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The King of Fighters XI/Benimaru Nikaido

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  • cl.A/B/C/D are cancel-able.
  • cl.A/B are chain-able.
  • cl.C & cl. D can connection properly after Benimaru's jumpin attacks


  • Far A can be used to stop hops at a close range
  • Far B can be used to stop incoming hyper hops at a mid-screen range
  • Far A/B whiffs on crouching opponents
  • Far C has decent horizonal range and can be used to stop hops preemptively. It does have a fair amount of recovery if whiffs though. Whiffs on crouching opponents.
  • Far D is a sobat kick with good speed & that moves Benimaru forward a bit. Best used as a close range poke.


  • cr.A/C/D are whiff/cancel-able
  • Crouch A/B are chain-able
  • Crouch B hits low, best used to start combos or used as a very close range poke.
  • Crouch D is a quick sweep that can be whiff cancelled into special moves, his f+B command normal & also combo easily into his LDM.


  • Jump A is a quick short ranged elbow that can be used a close air-to-air attack.
  • Jump B/D can cross up
  • Jump B can be used as a quick jump-in attack & can hit fairly deep during a hop. Can connect and combo well into his cr. B.
  • Jump D can be used as an preemptive air-to-air or start a jump-in combo. Very easy to cross-up opponents with and to combo into his crouching and standing normal attacks.

Blowback Attack

  • st. E is a close slow roundhouse kick that can be whiff cancelled.
  • Jump E has a very steep downward angle. Best used for jump-in attacks or to apply pressure to opponent.

Normal Throws

Front Suplex

  • b/f+C/D(near)
    • A suplex that leads to a hard knockdown.

Command Moves

Flying Drill

  • d+D in air
    • Benimaru spins diagonally downwards for a mutli hit kick move. Amount of hits depends on jump or hop height.

Jackknife Kick

  • f+B
    • Cancelable kick. Will combo from hard attacks and special/super cancel-able. Important to use for combos.

Special Moves

Raijin Ken

  • qcf+P
  • Light punch version aims in-front of Benimaru, heavy punch version hits diagonally above his head.
  • Hits once on contact.
  • Can negate fireballs.

Kuuchuu Raijin

  • qcf+P(in air)
    • Benimaru no longer floats during this move (continues falling instead). Move is much faster to launch & knocks the opponent down in the air in a juggle-able state. If the opponent is hit in the corner, it can be followed up with qcf+A, then qcf+C or just into his LDM.

Raimei Tou

  • qcb+P(can hold)
    • Negates projectiles, and will continue to hit even after Benimaru has stopped. C is slower, but does more hits and damage. Delaying the move has no effect on damage, but allows it to hit an opponent behind Benimaru while being delayed. The light punch version in the corner can combo into his LDM.

Shinkuu Katategoma

  • qcb+K
    • The move can hit in front and behind Benimaru as he's spinning. Both versions are super cancel-able on any hit.

Iai Geri

  • qcf+K
  • Can combo easily from 2 crouching Bs.
  • Move is now Super Cancel-able without having to hit late.

>Handou Sandan Geri

  • During Iai Geri, qcf+K
  • Can no longer be performed if the Iai Geri misses. Is now slower and has longer recovery time. The 1st hit is Super Cancel-able.

Super Moves

Gen'ei Hurricane

  • qcb, qcb+K
  • Can reach full-screen but has slow start-up
  • This will now combo and catch opponent in mid-air when Super Cancel-led from the last hit of the Shinkuu Katategoma (qcb+K).

Raikou Ken

  • qcf, qcf+P
    • A version goes forward, C version diagonally upward. Move is Dream Cancel-able. Negates projectiles, including some DMs.

Leader Moves

Raikou Ken

  • qcf, qcf+E
  • This LDM is a stronger version of his DM Raioku Ken.
  • Anywhere juggle (can connect after his sweep or a quick shift cancelled special moves that can juggle the opponent.


No Meter

  • cr. Bx2, qcf+K then qcf+K
  • j.B/j.D, cl. C/D, f+B, qcf+P or qcf+K then qcf+K or qcb+A, or qcb+K
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