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If the direction towards the opponent is pressed twice in quick succession, the character will run, and if the second forward input is held, they will continue to run. There is a minimum length limit during which your character is completely vulnerable. It is still possible to cancel the run into a crouch, a special move, a jump (it will become a super jump if a jump is done from a run), a hop (it will become a hyper hop if a hop is done from a run), or a roll that will go farther than a standing roll. It is however impossible to cancel a run by blocking. Once the forward direction is released, there are ~2 frames of recovery before you can block or act otherwise (a few characters have less/more recovery).

Dash Speed Chart

From fastest to slowest:

  • 1. Orochi Leona
  • 2. Choi
  • 3. Heidern
  • 4. Mai
  • 5. Ramon, Andy, Leona
  • 6. Yashiro
  • 7. Iori
  • 7.5. Geese, Goenitz
  • 8. Kensou
  • 8.5. Zero, Clone Zero
  • 9. Kula, Jhun, Kim, Whip, Mary, Shermie, Igniz
  • 10. Mature, Xiangfei
  • 11. Athena, Bao
  • 12. Joe
  • 13. K', Nameless, Kyo, Kyo-1, Kyo-2, Kusanagi, Foxy, Angel, May Lee
  • 14. King, Robert
  • 15. Terry
  • 16. Yuri, Vanessa
  • 17. Lin, Ralf
  • 18. Benimaru
  • 19. Shingo, Seth
  • 20. Chris
  • 21. Yamazaki
  • 22. Ryo
  • 23. Takuma
  • 24. Kasumi
  • 25. Vice
  • 26. Clark
  • 27. Maxima
  • 28. Billy
  • 29. Hinako, Chin
  • 29.5. Krizalid, Omega Rugal
  • 30. Daimon
  • 31. Chang

Walk Speed Chart

From fastest to slowest:

  • 1. Orochi Leona
  • 2. Choi
  • 3. Mary, Mai
  • 4. Benimaru
  • 5. Andy
  • 6. Chris
  • 7. Yuri, Kula, Vanessa
  • 8. Athena, Bao
  • 9. Kensou
  • 10. Terry
  • 11. King, Xiangfei, Mature
  • 12. Foxy, K', May Lee, Kyo, Kyo-1, Kyo-2, Kusanagi, Geese, Igniz, Zero, Clone Zero, Goenitz
  • 13. Jhun, Ramon, Kim, Leona
  • 14. Yashiro
  • 15. Robert
  • 16. Seth
  • 17. Ryo, Shingo
  • 18. Kasumi
  • 19. Shermie
  • 20. Takuma
  • 21. Joe
  • 22. Heidern, Whip
  • 23. Iori, Vice
  • 24. Clark
  • 25. Yamazaki
  • 26. Angel
  • 27. Ralf, Lin
  • 28. Billy
  • 28.5. Rugal, Krizalid
  • 29. Hinako
  • 30. Nameless
  • 31. Maxima
  • 32. Daimon
  • 33. Chin
  • 34. Chang

Back Dashing

Pressing twice in the direction away from the opponent will result in the character jumping backward a bit, known as a backdash. Since you are briefly in the air when backdashing, any attacks received while backdashing will hit as if you were hit in the air. You also cannot be thrown during a backdash. Unlike other fighting games, backdashes do not have any invincibility. Backdash startup, time spent in the air, and recovery vary depending on the character. If your character possesses a move that can be during a hop, they can do it while backdashing.

Jumps and Hops

In KOF2002UM (along with nearly all KOF games) there are 4 different types of jumps:

  • Normal Jump

This is the basic jump triggered by pressing an upward direction that you've seen in a majority of fighting games. The jump has 4 start-up frames, and you cannot be thrown out of them. It is still possible to take a hit on the ground during a jump start due to the 4 startup frames, so be careful.

  • Hop

This is a short version of the normal jump. Just lightly press (or flick your joystick) the direction of the jump to hop. Some players press the downward direction after jumping to make sure the hop doesn't turn into a normal jump, but it is not mandatory. The startup is the same as the normal jump, but the height and distance traveled are much less.

  • Super Jump

If you cancel a run with a jump, you will get a super jump, or if you press down quickly before performing a normal jump. The super jump is recognizable by the effect of doubling the sprite (looks like trails or ghosts) of a character during the jump. The distance traveled by this jump is 1.5 times greater than a normal jump, and the character moves faster in the air. Something exclusive to 2002 and 2002 UM is that when you buffer the super jump (except after a backturned hard knockdown), it has essentially no start-up, and you're airborne from frame 1. It is actually a good, low-risk option after recovering from a roll or attack. When not buffered, the super jump has 4f of start-up. You cannot neutral super jump (super jump straight up).

  • Hyper Hop

Pressing the down direction before performing a hop, or cancel a run with a hop, and you will hyper hop. The hyper hop is recognizable by the effect of doubling the sprites of a character during the jump, resulting in a trail effect. The distance traveled by this kind of jump is 1.5 times larger than a hop, and the character moves faster in the air. Just like super jumps, buffered hyper hops are frame 1 airborne in 02UM, frame 5 airborne when not buffered, and you cannot neutral hyper hop.

For a visual explanation on jumping and hopping, check out this tutorial video


Press A+B to roll forward. You can also roll backward by holding back and pressing A+B. Rolls are invincible at first, but are punishable at the end of the animation. Despite its strike invulnerability, rolls are very vulnerable to throws. You can be thrown at any point during your roll, and these throws are untechable. Don't let your opponent try to roll through you while you're standing or crouching, learn to throw them on reaction. Rolling can be a good defensive option, but it can expose you to heavy punishment at the end of it, so try to be careful using them and do not abuse them.

It is possible to perform a "Super Roll" by canceling a run into a roll (any frame, even the first). It covers a longer distance than a normal roll while keeping the same properties. The length of rolls, recovery and distance are the same for every character, unlike in vanilla 2002.

A different and specific kind of roll is the recovery roll.


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