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Buffer Window during Normal Attacks

One feature in KOF XV and XIV, that differentiates from the rest of the 2D series, is the removal of the old 4-frame buffer window for single-button normal attacks and command moves.

When a normal button attack is pressed in XIII and before, the 4-frame buffer window will start and end then the normal attack will begin startup.

Characters can still move and block during this buffer window which allows them to do the old close heavy/block OS.

The buffer window allowed easier execution of command moves, special moves, and two-button moves such as AB roll and CD attack. Special, roll and CD attacks will begin startup instantly.

However, characters' normal attacks are 4 frames slower in non-block neutral situations.

In XV and XIV the buffer window now happens during the startup of normal attacks which means they are just as fast as special moves. KOFXIV has a 1-frame buffer window while KOF XV has a two-frame window for special moves, roll, and CD attacks. Special moves have buffer windows into ex-special and super moves.

Buffer window example between KOF XIV and KOF XIII:

-Kyo's Heavy K

-Kyo's Stand CD

Buffer window example between KOF XV and KOF 98 Ultimate Match Final Edition:

- Kyo's cl. 5C

- Kyo's Stand CD

- Normal to CD Buffer window

- Normal Throw Buffer Window

Visual image for the buffer windows between old KOF, KOFXIV, and KOFXV:

More Resources

KOFXV Technical Resource Spreadsheet - A Google spreadsheet that contains frame data, links to video guides by various players in the KOF community, discord links, link to the hitbox viewer, and more.

KOFXV Hitbox Viewer (English Translation and Frame Data Display for pc) - A modified version of the Chinese Hitbox Viewer by 473671866 on Github.


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