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The King of Fighters XIV/Terry Bogard

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(*) = EX OK

(!) = MAX OK


Buster Throw (Forward) - close / +  

Buster Throw (Backward) - close / +

Command Normals

Back Knuckle - + (!)

Rising Upper - + (!)

Special Moves

Power Wave - + / (*)

Burning Knuckle - + / (*)

Crack Shoot - + / (*)

Rising Tackle - charge briefly then + / (*)

Power Charge - + / (*)

Super Special Moves

Power Geyser - + / (*)

Buster Wolf - + / (*)

Climax Super Special Moves

Star Dunk Volcano - +

Quick Combo Reference

Quick Combo Reference

Notation Key

st. - Standing | cr. - Crouching | j. - Jumping | qc - Quarter-Circle | hc - Half-Circle | f - Forward | b - Back | d - Down | u - Up | ~charge~ - Charge Input, the directions in which the charge is held and released in are specified prior to the "button".

0 Meter


Low, Anywhere

Low, Anywhere

cl.C(both hits), df+C, qcb+B = 200 dmg

cr.B, cr.A, df+C, qcb+B = 173 dmg

cr.B, cr.A, d~charge~u+C = 158 dmg

1 Meter



Low, Anywhere

cl.D, df+C, MAX, CD, qcf+AC, cl.C, df+C, qcb+BD, qcb+A(To be updated once recorded, around 430, typically not recommended due to existing alternatives which can be performed from any position on screen){1000}

cl.D, df+C, MAX, cl.D, df+C, qcb+BD, qcb+AC(To be updated once recorded, around 450, allows for Safe Jump follow-up){1000}

cr.B, cr.A, f+A, MAX, cl.D, df+C, qcb+BD, qcb+AC(To be updated once recorded, around 400 DMG, allows for Safe Jump follow-up){1000}

2 Meters Anywhere cl.D, f+C, MAX, cl.D, df+C, qcb+BD, qcb+A, [SC] qcfx2+B/D(To be updated once recorded, around 530){1000}

Gameplay Overview

Terry Bogard is the extremely well-known protagonist of the Fatal Fury series which happens to predate the King of Fighters series. After so many appearances and iterations, Terry expectantly returns once again in XIV to duke it out with the cast, both new and old. For the most part, Terry's game plan consists of mainly fundamental elements, possessing good normal moves and a relatively simple move set at face value. His special moves are similar to how they had functioned in XIII, but every present move has been altered (along with the addition of his clasic Power Charge). He retains his Power Wave projectile but this time it works like it had in his initial appearances in KOF; with it being both full-screen and having its speed influenced by the strength of the punch button. He of course also has his Burn Knuckle (which as this wiki will depict, is quite the important move) along with many of his other signature moves. Much like every most returning characters, Terry takes effective advantage of XIV 's system mechanics. Terry is a character that can hit pretty hard and excel from utilizing fighting game and "KOF specific" fundamentals, as his versatile and reliable moveset rewards those who play him with such fundamentals in mind. Any player of any skill level cannot go wrong with picking Terry.

- GreatDarkHero with edits made by LEbrosaber



  • st. A: Terry jabs his arm forward, resulting in a decent anti-air poke that only possesses high hit-detection. It only hits high and lacks both chain and special cancel-ability, but can be canceled into both MAX and all of Terry's various DMs.
  • st. B: Terry swiftly kicks in front of him at a 30-40 degree angle, making this poke great for applying quick block pressure. Not special or chain-cancel-able, but can be canceled into from cr. B. MAX and DM cancel-able.
  • st. C: A quick straight-angled punch. MAX and DM cancel-able, but lacks any other forms of cancel-ability otherwise.
  • st. D: A devastating kick which is directed at around a 100 degree angle, making it suffice as an anti-air. Due to its start-up not being as quick as Terry's other anti-air options while also possessing a fairly limited hit-box, this normal is best used as somewhat of a preemptive technique to countering aerial-based approaches. MAX and DM cancel-able, cannot be chain or special canceled.


  • cl. A: Elbows the opponent, does not chain into other lights (asides from itself via Rush Auto-Combo) but does chain into both of Terry's Command Normals. Special, DM, and MAX cancel-able as well. It's quick start-up time and decent range allows for it to be used as a method of quickly interrupting an opponent's offense, but otherwise can be a bit limited in its usage.
  • cl. B: Terry kicks the opponent at a lower angle near an opponent's leg. Can be chained into and from into Command Normals, but cannot be chained into Lights. It is also Special, DM and MAX cancel-able. Usage for this normal can be found in continuing block-strings in where Terry is in direct proximity with the opponent, but even with this can be substituted with more effective Normals in most cases.
  • cl. C: Terry very quickly punches the opponent's gut twice, making this a normal which hits twice. Amazing for hit-confirming due to its two-hitting properties, also happens to be a go to option for punishes due to its speed and ability to chain into Command Normals. It is also Special, DM, and MAX cancel-able.
  • cl. D: Terry shoves his knee forward at about mid-body height. The normal is a bit slow, but does the most damage out of all of his standing Normals. Much like cl. C it also happens to be chain cancel-able, making this move amazing for maximizing damage in situations where one can guarantee it landing.


  • cr. A: A quick forward jab in which is Special, MAX, DM, and chain cancel-able. Despite it being a crouching normal it lacks the properties of an "actual" low, making this at times ineffective at opening an opponent up. Due to how it is cancel-able into from lights, it does however function amazingly as an immediate follow-up to cr. B.
  • cr. B: Terry quickly kicks towards the feet of his opponent. This move is one of Terry's two "actual" lows, making the use of this move pertinent to strengthening Terry's mix-up game. It is not Special cancel-able and lacks the ability to chain into command normals, but can be chained into any one of Terry's lights, providing Terry with the ability of effectively comboing off of a low.
  • cr. C: A punch sent at a straight-angle from a crouching position. The move isn't as quick as some of Terry's alternatives, but has a fair bit of range in addition to being cancel-able, making the usage of this move quite important at times. This move can be MAX, DM, and Special canceled in addition to being capable of chaining into command normals.
  • cr. D: A sweeping kick which applies a soft-knockdown status to an opponent it connects with. Has a decent bit of range (even for that of a sweep) while being fairly quick, it is also Terry's only other "actual" low. This can be used to quickly throw an opponent off-guard and to apply knockdown based pressure after a successful hit. This move also happens to be cancel-able, allowing for more effective usage within block-strings.


  • j.A: A quick downwards angled punch. It's quick nature makes it effective for attempting to beat out opponents whom are attempting to jump while you are already airborne, but is otherwise lacking. It doesn't help that a few of Terry's other jumping normals can also serve this purpose and do so more efficiently.
  • j.B: Terry quickly kicks in front of him. This normal is best suited for quickly beating out opponents who are attempting to jump/hop due to its fair horizontal range and swift start-up, it is fairly limited in its usage otherwise.
  • j.C: A quick and powerful downward angled punch. It's angle, priority, and relatively quick start-up can allow for it to be utilized specifically for the sake of beating out anti-airs and in air-to-air situations. It also deals a fair amount of hitstun, making it fairly effective for the use of it as a "jump-in tool".
  • j.D: Terry shoves his leg at a slightly downward angle. This normal is quite versatile, as it is his longest reaching jumping normal, has a fairly short start-up time, and possesses both a fair bit of priority and hit-stun.


  • st.CD: A lengthy and devastating kick which has a bit of start-up. Due to how Terry becomes very slightly airborne during the animation of this move, it can actually be used for avoiding both lows and grounded fireballs if timed properly.
  • j.CD: A quicker version of Terry's CD which happens to have somewhat of a lingering hit-box. Simply put, this is one of Terry's best moves. Its speed, range, very high priority and generous hitbox can make this move quite appealing for one to "spam" with.


Buster Throw (Forward)

  • Terry quickly lifts the opponent over his shoulder before slamming him/her into the ground.
  • This throw is pertinent to Terry's overall game plan, as due to a lack of typically oppressive standing mix-up tools, utilizing this games universal one-frame throw in conjunction with Terry's already powerful guard pressure allows for a large amount of depth to be present within Terry's mix-up game which is something that is integral to establishing pressure.
  • It causes a hard-knockdown effect while both leaving the opponent only a slight distance away from Terry along with having a somewhat minor amount of recovery, due to this Terry is able to establish some sort of mix-up or he can simply continue with applying guard-based pressure for the sake of achieving a guard-crush.

Buster Throw (Backward)

  • This throw is almost a carbon-copy of Terry's Forward Throw asides from how it leaves the opponent behind Terry's current position rather than in front of him. In addition to this, this throw sends the opponent a slight bit farther away from Terry than the Forward variation of this throw, but it isn't far enough to not allow for Terry to attempt to apply some form of pressure.

Command Moves

Back Knuckle - (f + A)

  • Terry turns his back to the player's perspective, whilst doing so he quickly swings his arm in front of him, attacking with the back of his knuckle (hence the name!)
  • Back Knuckle functions as an effective poke due to its fairly long length. The range of this move is comparable to that of Terry's Standing CD, but lacks a bit of the range in which the aforementioned CD possesses.
  • Even when canceled into this move lacks special cancelability, but can be MAX canceled on hit, making this move an effective way to visually hit-confirm into a MAX combo/block-string.
  • If canceled early enough, this move can be comboed into from a Cr. A, making this move perfect for use within BnB hit-confirms.

Rising Upper - (df + C)

  • Terry swiftly performs an uppercut while in a standing position, while this move does leave a bit to be desired in terms of horizontal length, it makes up for it in its notable coverage of vertical space directly above Terry.
  • This move has that of a 4-Frame start-up, effectively making Rising Upper Terry's fastest normal.
  • Is special cancelable regardless of whether or not this move has been canceled into, and due to its speed this move is perfect for extending combos with. However one must be careful while using Rising Upper in this manner, as due to its fairly lacking horizontal hitbox Rising Upper can completely whiff in some situations, potentially allowing for Terry to either miss a perfect opportunity to deal the opponent damage or even worse, get punished in the process of whiffing Rising Upper.

Special Moves

Power Wave - (qcf + A/C)

  • Terry's dedicated ground-based projectile.
  • All versions travel a full-screen distance with the speed of the projectile being determined by the strength of the button which is inputted. The Light version is a fairly slow projectile in which Terry recovers from somewhat quickly, allowing for one to use it as a method of aiding some form of approach. The Heavy Version is a bit faster and also has a slight bit more recovery than the Light Version of the Special , making it typically more effective for applying "direct pressure" such as attempting to force an opponent into blockstun rather than for setting up a form of approach.
  • While Power Wave is an effective spacing tool, it is not an immensely threatening projectile. Despite both its Light and Heavy versions lacking copious amounts of recovery, other more "notable" projectiles possess larger hitboxes, faster speeds, and even less recoveries, making relying on Power Wave to beat out Zoning via fireball wars not recommended.
  • Due to Power Wave having a fair bit of cancelability after it has initiated, utilizing it to "bait" reactions can be quite effective due to how fast all of Terry's supers are, the invincibility present within all of them disregarding Level 1 Buster Wolf, and the very large hitboxes associated with both versions of Power Geyser.

EX: A faster Power Wave which possesses a slight bit of start-up. Its most notable aspect is its 3-hit property, making it both do larger amounts of guard-damage than both versions of "normal" Power Wave. However, it also happens to possess larger amounts of recovery than the other versions, making it a tad bit difficult to implement in the "neutral game." Canceling St.CD into EX Power Wave will result in a combo, making it effective for the sake of making Terry's already great St.CD to be even more potent than it already is.

Burn Knuckle - (qcb + A/C)

  • A quick and forward-moving "lunge punch" which has a varying distance depending on strength.
  • The Light version goes about two characters' length in distance while the heavy version travels a bit more than the half of the screen.
  • The Light version is only safe on block when spaced from far range as of 3.0, making it much less effective as a basic blockstring ender than in previous versions, opt for a MAX mode mix-up or a different special instead in most cases.
  • Due to its super cancel-ability (discounting the EX version), almost "blistering" speed, priority, and ability for both the Heavy and EX Versions to apply hard-knockdowns (which can lead to numerous safe-jump set-ups) a large portion of Terry's game revolves around the implementation of this move, some may even claim that this move and its variations are so important that it functions as the crux of Terry's gameplan.

EX: A very fast, more damaging, and slightly longer range version of Heavy Burn Knuckle. Can function as an ender to the majority of MAX Mode based combos when one does not wish to spend(or simply cannot due to a lack of) additional meter on a Super or Climax cancel. Its speed makes it as an effective way to essentially "snipe" Hops or Jumps out of the air on reaction in most cases, but if it is somehow avoided or blocked due to a mistake or miscalculation it can be very unsafe, making it important to know when and when not to utilize this move.

Crackshot - (qcb + B/D)

  • A swift forward moving "flip-kick" of sorts.
  • All versions (including EX) are very similar in distance, all moving Terry around that of a singular character forward. The Light version is quicker than the Heavy version and hits once, while the Heavy version hits twice and travels around half of a character more in distance than the Light version.
  • Both versions are safe on block, which when coupled with their forward moving nature makes them effective substitutes for Burn Knuckle when at a point-blank distance.
  • Due to all versions (especially the Heavy version) having a fairly large horizontal range as the move pushes Terry forward, making it function as an effective preemptive anti-air. It is more difficult to use any version of the move upon reaction to counter a form of hop or jump due to how Crackshot (despite being quick in its own right) is not as fast as Terry's various other effective anti-airs, meaning that it can be beaten out via aerials a bit more easily easily than Terry's alternatives.

EX: Comes out a slight bit quicker than the Light version of Crackshot while having range which is very similar to that of the aforementioned Light version of the move. On hit this move applies a ground-bounce effect on the opponent, allowing for Terry to follow up the move with another to continue (or in most cases end) a combo. Provided that the opponent is not within or in very close proximity to a corner, one can link this move after an EX Power Charge, allowing for Terry to potentially achieve a very high amount of damage.

Rising Tackle - (d~u A/C)

  • One of the most impossible and physics defying techniques ever known, Terry's charge based Dragon Punch equivalent returns in yet another game.
  • All versions possess very swift start-up times, but suffer from being notably punishable on block.
  • The strength inputted determines how high the move actually rises, with the Light version being the shortest and the EX version being the highest.
  • The C version has a good amount of invuln, but unfortunately, every version of Rising Tackle pushes Terry a good distance forward, that trait makes it very difficult to use this move on wake-up to dp through pressure like other dps.

EX: A faster, more damaging, and most importantly invincible (for a portion of the move's duration). It also goes incredibly high while rising, making this version of the move easily the most punishable, which means that careful implementation of this move is pertinent to avoid being harshly punished.

Power Charge - (hcf B/D)

  • A forceful "tackle" forward, this move mainly functions as a method of continuing to apply safe block-pressure.
  • Each version has fairly quick start-up time, but the Heavy version possesses the most out of all 3 variations .
  • Depending on the strength inputted, Terry's start-up time, distance, and actual hit "effect" will be altered. The Light version goes for about 2 characters length in distance, has the fastest start-up, and leaves the opponent in both a stationary and standing state on hit. The Heavy version has somewhat of a slower start-up and appears to lack the ability to combo into it from any form of juggle (asides from a counter-hit Jumping CD), making it essentially impossible to combo into. On hit the opponent is sent slightly into the air, allowing for a follow-up. If spaced correctly when in the corner, you can link almost any move off of a successful Heavy Power Charge.
  • If spaced from almost max distance, Light Power Charge can actually link into St.B (Thanks to Vokkan from the DC Forums!) which adds a layer of depth to both this move and spacing with Terry in general.

EX: A swifter version of Power Charge which goes about one character farther than both normal iterations of the move. This move will function as your main MAX mode combo linker at Mid-Screen, as its main feature lies in how it applies a wall-bounce effect on hit, allowing for almost any follow-up of your choosing (that is disregarding both versions of normal Power Charge, as you are incapable of linking them after this move due to them technically being the "same move"). Despite the move's effectiveness, the wall-bounce effect does push the opponent fairly far back, making it so that when in the corner you are no longer capable of linking any special (asides from Rising Tackle) which is capable of being super-canceled and linking EX Crackshot for the sake of combo extending is also impossible. This iteration of the move also happens to possess a hit of armor, allowing for it to be used as a way of literally going through the opponent's offense.

Super Special Moves

Buster Wolf - (qcf, qcf + B/D)

  • ARE YOU OKAY?! This legendary Super Special move yet again returns to Terry's moveset, functioning as Terry's main form of extending combos which utilize some form of Super canceling. This move is also made even better by how Terry once again sarcastically remarks "ARE YOU OKAY?!" prior to the actual performing of the move. (That is unless you happen to be using the EX version of the move!)
  • Has a fairly quick start-up along with notable priority, but lacks any form of "real" invincibility. The move travels for about 3/4ths of the screen before coming to a halt, if blocked the move can very easily be punished as Terry is left incapable of performing an action for quite some time.
  • Doesn't deal as much damage as Power Geyser inflicts, but is much easier to combo in most situations due to its swift and forward-moving nature. Unless you happen to be in the corner, this super will most likely be apart of any 1-bar combo which doesn't utilize XIV's MAX mode mechanic

EX/MAX: The EX version of the move possesses slightly faster start-up, priority, the ability to travel full-screen, and a very slight bit of invincibility on start-up. Unlike the "regular" versions of Terry's Super Special Moves, the EX version of Buster Wolf will typically deal more damage within combos than that of EX Power Geyser due to the inconsistency of the latter move (which will be further explained shortly), making EX Buster Wolf your main Super Special Move for extending MAX mode (or 2-bar combos which do not use that of MAX) combos.

Power Geyser - (hcb, qcf + A/C)

  • Once performed, Terry summons a considerable amount of power and then proceeds to slam the ground, causing a very large "geyser-esque" blast of energy to emerge directly in front of where Terry comes into contact with the ground.
  • Due to its very large vertical (and notable horizontal) hitbox, this move functions perfectly as an anti-air. This much is emphasized by the move also both possessing invincibility on and a notably quick start-up .
  • Power Geyser does inflict more damage than Buster Wolf, but unless if the opponent is in close proximity to or inside of the corner, this move will typically be ignored in favor of Buster Wolf for that of combos due to it being fairly difficult to actually land the move while in a combo-based situation.
  • Due to its hard-knockdown properties, if performed in the corner a safe-jump can be performed immediately after the player regains control of Terry.

EX/MAX: A quicker, more powerful, more invincible, more everything version of Power Geyser. Much like in previous titles, the EX version of this move results in Terry producing three larger geysers rather than merely one. While this move CAN deal more damage than EX Buster Wolf, due to how its damage is spread throughout all three geysers and how the opponent will in most situations not come into contact with the entirety of the move, causing it to typically deal a fair bit less of damage than that of EX Buster Wolf. This is only made more apparent when utilizing this move in the corner, as it will inflict even less damage than it typically does from full-screen due to how the opponent will only come into contact with a small portion of the move.

Climax Super Special Moves

Star Dunk Volcano - (hcb, hcb, + BD)

  • A variation of Terry's classic Power Dunk, this move has Terry slamming his knee into the opponent's abdomen and they both proceed to rise into the air, once Terry reaches a specific height, he forces his now energy covered fist into his opponent, quickly shoving them down into that of the ground with such force a crater is created upon impact.
  • This move has access to a very notable amount of invincibility, making it viable as an anti-air in some cases. Despite this, due to the 3-bar requirement to use this move along with the fairly lengthy input, it is a bit difficult to recommend the regular use of this move as that of an anti-air.
  • If the move whiffs entirely, Terry will simply perform a somewhat flashier version of Power Dunk. This move is expectantly very unsafe on block, making throwing this move out merely for the sake of it even more of a bad decision than it already would be considering its toll on one's meter. Hitting the move while it is later in its animation is also something to avoid, as if Star Dunk Volcano connects a short time after Terry has completely left the ground, the "cinematic animation" will not commence, resulting in the move dealing a much smaller amount of damage overall.


  • For the most part, Terry's combos can be applied in a multitude of situations and are not very difficult to perform. Despite this however, when preforming optimal Anchor MAX mode combos it is important to keep your distance in relation to the corner in which you are both facing in mind, as if you happen to be directly next to the corner you will no longer be capable of linking EX Crackshot from EX Power Charge, meaning that to achieve optimal 2-Bar or higher damage within the corner you must perform a st.CD immediately after canceling into MAX mode and proceed to cancel the CD into EX Fireball, as Terry can link st.C into EX Crackshot from this allowing for higher amounts of damage to be inflicted. Another thing to keep in mind is that Rising Tackle is used fairly frequently within corner specific Anchor MAX combos and that it must be Super Canceled in order to achieve optimal damage. Effectively Super Canceling Rising Tackle consists of charging down as you normally would to perform Rising Tackle, but instead of inputting upwards after charging, you must input a QCF or QCB depending on which super you would like while ending it at the upwards position. If this is done, you will have both buffered a QC motion along with performing Rising Tackle, this means that if you are to input the appropriate motion and button, you will successfully cancel into a super. More information on this can be found within Coliflowerz's Basic Combo Guide for Terry which is linked to at the bottom of this Page.

Rush Auto Combo

Meterless: Terry hits the opponent 4 times before canceling into Burn Knuckle. Due to Terry's fairly high amount of combo options in most situations, this will rarely be used. If for whatever reason you do plan on using this Auto Combo, you can perform a Safe-Jump proceeding this combo due to how it will end with a Light Burn Knuckle.

1 Meter: Same as the meterless Auto Combo asides from how the Burn Knuckle will be canceled into Buster Wolf. Deals around 220 points of damage, and much like with most characters there is almost no point in attempting to implement this within your game plan.

EX: The super in which this concludes with is EX Buster Wolf, dealing around 300-400 damage as a whole. One can inflict around 550 points of damage if they were to perform an optimal MAX Cancel combo in the corner in which the Auto Combo is linked after a EX Power Wave canceled CD, but Terry does possess superior options to this when performing 2-Bar MAX combos.

0 meter


  • cr.B, cr.A, df+C, qcb+A (166 DMG)

(Go-to low confirm, allows for safe-jump follow up due to Hard Knockdown effect applied by Burn Knuckle)

  • cl.D, df+C, qcb+A (200 DMG)

(Decent amount of damage, Burn Knuckle applies a Hard Knockdown effect)

No corner

  • st.CD, hcf+D (miss), qcb+A (134 DMG)

(Allows for fairly damaging follow up after a successful CD)

Corner only

  • st.CD, hcf+D, d~u+C (226 DMG)

(Inflicts large damage, makes CD even more threatening when present in the corner)

1 meter


  • cr.B, cr.A, df+C, qcb+A, [SC] qcfx2+B/D (305 DMG)

(Nice way to add more effectiveness to Terry's BnB low hit-confirm)

  • st.CD, qcfx2+B/D (223)

(Effective and simple way to make successful CDs more damaging)

  • st.CD, qcb+C, [SC] qcfx2+B/D(290 DMG)

(Pushes opponent a large distance across the stage, more damaging method of linking a super from CD)

  • j.D, st.D, df+C, MAX, st.D, df+C, qcb+BD, qcb+AC(450 DMG){1000}

(Deals highest amount of 1 Bar damage that can be achieved from any point on screen, leads into Safe-Jumps due to Hard Knockdown effect applied by EX Burn Knuckle)

No corner

  • cr.B, cr.B, cr.A, f+A, BC, cl.D, df+C, hcf+BD, wait, qcb+BD, d~u+C(367 DMG){1000}

(BnB low-hit confirm for those playing Terry on point, does a fair bit of damage while allowing for continued pressure after Rising Tackle)

  • cl.D, df+C, BC, cl.D, df+C, hcf+BD, wait, qcb+BD, d~u+C(423 DMG){1000}

(More damaging version of previous combo, benefits from the same results with the only real downside being how it lacks the "low" of the alternative combo)

  • j.D, cl.D, df+C, BC, cl.D, df+C, hcf+BD, wait, qcb+BC, qcb+AC(489 DMG){1200}

(Deals almost half of a life-bar of damage, EX Burn Knuckle allows for Safe-Jump follow-up proceeding its conclusion)

Corner only

  • cr.B, cr.A, df+C, qcb+A, SC, qcb,hcf+A/C(326 DMG)

(Only worth mentioning due to you are only capable of performing this in the corner, similar MAX mode combos will almost always be used in favor of this combo)

  • st.CD, hcf+D, qcb+A, SC, qcb,hcf+A/C(340 DMG)

(Nice way to convert effectively off of a successful CD)

  • j.D, cl.D, df+C, MAX, CD, qcf+AC, cl.C, df+C, qcb+BD, qcb+AC(430 DMG){1000}

(Not as damaging or as effective as alternate "Anywhere" combos, typically not recommended as it does not offer anything over that of specific opposing combos)

2 meters


  • cr.B, cr.A, df+C, BC, cl.D, df+C, qcb+BD, qcb+A, [SC] qcfx2+B/D(527 DMG){1000}
  • cl.D, df+C, BC, cl.D, df+C, qcb+BD, qcb+A, [SC] qcfx2+B/D(575 DMG){1000}
  • cl.C, f+A, BC, cl.D, df+C, qcb+BD, qcb+A, [SC] qcfx2+B/D(547 DMG){1000}

No Corner

  • cr.B, cr.A, df+C, BC, cl.D, df+C, hcf+BD, wait, qcb+BD, qcb+A, [SC] qcfx2+B/D(568 DMG){1500}
  • cl.D, df+C, BC, cl.D, df+C, hcf+BD, wait, qcb+BD, qcb+A, [SC] qcfx2+B/D(620 DMG){1500}

3 meters


  • cr.B, cr.A, df+C, hcf+B, qcb + hcf+A/C, [AC] qcfx2+BD(To be updated once recorded, around 600)

(Fairly simple yet damaging BnB, more effective than most combos which consist of Advance Canceling Buster Wolf due to how Power Geyser deals more damage and possesses less scaling than that of Buster Wolf)

4 meters

Corner Only

  • j.D, st.D, df+C, BC, CD, qcf+AC, st.C, df+C, qcb+B, hcf+B, d~u+C, [SC] qcb, hcf+A, [CC] hcbx2+BD{1200, cannot be performed with 1000 or 1500}(To be updated once recorded)

(Highly damaging, finds usage for those willing to spend 4 bars when playing Terry on middle)

5 meters

No Corner

j.D, cl.D, df+C, BC, cl.D, df+C, hcf+BD, wait, qcb+BD, qcb+A, [SC] qcfx2+B/D, [CC] hcbx2,+ BD(896 DMG){1500}

(Practical given that you happen to have 5 bars and score a jump-in, one of Terry's highest damaging combos)


Frame Data

Terry KOFXIV Frama Data Link


KoF XIV: Terry Beginner Breakdown {{#ev:youtube|CUcOBKN6V_4}}

Terry Bogard Quick Combo Guide - The King of Fighters XIV (KOFXIV) {{#ev:youtube|DOB0UHyhRYo}}

Terry Slow Motion Hitboxes {{#ev:youtube|ctxNTy-tIVw}}

Video Example of one of Terry's Burn Knuckle based Safe-Jumps {{#ev:youtube|klx6YJpk1hk}} NOTE: Keep in mind that following the release of Version 2.0, these Safe-Jumps can only be legitimately performed after the Heavy (and if the special which is used to properly time the Safe-Jump is changed, the EX) version of the move, as Light Burn Knuckle no longer has Hard Knockdown properties.

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The King of Fighters XIV

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AliceAndy BogardAngelAntonovAthena AsamiyaBandeiras HattoriBenimaruBilly KaneBlue MaryChang KoehanChin GentsaiChoi BoungeClarkGang-IlGeese HowardGoro DaimonHeidernHeinIori YagamiJoe HigashiK'Kim KaphwanKing of DinosaursKingKukriKula DiamondKyo KusanagiLeona HeidernLove HeartLuongMai ShiranuiMatureMaximaMeitenkunMianMui MuiNajdNakoruruNelsonOswaldRalf JonesRamonRobert GarciaRock HowardRyo SakazakiShun'eiSie KensouSylvie Paula PaulaTerry BogardTung Fu RueVanessaVerseViceWhipXanaduYamazakiYuri SakazakiZarina