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The King of Fighters XIV/Bandeiras Hattori

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(*) = EX OK

(!) = MAX OK


Reverse Ippon Throw - close / +  

Jigoku Wheel - close / +

Command Normals

Kabutowari  - +

Daruma Otoshi - +

Sankaku-Tobi - in air

Special Moves

Iguazu Otoshi - charge briefly then + / (*)

Shinobiashi - + / (*)

Tengu no Tobikiri - + / (*)

Kawarimi - (parry move) + / (*)

Shining Ninja Arts - + / (*)

Super Special Moves

Kama Itachi - + / (!)

Tatami Gaeshi - + / (!)

Climax Super Special Moves

Kage Bunshin - , +

Quick Combo Reference

Quick Combo Reference


0 Meter

Low, Anywhere
Low, Anywhere

(Combo 1) = (damage number here) = dmg
(Combo 2) = (damage number here) = dmg
(Combo 3) = (damage number here) = dmg

1 Meter

Low, Anywhere

(Combo 1) = (damage number here) = dmg
(Combo 2) = (damage number here) = dmg
(Combo 3) = (damage number here) = dmg

2 Meters


(Combo 1) = (damage number here) dmg

Gameplay Overview



  • st. A: A quick horizontal palm thrust. Best used as a standing poke. A better choice for a light confirm into MAX over st.B
  • st. B: This kick can stop incoming hops & has more range than st. A
  • st. C: A fierce back hand punch that has slightly less range than st. A and is a bit slow. Not much use for it.
  • st. D: An upward aimed wheel kick with multiple uses, farthest horizontal range of all his standing attacks, later active frames are aimed upward, making it useful as an anti-hop and even anti-jump at far ranges. Very negative on block, but pushes out a bit, making it harder to punish.


  • cl. A: A special cancel-able elbow jab.
  • cl. B: This kick counts as a low attack but you need to be very close to the opponent
  • cl. C: Hits twice and both hits are special cancel-able. Doing f+A after the second hit will make the f+A whiff. The 2nd hit has less hitstun, so it does not combo into D Shining Ninja Arts if canceled from the 2nd hit.
  • cl. D: Hits twice. The first hit is special cancel-able only. Pretty unremarkable, has slight use catching a jump early at close range.


  • cr. A: Short elbow poke, can chain into command normals, useful for confirms from cr B.
  • cr. B: Bandeiras’ fastest normal, a low with short range, but chainable into itself and into st. A or cr. A. Also shrinks hurtbox a little bit to help with low profiling some jump-ins.
  • cr. C: A quick underhand strike. Good punish tool and is your access to higher damage in combos. Can chain to command normals and special cancel. Guaranteed to hit after any hcf+B, provided they are in range, which can then be canceled into dp+B to get near the opponent as they land from the flip out, and still be at positive frames.
  • cr. D: Breakdance sweep, decent range, has 2 hits but only one will ever hit unless they guard it, in which case both hits connect, unsafe on block, but either hit is cancelable, cancel into B Shining Ninja Arts to try to stay safe. An OK poke and good juggle combo ender


  • j. A: A falling elbow strike. Quick, decent choice if you need a speedy air-to-air button
  • j. B: Knee strike, Hitbox isn’t very big, but it is your main and pretty much only crossup.
  • j. C: Angled palm hit. Your main non-crossup jump-in attack. Easier to hit deeper than j.D
  • j. D: A wheel kick. A VERY useful multi-purpose tool, has a higher hitbox at first that’s good for hitting above you if you hop and they jump, then switches to a more forward hitbox that’s good for air-to-air and then a lower hitbox than can be used as a jump in. It has a slightly slower startup than the other buttons so beware.,


  • st. CD: A high step kick, it doesn’t move forward at all, but has slightly more active frames than most CDs. Can Max cancel and EX Teleport on hit to get close for a combo. As of 3.10 Bandeiras can cancel into Shinobiashi (dp+K) and then cancel that into D Shining Arts (hcf+D) which will combo from most ranges.
  • j. CD: Upside-down kick. It aims to hit above Bandeiras, with his jump arc, it’s not very useful as it can’t hit opponents who are crouching.


Reverse Ippon Throw - (b/f+C) close

  • The recovery after the throw moves Bandeiras back, midscreen you wind up fullscreen away from opponent, in the corner, only left about halfscreen away
  • Soft knockdown

Jigoku Wheel - (b/f+D) close

  • A roll up throw that tosses the opponent nearly fullscreen, however if your back is to the corner, you wind up pretty close to your opponent.
  • Hard knockdown

Command Moves

Kabutowari - (f+A)

  • A short range chop, is an overhead when done from neutral that cannot be canceled into anything but Max mode, but if its chained into, it’s no longer an overhead, and gains speed and the ability to cancel into specials.

Daruma Otoshi - (df+D)

  • A sliding kick, knocks down, it does lower hitbox to help go under projectiles. If chained into, it loses knockdown properties, and cannot be canceled into anything but supers and MAX mode. Useful for confirms where you know f+A would whiff, it does the same damage as f+A so its interchangeable in most combos

Sankaku-Tobi - in air (uf)

  • A wall jump that can be done if you reach a wall with forward or backward jump. Moves in a very horizontal arc, meaning most heights you jump from will get you to around the middle of the screen.

Special Moves

Iguazu Otoshi - (charge d then u + A/C)

  • A 1-frame command grab with short range, useful as a reversal, has quick recovery on whiff, A and C versions are the same. If this move is performed while running or during the recovery of dp+K, Bandeiras will do a special version that moves backwards in a large arc and do slightly more damage.

EX: has some more damage and slightly more frame advantage, you cannot EX the running version

Shinobiashi - (dp+B/D)

  • A “teleport” dash. B version moves forward about ½ of the screen and the D version moves about ¾ of the screen, both version are vulnerable until he disappears and still have recovery as he reappears. D having a hefty amount of recovery. Best used after knockdowns. A special cancel feature was added in 3.10 which allows him to end the teleport recovery into one of his specials. Iguazu Otoshi will behave as if performed during a dash.

EX: A VERY quick invincible teleport with barely any recovery, moves forward slightly less than B version. A great version to use for a mix-up while in Max mode.

Tengu no Tobikiri - (qcf+A/C)

  • Double “Palm” strike, A version is safe, pushes out a bit, best move to super cancel off of, C version goes into a 2nd attack on hit that results in a Hard Knockdown guaranteeing a follow-up Tatami Gaeshi, but unsafe on block.

EX: A safe version of that also results in a Hard Knockdown, switches sides on block, however the 2nd hit doesn’t connect in juggles so its very terrible for anything other than getting a side switch on block.

Kawarimi (parry rdp+B/D)

  • A “counter” attack, B and D versions are the same, if anything connects with Bandeiras’ upper body, he disappears into a divekick slightly ahead of where he was hit, knocks down. It’s not an instant hit after being activated, so it’s possible you can counter something and they can still block, same with EX version

EX: Instant start up, Bandeiras now counters no matter where he was hit, and now tracks to the opponents location with the divekick, the kick no longer knocks down, but has enough hitstun for Bandeiras to combo directly after.

Shining Ninja Arts - (hcb+B/D)

  • A jumping “Knee” attack and Bandeiras’ Main combo tool, B version slightly launches opponents for a single hit juggle (Cr. C is guaranteed 90% of the time) and is short range and safe, D version is unsafe, but is farther and launches for extended juggles.

EX: A slightly faster version that launches higher than D version and is even +1 on block. Bandeiras’ main access to all of his damage.

Super Special Moves

Kama Itachi - (qcfx2+A/C)

  • Fast knife hand strikes, has decent range, good off a quick grounded confirm, terrible in juggles most of the time just due to how spaced the hits are.

Max: Great super to use as a combo ender, farther range and faster startup than lvl 1 and the final strike results in a Hard Knockdown. Works good in juggles, especially if you can get the final hit to connect.

Tatami Gaeshi - (qcbx2+A/C)

  • A ground pound super. Low damage but launches for a juggle. Is able to hit OTG* for LOTS of combo utility. Lvl 1 is more limited but can still net you extra damage off of things like qcf+C. Invincible on start up but is very unsafe. Always aim to use the A version, C version does a lot less damage and is slower, but is invulnerable through the hit.

Max: Bandeiras’ main super and is a HUGE source of his extended damage. Launches higher, hitbox is bigger and can hit as an anywhere juggle as well as still hit OTG* Also invulnerable through the hit and is still very unsafe.

(*OTG = off the ground, meaning it can hit the opponent while they’re knocked down)

Climax Super Special Moves

Kage Bunshin - (qcf~hcb+BD)

  • A Ranbu-type super. Reaches about half screen distance. Fast startup with great invulnerability. It scales very well and its speed makes it very useful in ending juggles.




  • cr. B,cr. A, f+A
  • cr. B, cr. A, f+A (BC) cr. C/cl.C,f+A
  • cl. C, f+A

A dp+K or hcf+B may be used after a cr. C reset for a position mixup:

  • hcf+B - puts you point blank on the same side at about even frames, best for setting up a throw
  • dp+B - puts you point blank at +3, best for continuing pressure
  • dp+BD (EX) - puts you on the opposite side (if outside the corner) at about +18. Have fun.

Rush Auto Combo

Meterless 148 Damage - Ends in qcf+C. Hard Knockdown, cannot be followed up with OTG

1 Meter: 227 Damage - Ends in level 1 Kama Itachi (qcfx2+A/C) super. Hard Knockdown, cannot be followed up with OTG

EX: 358 Damage - Ends in level 2 Kama Itachi (qcfx2+AC) super, it knocks the opponent away instead of the usual crumple knockdown this super gets, leaving the opponent next to Bandeiras at the end. Hard Knockdown, cannot be followed up with OTG.

0 meter

  • cr. B, cr. A, hcf+B, cr. C = 166 DMG

(short midscreen combo into reset situation)

  • cr. B, cr. Af+A, hcf+D, qcf+C = 213 DMG

(short combo into Hard Knockdown, works anywhere) cr. B, cr. A, f+A, hcf+D, hcf+B, cr. C = 240 DMG (small confirm into juggle for reset situation)

  • j.D, cr.C, hcf+D, hcb+B, cr. C = 297 DMG

(Jump-in to highest damage meterless combo)

Corner Only

  • st. CD, hcf+D, hcf+B, cl. C = 200 DMG

(Stray st. CD grounded hit into combo)

1 meter

  • cr. B, cr.A, qcf+C, qcbx2+A, hcf+D, hcf+B, cr. C = 363 DMG

(Low starter combo, with best 1 bar midscreen non-max combo route)

  • cr.B, cr.A, f+A, hcf+D, qcf+C, qcbx2+A, run fwd, Cr.D = 349 DMG

(Low starter combo with hit confirm, last hit is tricky to learn , but consistent)

Corner Only

  • cr.B, cr. A, f+A, hcf+D, qcf+C, qcbx2+A, hcf+B, cr.C = 378 DMG

(corner hit confirm combo w best non max 1 bar combo route)

Max Mode Combos

  • cr. B, cr. A, f+A,(BC), cr. C, hcf+D, hcf+BD (walk back slightly), hcf+B, cr. D = 314 DMG

(Best midscreen combo route w 1 bar max. After the EX knee, Bandeiras goes past the opponent, and faces the opposite way for a moment, take a step or do a short run the direction he’s facing to realign yourself on the original side and have time to land the next hit, also be wary of the corner as it can mess up the combo)

Corner Only

  • cr. B, cr. A,f+A (BC), cr. C, hcf+BD, hcf+D, hcf+B, hcf+B, cr. C = 340 DMG

(Strongest combo route for Bandeiras in max mode, do each part as fast as possible, any delay can cause the end to drop)

2 meters

  • cr. B, cr. A, qcf+C, qcbx2+AC, hcf+D, hcf+B, cr. C = 467 DMG

(Ends in a reset)

  • cr. B, cr. A, f+A, hcf+D, qcf+C, qcbx2+AC, run forward, qcf+C = 447 DMG

(non max midscreen confirm, timing is a bit tricky on end, but consistent)

Corner Only

  • cr. B, cr.A, f+A, hcb+B, cr, C, qcbx2+AC, hcf+D, hcf+B, cr.D = 512 DMG

(ends in a soft knockdown)

Max Mode Combos

  • cr. B, cr. A, f+A (BC) cr. C, hcf+BD, qcf+C, qcbx2+P, hcf+D, hcf+B, cr. C = 478 DMG

(ends in a reset)

  • cr. B, cr. A, f+A (BC) cr. C, hcf+BD, hcf+B, cr. D, qcbx2+AC, hcf+D, hcf+B, cr. C = 506 DMG

3 meters

  • (place combo here) = (place damage amount here)

(place combo description here)

4 meters

  • (place combo here) = (place damage amount here)

(place combo description here)

5 meters

  • (place combo here) = (place damage amount here)

(place combo description here)


Frame Data

Bandeiras KOFXIV Frama Data Link


Bandeiras Slow Motion Hitboxes {{#ev:youtube|8wL6j3ENCUI}}

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