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The King of Fighters XIV/Hein

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(*) = EX OK

(!) = MAX OK


Skewer - close / +  

Pin - close / +

Command Normals

Bayonet  - +

Blunder  - +

Special Moves

Pawn - + / (*)

Knight - + / (*)

Bishop - in air, + / (*)

Rook - + / (*)

Castling - [Rook] + /

Super Special Moves

Queen - + / (!)

King - + / (!)

Climax Super Special Moves

Domination - +

Quick Combo Reference

Quick Combo Reference

Notation Key (place notation here)

0 Meter

Low, Anywhere
Low, Anywhere

cr.Bx1-2, f+A > qcf+C = (damage number here) dmg
(Combo 2) = (damage number here) dmg
(Combo 3) = (damage number here) = 231 dmg

1 Meter

Low, Anywhere

(Combo 1) = (damage number here) dmg
(Combo 2) = (damage number here) dmg
(Combo 3) = (damage number here) dmg

2 Meters Anywhere (Combo 1) = (damage number here) dmg

Gameplay Overview

Hein is a brand new, easy to understand character in KOF XIV. While Hein does not possess many special moves, he can work just fine with his simple but effective toolkit. Hein's most powerful tool is Rook, a special move that, when used in the right situations, grants Hein great frame advantage and will force the opponent to block whatever mix-up you'd like. Once Hein puts the opponent in this situation, his game plan is to mix them up with with his cancelable overhead, throws, crossups with Castling, and hop mixups over and over until the opponent is KO'd or escapes. In Max Mode, Hein's EX Specials can be used for a variety of situations beyond damage. For example, an EX Pawn allows for a safejump on hit, an EX Bishop cancelled from an air to air allows for an excellent DP bait, and and EX Rook gives you all the time in the world to mix-up the opponent with its multiple hits.

Where Hein suffers is a lack of good defensive tools. He does not have many tools to use to escape pressure beyond system mechanics, with his only invincible reversals being King, EX King, EX Queen, and Domination. Hein can be put anywhere on a team, as he does not need meter to gain access to Rook mixups, but Max Mode can give him many more useful tools. Experiment with Hein, and see where you personally would like to put him.



  • st. A: One of his hop stoppers and his most consistent. Tends to whiff on crouchers. 5 frame startup and -3 on Block.
  • st. B: Has good range and can be used as a poke. Does enough hit-stun to lead into MAX MODE combos. 6 frame start up and -2 on block.
  • st. C: Range is lacking, so not a good poke or anti air. Speed and angle make it decent at stopping hops though. 6 frame start up and -2 on block.
  • st. D: Slow startup and angle make it almost exclusively an anti air. Tends to whiff on crouchers. 11 frame start up and -6 on block.


  • cl. A: Close chop with decent range. Special Cancel-able. cl. B is better overall. 5 frame startup and -3 on block.
  • cl. B: Hits low. You can employ this after an empty hops as it starts up faster than his cr.B, combos into Bayonet and is Special Cancel-able. 4 frame start up and -1 on block.
  • cl. C: Combo filler. Cancels into Bayonet and Special Cancel-able. 8 frame start up and 0 on block.
  • cl. D: Hits low. Starts up a frame faster than cl.C. Cancels into Bayonet and Special Cancel-able. Seems to activate farther out cl.C. Does same damage as cl.C.


  • cr. A: Good poke with fast start up. Chains into cr.B and Bayonet. Special Cancel-able. 4 frame start up and only -1 on block.
  • cr. B: Another good poke for him and his main combo starter. Chains into itself and combos into Bayonet. Hits low. Special Cancel-able but combos into nothing without Bayonet's help. Depending on Hein's spacing, you may have to cut a cr. B or two out of your combos in order for Bayonet to hit. 5 frame start up and only -1 on block
  • cr. C: Another poke. Has nice range though not as nice as the animation would suggest. Doesn't hit low. Special Cancel-able. Good to cancel into Rook or maybe even A Pawn. 9 frame start up and +1 on block.
  • cr. D: Sweep with good range. Special Cancel-able.


  • j. A: Can be used for pressure in the corner alongside j.D. 5 frame startup
  • j. B: Quick air to air. Whiffs on crouchers, so not a good jump in. 7 frame startup
  • j. C: Whiffs on a lot of crouchers, so tends to work better as a slow air to air. 9 frame start up
  • j. D: Good jump in for starting pressure or combos. Hits at a good angle, though can sometimes whiff if mistimed. 7 frame start up.


  • st. CD: Good range but slow start up. Special Cancel-able. You can get stuff like King or MAX King mid-screen and longer combos in the corner. A common tactic is to extend A Pawn’s range by whiff cancelling it from st. CD.
  • j. CD: Works great as an air to air. Also good in pressure because it causes a lot of blockstun. If it hits, it pushes the opponent toward the corner, which is great for Hein. Only thing to watch out for is the slow start up, which is 12 frames.


Skewer - (b/f+C) close

  • Hein twists the opponent arm around their back then palm thrusts them. The opponent is knocked away near the corner.
  • Hard knockdown

Pin - (b/f+D) close

  • Hein swings the opponent around him, then hits them twice, knocking them towards the middle of the screen
  • Soft knockdown

Command Moves

Bayonet - (f+A)

  • Command Normal. Combo filler. Will combo from his heavies and does enough hitstun to combo into most of his specials/supers. 10 frame start up and is even on block. If canceled into, it loses a frame of start up but becomes -2 on block.
  • As of 3.0, the move’s range has extended slightly, so it is easier to combo into from farther ranges and from more hits.

Blunder - (f+B)

Overhead. You can cancel into it from his normals, but it will not combo. Causes Hein to become airborne, so you can only cancel it into Bishop (qcb+B/D in air). Useful in corner combos/pressure. 22 frame start up but safe on block at -1.

Special Moves

Pawn - (qcf + A/C)

  • Hein twists around quickly to perform a straight thrusted stab with his fingers
  • LP (A) version hits once. -3F on block.
  • HP (C)version hits twice, inflicts more damage & has more horizontal range. -13 on block
  • Both versions super cancel-able during the 1st or 2nd hit

EX: Similar to HP (C) version but has faster start-up and safe on block. Soft knockdown. Juggles into A Pawn everywhere and Tiger Knee Bishop in the corner as of 3.0, amazing reset tool in the corner leading into cl.D qcb+AC meaty.

Knight - (dp + B/D) (*)

  • Hein flips over the opponent to grab & slams their head to the ground
  • Delayed command throw
  • Connects on crouching opponents within range
  • LK (B) version & HK (D) versions has the same damage but D version has a much farther flip arch (close to half-screen distance) than the B version
  • Can be evaded by rolling on reaction or jumping away from Hein

EX: Goes full screen distance, faster start-up has no invincibility

Bishop - (qcb + B/D) (in air) (*)

  • Hein’s dive kick
  • LK (B) version has a much steeper angle than the HK (D) version
  • Both versions can cross-up standing and crouching opponents at the correct spacing and timing
  • Can be canceled from f+B on hit or on block (3F on block). Bishop can only connect on cornered opponents in this way.

EX: Has an attack angle in between the range of the LK and HK versions. Faster start-up and causes a soft knockdown on hit.

Rook - (qcb + A/C) (*)

  • Hein spawns a harmful bit of energy onto the ground.
  • The A version spawns Rook right in front of Hein. the C version spawns it a short distance away. The A version is useful in the corner, and will meaty players who tech roll after landing (tech rolling after a landed Pawn is one such setup), and can also meaty on air reset.
  • Can be canceled into, allowing you to use it during blockstrings as a way to reset pressure, although it has a bit of startup meaning you'll have to condition the opponent to keep blocking and catch them off guard with it.
  • Can combo after a CD and CH j.CD in the corner.

Castling - [Rook] (hcf + B/D)
  • Hein darts behind the opponent after casting Rook.
  • Useful for crossup situations, even more so after an EX Rook due to the increased amount of hits.

EX: Adds more hits, allowing for longer time spent in blockstun for the opponent and giving you deadlier mixups by forcing them to block both the added hits of EX Rook and whatever else you decide to do.

Super Special Moves

Queen - (qcf~hcb + A/C)

MAX: The last hit of MAX Queen does 75 damage regardless of where it is placed in the combo.

King - (qcbx2 + B/D)


Climax Super Special Moves

Domination - (hcbx2 + A/C)


  • Any combo that involves MAX into j.D xx j.qcb+B+D only works on standing opponents.
  • Any combo that ends in qcb+A+C is a reset. The damage listed will be without the qcb+A+C chip included.


Rush Auto Combo

Meterless: description here

1 Meter: description here

EX: description here

0 meter

  • cr.Bx1-2, cr.A, f+A > qcf+C (158-170 DMG)

Simple, easy meterless confirm off of a low. When done in the corner, Hein can meaty with A Rook immediately afterward if the opponent tech rolls.

  • (j.X) cl.C > f+A > qcf+C (181 DMG)
  • f+B > j.qcb+K, microwalk cl.C , f+A > qcf+C (276 DMG)

Attempting this combo without a microwalk after j.qcb+K will get you st.C instead. The microwalk after j.qcb+K is actually pretty easy. As long as you're holding forward, you should be able to get the cl.C as soon as possible with little trouble.

1 meter

  • (j.X) cl.C > f+A > qcf+C > qcf,hcb+P (329 DMG)
  • cr.Bx1-2, cr.A, f+A [BC] forward jump, j.D, air qcb+BD, qcf+AC, qcf+C (323-329 DMG)

Needs more testing but cr.Bx2 opener only tends to work in the corner.

  • f+B > j.qcb+K, microwalk cl.C , f+A [BC] forward jump, j.D, air qcb+BD, qcf+AC, qcf+C (411 DMG)

Good damage corner combo.

2 meters

  • (j.X) cl.C > f+A > [BC] cl.C > f+A > qcf+AC, qcf+C > qcf,hcb+AC (514 DMG)

Swap cl.C with cr.B, cr.A for a low starter. (479 DMG)

  • f+B > j.qcb+K, microwalk cl.C , f+A [BC] forward jump, j.D, air qcb+BD, qcf+AC, qcf+C > qcf,hcb+AC (606 DMG)

Anchor (3rd Position) Corner Combo.

3 meters

  • (place combo here) = (place damage amount here)

(place combo description here)

4 meters

  • (place combo here) = (place damage amount here)

(place combo description here)

5 meters

  • (j.X) cl.C > f+A > [BC] cl.C > f+A > qcf+AC, qcf+C > qcf,hcb+AC > hcb,hcb+AC (739 DMG)

Same as first 2 meter combo, with climax. (704 DMG if started low)

  • f+B > j.qcb+K, microwalk cl.C , f+A [BC] forward jump, j.D, air qcb+BD, qcf+AC, qcf+C > qcf,hcb+AC > hcb,hcb+AC (831 DMG)

Same as 2 meter Anchor Corner Combo, with climax.

  • (place combo here) = (place damage amount here)

(place combo description here)


Frame Data

Hein KOFXIV Frama Data Link


Hein Combos ver.3.1➤ KOF14 {{#ev:youtube|n3UO5iMulwk}}

Hein: Full Character Tutorial {{#ev:youtube|uVUQ8rvHMTc}}

Mastering The Checkmate: Hein Strategies Guide {{#ev:youtube|WRmOdslimqU}}

Hein Slow Motion Hitboxes {{#ev:youtube|CqW0RqEoX_s}}


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