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The King of Fighters XIII/Controls

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A - Light Punch

B - Light Kick

C - Strong Punch

D - Strong Kick

CD - Blowback Attack

P - With either Light Punch or Strong Punch

K - With either Light Kick or Strong Kick

AB - Evasive Roll, neutral or forward Ab while make the character roll forward, pressing it in the backward direction will make the character roll backward

GCAB - Guard Cancel Roll, press AB when guarding an attack, can also be done while using a normal, costs one meter

GCCD - Guard Cancel Blowback Attack, press CD when guarding an attack, costs one meter. Often referred as CD Counter

s.C - Standing close hit strong punch. Since most far hits are non-cancelable, standing attacks such as s.C are always the close version

Far D - Standing far D

d.B - Crouching or down B


                  up (u)
 (ub)  up left - 7 8 9 - up right (uf)
     (b)   left - 4 5 6 - right (f)

(db) down left - 1 2 3 - down right (df)
                  down (d)

j. - Jump/jumping - Press and hold up-back/up/up-forward

Hyperjump - Press down-back/down/down-forward, then quickly press and hold up-back/up/up-forward

Hop - Tap up-back/up/up-forward

Hyperhop - Tap down-back/down/down-forward, then quickly tap up-back/up-forward

cl. – Close – Close standing attack (e.g. cl.C)

cr. – Crouch – Crouching attack (e.g. cr.B)

st. – Stand – Standing attack (e.g. st.B)

bb. – Backdash – Tap back twice quickly

“x”~“y” – Input “x”, then quickly afterwards input “y” (e.g. K’’s Second Shoot, qcf+P~f+B)

Attack Motions

qcf - 236 - d/df/f - Quarter circle forward

qcb - 214 - d/db/b - Quarter circle backward

hcf - 41236 - b/db/d/df/f - Half circle forward

hcb - 63214 - f/df/d/db/d - Half circle backward

dp - 623 - f/d/df - Dragon Punch motion

rdp - 421 - b/d/db - Reverse Dragon Punch motion

tk - 2369 - d/df/f/uf - Tiger Knee Motion

, hcb f - 632146 - f/df/d/db/b/f - Half circle back forward motion

~ b~f - [4]6 - Hold back then press forward

~ d~u - [2]8 - Hold down then press up

~ db/f - 1,6 - press down back then forward

~ d/u - 2,8 - press down then up

, d,d - 2,2 - press down twice

,, f/b/f - 6,4,6 - press forward back forward

qcb hcf - 2141236 - Quarter circle back half circle forward

qcf hcb – 2363214 – d/df/f/df/d/db/b – Quarter circle forward half circle back

,,~ f/f~d/f – 66[3] – Running charge

Other Terminology

[DC] – Drive Cancel

[SC] – Super Cancel

[HD] – Hyperdrive activation

[HDB] - Hyperdrive Bypass

[HDC] / [HC]– Hyperdrive Cancel

[MC] – Max Cancel

Shortcuts/Sequential Buffering

-All ~ motions --> x2~ + button

-Similarly, ~ --> x2~ + button

-~ --> ~

-~ --> ~

- --> ~

-Dash hcb x2 command throws (e.g Clark's DM)--> (somewhat close) hcb~f x2~hcb + button

-Canceling qcf into qcf x2 (e.g Shen's qcf+P, [DC] qcf x2+P) --> qcf + button, qcf+ button

-Canceling qcf into qcf~hcb (e.g Liz's qcf+P, [DC] qcf~hcb+P) --> qcf + button, hcb + button

-Canceling dp into qcf~hcb (e.g Robert's dp+P, [DC] qcf~hcb+P DM) --> dp + button, hcb + button

-Canceling c.d~u into c.b~f (e.g Leona's c.d~u+P, [DC] c.b~f+K) --> c.db/d~ub + button, [DC] uf (or f)+ button

-Canceling dp into qcf inside HD mode only (e.g Kyo's dp+P [1hit], [DC] qcf+P...) --> dp+P~P (Liz seems to be the only character that can do this outside of HD)

-Canceling dp into qcf (e.g K' dp+P, [DC] qcf+P)--> hcb~f+P, qcf+P

-Canceling dp into dp (e.g Yuri's dp+A, [DC] dp+K)--> dp+P, K: As long as the first motion is the same as the second motion and there's not too much lapse in between, you can just press the button again.

-Tricky motions like Shen's CABC can be hard to buffer. You can start buffering it while getting up, in the air, during the ending frames of a move or even off a s.C itself. A useful trick is to tap in this order (just hold the down motion the whole time): d.A, d.C, d.A, d.B (this will buffer the first 3 inputs) and press C when you want to activate the DM. By doing this technique, Shen appears to only do two d.As (since neither d.C or d.B link off of d.As), as soon as the opponent jumps, press C.

-Beni's qcf+K --> d~u+K--> qcf~uf+K, K: As long as there's no delay it'll stay buffered. Alternatively you can do qcf+K, f, uf, u+K.

-Billy's qcb A, into rapid A (cancel startup frames) into qcb C-->qcb A, C x4

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Hit detection notes

Although other sources may have different definitions, hit detection for this wiki is defined by the following:

Overhead - An attack that must be blocked high.

Mid - An attack that can be blocked either high or low.

Low - An attack that must be blocked low.


The King of Fighters XIII

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