smash that is both special and super cancelable.
  • Super-canceling still costs an extra bar even if the natural special cancel may suggest otherwise.
  • The follow up must be inputted in relation to the command throw, meaning that the qcb must be in the same direction as the original hcb part of the throw.
  • Can press AC instead of inputting qcb+p to do the follow-up.

Desparation Moves

Hirotoshi Kami - (qcf, hcb + B/D)

  • Xiangfei dashes forward doing a shoulder tackle knocking the opponent away.
  • Hits mid
  • Causes soft knockdown and hits the opponent a full screen away.
  • D version combos from just about anything that will juggle the opponent in the air.
  • The most difficult DM to combo on grounded opponents, only doing so from dp+k(1), a successful anti-air/standing attack counter, or from hcb,f+p > qcb+p.

Maijinga - (hcb x 2 + B/D)

  • Xiangfei grabs her opponent then applies energy pressure to their stomach area for one-hundred hits.
  • A command grab DM, can be combo'd into from her st.A(2).
  • Hard knockdown
  • If whiffed the energy that comes out of Xiangfei's hand can still hit the opponent and do some damage. Soft knockdown.

Chou Pairon -  (A + C) > (b, df + C) > (b + C)

  • Xiangfei slams the opponent then follows up to launch them in the air.
  • You can kara cancel into the second hit and whiff cancel into the third. The former is usually done to use the 2nd hit's bigger range in combos/punishes.
  • To do the kara cancel, after pressing AC, input and buffer b,df+C shortly before the super flash ends. If done right, it will look like Xiangfei skipped doing the first attack and started with the 2nd instead.
  • b,df+C can be inputted as hcf+C.
  • If going for the whiff cancel (i.e. you kara cancel into the 2nd hit but it doesn't connect) be patient and don't input b+C too early. Otherwise you may end up erasing the b,df+C buffer leaving you only with the first attack coming out.
  • Leads to juggle state where you can land dp+B, and qcf,hcb+k/BD.

Super Desperation Moves

Hirotoshi Kami - (qcf, hcb + B+D)

  • Does significantly more damage than the regular version.

Maijinga - (hcb x 2 + B+D)

  • More damaging and faster than the DM version, a 1f grab instead of 4f.
  • Hard knockdown
  • Can randomly do 2002 hits instead of 103 along with a 50% damage boost, then doing ~54%. Probability: 6%

Hidden Super Desperation Move

Tenshinzan Kuzure Kiba - (qcb, hcf + AC/BD)

  • Xiangfei hops into the background like in RBFF, then hops toward the opponent. If she hits them, she does a backflip kick knocking them into the air, then jumps and does a shoulder uppercut hitting them again for a solid 43%.
  • Cannot be combo'd into at all by the DM's nature.
  • AC hits high, and BD hits low.
  • Fullscreen range, and very accurate targeting, even on jumping opponents.
  • Though jumping may be a good option to avoid it, Xiangfei is still able to hit airborne opponents if timed right.
  • Soft knockdown


Note: Remember to only use one cr.A after a front jump-in.

0 stock


 ★ cr.Ax1~2, st.A(1) f+A, qcf+A

Your bread and butter both as a combo and as a blockstring. 18%.
  • cl.C/D, dp+K
You need a cross-up for Xiangfei to get both hits out of dp+B, dp+D preferred if you can confirm it. 25-27%.

 ★ cl.C/D, dp+AB/AD

Pressing A along with B/D increases dp+K's damage by about 5%. It's recommended that you press AD(or ABCD) to avoid a roll cancel and dp+AB's first hit whiffing off a front jump-in. 31%.


 ★ j.X, cl.C/D, qcf+A, st.D

Great corner combo that ends in a reset.
  • st.A(1), f+A, qcf+A, st.D
Adding a jump-in here is very specific. Not a good combo altogether, st.D is best kept after a meaty qcf+A.

1 stock


 ★ cr.Ax1~2, st.A(2), AC > b,df+C > b+C, dp+B/AB

Comfortable hit confirm into launcher super. 33-39%.
  • cr.Ax1~2, st.A(1), f+A, (kara cancel) AC > b,df+C > b+C, dp+B/AB
Depending on timing the second hit of the super may land or whiff, make sure to always do the third one fast to get the combo regardless. This combo is good for confirming. 30-39%
  • cr.A, st.A(2), hcbx2+K
It's easier to add a cross-up rather than a front jump-in to this combo. 34%.

2 stocks


 ★ cr.Ax1~2, st.A(2), AC > b,df+C > b+C, qcf,hcb+D

Very consistent for the damage you get out of it. 45%.
  • f+A/B, BC run, st.A(2), hcbx2+K
Neat overhead/low starter that goes into command grab DM. You can use df+Dfor a faster low but it's much more strict with the timing of the max cancel to avoid a button. 33%-37%

3 Stocks


  • f+A/B, BC run, cl.C, hcbx2+BD
Same as above only ending with SDM version. 42-46%.
  • cr.Ax1~2, st.A(1), f+A, hcbx2+BD
The SDM version being 1 frame makes this combo possible. It's easier to add a cross-up rather than a front jump-in to this combo. 50%.

4 Stocks

  • cr.Ax1~2, st.A(2), AC > b,df+C > b+C, qcf,hcb+BD
Not enough more than the 2 stocks version to warrant the extra meter but good to know if that one would miss the kill by a hair. 60%.


  • Builds meter fairly quickly
  • lots of speed. Especially with back dash
  • Meaty fireball
  • Almost guaranteed extra damage after Chou Pairon. Preferably by using Hirotoshi Kami
  • Very useful HSDM


Xiangfei Combo Tutorial
台灣-阿澤/Aze (Xiangfei Best Rounds)
台灣-阿澤/Aze (Xiangfei Best Rounds 2)
Xiangfei Master Class

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