The King of Fighters XI

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The King of Fighters XI

SNK Playmore


SNK Playmore


JP: October 26, 2005
WW: 2006

Playstation 2
JP: June 22, 2006
EU: July 6, 2007
NA: November 13, 2007
Playstation Network
JP: December 17, 2014
Online Play

Rollback Flycast GGPO

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HardEdge Wiki

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Game Versions

  • Arcade (Atomiswave)
  • Playstation 2

Game Mechanics


The buttons are laid out differently from previous incarnations of the KOF series. While the familiar Neo Geo KOF names and functionality have been kept, the basic buttons have been rearranged, and a fifth has been added:

(A) (C) (E)
(B) (D)

A = Light Punch

B = Light Kick

C = Strong Punch

D = Strong Kick

E = Blow-Off Attack

Start = Taunt

Special Commands

Tag Shift - AC(first character)BD(second character)

Quick Shift - During certain attacks, AC or BD

Saving Shift - AC or BD when hit

Guard Cancel Shift - AC or BD when blocking

Emergency Evade/Rolling AB

Guard Cancel Emergency Evade f or b+AB when blocking

Guard Cancel Blown-Off - E when blocking

Fall Breaker/Recovery - AB or f+AB before hitting the ground

Throw Escape - f or b+C or D

Attack Cancel Forward Roll - AB during normal or command attacks

Movement Abbreviations

qcf - 236 - d/df/f - Quarter circle forward

qcb - 214 - d/db/b - Quarter circle backward

hcf - 41236 - b/db/d/df/f - Half circle forward

hcb - 63214 - f/df/d/db/d - Half circle backward

dp - 623 - f/d/df - Dragon Punch motion

rdp - 421 - b/d/db - Reverse Dragon Punch motion

charge - [4]6 or [2]8 - b~f or d~u - Hold in one direction then shift to the designated direction

tk - 2369 - d/df/f/uf - Tiger Knee Motion

rtk - 2147 - d/db/b/ub - Reverse Tiger Knee Motion

hcb f - 632146 - f/df/d/db/b/f - Half circle back forward motion

b~f - [4]6 - Hold back then press forward

d~u - [2]8 - Hold down then press up

db/f - 1,6 - press down back then forward

d/u - 2,8 - press down then up

d,d - 2,2 - press down twice

f/b/f - 6,4,6 - press forward back forward

qcb hcf - 2141236 - Quarter circle back half circle forward

d/df~u - 2/[3]8 - Running Charge

Other Abbreviations

j. - Jump/jumping - Press up-back/up/up-forward.

sj. - Super-jump - Tap down-back/down/down-forward, then quickly press up-back/up/up-forward.

sh. - Short hop - Tap up-back/up/up-forward.

hh. - Hyper hop - Tap down-back/down/down-forward, then quickly tap up-back/up-forward.

cl. - Close

cr. - Crouch

st. - Stand

bb. - Backdash

The Characters

Hero Team

Rival Team

Fatal Fury Team

Ikari Warriors Team

Agent Team


Anti-Kyokugenryu Team

Kyo & Iori Team

Art of Fighting/Kyokugenryu Team

Mark of the Wolves Team

Psycho Soldier Team

EX Characters (Sub-Bosses)

Boss Characters (Playable on PS2 Only)

PS2 Exclusives

PS2 Arranged Mode

The King of Fighters XI

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