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The King of Fighters XIV/Xanadu

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(*) = EX OK

(!) = MAX OK


Dark Pinch - close / +

Dust Shoot - close / +

Command Normals

Finding - +

Special Moves

The • Sorrow - + / *

The • Rapture - + / *

The • Pleasure - + / *

The • Rage - + / *

Super Special Moves

The • Satisfaction - + /  !

The • Distress - + / !

Climax Desperation Move

The • Wisdom - +

Quick Combo Reference

Quick Combo Reference

Notation Key (place notation here)

0 Meter

Low, Anywhere
Low, Anywhere

(Combo 1) = (damage number here) dmg
(Combo 2) = (damage number here) dmg
(Combo 3) = (damage number here) = 231 dmg

1 Meter

Low, Anywhere

(Combo 1) = (damage number here) dmg
(Combo 2) = (damage number here) dmg
(Combo 3) = (damage number here) dmg

2 Meters Anywhere (Combo 1) = (damage number here) dmg

Gameplay Overview



  • st. A: Xanadu hooks a hand forward. It's a pretty slow move with stubby range, but it's safe on block. Special cancel-able, whiffs on some crouching opponents.
  • st. B: Xanadu kicks forward and inches toward his opponent. Big range, safe on block. Special cancel-able
  • st. C: Xanadu steps forward with a shove at his head level. Slow button and moves Xanadu forward. Possible anti-air but it could cross under jumps. A bit minus on block, but can hit opponent from almost half screen. Has auto-guard frames during the start.
  • st. D: Xanadu steps forward about 25% of the screen and headbutts his opponent. This move is super slow on startup, but safe on block. Xanadu's head has auto-guard and can power through projectiles. Super cancel-able.


  • cl. A: Xanadu raises a hand upward. Decent range and hits pretty high off the ground, quick and safe. Can chain into cr. A, and st. B, and is special cancel-able.
  • cl. B: Xanadu raises his knee. Quick start-up, safe on block, & special cancel-able.
  • cl. C: Xanadu hits the opponent's midsection. This move comes out a little faster than most of his normals, and is pretty safe on block. Special cancel-able.
  • cl. D: Xanadu headbutts his opponent twice. The move is pretty quick to start and is safe on block, and unless the opponent is jumping, both hits should connect. Special cancel-able.


  • cr. A: Xanadu pokes his opponent (literally). This move is pretty fast to come out, is plus on block, and has great range (for Xanadu). Can chain easily into self for an easy hit confirm into a special move.
  • cr. B: Xanadu slides on his knees about 20% of the screen forward. This move hits low, but is slow on start up, and INCREDIBLY unsafe on block. Be careful with this one. Cancelling it into Finding will make it (a little) safer.
  • cr. C: Xanadu's sweep. He crawls at the ground, looking for his contact lenses. This move has two hitboxes, both dealing 70 damage. Only one can hit. If the second hit misses, this move is very unsafe. This move is cancel-able and can be used to fake people out (e.g.: Cancel from the first swipe into The Pleasure so they block low and get hit by The Pleasure)
  • cr. D: Xanadu kicks up at the air. This is a nice anti-air because it knocks the enemy further up into the air, albeit a bit minus on block.


  • j. A: Xanadu strikes his palm forward. A nice fast button but kind of stubby. This move does 40 damage if shorthopped.
  • j. B: Xanadu sticks his legs out downward and diagonally. This is a big hitbox but is a little slow to come out. Press this button to jump in if you like. This move does 40 damage if shorthopped.
  • j. C: Xanadu forces both palms out in front of him. This is kind of slow to come out, but it can probably beat most things in the air. Use at your own discretion.
  • j. D: Xanadu dives his head down. Slow on start up, but hits downward and crosses up easily.


  • st. CD: Xanadu swipes up from the ground and hits the enemy. It's slow on startup and, despite its animation, hits mid.
  • j. CD: Xanadu does a jump body splash. He has a big hitbox but it's pretty slow.


Dark Pinch - (b/f+C) close

  • Xanadu grabs the opponent's leg, then rolls them away to the corner of the screen
  • Can be broken
  • Hard knockdown

Dust Shoot - (b/f+D) close

  • Xanadu lifts the opponent by the waist, then slams them to the ground behind him. The opponent and Xanadu recovers at the same time.
  • Can be broken
  • Hard knockdown

Command Moves

Finding - (F+A)

  • Xanadu claps his hands forward and above him.
  • A little difficult to anti air with this.Juggles airborne opponents
  • Special Cancel-able
  • Negative on block
  • Makes Xanadu airborne
  • Combos from lights
  • Whiffs on many crouching characters

Special Moves

The Sorrow - (qcb + A/C)

  • Xanadu runs forward, waving his arms like a windmill. This move can catch aerial opponents, and has a decently quick startup.
  • Light punch (A) version: 97 damage, 2 hits dealing 50 damage each before scaling. If the first hit misses, the opponent will not be knocked down. Xanadu travels 40% of the screen. Combos from lights & is the best way to combo into most of his supers. If you hit an airborne opponent, you just get one hit. Unsafe on block.
  • Heavy punch (C) version: 124 damage, 4 hits dealing 30 damage each and 40 on the last hit before scaling. If the first 3 hits miss, the opponent will not be knocked down. Xanadu travels halfway across the screen. Slower than the light punch (A) version. Super cancel before 4th hit for best results. More difficult to punish than the light punch version.
  • All versions hard knockdown for a good cross up set up. Jump forward for a cross up j. D.
  • Super cancel-able. Best to super cancel from the first hit if using the light punch version.

EX: More damaging. Incredibly unsafe on block. Xanadu travels full-screen length. Armor, but not on first frame.

The Rapture - (qcf + A/C)

  • Xanadu jumps up and whirls his arms like a windmill a number of times. This is essentially his DP (dragon punch). Has invulnerability.
  • Light punch (A) version: 85 damage. Xanadu swipes 3 times, 30 damage each before scaling. He jumps about 20% of the screen. Combos from lights & has little horizontal range.
  • Heavy punch (C) version: 123 damage. Xanadu swipes 3 times, 40 damage on each hit with 50 on the last before scaling. He jumps about 40% of the screen. More invuln than A version & has slightly more start up time.

EX: Xanadu swipes 3 times, 60 damage on each hit before scaling. Has more invulnerability than the normal version. Xanadu also has a hitbox when he hits the ground again with this version (that hits low & doesn't combo), dealing 60 damage, but this won't connect if the first part of The Rapture connects.

The Pleasure - (hcb + B/D)

  • Xanadu charges forward to full screen and scoops up his opponent, cradling them before crushing them and throwing them to the floor. This is a silly command grab and you can't combo into it.
  • Running command grab
  • Both versions have the same damage output (130) and travels 3/4th screen distance towards the opponent
  • Landing it will net you a safe jump.

EX: This version has autoguard and actually grabs fullscreen, whereas light kick and heavy kick versions don't actually grab at fullscreen.

The Rage - (qcf + B/D)

  • Xanadu roars at his opponent, dealing a series of hits depending on how close he is to the opponent. This is a big hitbox, rather than a projectile. This move has a moderately long startup, so it can only be comboed into from a standing CD near the corner, but is plus on block with every version. A natural frametrap after a far B, and in the corner you can follow up with qcf+P or qcf,qcf+P to juggle.
  • Can juggle the opponent if hit in the corner.
  • Light kick version: 66 damage. 5 hits at 15 damage per hit before scaling.
  • Heavy kick version: 87 damage. 7 hits at 14 damage per hit before scaling.

EX: 113 damage. 10 hits at 15 damage per hit before scaling. This version has a fast startup and an extra bit goes beyond the initial shout. But doesn't connect if the initial shout connects. Deals a good amount of guard damage.

Super Special Moves

The Satisfaction - (qcfx2+P)

  • A souped up version of The Rapture. Xanadu does the Rapture motion a few times rather than just once. This means an opponent could get caught even after the first The Rapture motion misses.
  • Somewhat of a unreliable anti-air option because all the hits wont connect on an airborne opponent mid-screen.
  • Xanadu stomps in between the two Rapture motions. This stomp is a low attack.
  • Punish-able on block and if whiffed
  • Deals 179 damage.
  • Hard knockdown

Max: More damage, performs 3 Rapture motions (with stomps that must be blocked crouching in between).

The Distress - (qcfx2+K)

  • Xanadu smacks the opponent in front of him 3 times. The opponent flies towards the corner of the screen. Knocks down airborne opponents immediately. Standing or crouching opponents will take all hits from this super.
  • Can combo from cancel-able standing and crouching light and heavy normal attacks.
  • Has no invincibility
  • Hard knockdown
  • Punish-able on block and if whiffed
  • Can climax cancel

Max: Faster start-up, more damage, hits 4 times.

Climax Super Special Moves

The Wisdom - (hcb, hcb + B+D)

  • This is Xanadu's climax. He charges forward, similar to The Pleasure (same distance), and starts a series of attacks before discovering Enlightenment and ends on the other side of his opponent.
  • Running command grab
  • Vulnerable during the run towards the opponent


  • (any special information about the character combos if needed)


Rush Auto Combo

Meterless: Xanadu punches the opponent 3 times and ends with The Sorrow for a hard knockdown. 152 damage.

1 Meter: Xanadu punches the opponent 3 times and ends with his The Distress super for a hard knockdown. 218 damage.

EX: Xanadu punches the opponent 3 times and ends with his EX The Distress super for a hard knockdown, has to be started in Max mode. 353 damage.

0 meter

  • Cl.C, f+A xx qcb+C = (228 DMG)

Meterless punish combo. His f+A command normal whiffs on crouch for most of the cast, so don’t use this unless you know it’s going to hit by confirming off of a jump-in or punishing something.

  • cr.A, cr.A, s.B xx qcb+A = (157 DMG)

Basic hitconfirm off of his cr.A. Hits crouchers. Can put a f+A after s.B for more damage if you confirm they aren’t crouching. Mostly safe as the qcb+A pushes you far enough outside of most punish ranges, but does leave the opponent at advantage on block. It spaces you perfectly to counterpoke with another s.B xx qcb+A though, so you can really bully some characters with this on block.

1 meter

  • Cl.C, f+A xx qcb+C (3 hits) [SC] qcf,qcf+P = (337 DMG)

Simple super cancel punish combo. Does more damage than going into max mode.

  • cr.A, cr.A, s.B xx qcb+A (1 hit) [SC] qcf,qcf+P = (258 DMG)

Super cancel from cr.A if you land it on a crouching opponent, just make sure you super cancel the qcb+A immediately. If it lands 2 hits, you’ll whiff the super and eat a huge punish.

Max Mode

  • cr.A, cr.A, s.B [BC] cl.D (2 hits) xx qcb+AC, cr.D xx f+A xx qcb+A = (283 DMG)

Max mode cancel combo from cr.A. Gives a hard knockdown, works at any team position.

  • cr.A, cr.A, s.B [BC] cl.D (2 hits) xx qcb+AC, cr.D xx f+A xx qcf+BD, qcb+A = (303 DMG)

Corner-only max mode combo. The timing is a bit odd; you have to do the cr.D very slightly late in order to get the qcb+A to connect at the end. Gives a hard knockdown, works at any team position. Hop D gives a safejump afterwards.

2 meters

  • Cl.C, f+A xx qcb+C (2 hits) [SC] qcf,qcf+AC = (461 DMG)

(place combo description here)Combo into his EX DM. Cancelling the qcb+C on the second hit instead of the third gives you max damage; if you cancel on the third hit the first hit of the super will whiff, but the rest will connect so you aren’t missing out on too much damage.

  • cr.A, cr.A, s.B xx qcb+A (1 hit) [SC] qcf,qcf+AC = (387 DMG)

Max Mode

  • cr.A, cr.A, s.B [BC] cl.C, f+A xx qcb+C (2 hits) [SC] qcf,qcf+AC = (401 DMG)

Again, omit the f+A if you confirm they are crouching.

  • cr.A, cr.A, s.B [BC] cl.D (2 hits) xx qcb+AC, cr.D xx qcf,qcf+BD = (426 DMG)

Mid-screen max mode super combo, knocks them a fair distance away. Holding uf to jump immediately after, then hyper-hop D after landing gives you a 4f safejump if they were close to the corner.

3 meters

  • Cl.C, f+A xx qcb+C (1 hit) [SC] qcf,qcf+D (3 hits) [SC] qcf,qcf+AC = (542 DMG)

Advance cancel punish combo

Max Mode

  • Cl.C, f+A [BC] cl.C, f+A xx qcb+A (1 hit) [SC] hcb,hcb+BD = (535 DMG)

Max mode into climax, less damage than above but his climax looks cool enough to do this one instead.

  • Cr.A, cr.A, s.B [BC] Cl.C, f+A xx qcb+A (1 hit) [SC] hcb,hcb+BD = (461 DMG)

Max mode combo into climax from cr.A.

4 meters

5 meters


Xanadu has trouble with good zoning and strong pokes. His far heavy normals both have armour but not on startup; use them to poke through opposing normals and headbutt fireballs. Far D leaves you at advantage on block, but it pushes back so far it’s not easy to capitalize. It has great range though and makes a great poke, just be careful on spacing because it’s very slow on startup.

Xanadu’s main pressure game revolves around his far B. Landing it gives you a combo into qcb+A, and if they block the far B this is a true blockstring that is usually unpunishable by most of the cast. You can confirm the hit and super cancel the qcb+A for extra damage too. On block is where it gets interesting, though. After a blocked far B, you have several options: Cancel into qcb+A for pushback and chip damage, bullying your way to the corner where you can really put in pressure; Cancel into qcf+B for a natural frame-trap if they’re mashing anything non-invincible, and if they don’t mash anything and block the shout you’re left with a lot of frame advantage to continue your pressure; Cancel into hcb+K for a command grab mixup. This works much better in the corner where you don’t have to run as far for the grab. This is risky but makes them want to mash buttons if they get hit by it, which is when you can use option 2 to make them pay for it Use cr.A, cr.A, s.B to get this sequence going. If they’re in the corner, you can juggle off of shout with any of your normals. A good idea is to press A when it lands for an air reset, and you can cancel the A into command grab or another shout to catch them mashing.

Aside from that, Xanadu’s cr.B slides under non-grounded fireballs but doesn’t travel very far. It can be cancelled on hit or block into qcb+A or C for a surprise attack if you’re in range, and the slide itself hits low so you can try to catch them off-guard and cancel into qcb+C for damage. It also conveniently cancels into f+A. Although f+A whiffs on crouchers, if you’re hitting them low with the slide chances are they aren’t crouching. This is still a risk, as f+A is very punishable on whiff.

All of his supers, his command grab and his qcb+P special give hard knockdowns. An easy and effective mixup after landing qcb+P is to full jump D after a slight delay, which crosses up and combos into cr.A. If you hop, you’ll land in front instead. The hop is also a safe-jump on most of the cast if timed correctly, and the full jump crossup is a safe jump on characters with very slow reversals. Meaty shout is also a very good option after a hard knockdown to gain a ton of frame advantage and go for another mixup.

Frame Data

Xanadu KOFXIV Frama Data Link


Xanadu Slow Motion Hitboxes



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