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The King of Fighters XI/Kula Diamond

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Kula Diamond is one of the strongest characters in KOF XI and has strong synergy with many characters. Freeze Execution,Leader Desperation Move, has juggle-anywhere properties. Her strong pokes remain as previous kof iterations but now can at any point lead to her LDM if used at the correct time. Kula's low high mixup is a real problem for most players as her combo from low attacks into Crow bite lead to a hard knockdown.


If Kula is Leader; The main objective is landing LDM from any attack either air-to-air, anti-airs, or combos. If Kula is not Leader; Best played on point as she builds meter quick and has excellent options without the need of meter. Her jump in attacks are some of the best in the game and her crouching b can go into Crow Bites which causes hard knockdown starting the mix up over again.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Kula provides many opportunities to TAG in other characters either from Ray Spin (Sit) or from One Inch.
  • Her damage can suffer when low on stocks/meter needing to land more hits than other characters.
  • Low to no cross up game.

Normal Moves

Normal throw
Ice Coffin (near) f/b + C or D
Command moves
One Inch f + A
Slider Shoot df + B
Critical Ice df + C
Special moves
Diamond Breath qcb + P
Counter Shell qcb + P
Crow Bites DP+P
Ray Spin qcb+K
┗Tsuika Kougeki(Stand) (During Ray Spin) f + B
┗Tsuika Kougeki(Sit) (During Ray Spin) f + D
Diamond Shoot (air) qcf+K
Desperation Moves
Diamond Edge (DC) (qcf)x2 + P
MAX Diamond Edge (DC) (qcf)x2 + E
Leader Desperation Moves
Freeze Execution (qcb)x2 + E
  • cl. A - Excellent to juggle into LDM.
  • cl. B - Slow spinning can chain into self.
  • cl. C - Fast and good to confirm into Ray Spin, go-to follow up from jumping attacks.
  • cl. D - Can combo into Ray Spin but not as easy to hit confirm as cl. C

  • st. A - Good to use against Hyper Hops
  • st. B - Fast poke and combos into Crow Bites.
  • st. C - Slow attack that can lead into Ray Spin.
  • st. D - Two-hit does not have much use. Might work as an anti-air
  • st. E - Fast and has very good range and can be special cancable.

  • cr. A - this move has never been any good.
  • cr. B - Best low attack that should be used to start her low combos.
  • cr. C - Decent against high/normal jumps
  • cr. D - Sweep can lead to LDM but might be too hard to hit-confirm efficiently.

  • j. A - Downwards far ice attack that can be used as an instant overhead.
  • j. B - Excellent air-to-air attack than can lead into LDM
  • j. C - One of the best jump attacks in the game, combo starter, and can be used as a instant overhead.
  • j. D - has more range than her j.C but not as fast nor does it have as much as hit stun.
  • J. E - Very fast air attack will usually beat out most air attacks and knocks down, but cannot be used to combo into LDM.

Command Moves

  • One Inch
  • f + A
  • 'Knockdown'; Combo from (cl. C/D) and can be used to tag in. It Counter Wires and knocks down if not in combo.
  • Slider Shoot
  • df + B
  • 'Knockdown,Low'; Combo from most normal moves and can be used as a far low attack sometimes can be used to Option Select Rolls.
  • Critical Ice
  • df + C
  • 'Knockdown, Counter Wire'; Can be used as a long range poke and in case it counters you can lead to Hyper Jump D + LDM. It is not a projectile and the hurt-box extends so it can be beat by some pokes.

Special Moves

  • Diamond Breath
  • qcf + A or C
  • 'Launcher, Freeze'; A version launches the enemy forward allowing follow ups when close to the corner. C Has a longer startup yet freezes the opponent allowing jumpin attacks, it can be used after a character has been killed as they come in to force opponent to block and maintain preassure.
  • Counter Shell
  • qcf + A or C
  • 'Reflects, Knockdown'; The reflected projectile travels quick and is usually safe to use at full screen away. It can reflect some DMs and it Counter Wires on Counter hit. Can also be used to Tag in during combos, some characters can follow up with hit-anywhere moves.
  • Crow Bites
  • dp + A or C
  • 'Knockdown, Antiair, SC'; C version causes Hard Knockdown, its startup is very quick and auto corrects. A version has longer startup and not as much as range but has less recovery if missed.
  • Ray Spin
  • qcb + B or D
  • B version is 1 hit; D version now has added start-up time, does 2 knockdown hits
  • Tsuika Kougeki (Stand)
  • During Ray Spin, press f + B
  • 'Sends out a projectile'; 1 hit if Ray Spin B connects from the front, 2 hits if connecting by itself at close range or if comboing from Ray Spin B from behind)
  • Tsuika Kougeki (Sit)
  • During Ray Spin, press f + D
  • 'Launches upwards, Low hit'; comboes from Ray Spin B
  • Diamond Shoot
  • in air, qcf + B or D
  • 'Knockdown, Projectile'; B version travels downward at an angle, D version travels straight across the screen.

Super Desperation Moves

  • Diamond Edge
  • qcfx2 + A or C (DC)
  • 'Knockdown'; Can be used after Ray Spin launcher or super canceled from Crow Bites and can be canceled into LDM.
  • MAX Diamond Edge
  • qcfx2 + E (DC)
  • 'Knockdown'; One of the only characters that can use 2 stock supers even when she is not Leader.

Leader Desperation Moves

  • Freeze Execution
  • qcbx2 + E
  • 'juggle-anywhere'; Her only juggle-anywhere move, can be used anytime the opponent is in juggle state except after BO attacks.


Solo Combos

  • (Cr. B) x2, St. B, DP + C , SC, (qcf) x2 + A, DC, (qcb) x2 + E
  • (While enemy facing back and Close to corner), Close C, f+A, qcb + B, f+B, qcb + B, f+B, qcb + B, f+B, DP + C

Quick Shift Combos

  • Jump C/D, Close C (1hit), f+A, qcb+B, f+D, ENDER
    • Kula Ender 1 | DP + C
    • Kula Ender 2 | Diamond Edge, DC, Freeze Execution
    • Gato QuickShift Ender (near corner) | QS in A/B (whiff),(qcb + B, B)x 5, (qcf) x2 + B,(optional DC),(DP +E) x3
    • K' QuickShift Ender | QS in A/B (whiff), Crouching A(whiff), df+ D, (qcf)x2 + P
    • Oswald QuickShift Ender (corner) | QS in, Back Dash, qcf + B, qcf + P, qcf + D, qcf + E
    • Oswald QuickShift Ender 2 (corner) |QS in, df + A, qcb + B, qcb + A, qcf + A, (charge) b,f,b,f +E
  • (Corner) Jump C/D, Close C (1hit), f+A, qcf + A, qcb + B, f+B, qcb + A/C, ENDER
    • Gato Quickshift Ender | QS in, (qcf) x2 b , DC, (DP + E) x3
    • Malin Quickshift Ender | QS in, (qcf) x2 + E (OTG)


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