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The King of Fighters XIV/Kim Kaphwan

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(*) = EX OK

(!) = MAX OK


Sanren Kyaku - close / +  

Sakkyaku Nage - close / +

Command Normals

Naeryo Chagi  - +

Twio Yop Chagi - +

Special Moves

Hangetsuzan - + / (*)

Air Hangetsuzan - in air, + / (*)

Hienzan - charge briefly then + / (*)

Hienzan (Follow Up) [Hienzan ] +

Hishou Kyaku - in air, + / (*)

Super Special Moves

Houou Hiten Kyaku - + / (!)

Houou Kyaku - + / (!)

Air Houou Kyaku - in air, + / (!)

Climax Super Special Moves

Zero-Shiki Houou Kyaku - +

Quick Combo Reference

Quick Combo Reference


0 Meter

Low, Anywhere

cr.B, cr.B, d~u+D d+D = 173 dmg
j.D, cl.C, qcb+D 238 dmg
st.CD, d~u+D d+D = 183 dmg

1 Meter

Low, Anywhere

j.D, cl.C, qcb+D [SC] qcfx2+B, ff+A, qcb+D = 407 dmg
cr.B, cr.B, d~u+D [SC] qcb~hcf+K = 272 dmg

2 Meters

Low, Anywhere

j.D, cl.C, qcb+D [SC] qcfx2+KK d~u+D d+D = 475 dmg
cr.B, cr.B, d~u+D [SC] qcb~hcf+KK = 371 dmg

Gameplay Overview

Health: 1000

Throughout KOF history, Kim has had many different movesets with this one being pretty much identical to XIII. Compared to his previous iteration, this version of Kim is quite toned down, but still a great character. He has a terrific list of moves with almost every attack serving a function. Kim fits any team position, but needs meter to excel. While his mobility is pretty good, he still has trouble getting through a good projectile character. Kim Kaphwan is a solid choice for both beginners and advanced players.

Strengths: + Great normals + Decent combos with good okizeme + Flashkick-type reversal with a super cancel + Command overhead + Good mobility with great hops

Weaknesses: - Getting through zoning and defensive play - No fast vertical antiair outside of Hienzan which requires charging - Every special is punishable except two EX moves - Needs meter to be a real threat



  • st. A: A simple forward jab. Best used to stop hops at a very close range. Special cancels.
  • st. B: A simple forward kick with good range. Can be used to stop hops in advance at a mid range. Negative on block. Special cancels.
  • st. C: Kim does a cool heel kick. Like st. B, but with better range and positive on block. Good for max mode.
  • st. D: Kim does 2 upward kicks. Good for anti-air, re-approach, and max mode activation. Can be stopped by an opponent's cr. A. Neutral on block. A strong all around move.


  • cl. A: Still a simple forward jab that special cancels. Neutral on block.
  • cl. B: A short kick to the knees that hits mid. Special cancels. Neutral on block.
  • cl. C: Another kick to the knees that hits harder. Slightly negative on block, but pushback makes it a non-issue. Your go-to close heavy normal due to special cancelability and it also activates from further away than cl.D.
  • cl. D: A close upward kick. Special cancels. Neutral on block.


  • cr. A: A crouching forward jab. Good for close range pressure. Special cancels. Neutral on block.
  • cr. B: A fast crouching kick that hits low. Special cancels. Neutral on block. Your go-to light starter.
  • cr. C: Kim gets on the ground and kicks their knees. Can be used as a last minute low profile anti-air. Can be useful after cancelled Max Mode (BC) activation to reach opponent better than cl.C. Special cancels. Neutral on block.
  • cr. D: A long ranged sweep. Special cancels. Slightly negative on block.


  • j. A: Kim punches downward. fast and hits deep, but short. Can crossup some opponents. Will also special cancel.
  • j. B: Kim kicks straight up. Catches people jumping over you, and still has a hit-box in front of him. Just don't expect to hit crouchers.
  • j. C: Kim does an axe kick that will air-to-air and is a decently deep jump in. Good all-around move.
  • j. D: Kim throws both feet out. Despite appearances, only the forward leg has a hitbox. A very deep jump in with good range.


  • st. CD: Kim puts his weight into a strong kick. Standard blowback affair, but difficult to follow-up outside the corner.
  • j. CD: Kim does a karate kick that hits air-to-air and grounded opponents. A versatile jump blowback.


Sanren Kyaku - (b/f+C) close

  • Kim kicks the opponent in the face 3 times and knocks them away.
  • The preferred knockdown since it is possible to safe jump with.
  • Hard knockdown

Sakkyaku Nage - (b/f+D) close

  • Kim tosses the opponent over his head and throws them back.
  • Use if you can throw them in the corner.
  • Soft Knockdown

Command Moves

Naeryo Chagi - (f+B)

  • A somewhat slow overhead that can be used to Max/super cancel.
  • Like most overheads, loses overhead property if chained after lights or close normals. Does not special cancel under any circumstance.

Twio Yop Chagi - (f,f+A)

  • Kim does a low aerial horizontal travelling flying kick that travels close to 3/4th screen distance towards opponent
  • Can combo after lights, and close normals but whiffs on crouching opponents.
  • If blocked, Kim will jump repel backward. Can be punished by certain fast, horizontal special moves or super special moves.
  • He will no longer kick off the wall if reaches it now either.
  • Special cancel-able if blocked or hit.
  • Can evade some ground skimming projectiles like Iori's qcf+P and Geese' qcf+A (but not qcf+C because of its height)

Special Moves

Hangetsuzan - (qcb+B/D)

  • Kim does a flip kick on the ground. Soft knockdown on hit.
  • B version (light kick) travels forward quickly at a shorter distance than D version which is slower start-up & near half-screen distance.
  • Both versions evade lows and you can use the D version to travel over some ground projectiles.
  • If you land the B version in the corner, you can always extend the combo with something (usually a Hienzan).
  • Both versions are punishable, D version is additionally one of the few moves in the game to have a forced counterhit recovery.

EX: Safe on block and really fast, but can be knocked out of in startup. Juggles the opponent slightly in the air. One of Kim’s main combo moves and best EX moves when in raw MAX.

Air Hangetsuzan - (air qcb+B/D)

  • Kim does a flip kick in the air. Both versions hit mid.
  • B version gives soft knockdown and will combo after ff+A if they are grounded.
  • D version gives hard knockdown and will combo after ff+A if they are in a juggle state (like after qcfx2+B/D).

EX: This version will do up to 2 hits and leaves them in the air for a possible combo follow-up. Has 1 to 4F of invuln.

Hienzan - (charge down up + B/D)

  • A reversal "flash kick".
  • B version has no invuln and hits once, but recovers quicker. Can be used as an anti-air. Soft knockdown on hit.
  • D version has a few invuln frames on startup, and hits up to 3 times. Can super cancel into qcb~hcf+K on the 3rd hit. As of 2.0 canceling into super is not possible on block anymore.

EX: Like the D version, but the followup is done automatically, and has more invuln and faster startup. Also does more damage.

Hienzan (Followup)[Hienzan D] - (down + D)
  • Kim can do a followup to the D version that gives hard knockdown. You can safe jump with this by hopping forward immediately.

Hishou Kyaku - (air qcf+B/D)

  • After a short delay Kim will do a stomping divekick. If it connects, Kim bounces off their head.
  • It's possible to use j.D after the bounce although it will not combo outside of the corner.
  • B version has a steeper fall than D version.
  • Both versions have a super cancel window after the bounce.
  • You can use this to bait big antiairs like heavy DP or full jump air-to-air.

EX: This version excludes the bounce for a possible combo followup as it has a special cancel during landing. (i.e. Hangetsuzan)

Super Special Moves

Houou Hiten Kyaku - (qcfx2 + B/D)

  • Kim does an invincible upkick that sends the opponent into the air for a combo follow-up.
  • B version knocks the opponent back in the air, while D version launches the opponent straight-up vertically
  • B version damage is 120, D version's damage is 80 while having more start-up invincibility.

EX: Kim does an additional axe kick and slams them into the ground, bouncing for a combo follow-up.

Houou Kyaku - (qcb~hcf + B/D)

  • Kim leaps forward and does a chain attack.
  • No invincibility, but a good hit-box that could be used to anti-air.
  • Hard knockdown and leaves at a proper range for a safe jump.

EX: The same thing, but does more hits and damage. Does not allow time for a safe jump at all. Does not allow time for a safe jump at all. Has some frames of invincibility during the start,

Air Houou Kyaku (air qcb~hcf + B/D)

  • Basically the same as the ground version except Kim flies through the air defying gravity.
  • No invincibility
  • Hard knockdown

EX: Does more hits and damage, but same as the ground version, it doesn’t allow enough time for a safe jump. 3 frames of start-up invincibility.

Climax Super Special Moves

Zeo-Shiki Houou Kyaku - (qcb~hcf + AC)

  • Like Houou Kyaku, but is really cool looking and does way more damage. As of 3.0 it now has a fair amount of invulnerability frames at startup. Will work as a reversal and can blow through a projectile.



Rush Auto Combo

Meterless: A 3-hit string into D Hangetsuzan. 166 dmg.

1 Meter: Instead of Hangetsuzan will perform a Houou Kyaku (qcb~hcf+K). 226 dmg.

EX: Replaces Houou Kyaku (qcb~hcf+K) with EX version. Only achievable by being in MAX mode during auto-combo. 334 dmg.

0 meter

  • cr.B x3, d~u+D = 193 dmg

(This light combo is the basic chain you'll use in pressure often. if you are ill-spaced, some hits of d~u+D won't connect, so you may wish to replace with the B version.)

  • cr.B, st.B, ff+A qcb+B = 149 dmg

(This won't hit crouchers, and you won't want to react to their position either, so this is included as a punish when you don't have time to charge the flash kick)

  • cr.C, qcb+D = 178 dmg

(An alternate punish that takes advantage of cr.C's range.)

  • j.C cl.C qcb+D = 238 dmg

(Kim's combo options meterless are limited, so this is about the best you'll get. will come in handy when cancelling into super though.)

  • (corner) st.CD d~u+D = 183 dmg

(Replace with qcb+D if you are not in range. )

1 meter

  • (midscreen) st.CD qcb+B, run ff+A j.qcb+D [SC] qcb~hcf+K = 302 dmg

(Works pretty much anywhere as long as your back is not to the corner. Do not run for too long or the buffer for ff+A is gone.)

  • cr.Bx2, st.B [BC] cl.C/cr.C qcb+BD, ff+A j.qcb+BD, charge down~up+B = (314 dmg) {1000 & 1250 MAX}

(Your basic hitconfirm into MAX mode. Delay ff+A slightly to get j.qcb+BD properly. If you end up in the corner, you can replace B Hienzan for D Hienzan and get 364 dmg)

  • j.C/D, cl. C/D, qcb+D [SC], qcfx2+B, ff+A, qcb+D = (407 DMG)

(You can omit the jump normal if you want to use this as a ground punish. Always use the B version of qcfx2+K instead of D for more damage in any combo.)

  • cr. Bx2, st. B [BC] cl.C/cr.C, qcb+BD, ff+A, air qcb+BD, charge down~up+BD = (355 DMG) {1500 Max Mode}

(delay the ff+A a bit to get the air qcb+BD to connect reliably)


  • cr. Bx2, st. B [BC] cl.C/cr.C, qcb+BD, ff+A, air qcb+BD, charge down~up+D, down+D = (333 DMG)

(delay the ff+A a bit to get the air qcb+BD to connect reliably)

  • cr.Bx2, st.B [BC] cl.C/cr.C qcb+BD, ff+A, j.qcf+BD, qcb+B, charge down~up+D, down+D = (337 dmg)

(No need to delay ff+A in this route, but the following EX move has to be delayed. The damage is equal to the previous combo but it builds slightly more meter and prepares you for Kim’s optimal corner combos.

2 meters

  • cr. Bx2, st. B [BC] cl.C/cr.C, qcb+BD, ff+A, air qcb+D [SC] qcb~hcf+K = (470 DMG)

(Your best 2-bar MAX combo for point and mid position. Ends in a hard knockdown, but no safe jump. Easy to execute. Damage is 536 if you start with j.C/D, cl.C/D into Max Mode)

  • cr. Bx2, st.B [BC] cl.C/cr. C, qcb+BD, delay ff+A, (in air) qcb+BD, charge d,u+B [SC] qcb~hcf+K = (512 DMG) {1500 Meter}

(better 2-bar for anchor. Input the flash kick into super as qcb, up-back+B~hcf+B. 583 damage if start with j. D, cl. C [BC].)

  • cr.C, qcb+D [SC] qcfx2+B, ff+A, j.qcb+D [SC] qcb~hcf+K (466 DMG)

(Better meter gain and a safe jump for just 20 dmg less than a 2-bar MAX combo with a heavy starter. Mostly as a punish as you can’t confirm off of one cr.C, but a damaging read also)


  • cr.Bx2, st.B [BC] cl.C/cr.C, qcb+BD, ff+A, j.qcf+BD (free cancel) qcb+B, charge down~up+D [SC] qcb~hcf+K = (431 dmg)

{1000 & 1250 MAX} (Heavy starter nets about 30 damage more. Delay the EX move after ff+A for max hits.

  • cr. Bx2, st. B [BC] cl.C/cr. C, qcb+BD, ff+A, air qcb+BD, charge down~up+K (3 hits) [SC] qcb~hcf+K = (516 DMG) {1500 MAX}

(A bit more damage if you start with a heavy jump-in normal with a close heavy normal attack, or his f+B overhead)

  • j. D, cl.C [BC] cl.C, qcb+BD, ff+A, delay j.qcf+BD (free cancel) qcb+D [SC] qcf,qcf+B, ff+A, j.qcb+B, charge d,u+B = (533 DMG) {1500 MAX}

(best damage for 2-bar, for consistency/easier time you can swap qcb+D for qcb+B. cr. Bx2, st. B [BC] starter brings the combo damage to 453)

  • j. D, cl.C [BC] cl.C, qcb+BD, ff+A, delay j.qcf+BD (free cancel) qcb+B, charge down~up+D (3 hits) [SC] qcb~hcf+K = (590 DMG) {1500 MAX}

(cr. Bx2, st. B [BC] starter will give 518 damage)

3 meters

  • cr.Bx2, st.B [BC] cl.C, qcb+D [SC] qcf~qcf+B, ff+A, qcb+D, qcb~hcf+K (483 DMG) {1000 & 1250 MAX}

(Heavy starter will give you 520 dmg. This combo works anywhere on the screen.)

  • cr.Bx2, st.B [BC] cl.C, qcb+BD, ff+A, air qcb+BD, qcb~hcf+AC (564 DMG) {1500 MAX}

(580 off of heavy starter, but pretty lackluster for 3 bars so only use it if it kills.)


  • cr.Bx2, st.B [BC] cl.C, qcb+BD, ff+A, delay j.qcf+BD (free cancel) qcb+D [SC] qcf~qcf+B, ff+A, j.qcb+B, charge d,u+D, qcb~hcf+K (520 DMG) {1000 & 1250 MAX}

(Heavy brings up the damage to 554 dmg. Values provided means you hit all three hits from both D Hangetsu and D Hienzan)

  • cr.Bx2, st.B [BC] cl.C, qcb+BD, ff+A, delay j.qcf+BD (free cancel) qcb+D [SC] qcf~qcf+B, ff+A, j.qcb+B, charge d,u+B, qcb~hcf+K (566 DMG) {1500 MAX} (Heavy brings up the damage to 595 dmg. The major difference to point/mid versions of practically the same combo is that Houou Hiten Kyaku becomes EX for anchor, which doesn’t allow time for D Hienzan but is still more damage.)

4 meters

  • cr.Bx2, st.B [BC] cl.C, qcb+D [SC] qcf~qcf+K, ff+A, j.qcb+D [SC] qcb~hcf+BD (577 DMG) {1250 MAX} (Heavy starter will give you 614 dmg. This combo works anywhere on the screen.)
  • cr.Bx2, st.B [BC] cl.C, qcb+BD, delay ff+A, j.qcb+BD, qcb~hcf+AC (564 DMG) {1250 MAX} (Heavy starter will net you 580 dmg, which is lackluster for 4 bars. This combo works anywhere on the screen.)


  • cr.Bx2, st.B [BC] cl.C, qcb+BD, ff+A, delay j.qcf+BD, charge d,u+D [SC] qcb~hcf+BD (614 DMG) {1250 MAX} (To get max damage you need to hit all three hits both from EX Hishou Kyaku and D Hienzan.)

5 meters

  • cl.C [BC] cl.C, qcb+BD, delay ff+A, j.qcb+BD, charge d,u+B [SC] qcb~hcf+K [SC] qcb~hcf+AC (681 DMG) {1500 MAX}

(Converting from lights brings the damage to 658 dmg. Climax cancel can only be done before Kim launches the opponent. Visually the last animation during the ranbu is the far D.)


  • j. D, cl. C [BC] cl.C, qcb+BD, ff+A, delay j.qcf+BD (free cancel) qcb+D [SC] qcfx2+B, ff+A j.qcb+B [SC] qcb~hcf+AC = (794 DMG)

(For an easier time and just a bit lesser damage you may omit the last ff+A into j.qcb+B and opt for just a grounded qcb+B into Climax instead.)


Kim has an unpractical 6-bar stun combo from a far-spaced jump-in and the opponent at about 3-5 character widths away from the corner.

  • j.C/j.D, far D [BC] s.CD (whiff) EX Hangetsu, cl.C, ff+A, j.qcf+BD (free cancel) qcb+D [SC] qcf~qcf+K, ff+A, j.qcb+B, charge d~u+B [SC] qcb~hcf+K [SC] qcf~qcf+BD, ff+A, j.qcb+B, charge d~u+B [STUN] whiff qcb+Bx2, j.C/j.D, cl.C, qcb+D [SC] qcf~qcf+B, charge d~u+D>d+D (834 DMG) {1500 MAX}

Another unpractical combo is a grounded super cancel from Hishou Kyaku (the divekick). From a certain spacing if you land a low-hitting qcf+K it will shortly count Kim as grounded so you can do qcf~qcf+B (only B-version will hit). Usually this is done from ff+A with a delay, otherwise you won’t get the exact height. For example:

  • (midscreen, only on standing opp.) cr.Bx2, st.B, ff+A, j.qcf+D, qcf~qcf+B, ff+A, j.qcb+D (335 DMG) (Purely from a meter standpoint this combo is the best value, but it has heavy requirements. You can also do this in the corner with B Hishou Kyaku, but it is extremely finicky and pretty much useless.)

Frame Data

Kim KOFXIV Frama Data Link


KoF XIV: Kim Beginner Breakdown {{#ev:youtube|6MIPsZ1yJzM}}


Kim Slow Motion Hitboxes {{#ev:youtube|HAzxSDkiUhk}}

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