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The King of Fighters XI/Clark Still

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This is Clark Steel form the Ikari Warriors team. A great grappling character, good mobility and good normals.

Normals Moves

Gallanting German - f + c/d

Death Lake Driver - In the air, d + c/d

  • Air throw

Command Normals

Stomping - f + b

  • Combos from cl. C and 2-in-1 into his mount tackle special.

Special moves

Mount Tackle - hcf+P

Clark Lift - d,d + A

Reverse D.D.T. - d,d + C*

Rolling Cradle - d,d + B/D

  • Clark runs in and pins the opponent. can and should ONLY be used in combos as there is alot of lag if the opponent blocks it. The main combos you may want to use to combo it are s. close c into mount tackle or s. close c, f+b, into mount tackle. From that same combo you can super cancel the mount into the U.A.B. The one drawback to this move is if the opponent guesses the same button that you used to finsh the mount tackle, they will break out of the second part. So it might be wise to mix up which finisher you use so that doesn't happen.

Super Argentine Backbreaker - close, hcf + B/D*

  • It is 2-in-1 able from c.a/b and s.c. also is is good as a stand alone move because is still functions like a "normal" grab special. Good for mix-ups and is a knockdown move.

Napalm Stretch - dp + A/C*

  • Anti-air grab similar to zangief's in mvc2. It catches people on the way up and which ever P you use will decide the height that he goes into the air. This is another good mix-up tool for people who get tired of getting the A.B.B and start jumping. It also is a anti saving-switch as he will grab the incoming opponent on there way in. Only problem with this move is that there is alot of lag on it if you miss, but hey you gotta take risks sometimes lol

Frankensteiner - dp + B/D*

  • While it is not comboable it seem to have some invincablity at the start up. That is good because (beside obvious reasons) people will try to possibly knock you out of

your throw attemts with c.a/b and this throw will THROW those attempts causing your oppent to think twice before trying to hit you out of the A.B.B.

Shining Wizard - hcb + A/C

  • This throw is unique in that is ONLY hits crouching opponents, if they arent crouching then he will just run up to them then stop. It could be used as a mix-up tool but, probably best if used sparingly. Will also combo off of s.close c if opponent is in crouching hit-stun.

Flashing Elbow - qcf + A/C

  • Clark runs up and elbow drops a grounded opponent after certain moves. ive listed this moves with this (*).


Ultra Argentine Backbreaker - hcbx2 + A/C

  • Nice range (character or so), good damage and comboable.

Running Three - hcfx2 + B/D

  • Runs 1/2 of the screen, is comboable and does good damage. Only draw back is that it is really telegraphed if done outside of a combo. You may want to use it on a character coming in as the other one was defeated though.

Special Gatling Attack - qcbx2 + B/D

  • A super variation on his old gattling attack,can be comboed and can be DC'ed. good super if you cant hit the opponent with the stand alone LDM. Ex: Jumps alot, or rolls alot.

Leader Ultra Argentine Backbreaker

  • Similar to U.A.B, comboable, and MASSIVE damage on the last toss of the super.Plus, the last grab looks HELLA tight lol.


hop j.A, s.C(1 hit), hcf+K, qcf+P

Knockdown, good damage with no meter spent.

hop j.A, s.C(1 hit), f+B, hcf+P, finisher of your choices

Variation on above combo.

hop j.A, s.C(1 hit), U.A.B or L.U.A.B

The only hard part of the combo is learning the timing on the 1 hit s.C to U.A.B. The timing is pretty strict.

c.B, hcf+K or U.A.B or L.U.A.B

Another very strict timing combo. But great damage off a low and another knockdown to continue oki.


He has a few good normals and we are gonna go over the best ones:

s.D: Anti-air/hop, hurts and makes people think about jumping at him. Imo, it is best used as a preemptive anti-air, much like yuns s.mk(far) , a good way to stop people from jumping away.

c.D: the anti-move/jump. if you hit two or three A.B.B back to back, chances are your opponent is gonna jump away to stop getting thrown. this is where this bad boy comes in. Puts them back on the ground for more oki games. Safe on block as-well. this guy reminds me more and more of big gief lol

j.E: Extreme priority, beats alot of other peoples air attacks. Just another in one of many tools to KEEP PEOPLE ON THE GROUND. lol You also get a free one after a CH E in the air, if you are fast enough.

j.A/: Or more like hop j.A. its really fast overhead and you can combo off of it. really good move.

Mix-up Game

Clark's mix-up game revolves around his A.B.B and how many time you can land it, or the super version of it hahaha. Well, its not gonna be easy with backward rolls, hops and alpha counters in the same game but, ill give you a few ways to land some:

First you need a knockdown, preferably one that is untechable (A.B.B). then it would go like this:

Opponent ducks on wake-up:

hop j.a, s.C(1 hit), A.B.B, flash elbow (knockdown)

Opponent stands on wake-up:

empty hop, c.B, A.B.B, flash elbow (knockdown)

Opponent blocks on wake-up:

Empty jump, A.B.B, flash elbow (knockdown)

frankenstiener, flash elbow (knockdown}

Opponent jumps on wake-up:

Napalm stretch, flash elbow (knockdown)

s.D or s.E (no knockdown, but they had to take damage to get out of the mix-up, which is good :) )

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